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RNS: Reactive Nitrogen Species


A Review of ROS:

Reactive Oxygen Species First:



From Free Radical Toxicology: Target Organ Toxicology Series, Edited By K. B. Wallace


Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are products of normal metabolism. The term ROS comprises oxygen radicals (superoxide, O2-; hydroxyl radical, OH.; peroxyl radical, RO.2; alkoxyl radical, RO.) as well as other particular oxidants, some of which may be converted to radicals (ozone, O.3; singlet oxygen, 1O2; hydrogen peroxide, H2O2; hypochlorite, HOCL; peroxynite, ONOO-).

    ROS are physiological reactants; some of them act, for example, as signaling molecules, but overproduction of ROS causes damage. ROS production can be increased by various compounds, such as so–called redox cyclers, by physical agents or manipulations (e.g., light or sonication), or by certain pathological states, for example, hypoxia alone or in combination with reoxygenation.


Sound, creating increased vibrations will be ... and is ... causing break–up of various body chemicals; especially the PUFAs, everyone is ingesting.

We are now seeing problems with thinking logically in those who surround themselves with loud noise; also, cell phone electromagnetic fields are now hurting children trying to 'think' in school! They can't seem to organize matter in their heads..., brains for logical conclusions!]

RNS are NO., the nitrogen monoxide radical, commonly called nitric oxide; NO.2, the nitrogen dioxide radical; peroxynitrite, ONOO-, and other compounds formed when NO.2 reacts with ROS.

Like ROS, RNS are physiological reactants and participate in cell signaling, enzyme regulation, and killing of bacteria. When produced excessively, they are potentially dangerous. The dichotomy of RNS is also in part due to nitric oxide redox species with distinctive properties and reactivites, namely, NO+, NO., and NO- and to the ability of NO., to combine with O-2 to yield ONOO-.

For Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), We Reccomend The Following:

  1. Carnosine.

  2. S.O.D. 3.

  3. Taurine. Helps with regineration new brain cells.

  4. No Iron Vitamin tablets high in Vitamin B.

  5. Mega–Mins: Hold The Iron.

  6. L–Glutathione: Reduced. This substance is found in every cell of the body; especially the Liver. It helps remove toxicity from the cells.

Now, Let's Focus on RNS: Reactive Nitrogen Species And What You Can Do About Them!

    In order to better understand RNS, and, what to do about it, we will lecture from Ray Peat's Newsletter, January, 2016, concerning Nitric Oxide, Aging, and the Procrustean Adaptogen, along with other modalities of illness and ways to best overcome them. . .

    Now, let us talk about 'The Two–Edged Sword'; or, The Sword of Damocles, which was a sword hanging on a man's head, dangling by a thread!

    This two–edge sword we are talking about is Nitric Oxide, NO.. The Nobel Prize was awarded in Physiology or Medicine for the discovery concerning nitric oxide that is used in the cardiovascular system as a signalling molecule.

    When you hear the word 'Signal', think Control and Purpose. In this case, it refers to relaxing blood vessels, such that this implies reduction of hypertension—high blood pressure.

    A problem that surfaces with Nitric Oxide, when in excess, which is now and has been occurring since its discovery as a endothelial dependent relaxing factor, is that it is or can be an anti–respiratory factor; as well as a pro–inflammatory product that is produced mostly by cells when they are stressed!

    What is mankind about to undergo and has been undergoing? An increased Stress Response in Excess! We must take this into consideration in order to survive and stay alive during these horrendous times now here.

Let Us Now Consider Shock and Nitric Oxides

Involvement There.

    Nitric Oxide was recognized in the early part of the 1990s as playing a central role in the state of shock. This is circulatory collapse, or failure, which is due to too much vasodilation of the blood vessels. But, many medical techniques have come about to generate nitric oxide's production. It would be wise to careful and cautious about these techniques that increase its production.

    One major problem in shock stems not so much from excessive vasodilation, which is a real life threatening problem; but, is the failure of cellular respiration which implies decreased ATP formation! That is, the energy currency of the organism, to drive the metabolic machinery has literally been decreased!

