This Is What Happened!

We Have Been Discussing These...

    As you recall, Dr. "B" answered a call from an Interior Voice... And, with that, went further up the mountain as we bedded down for the night. We assumed he was laying out more learning experiences for us.

    We became quite alarmed when, some hours after he left and should be returning, extremely bad weather moved in.

A     A White–Out was occurring, when he should have been starting back!

    We made contact on occasion; but, it was so broken up, we only got the words, "What An Experience I've Had So Far!"

    We slept little that night. Early, the next morning, around 0500, the Sun was just breaking over distant peaks and casting long, intriguing rays of light here and there.

    We had lined up single file on a treacherous ridge, scanning the ridge he had taken, and, just in case, others too, if he managed somehow to get across.

    At 0700, two hours later from our being 'glued' to that ridge, using normal vision, binoculars, and our hands cupped into a closed fist with a small opening in the center, as Dr. "B" taught us to see better if something happened to our binoculars, someone shouted:

    "Something's moving this way"

    I shouted, "Could it be a stranded moose?"

     Whatever it was, it was glowing!

    It kept coming, moving deftly...and still glowing a 'Blue-Purple' emanation. It was rather eerie!

    As we watched the object move toward us, we were in awe. What could it be? It was moving with this glow emanating from it and; hence, we could not see its source. As it got closer, we could make out a figure...It Was Dr. "B"!

    From the way we were gaping at him, we must have been a sight. He said, "Don't be shocked friends. I'm sorry I am late." Then, he tolds us the whole story. Here it is as he related it to us.


As I trudged up the mountain ridge— with each 100 yards, I felt I was changing on the inside to the out. I became much sharper in thought; and tested myself, by working problems, such as this, in my head!:

The sun's longitude is 59° 40'. What was its right ascension and declination? Take e = 23° 27' N

Ans. Right ascension 3 hr. 50 min., declination = 20° 5' N.

Hint: The latitude of the sun is always zero, since it moves in the ecliptic. Hence, in the celestrial triangle, one side (KM) is 90°, and it is a quadrantal triangle. Follow the solution for quadrantals.

Here is another I pondered moving up the ever increasing slope:

The continent of Asia has nearly the shape of an equilateral triangle, the vertices being the East Cape, Cape Romania, and the Promontory of Baba. Assuming each side of this triangle to be 4800 geographical miles, and the earth's radius to be 3440 geographical miles, find the area of the triangle: (i) regarded as a plane triangle; (ii) regarded as a spherical triangle.

Ans. (i) 9,976,500 sq. mi.; (II) 133,165,600 sq. mi.

Suddenly, I noticed the weather closing in on me! I could tell you below me were already enveloped in a 'White–Out; and, that is not where I wanted to be in a spiraling-upward blizzard!

Scouting further ahead of me, I spied a mound of rock and knew I had to make it to that 'Out Cropping' before the White–Out caught me; or then, I would be lost!

The reason is because in a White–Out, as in a dense forest, everything closes in on you and you can then become confused. But, with the compass, I set a bearing to the rock about 300 yards ahead on the slope I was moving up.

This way, if caught in the 'White–Out', being extremely careful, I could edge my way forward carefully and not go on a parallel route to the one I was on.

Men, you recall how difficult it is to walk a straight line from your compass studies; that is why we have a living land mark—when in a desert; or, using 'Tree Hopping' when in a forest. The living land mark serves as a transit. It was still very dangerous, as the Out Cropping was rapidly fading, and I could have gone off the ridge to several thousand feet below. This has been done before by unwary mountain climbers in 'White–Outs'.

When I got to the Out–Cropping, I tested the wind, saw which way it was coming up the ridge, and went to the opposite side of the rocks sticking out. Dug out snow to bare rock, and surrounded the inside with a space blanket. Then, I wraped up in another one, and got in; hunkered down; turned up my foot warmers and broke a hand warmer and placed one in each pocket. I then snuggled down and went back to focusing on the Celestial Navigation Problem.

But, for some reason, what I was seeing in my mind on Celestial Navigation faded, and in its place I saw myself on top of a world mountain, viewing the entire world. I realized I was having a 'lucid' dream.

I could talk in it; see things not normally seen, beings from other dimensions came and went, looking at this human quizically...and, then, moved on.

However, one said, "He's in his mind! Awake!" I said to him; 'It's a lucid dream.' The dimensional being was shocked, and though I saw no one else, he said,' He's talking to me and can see me!'. I said, 'Of course I can see you. You are a figment of a dream. And I am lucid in this one.' The scene changed abruptly, and we were both overlooking the world. He said, "We are monitoring your planet to observe the coming earth changes."

'Do You think that's smart?' I said. 'You may just get trapped here and your machines go down with you and then you are stuck here!' He seemed not too benovolent then, saying something to the effect..."Humans!"

I asked, 'Do you believe in God? And in Jesus, His Son? And has he come to your planet or dimension to help it too; or, are we the lowest of the lowest in the universe, and that is why you come here, to find out about Him?'

With that, he flat vanished in a disgusting sound of wretchedness!

    "Periodically, throughout all my trudging up there, I heard a screeching sound come and go. I kept thinking, What is that? What is causing it? Then, thinking it through . . . I realized it was the Earth gearing up for The Great Event! The Tectonic Plates were under extreme stress as they were gradually slipping and sliding against and across one another.

    "This stress is a pressure thing, like a Piezoelectric Crystal. Something analogous to mechanical pressure when applied to a Dielectric Crystal—a voltage is produced. However, in my 'Outcropping Dugout,' as the Screech increased to a certain frequency, the 'Dugout,' trapping the emmanations, began to glow, and this, I noticed, was transferred to my electrical chemistry. There was a strange odor in the air, such as that one experiences during an electrical storm, which is the smell of ozone.

    "I considered this is what was happening. When I looked at my legs and arms and hands, they were also glowing. I knew immediately what this was; or, I thought I knew.

    "I was caught up in a Plasma Field, a bluish green color given off from the frequencies and vibrations of electrons moving...jumping to higher orbits, and when they dropped back down to a lower orbit, the energy of color changed too! These highly ionized ionized gases consist of neutral particles and charged ones, exhibiting a collective action of oneness.

    "In my astronomy studies of The Celestial Sphere, and more, it is estimated that more than 95 % of the universe exists in this state of plasma! Plasma particles are mainly both positive and negative ions and electrons. A beautiful glow is often emitted as electrons move from one orbit to another, from a lower orbit, to a higher one; or, vice versa. They can be magnetized or neutral on earth, as we know it.