    But, how can we say this, when there is excessive vasodilation? Here's the rub! How can the blood in tissues that have been deprived of oxygen due to too much vasodilation demonstrate blood that is bright red, when the tissue blood should be blue, illustrating oxygen deprivation; yet, it is bright red.

    What this demonstrates is that no oxygen was extracted from tissue in the various areas of an organism where this is occurring. Very few medical publications point out that nitric oxide inhibits oxygen use by the mitrochondria! Nitric Oxide also inhibits the use of the enzyme Cyctochrome C Oxidase, and this implies no ATP formation, or very little of it to be used for energy production.

Enter Estrogen!

    When Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D., endocrine physiologist, was studying estrogen's negative effects on the uterus, he discovered it produced changes similar to that of a deficiency of vitamin E; or, to one getting too much of the PUFAs!

    The condition was also similar to the effects of Cytochrome C Oxidase!

    Folks! You can see why Dr. "B" has been strongly suggesting these above vitamins, for this and other reasons, for that which you and I will be forced to live through. And, to live is what we want, and to be able to get through these Coming Earth Changes, The Pole Shift, The Sun when it Roils against the Earth, The Galactic Plane, and the Third World War with all its radiations, including thermal, and The Blast Wave generating oxygen deprivation, high heat, and the rest you have been, hopefully studying and not just reading for entertainment.

    One of Hans Selye, the first great Stress Expert, experiments pointed out that when one is given a dose of estrogen that is large, it creates a similar reaction as shock, which is generated from a Stress Response! Note: Dr. "B" has continually warned about controlling an excessive Stress Response, to avoid other problems, including the State of Shock!

    After Selye set the stage for this research, others discovered that if any tissue is Stressed, estrogen is produced. What will happen to the billions across the world when the unrelenting stress comes? Their estrogen will go through the roof and circulatory collapse will ensue! Probably followed by death.

    Do something now to control the stress coming into your life or its reactions. One thing Dr. "B" has all his trekkers on NOW is Cortisol Control, with directives to increase its intake during the horrendous times just about here. Included with this are Vitamins A, C, E, and other nutraceuticals, including the special mineral tablet, Ultra Mins: Hold The Iron, along with Selenium. We recently wrote about this, See It Here: .

    After this was discovered that estrogen stimulated NO., stress physiology took a big leap forward. However, the medical culture, centered around estrogen, in the early 1990s, promoted nitric oxide as a means for estrogens 'protective' effects. Estrogen started being prescribed for everything, until men started developing breasts and high voices!

    Still, however, the fact that nitric oxide and estrogen is produced by almost any type of injury, is seldom mentioned; nor, their closely related side effects—all that has been ignored. And that is another reason, perhaps, the Early Church Saints, said, from Heaven, "2/3 to 3/4 of the worlds population will die, during this time!"

    Keep in mind for when the radiations come from Nuclear War, The Roiling Sun, The Galactic Plane, and whatever else Mother Nature throws at us, Ionizing radiation, increases the formation of estrogen and this later substance generates more nitric oxide.

    Something which works against one's breathing and survival is carbon monoxide; an anti–respiratory chemical, which is also produced by estrogen. To make matters worse, estrogen enhances the production of hydrogen sulfide (Lechuga, et al., 2015). HS inhibits mitochondrial oxidation, which is important in forming ATP, the energy currency of each body's cell used to build and repair.

Consider This!

    What reduces metabolic rate and body temperature, the same as when an animal hibernates? It is estrogen's increase of nitric oxide and/or hydrogen sulfide. (Gonzales Nicolini, et al., 1998; Revsbech, et al., 2014; Li, et al., 2012).

    Now see the parallel: Azevedo, 2010, has compared the state of hibernation to that of when metabolic stoppage or dormancy occurs in the major organs when shock occurs. This is commonly known as 'Multiple Organ Failure'. Keep in mind, all this we are proffering for the Coming Chaos and When The Hell Breaks, and the fact that degenerative diseases may/will accelerate due to progressive shock or tissue hibernation, including various organs of the body.