    "The visual presented by plasma is dependent upon the ion that is present, the density (how much is present) and the ion's temperature. Some plasmas are not seen; they are invisible. In these, they are very cold, or very hot; and, in very hot ones, they are stripped of their electrons, and what is present are atomic nuclei with no emission or absorption; hence, no movement of electrons from one state to another—Then, no color.

    "Energized electrons undergo also, inelastic collisions with neutrals which generate emissions optically; hence, contributing to the glow.

    "Moses experienced this, I feel assured. That is why he was glowing when he came down from the mountain from being in God's presence! Gradually, it would fade; but, in the meantime, he had a face mask to cover his countenance, so the people would not fall down and worship him!"


The Nature of God

    Dr. "B", after being asked numerous questions about his experiences, alone on the mountain top, was also asked:

What Do You Think 'The Nature of God' Is?

    When we look around us, we see the image of God in everything. For us humans, 'We are made in the image of God.' Keeping this in mind, let us go back and consider the 'Ark of The Covenant'. When one analyses it carefully, the silver and gold overlays show why God gave the order, 'No one is to touch it!'

    If one does, he dies! The image of God was there, too! Sooooo....what is this image of God; or, The Nature of God, as you gentlemen asked? For now, hold that thought too with the idea that the Nature of God is in everything.

    Do you remember, men, when He rode into Jerusalem, the multitude tore off palm branches and sang praises to Him. Yet, the authorities said, 'Stop them....' He said, 'If I stop them, the very stones of the road will rise up and sing praises.' What does this imply?

    It implies consciousness is in everything; and, God is life which is consciousness and awareness.

    Now, consider this fact. Everything is electrical in nature; not that it is an electric bulb; but, the Ark of The Covenant was a giant capacitor! This stores electricity. You touch it and are grounded; You Die!. The very rocks on the road to Jerusalem; everywhere, are electrical in nature when one goes right down to the building blocks of nature. The Universe is electrical in nature. We humans are electrical in, bones, muscles, nervous system, sinew, etc....all electrical in nature. And that nature is the Image of God in us all and in everything in the Universe!

    Most, gentlemen, will not understand what I am saying, because they have closed off their minds to the signs of everything. They want to argue, not think!

    Hence, we can see that the Nature of God is electrical in essense; not an electric light bulb, to be sure; but, of such an ethereal force and difference from human kind that an angel once uttered, before his downfall, 'We are pure Spirits!' The implication that the Man–God coming to mankind should be him, since he was pure with this ethereal electrical force and not the humans.

Living Landmark

[Living LandMark] 


Making A Silver Generator!

    We had another brilliant lecture, in which our Trek Leader spoke, that medicine now, along with good medical care, is disappearing. Dr. Lee Hieb, M.D., writing in his current book, Surviviving The Medical Meltdown, just out, says, 400 doctors have called it quits, because Medicare does not pay anymore, and Obamacare is a joke! You need to know something about medicine and how to do something medically for yourself.

    Dr. "B" gave us a number of modalities to help us through this trying time. He first showed us how to make a very good, efficient silver generator. Then, he took a blue liquid and lectured on it. He, furthermore, spoke on endotoxins which are bringing down many in health, as they are toxins, that most are even unaware, that are in their bodies from their colon bacteria.

    To make the colloidal silver generator, get four 9 volt batteries, battery leads connector for a 9–volt battery, of which—cut one lead off each battery connector, alligator clips, and about 3 feet of pure, not sterling, silver wire; cut two 6–inch peaces off the roll. Connect the Batteries as given below. They are connected in series, generating 36 volts of power.

    You can extend the short battery leads with a short piece of wire for each battery lead connector, using a small wireless connector to connect the end leads, as shown in the second picture.

    This gave us, in less than 12 to 15 minutes, 82 parts per million of silver. Use distilled water. We used 16 ounces for the length of time given. Dr. "B" also recommends taking about a teaspoon of sea salt, dissolved in 1/3 to a 1/2 cup of water. Place 3 to four drops of the salt solution in the 16 ounces of pure water to help with the electron transfer. The 36 voltage is higher in power than most and caused no time delay in generating the colloidal silver. We used a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) tester meter, you can buy at, to measure parts per million.

    Get battery leads connector for 9–volt battery, and alligator clips, including piece of extra insulated wire at a local electronics store. The pure silver wire for a Colloidal Silver Generator can be purchased online through Amazon. com; or any seller of a colloidal silver generator. Do not get Sterling Silver. It is Not the same thing! It's an alloy. It has other stuff in it you do not want in your body! 

Caution!        Caution!         Caution!         Caution! 

    The batteries can get hot when connected; hence, (a) do not have combustible material near them. Do not (b) plug the battery connector into the batteries until attached to the pure silver wire, and they are placed into the distilled water.

                Schematic For Colloidal Silver Generator! <\center>


Silver Generator In Action!

Tree Hopping!


Another Great Lecture From Dr. "B":



    Does everybody here, remember, 'Y2K'? Well, the bankers were not worried about that. I did not realize it until I was called around 12 midnight by one or two, explaining the money issue. It could be fixed and was! They knew it was a money thing. But, bankers I have taught from over the world, are preparing like mad for this thing coming now. 'Money,' they tell me, 'will not fix it!' They are storing in vaulted mountains food, clothing, gold, silver, and other precious metals and water purification means along with firearms!

    Others too, in the monied groups across the world are doing likewise. Bankers and those in the know, say this Event coming will make 'Y2K', if it had happened, a Sunday School Picnic; that's how bad things are going to get. They say no food, no potable water, no weapons at any cost, and...and...No Medicines! "Who out there is ready for this," Dr. "B" asks?

    Therefore, he spoke of a 'medicine' that was used in 1891 (P. Guttmann and P. Ehrlich, Collected Papers) to treat two cases of malaria that appeared suddenly in Berlin. In both cases, the parasites disappeared in days from the bloodstream. The symptoms abated simultaneously during that time also.

    Ehrlich said this confirmed his thoughts that this 'medicine' was non–toxic to patients and toxic to pathogens!

    "I give this from the endocrine physiologist, Dr. Ray Peat:"

Methylene blue, by its ability to be reduced and oxidized, can restore respiration to cells whose mitochondria have been damaged in various ways, even by cyanide (Barron, 1930). That's involved in its recognized use to treat shock, correcting the inability of mitochondria to use oxygen. Nitric oxide blocks the use of oxygen in shock, and methylene blue blocks the synthesis of nitric oxide, while at the same time it activates mitochondrial energy production. Besides the restoration of cellular respiration, methylene blue probably acts more directly on cellular structure and sensitivity, for example by oxidizing sulfhydryl groups that regulate the "excitatory amino acid recptor," providing protection against excitotoxity, again function in direct opposition to nitric oxide.

Methylene blue is being investigated as a treatment for the major brain degenerative diseases, psychoses, anxiety, depression, and cancer. In a small daily dose of 15 milligrams, in a well controlled study, it was effective against severe depression (Naylor, et al., 1987), and many animal studies show that it is effective against anxiety. There are probably many things involved in these effects on the nervous system—the anti–estrogen effects, and increase of thyroid hormone while decreasing pituitary hormones—but they all seem to involve protection against nitric oxide.

Over–production of nitric oxide is involved in many of the symptoms of viral infections, including herpes, and the therapeutic effects of methylene blue suggest that natural resistance to viral infections might depend on maintaining a safely oxidizing redox balance.

Reversal of cancer metabolism by methylene blue (Poteet, et al., 2013) is another of its effects that probably involves reversal of the effects of nitric oxide, since nitric oxide promotes aerobic glycolysis and tumor groth (Caneba, et al., 2014). Several aspects of immunity, relating to cancer as well as to pathogenic organisms, are changed favorably by methylene blue and unfavorably by nitric oxide....

Vitamin C and vitamin E both have important roles in preventing excessive nitric oxide production during various types of stress, including sepsis (Wilson, 2009, Wilson and Wu, 2012) and aluminum poisoning (Satoh, 2007).

    Dr. "B" further pointed out that when phagocytes are in a stressed condition or activated, they are a tremendous nitric oxide generator. This is why he recommends no less than several thousand milligrams of vitamin C daily in divided doses. When God's smallest creatures go on rampage, He has given us a means to combat them!

    This is why Dr. "B" suggests eating gelatin as often as possible, especially with the consumption of 3 to 6 ounces of meat, because methionine, cysteine, and tryptophan restriction of these amino acids, has the effect of slowing down the aging process.

    We have discussed this before many times in The Kong Reports. "One amino acid," he suggests to additionally be mindful of is "arginine, which is the Nitric Oxide (NO) precursor.

    These reccomendations, additionally, appears to protect against many inflammatory states and degenerative conditions we know to be associated with aging!"

    Have these things 'At The Ready,' we have spoken of during this whole trek, gentlemen! And, one last thing: When you ingest methylene blue in small pill size or liquid form, it may turn your urine blue–green, until it clears your system.


Dr. "B"s New Certificates:

Here Are Four...Of Many...



Emergency Management Institute: FEMA


    Dr. "B," I have just learned, never lets the grass grow up around his feet! He is in the process of obtaining certification by FEMA and his local emergency management officials in National Incident Management System training and Incident Command System training so that local officials can tap his services in case of a radiological incident. They may also want him to train their responders.

    There are few people who understand how to best deal with radiation emergencies, much less what radiation really is and does, and these smart officials know an expert when they find one. They have apparently checked him out via his website and his academic training credentials, and have requested that he obtain certification in NIMS and ICS methods. He had already completed two courses by the time I learned of this, and has now completed seven. We will keep you informed of his progress.


    When I announced this to the men, they were full of questions and talk, saying: "I know of that, it covers Incidents and Situations, such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, a nuclear bomb blast, a dirty bomb attack, earth changes and more..."

    During all this talk at rest time, Dr. "B", as was usual for him, was away on one of his jaunts checking things out. When he returned, the men stood up and applauded him, to his surprise. He asked, "What did I do...what have I done? I do not deserve this honor ....""

    For Dr. "B" to be doing this, it suggests to me and the men here, what he's been having us practice; what he has lectured on, is coming and is going down...Soon!

    We can tell, from the moment he got off the plane, he looked toward the heavens, saying, "I can feel it! Before this Trek is over, you too, gentlemen, will feel and some will see it. It is coming...all too soon!

    We began to realize almost immediately, he's on a mission. He doesn't waste time; during our breaks, he goes off alone to do something. He comes back different, each time!


Incident Command System Certificate—FEMA


Lifestock In Disasters!


Radiological Emergency Management!



Radiological Emergency Response Transportation


    I'm glad I waited 'till now, to give 'The Gelatin' Lecture, because this lecture was so much more in depth, it was almost a different lecture when it was given during 'The Cortege Trek'!



The Gelatin Lecture!



    Dr. "B" prefaced the opening to The Gelatin Lecture, by speaking on something entirely different. To us, he said, "You will see and compeletely understand why this as a forward to what I have to say for controlling disease, slowing down aging, and remaining in as good health as possible for the tremendous events ahead, is given first!

    "The problem," Dr. "B" said, pointing to one of the Special Agents, is exactly what I have lectured on up there." He pointed to distance mountains. "Recall, Agent (name withheld) reiterated, Without discipline, we, on this planet, cannot make it!"

    "What is discipline, men? Why do people have so little of it now–a–days? It is a form of behavior. That is what discipline is; hence, discipline is preceded by behavorial changes, then, of course, followed by discipline.

    "Most have been so dumbed down, they think of behavior in terms of, 'not acting right' in Church, or School. . . . Just name it, and you have what most are defining as behavior. They are giving characteristics of such to describe 'behavior,' and, that is the way most can now only think. If the characteristics or a collection of actions do not match theirs; or, what reasonable people of a group, a religious sect, or a portion of society, think they should be, then those characteristics are describing 'bad' behavior.

    "Now, my friends, what have I just described?

    "I have told you many things about our world in just these few paragraphs about the world and its thinking...I have also told you how far we have fallen from knowing sematics—'The Meaning of Meaning'; the King's English; the real French, German, and all the languages of the world.

    "We have fallen into a deadly trap! We know longer know words; our vocabularies are 'grunts' and 'groans'. The vocabularies of the world are just about gone. Everyone is depending on a uniform language evolved in his part part of the world for itself, America, France, Europe, etc...