    Can you imagine what is going to happen to all the women who are now on bio-identical hormones, that is, estrogen? Not to mention the fact that as men grow older, their estrogen rises. Dr. "B" recommends for a man to get Arimidex, 0.5 mg, and take it on Tuesdays and Fridays. It lasts about 52 hours in the body to help keep the estrogen levels down. But look at all the men who are prescribed testosterone by their physicians, with very few of them being prescribed something like Arimidex to block the testosterone from being converted into estrogen by the aromatase enzyme. Their estrogen levels should be between 20 – 30 pg/ml—Life Extension, March 2014.

Thyroid Hormone (T3)

    If an animal does not go into a hypothyroid state; but, stays in a hyperthyroid state; that animal does not go into a state of hibernation. Because, for what is coming to mankind, the state or condition of metabolism must be commensurate with the consumption of fuel. In other words, the enzymes responsible for respiration are activitated by thyroid hormone. If not, one is practically in a hibernative state, as we see many who are hypothyroid and not know it, even if tests show them to be normal. They are in a walking metabolic state of hibernation, and not very aware of what's around them.

    Stephen Sinatra, the famous cardiologist in America, says, that most Americans are in a hypothyroid state. Tests, such as TSH, do not measure the real metabolic rate; nor do the T3 and T4 test. The current thyroid test is about like the old PBI (Protein Bound Iodine) test...mostly worthless! The Barnes Basal Metabolism test is probably the best. That's the one Dr. "B" recommends people do on themselves if their test come back saying they are within range; yet, they still feel worthless, low–down, and good for nothing!

    Often times a trial of thyroid hormone, the active one (T3) makes a huge difference in their outlook on life and how they feel. They are no longer in a walking hibernation state, so to speak!

    As inferred above, to handle the stress that animals who do not hibernate, is, biochemically, to lower TH (thyroid hormone) production. This is done by ratcheting up nitric oxide, which blocks TH formation generated from thyroid stimulating hormone (Bazzara, et al., 2007). When hypothyroidism (Franco, et al., 2006) and oxygen deprivation (Giusti, et al., 2008) occur together, as given in the June 1, 2016, issue of The ChembioUpdate for deprivation of oxygen; and, practically all in America are experiencing some form of hypothyroidism, a blockade of energy being produced, will be generated by increasing the enzyme, Nitric Oxide Synthase in the mitochondria of every cell in the organism—which releasing nitric oxide as one of the products from arginine oxidation ( Cell and Molecular Biology, Concepts and Experiments, Gerald Karp.

    With the unrelenting stress coming, most will not be able to cope with the stress, hypoxia—low oxygen, and nitric oxide, nerve cells will be more than likely to die from just one of these causes (Jekabsone, et al., 2007; Mander, et al., 2005)!

    And recall, excess estrogen will also figure in nitric oxide stimulation!

    Pyruvate dehydrogenase is another enzyme that nitric oxice inhibits or stops. For glucose to be burned in an organism, this enzyme must be present. If it is not present or is in very small amounts, then a diabetes type condition exists, which is caused by nitric oxide damage. This forces fatty acids to be used for glucose as fuel. This is ketosis, a pathological condition in diabetics out of control. Pathological ketosis is not the same as ketosis (non–pathological) from a diet, such as the Adkins Diet.

    When an organism shifts from glucose burning to fat burning as its major source of energy, it has shifted from an oxidative state to a reductive state. The oxidative state favors correct differentiated building and repair, etc. whereas the reductive state is associated with stress, aging, and the animal's metabolism is not oxidative, but reductive. In other words, it is not the healthiest in the long run.

    In a highly reductive state, as what planet earth will be in for its humans, and its lower animals, nitrite and nitrate, which is everywhere in our foods, water, and mouths, will be converted to nitric oxide. This will generate a downhill repetitive cycle of blocking the oxidation of glucose toward a more intensive state of reduction. When the chaos goes into full effect, we will probably see humans start falling dead in the streets!