    "The deadly trap is we no longer have a large or vast vocabulary to think from; No! Not to speak from, I said to think from because the larger the vocubulary the more images and thought forms one can call upon and communicate and read more effectively! We have come to The End of An Age! A short dark age is about upon us.

    "With a large 'thinking' vocabulary, one can think more broadly and more expansively and communicate more effectively. Shakesphere had, it is estimated, a thinking vocabulary of 150,000 words. A college English professor is considered to have one of 75, 000 words; while a physician has approximately 25,000 to 50,000. College freshmen have around 15,000; now it is lower than ever, and tremendously bad in high school students, since they 'peck' and 'hunt' on their Cells for internet; social media, and email.

    "First, we must have thought, broadly and expansively, and you know what this entails; then, behavior is trust. And trust is when a reasonable person can expect reasonable action out of that person. If one cannot expect reasonable action in people, then those people have no trustworthy behavior. Therefore, when we talk about behavior, we are actually talking about trust, and when we talk about trust, we are talking about a reasonable line of action that we can expect from a reasonable (hopefully) human being.

    "And this is the problem in the world today, and especially with the Big Event that will be happening now. What can you expect out of another human being you meet on the street, in America, when there is no food, no potable water, and no medicines? Will their line of action be reasonable?

    "Gentlemen, you know the answer to this now, because how many people do you know can change their behavior now, even when they know their actions have placed them in jail, in prison, in censorship, caused job losses. The key to surviving all this for you, me, and Monsieur Kong, here, is that we must think ahead and change our behavior accordingly to the broad and expansive images presented to our mind from our vocabulary.

    "We cannot do this if the words are not there because the education has dumbed one down. So with what is coming, can one change their behavior such that they can get around one of the greatest obstacles that is going to be hitting soon?

    "The disease state of America. And now, that opens up our discussion to help control this disease, or to stop it cold, or to lessen its effects—The Gelatin Lecture."



    "What is gelatin? And, why is it very important to us, as we age? What does this have to do with Trust and Behavior... Vocabulary? Self? This will become self–evident as we develop this discussion. But, in order to apply this talk; one must change his behavior now! Remember, we are thinking 'Disease,' unrelenting, vaulting disease coming. Our behavior will have a lot to do with our survival . . . our changed behavior in regard to what I will be discussing and what you have learned for the past four weeks.

    "I see a lot of people with developing cognitive deficits. The chief reason: They can not...will not, change their behavior. The brain, in a manner of speaking, is like a muscle; it must be exercised and stimulated to continue growing, existing in a healthy state. Look upon it as similar to the case of the blind mules, who went into the coal mines with sight; but, being kept in the dark for years, the brain lost the connections and others withered up from lack of use, so that part of the brain the mule sees from, due to lack of use, broke down and the mules went blind!

    "I am currently seeing what I call 'The Mule Syndrome' more and more in senior citizens. First, they complain of 'Recall' problems; then, as the Mule Syndrome gathers momentum, other parts of the body, as well as the brain, that are nourished via the nervous system, takes effect, in that they often go to a wheel chair; then, as their muscles deteriorate more, they move to a motorized wheel chair. This whole thing I am describing is a Behavioral Problem. They can't change their behavior; hence, they start deteriorating. But, they see a nutritionist and/or physician, taking more and more nutraceuticals, vitamins, minerals, and drugs; yet, the mind and brain continue to disintegrate. They will not listen that they must Change Their Behavior.

    "The behavior change needed? They must work their brains in a systematic fashion for three to four hours a day in concentration of reading classics; working elementary math problems as found in Milne, Anderson Primers, and/or study a foreign language, and so forth. Or they can study the King's English, as in vocabulary and sentence diagramming including subject and predicate construction. Work the problems in all books as if they are going to turn it in. Don't scratch or scribble. That reinforces their already wrong behavior.

    "What does study like this do? It teaches them organization, first, in their deteriorating lives, and as they change their behavior, without all the excuses, they develop trust in themselves to do what is necessary, which projects into a behavioral change, and Voila! Their mind comes back. As the brain gets better, the muscles get back, for this is something that most physicians do not know; the nerves feed the muscles more than the circulatory system!

    "We call this, 'Recovery'! The axons of the the nerves start reattaching to others; this is called 'Networking,' then, the miracle occurs. However, most to all will not follow instructions, saying: 'That's too much work!' And they deteriorate all the faster. There is no one pill, vitamin, mineral, nutraceutical, or food that will do it for you. They get trapped in the television syndrome. They grow more and more helpless as they only watch TV and want to be entertained—It Is A Form of Learned Helplessness, brought on by self; yet, they moan about how their body and mind are deteriorating...because, they have lost the ability to change their behavior, which is 'Will!'

    "Gelatin is the breakdown product of hooves, horns, hides, chicken feet, and tendons boiled down in one's pressure cooker; or, in a stew pot with acid, such as tomatoes and a little vitamin C. Commercially, it is broken down with enzymes. In your cook pot, it forms a delicious syrupy gravy, when cooked with white onions, garlics, leeks, green onions, thyme, cumin, and oregano.

    "With this gentlemen, you start regaining lost health, provided certain nutrients are added in pill or tablet form. We see Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimers, Cognitive Deficits, and Joint and Bone problems, and Cancer put at bay. But, who will stick to what I am about to tell you? And, Do It! Four thousand to Six thousand years ago, man ate this way; the whole animal was consumed, except the blood and offal! 


      "About 50 % of an animal's protein is in the form of gelatin. And, as you know from what I've just given, gelatin is boiled down collagen connective tissue. In more active tissues such as brain tissue, liver and muscle tissues too, there is a smaller percentage; somewhere around 35%. Keep this in mind, gentlemen: the amino acids in gelatin, proline and hydroxyproline, glycine and alanine, and these comprise about 35 % in glycine. It also has other amino acids; but, no tryptophan.

    "And it has smaller amounts of cysteine, methionine, and histidine, when compared to muscle meats. One might think, This is a bad thing!. However, when one has reached their growth cycle, around 21 years old, and as this individual is getting older, there is less need for tryptophan and those other sulfur bearing amino acids. We'll explain this later.

    "For now, consider this, many of the amino acids in gelatin, for example, glycine, have a large range of protective effects for the cells of the body and in general, this extrapolates to the whole body. Before the industrial revolution, societies ate gelatin in the form of boiled down connective tissues (collagen). This has decreased almost entirely...and as this did so, disease and the problems of aging became more manifested than ever before. But, we had the antibiotic revolution. Now, that is dying out. We are somewhat left to our own body's defenses with food possibly being our next best medicine in the next four to six years. But! Our food supply of the world is in a hell of a mess!

    "What's one to do? Store gelatin. As the world's industrial revolution continued, gelatin consumption went down tremendously and man started eating more and more of the amino acids that are known, in such proportions as to be antimetabolic. Two, especially so are tryptophan and cysteine. These, with the estrogen mimetics and some other things, which we'll discuss shortly, increase and enhance estrogen, causing more inflammatory situations in the body.

    "As the industrial revolution progressed, foods became more plentiful; waste too, and then came the introduction of canned foods. Especially canned meats. Gelatin consumption went way down, to desserts loaded with too much sugar, artifical sweetners, and other things. Then came the Road Side Diners . . . then, Road Side Eateries sprang up everywhere, and people stopped cooking for the most part, as prepared meals became the vogue! During all this time, inflammation was rising in humans; which called for more and exciting new drugs to 'tame' the disease."

    "And long before this latter arrived, people stopped eating 'Chicken Foot Soup'! Stewed and Boiled Pig Ears, and other connective tissues which are collegen in the main. When this was boiled down, it made a delicious meal, rich in gelatin.

    "But, as the industrial revolution gathered momentum throughout the world, gelatin-rich foods went down, causing degenerative and inflammatory diseases to go up! We are now there, gentlemen!

    "We will be assailed from all sides in the coming years, begining when we get back, as the Stock Market may fall precipitiously on February 15, 2015, or thereabouts; or October 15. The stress, more about that later, will be ramped up, and as jobs go into the nether world, degenerative and inflammatory diseases will rise suddenly!



    "Now, keeping in mind that disease, stress, and hypothyroidism is now rampant in America, and, I might add the rest of the world, with the industrial revolution came tests...all sorts of tests, on how to make food grow faster and animals—the latter, the agriculturists were very successful with. At this time an idea was developed that rapid growth physically for the animals, sheep, pigs, lambs, cows, would be the way to determine whether or not, after using a growth substance, it caused rapid physical growth; then the name 'Essentiality' was given to that growth substance, to achieve the most rapid growth in the shortest period of time. Thus, an 'Essentiality' was given, and to this day, is still used for certain amino acids, such as tryptophan.

    "But, there's more! Keep in mind the agriculturists (scientists) were not interested in intelligence, longevity, or calm and happy meal animals; they wanted, in the shortest time possible, maximum or prodigious growth.

    "The industry went into action and discovered that growth stimulant chemicals, combined with 'fattening' foods with the least expense that generated the most maxmimum growth in the shortest time possible. These chemical stimulants that you now ingest in your foods that you eat and feed your family, are arsenic, antibiotics, and the ubiquitous polyunsaturated fatty acids. These things cause the animal's rapid gain in growth for a young animal.

    "Recall, proteins consist of amino acids, and are defined from that time as 'Essential,' based on how much growth an animal receives from them. That is their role in agriculture; not the fact we should be interested in; namely, if these amino acids of proteins produce good health, good and proper development of the brain, and produce a long life in us! That is all gone. Yet, we now are seeing various health and longivity centers promoting the polyunsaturated fats and other derived substances from various amino acids as 'Anti–Aging'!

    "There are few studies out there demonstrating, except in rats, that protein and amino acids are requirements for the aging animal, especially the human animal (You and Me). These aspects have hardly been studied!

    "The few studies that have been performed illustrate that Tryptophan and Cysteine requirements drop down very low in adulthood. And, Gelatin requirements go way up, since Gelatin is devoid of Tryptophan. It has been demonstrated from the 1930s, life extension through caloric restriction by Clive McKay's work and restricting heavy metal toxification without cutting calories, causes about the same effects as calorie restriction for Life–Extension!

"Therefore, if we restrict just tryptophan; or, just cysteine, the result is a life span of greater extension than those connected with restriction of calories!

    "Here's the problem, gentlemen. For these effects to take place, we suggest one eat mostly, if not all, gelatin with their meals. Or, if you do eat meat, which I have recommended to many patients, then take one or two tablespoons of gelatin immediately after eating the meat, mixed in with a little water. This helps control the tryptophan and cysteine and methionine in the meat. I recommend Glutathione, two twice daily, to control the toxic chemicals in our food. Soon, those chemicals will increase ever the more. I have been giving you Glutathione several times per week since we have been here.

    "For controlling pain, it has been shown that taking 10 to 15 grams of gelatin per day (which is about two tablespoons), often shows results in just a few days! The pain can be arthritic pain, rheumatic pain and possibly neurological pain like neuritis and neuropathy. They have given gelatin to diabetics with extremely good results, but do not expect your doctor to understand this. He is pharmaceutically oriented. But I am telling you these things because he is about to be no more, along with his medicines.

    "How do I figure that, gentlemen? If the stock market goes boom on February 15 or shortly thereafterwards. October 15, 2015 is another date to possibly be concerned about. Pharmaceutical companies may and eventually, will come apart. And you recall that 400 medical doctors have already stopped practicing this year because of Obamacare. Where will you find medicines, doctors, drugs if we do a pole shift or a mantle shift, or the earth is pummelled with giant rocks from space? And we still have the prophesied comet with that huge Earth Shaking tail, coming!

    "Now, people have been geared, because of industry results, that they want a 'shake' of protein. It must taste good, with fruit, nuts, berries and bananas, and they think they've done something. And they have. But unless they've done something more, they are simply getting more calories and feeling good about it. What I am saying, men, is that because of Lack of Behavior and Discipline, they cannot forgo taste that they are going to be forced to forego in the future, if they wish to survive.

    "Go to any supermarket's health food section and they have shake powders to put in with your favorite juice, milk, or protein. There are as many different flavors as you can think of. But when you read the label, you realize why people are flocking to this type of crap. It comes out smooth, it comes out creamy, it comes out thick. What they are ingesting, if they go this route for the shake, is a Chemical Feast. The people, and they are very few and far between, that have absolutely followed my advice, one out of many overcame cancer without chemicals, ablation, surgery, or radiation. Another's swollen ankles went way down when he followed the diet that I have been giving you on this journey into the future we have taken. But, we must control Inflammation! We can still contract a disease if we do not control inflammation.

    "Why is it so many cannot follow these simple directions I just gave you and have been giving you? It boils down simply to this (That man yonder just said it for us all): 'They can't change their behavior.'