    The name given to such reductive intensive stress is, Pseudo–hypoxia, because that which makes animals alive is oxidation–reduction reactions throughout every cell in the organism. This false hypoxia can still occur even when enough oxygen is in the immediate environment.

    Aerobic glycosis, a process when cells convert glucose to lactate, in the presence of oxygen, is a basic feature of cancer, according to Otto Warburg, who did much research in this area. What happens is when glucose, in the presence of oxygen, is blocked by nitric oxide, it forms lactate from the process of aerobic glycolysis.

    Glucose 'burns' (oxidation) in the present of oxygen forming energy, ATP. Cellular Respiration consists of three distinct processes, Glycolysis in the cytoplasmic fluid; The Krebs Cycle in the mitocondria of the cell; and, The Electron Transport Chain, which occurs also in the mitocondria. All three processes produce ATP. The latter two additionally produce carbon dioxide and water, along with the ATP.

    In Alzheimer's disease, amyloid protein accumulates in the brains of those patients. This protein causes aerobic glycosis to occur and from recent studies (Lloret, et al., 2016; Badia, et al., 2013) discussing the importance of reductive stress, rather than oxidative stress, as the important thing in Alzheimer's disease development.

The Belly!

    Here is a problem we see in men and women as they age! They develop the belly! As one ages, the rate of metabolism decreases, and, the ratio glucose oxidation decreases to that of fatty acids; hence, presenting on such persons is an accumulation of belly or abdominal fat. If one has higher consumption of oxygen and production of carbon dioxide including the respiratory quotient, which is "the ratio of the volume of carbon dioxide evolved to that of oxygen consumed by an organism, tissue, or cell in a given time": CO2/O2, they have lower body fat and waist fat (Rizzo, et al., 2005).

    In the female gender, after the change (postmenopausal) they present with a lower respiratory quotient, and this is connected to an increased risk of breast cancer (Prentice, et al., 2013). Recall from above what you just read about all these women on 'Bio–identical Hormones' in America...well, high estrogen increases nitric oxide, which causes aerobic glycolysis and a lowering of the respiratory quotient. Therefore, Prentice's observation is to be expected!

Dr. "B" Did This Study, Because of
The Coming Earth Changes & Subductions.
When He Is In The Mountains & Sees Oil Slicks On Nearby Streams, Rivers, Lakes, & Running Down The Mountain Side

A Pole Shift May Be About To Begin!

Observing Oil From Helicopters & Planes!

    Aging is associated with a number of changes, whereby one loses muscle mass, and an increase in fat (Martinezs–Moreno, et al., 2007; Bahadoran, et al., 2015, respectively). And, Ropelle, et al., 2013, report a lessening of one's body sensitivity to insulin. The changes are generated by an increasing amount of nitric oxide in the aging body.

    Many still in the medical profession treat lung disease with breathing treatments using nitric oxide to increase vasodilation in those tissues for expediency of circulation there. However, various experiments have demonstrated that nitric oxide is a causative factor in developing fibrosis (stiffening of lung tissue via connective tissue formation) of the lungs. With loss of function, the patient suffers more and more until....

    Dr. "B" treats himself periodically when going on long haul treks before and after using a breathing machine by Omron, called the Omron Nubulizer. He places in the machine Inspirol and/or Eucalyptus oil. This clears lung and nasal passages; kills viruses and germs, and facilitates breathing, especially if one has 'The Sinus' or other type of congestion.

    Much of the arguments for using nitric oxide stem from the fact that it has the ability to relax blood vessels and lower blood pressure. Another argument, however, is that nitrite constricts the vascular system of the liver, and this, in turn, reduces blood returning to the heart and this reduces the heart's pumping action. Hence, the metabolic rate of the organism and its consumption of oxygen causes the heart's load of work to be reduced and this is known in elite medical circles as to why nitroglycerine works, in addition to other nitrates, to reduce heart pains. (Geumei, et al., 1969)

Dr. Ray Pete, Endocrine Physiologist,

Says All The Above Quite Succinctly & Eloquently:

During aging and many stress–induced conditions, it can be therapeutic to use substances that block our energy–limiting systems, to permit restoration of full energy production. Excessive estrogen, nitric oxide, prostaglandins, and parasympathetic nerve activity commonly occur simultaneously, and it happens that a substance which inhibits one of those will often inhibit the others.