    ""And I just heard another over here to my right, say, 'Their mettle is weak!' We are going to have to fight to keep strong. You will also have to fight to Stay Alive!

    "People are flooding pharmacies, health food stores, supermarkets, buying Tryptophan; or its analogue, 5–HTP for sleep and ameliorating depression; or, they see their physicians and are often given some form of serotonin, of which tryptophan generates! We are now come full circle; we are at the end of an age!


Tryptophan and Cysteine Do The Following: They Inhibit...

  1. Thyroid Functioning!

  2. Mitochondrial Respiration, Which Is Energy Production!

  3. One's Ability To Withstand The Stress Response, Which Is Less Ability To Handle Stress!

    "Gelatin is protein; but, it does not have tryptophan and contains only small amounts of methionine, cysteine, and histidine. If one consumes only Gelatin as their dietary main protein, they restrict the amino acids easily that are associated with aging! But, this takes Discipline and that incorporates Behavior Change in one's lifestyle. I even have a 'stable' of top notch bodybuilders who have the discipline for training; but, not the discipline to forgo the 'Shake' Taste and confine themselves to consuming mainly Gelatin. Those who do are bigger and stronger than their workout partners, and...and...get sick less than those who take the 'Shake'!

    "What they are suffering from is lack of strong mettle...they cannot change much; just enough to look pumped up; but not for meeting the Challenge Ahead of us all! That, friends, takes real work and real change of spirit! Those who were able to change, train in their garage with no Air Conditioning in summer; nor Heat in the winter! They realize they are on a Mission! And, to make it through, they must enter the fight now and go to the finish, in order to make it through the next 4 to 5 years or more of the hardest time they will have ever suffered!

    "To build a good body with radiant health, one must eat correctly; take the supplementation that is necessary, train with diligence, and one thing that most, when they come to me, do not do—get the rest that is necessary...sleep, we're talking about—to build the biological restorative hormones for the next day's work. And, this is where many are lacking. They are busy chasing 'booty' when they should be in deep biological restorative sleep from 2 to 4 am, on a normal circadian rhythm for their bodies.

    "Pasco, et., 2003, point out in their scientific paper, that when the body breaks down collegen, various factors are released which generate healing of wounds and tumor suppression. It keeps it from being invasive. For would healing, one of the factors in the body is glycine, which comes from Gelatin. It also inhibits tumor growth!

    And, from the references on Ray Peat's Website, RayPeat.Com, Dr. Peat gives:

Biull Eksp Biol Med. 1981 Nov;92(11):599-601. [Repair processes in wound tissues of experimental animals following administration of glycine] [Article in Russian] Zaidenberg MA, Pisarzhevskii SA, Nosova IM, Kerova AN, Dudnikova GN. A study was made of the effect of glycine given in doses approximating the physiological ones on the repair of processes in rat wound tissues. It was disclosed that in the early periods of wound healing, glycine administration leads to the increased content of cAMP and cAMP/cGMP ratio in the wound muscle and then in the granulation tissue, which appears to promote the intensification of the repair processes manifesting in the changes in tissue metabolism (DNA, collagen), in anti-inflammatory action, as well as in a more rapid maturation of the granulation tissue and wound reduction.. It was also found that the doses of glycine tested do not affect the content of insulin and hydrocortisone in the blood of experimental animals.

“In recent years, evidence has mounted in favor of the antiinflammatory, immunomodulatory and cytoprotective effects of the simplest amino acid L-glycine.” “Glycine protects against shock caused by hemorrhage, endotoxin and sepsis, prevents ischemia/reperfusion and cold storage/reperfusion injury to a variety of tissues and organs including liver, kidney, heart, intestine and skeletal muscle, and diminishes liver and renal injury caused by hepatic and renal toxicants and drugs. Glycine also protects against peptidoglycan polysaccharide-induced arthritis...” and inhibits gastric secretion “....and protects the gastric mucosa against chemically and stress-induced ulcers. Glycine appears to exert several protective effects, including antiinflammatory, immunomodulatory and direct cytoprotective actions. Glycine acts on inflammatory cells such as macrophages to suppress activation of transcription factors and the formation of free radicals and inflammatory cytokines. In the plasma membrane, glycine appears to activate a chloride channel that stabilizes or hyperpolarizes the plasma membrane potential. As a consequence, .... opening of ... calcium channels and the resulting increases in intracellular calcium ions are suppressed, which may account for the immunomodulatory and antiinflammatory effects of glycine. Lastly, glycine blocks the opening of relatively non-specific pores in the plasma membrane that occurs as the penultimate event leading to necrotic cell death.


Glycine Powder


    "Gentlemen! Think hard on this...most can't; but, you can! What is approaching us at light speed? What is increasing daily right now, this moment, as I speak? Unrelenting, unimaginable STRESS! Most do not know what Stress is. However, it is an excess of Glucocorticoids! Involved in this is The Stress Response. Some stress is good; however, too much generates mental and physical problems.

    "With the unimaginable, unrelenting stress now arriving at our shores, multiply times infinity, what you are about to hear:

We have spent time building our muscle mass up; without muscle mass, it is going to be hell to push your vehicle out of a mud hole; cross–back carry a family member to safety, and just maneuvering self out of harm's way for days or weeks; or more!

This demands we have knowledge and expertise of self. Stress will cause Cortisol, a glucocorticoid hormone, to be released. The problem is when the Stress is Chronic, never dropping down long enough for building and repair to take place. Hence, in the Stress we are talking about, Cortisol Excess, which extrapolates to the Chronicity of Cortisol excess, cause the muscles of our body to be broken down to various amino acids; some of which are glycemic, to provide energy and material for repair.

Say, one of those wolves back there rips your thigh muscles open before you put it down. The Stress Response sends Cortisol into action to break down muscles from all over the body, the bigger prime mover muscles especially; and form those amino acids and glucose, which are then sent to the ripped opened thigh muscles to be used in rebuilding and repair. That is Good!

But, when there is no wolf; no Sabre Tooth Tiger to run from; fight off; just the Stress of America going down and no food forthcoming; no electricity, and all the ammenities of life we have taken for granted, you must stop this Stress Response and rebuild and repair from what you lost from your Prime Mover muscles.

Gelatin Is Your Answer! It, the amino acids it contains, has a great variety of antistress actions! However, when one gets too much tryptophan, when they are past the growth cycle of 21 or more years, then the formation of serotonin increases due to the excess of tryptophan from one's muscle tissue. And with more serotonin formation from tryptophan, we see more cortisol formation generated from serotonin and released. Recall from above, the excess tryptophan itself with the muscle derived cysteine, Suppresses one's Thyroid Action! We are and will be in a hell of a mess!

This is not all, we still have more to discuss on this to survive this unrelenting hell now knocking on our shores. Two to three tablespoons of gelatin twice or more daily, will serve as an Anti–Stress Agent!

Glycine, a breakdown amino acid from Gelatin, is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, much like GABA, Gamma Amino Butyric Acid. Glycine promotes natural, restorative, health giving sleep! Glycine helps promote recovery from strokes and seizures; memory and learning are improved also. The numerous problems and injuries promoted by excess tryptophan and serotonin, appear to be corrected or prevented from tryptophan and serotonin excess. Remember! You want a generous supply of Gelatin/Glycine.

Glycine can prevent or alleviate diabetes, too much calcium in the cells, inflammation, free radical damage, fibrosis, cell death resulting from ATP depletion, and more.


Antiseizure And Antianxiety.



    "Gentlemen, I just prefaced what is to follow from such severe stress which I spoke of hitting our shores and the world January 15, 2015; yet, no one will really notice it for now; that is, Switzerland uncoupled its 'Peg' from the Euro! Then, come the 'Puts' and 'The 'Calls' due on the Stock Market in America February 15. We will see the gathering storm after that. By April 29, 2015, the Fed meets and will possibly raise interest rates to stop the bubbles from inflating further. However, this will probably create total disaster, as so many of the businesses out there are teetering on bankruptcy! If the Fed does this, the Stock Market will start crashing and those businesses throughout America will crater, with their employees by the hundreds of thousands losing their jobs and security. Community Colleges will close; most universities too. This will be the Chaos I spoke of back there.This is much more to this: Bond markets will crater; Mortgage interest rates, auto loans, and credit card interest rates too, will go sky high, killing those markets too!

    "And, millions of workers will be laid off!

    Sickness, disease, and suicides will take their toll! The Stress...The Inflammation...The Pain will be unbearable. Something will crack! 


    "Let us consider this: Gaba, gamma amino butyric acid, is a neurotransmitter that is inhibitory. It has been studied for a long time. Its chemistry is a close analog to alpha amino acetic acid, known to you now as glycine. These two amino acids can save many, if they know of their properties as antiinflammatories, anti–angiogenics, and antiinvasives. These properties can save lives and tone down anxiety and excitability, with other substances, such as branched–chain amino acids, which are valine, leucine, and isoleucine.

    "Gents! It's going to be a real Bitch out there for all of us soon! But, these two inhibitory substances, GABA and Glycine, along with the leucine, isoleucine, and valine, have antiseizure actions. That means, inhibitory actions. The Branched–Chain amino acids can be studied from the work of Skeie, et al., 1992, 1994.

    "Now, take this this thought and hold it...forever in your memory banks! What oil is the most sought one out there: the Omegas...all polyunsaturated.

    "Let us continue!

    "Progesterone and pregnenolone act on a receptor. The GABA receptor which reinforces GABA's protective effects of antiseizure properties (inhibitory); and, as stated moments ago, Glycine is similar in structure molecularly to GABA, it possesses the same abilities of protectiveness.

    "But, Estrogen...and its mimetics, are not inhibitory; they are inhibitory to GABA's action. Hence, they promote antiseizure. GABA fights against Estrogen's stimulatory effect of growth for breast cancer. And, Glycine probably does too as it is structurally similar to GABA.

    The metabolites, breakdown products of progesterone, and progesterone itself, act on the Glycine receptor. This action increases inhibition, and the phytoestrogen, which everyone seems to be on now because of the Life Extension Clubs, have been and are still promoting 'Genistein, which tends to inhibit the inhibitory response of Glycine in its fight against Estrogen.

    "Glutamic and aspartic amino acids are excitatory in their actions and opposed the inhibitory systems. Progesterone acts on decreasing excitation, while estrogen increases excitation.

    "Therefore, one can see Gelatin and Glycine would be good things to store before the Chaos erupts this year. Progesterone increases the heart's pumping action more efficiently and Estrogen is antagonistic which can result in cardiac arrhythmia. Yet, think about all those Bio–Identical Hormones pushed upon women for 'hot flashes' by compounding pharmacies and alternative medical doctors. Estrogen is estrogen. Most medically available estrogens previously came from pregnant mares' urine and consisted of 13 different estrogens; whereas, Bio–Identical Hormones are identical to a human woman's Estrogen, and not considered synthetic. But, be ware and be wise.

    This Estrogen and the PUFAs, unsaturated fatty acids—in the excess, are creating real health problems now that will be exacerbated further on in one's life. And, people are getting estrogen imitators, called Estrogen Mimetics everywhere, especially in soy. The PUFAS are found in the Omegas, Soy oils, Canola Oils, unsaturated oils and are wreaking havoc now and will do a huge number on the population as the inflammatory responses increase in the not too distant future.


    "Keep in the forefront of your minds, gentlemen, the excitatory actions of estrogen and that of glycine, which is inhibitory. Therefore, we can think of glycine as an antiestrogenic substance. I also recommend the amino acid, Taurine, for its antiexcitatory effects against the excitatory actions of tryptophan, cysteine, methionine and estrogen excess. These latter excitatory substances should be greatly lessened in one's diet as one ages; and the inhibitory ones should be greatly increased.

    "The excitatory actions of tryptophan, cysteine, methionine, and estrogen that we are speaking of are related to a generalized excitation of the cells for various responses;
however, too much Estrogen and its mimetics, can lead to disfunction, which leads to dis-ease leading to Disease! Estrogen and its mimetics generate motor activity increases in the nerves, increased activity of the sensory nerves, and changes in the EEG. When, as it likely is now, estrogen and its mimetics, are too high, we will see tetany, psychoses, and/or epilepsy. This, joined with polyunsaturated fats, increases the inflammatory response.

    "Consider, men, with the saturation of the electromagnetic spectrum, we are seeing more and more psychoses, epileptic-type seizures, and now, with all the PUFAs and Estrogens out there in our water and food supply, and we mean mimetics too, is it any wonder we will see, and are now seeing, strange things going down in animals and humans?