Some of the most important anti–nitric oxide defenses are:
  • Progesterone,

  • Vitamin E,

  • Vitamin K,

  • Vitamin A,

  • Niacinamide,

  • Coffee,

  • Aspirin, and foods containing flavonoids, terpenoids, polyphenols, and sterols.

    Grass–fed milk contains a variety of polyphenols. Citrus fruits, many tropical fruits (e.g., guavas, longans, and lychees), and cooked mushroom are good sources of apigenin, naringenin and related chemicals.

    We further suggest one ingest Glycine, as it opposes estrogen's actions, especially in motor and sensory nerves. Glycine regulates angiogenesis and adjusts certain chemicals in the body, such as chemokines and cytokines, which are used in many inflammatory reactions. Glycine is very important against degenerative diseases, which use TNF (tumor necrosis factor, prostaglandins, and Nitric Oxide. Aging is a degenerative disease! A corrective process in the organism's health begins as soon as one starts using glycine regularly. "It is never too late to begin."


Glycine Powder!

Diabetes Is Now Becoming A Plague Out Of Control!

When There Are No More Medicines Out There,

Keep The Following In Mind:

Estrogen generates Lipolysis, which generates Free Fatty Acids (FFAs) going up in the bloodstream, which decreases glucose burning; and, this yields (causes) a constant increase in insulin rise, which causes insulin resistance!! And this generates high blood sugar, yielding diabetes!

Dr. Ray Pete says it this way in: Gelatin, Stress, Longivity, 2009:

One of estrogen's "excitatory" effects is to cause lipolysis, the release of fatty acids from storage fat; it directs the conversion of glucose into fat in the liver, so that the free fatty acids in the circulation remain chronically high under its influence. The free fatty acids inhibit the oxidation of glucose for energy, creating insulin resistance, the condition that normally increases with aging, and that can lead to hyperglycemia and "diabetes."

Gelatin and glycine have recently been reported to facilitate the action of insulin in lowering blood sugar and alleviating diabetes. Gelatin has been used successfully to treat diabetes for over 100 years (A. Guerard, Ann Hygiene 36, 5, 1871; H. Brat, Deut. Med. Wochenschrift 28 (No. 2), 21, 1902). Glycine inhibits lipolysis (another antiexcitatory, "antiestrogenic" effect), and this in itself will make insulin more effective, and help to prevent hyperglycemia. (A gelatin-rich diet can also lower the serum triglycerides.)

Since persistent lipolysis and insulin resistance, along with a generalized inflammatory state, are involved in a great variety of diseases, especially in the degenerative diseases, it's reasonable to consider using glycine/gelatin for almost any chronic problem. (Chicken foot soup has been used in several cultures for a variety of ailments; chicken foot powder has been advocated as a stimulant for spinal cord regeneration--Harry Robertson's method was stopped by the FDA).


Great Fires Will Ravage The Earth...Soon...

The Fire Environment!

He's Still At It Folks!

Dr. "B" Is Taking All This Going Down!

...Very Seriously!

    He Warns: Watch Out For 'The Purple Pill'. It is Now Out of The Bedroom. Some Heart Doctors are Using It For Circulation ... And, Body Builders Too...But, If You Use It, Then, Take Niacinamide, 1000 mg per pill, four to five tablets when ingesting Viagra, Cialis, etc... To stop the NO trouble...See Above Again!

        Another thing one needs be mindful of, are blood pressure medicines working off NO and Nitrogen Oxide Synthase. This is also dangerous for one. See Above and Reread again!

With The Tremendous Weather Changes Coming

Dr. "B" Is Learning All He Can!

... To Be Continued ...

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