"But...Still, People For The Most Part...'Cannot Change Their Behavior; Especially When It Comes To Diet!'"


    "Involved in our chemistries, gentlemen, are motor and sensory nerve responses from estrogen's excitatory actions on the cells' electrical behavior. Glycine does an inhibitory number here, it appears. And, by doing this, it also helps in controlling and regulating angiogenesis, in addition to adjusting the chemical messengers between cells. These particular chemical messengers are known as 'chemokines' and cytokines. These latter two are concerned in much...much inflammatory responses and diseases involved in degeneration!

    "One of the main things glycine modulates is tumor necrosis factor, TNF, including nitric oxide (NO), including prostaglandins. If one is exposed, as happens now and has been happening since the great war, to estrogen and its imitators, early in life, degenerative diseases come on earlier in life. It is like growth; that is, the aging process. It is a process that develops over time and it is also 'never too late to start the corrective process.'—Ray Peat, 2009



    "Truly, men, we are sitting on the Edge of A Precipice at this time in our history! No other time is like unto our time!






    Something not appreciated by most in the medical world is that of one of the many excitory effects of Estrogen is Lipolysis: The breakdown of fat into its fatty acids and glycerol. This, most do know; but, the following, Not! Estrogen in the liver converts glucose into fat. Hence, the fatty acids are constantly high in one's circulation; and now, with all the PUFAs one is told to ingest, such as the Omegas and now the Krill Oils in their diet, not to mention the Canola and soy oils, their fatty acids, as measured by triglycerides in the bloodstream, are higher than ever.

    "The free fatty acids remain far higher in the circulation under the influence of Estrogen and its mimectics. These free fatty acids stop the oxidation (burning) of glucose for carbon dioxide, water and energy. When this happens, insulin resistance occurs. This condition normally results as one ages and leads to hyperglycemia (excess blood sugar), which ultimately results in diabetes. It works this way schematically:

    "E2 (Estradiol; the most active estrogen) generates Lipolysis which generates FFAs Rise (free fatty acid rise) which Decreases Glucose Burning; Increasing Insulin Rise, generating Insulin Resistance!! Generating High Blood Sugar, Generating Diabetes!


What's One To Do?



    "Recently, it has been shown that Glycine and Gelatin aid in the action of lowering blood sugar. This brought about a lessening of diabetes and its problems, including high blood sugar. For over a century; that is, 100 years, Gelatin has been used to treat diabetes favorably (A. Guerard, Ann Hygiene 36, 5, 1871; H. Brat, Deut. Med. Wochenschrift 28 (No. 2), 21, 1902).!

    "Lipolysis is stopped by Glycine. And recall, friends, this is another 'antiestrogenic' and antiexcitatory effect of Gelatin and its breakdown to its amino acids, such as Glycine!

    "Now, when this ingesting of Glycine occurs, it aids; especially in the aging adult, insulin's action more effectively when Glycine is ingested after or before a meal. Incidently, I have had patients do this prior to a meal and they lost FAT! And, their blood sugar came down; one patient was told by his doctor; 'You no longer have diabetes! It must have been a lab fluke!'"

    "Get this, too! Gelatin, when consumed in three to four tablespoons in three to 4 daily doses, causes all the other wonderful things we've been talking about; and it also lowered serum triglycerides! One patient was talked out of doing this by his physician and his serum triglycerides went right back up, and he developed diabetes, which he never had before. He quit that physican; went back on the Gelatin and everything went normal again. The big thing he noticed was how much better he felt while on the Gelatin and Glycine; and, how terrible he felt when off of it and on his doctor's medicines! The medical profession is no longer thinking anymore; big pharma does it for them! A great change is coming to the world! The Perverse Spirit has been given charge over us. 

The Perverse Spirit!

     "A great variety of dysfunctions of the body and mind can be lowered because Gelatin usage hinders constant liposlysis and the body's resistance to insulin, coupled with an overall inflammation of the body, as well as Gelatin hindering degenerative diseases. Therefore, it would be thoughtful to practice using Gelatin and Glycine for most problems that are chronic! 


"Now! Consider this, men:

    "Everyone now is preaching 'antiaging.' It is everywhere. Suddenly, everyone is a researcher because of internet; and a expert on practically everything. One of the big things is to get youthful hormone levels. You can see what this is doing to women with bio–identical hormones! It is like the 40s after WWII, 'Estrogen' they said, made women young forever. And doctors and books came out quoting this one book, 'Feminine Forever!' Look at all the women who have developed breast cancer from that and now lie in their grave.

    "What is the point I am getting at? The big thing now is practically all the men are wanting to be 'Forever Young' using Testosterone. But, most of the naturopaths, medical doctors, nutritionists, etc., either do not know the following; or, are not telling their clients about what follows!

    "When one has testosterone in their system, regardless of the source, the fat in the body holds an enzyme, aromatase, which cause the free testosterone that breaks off from the total testosterone to mostly be changed into Estrogen. And, from there, you know the rest. Yet, I have seen, just this year, several hundred men who are on the Big T and do not feel better; in fact, they are developing the 'belly fat' which generates inflammatory substances that will eventually kill them, aging them in the process before it does them in! They need to be taking regular blood tests for estradiol levels while they are on the Big T. Estradiol should be 20 to 30 picograms per mL, which often far lower than what the labs allow them to get by with.

    "And with all the PUFAs they are told to be on, that increases the Aromatase enzyme in the fat, enhancing more Estrogen formation! Yet, very few purveyors of testosterone tell their patients to be on Chrysin and/or Anastrozole to block the aromatase enzyme from converting the free testosterone to Estrogen. Often, Chrysin, a natural aromatase blocker, does not work in many men, so they must use Anastrozole, 0.5 mg twice a week. Hence, we are going to see all the problems given above from the PUFAs and Estrogen causing a huge increase in disease, especially as the Stress (remember what we said earlier about Stress) mounts precipitiously after October 15, 2015, on into April and thereafter.

    "Stroke will rise precipitiously; and, Glycine, if taken shortly after such an event, accelerates recovery. Glycine is used for its antispasmodic activity to lessen the muscle spasms of Multiple Sclerosis. Some feel it also modulates the symptoms Schizophrenia patients experience." 


Watch Out For This!



    "First, there were the Omega-6 oils, which turned out to be inflammatory. Then everybody switched to the Omega-3 oils. And finally, when that horse couldn't be beaten any more as an "essential oil," they switched to Krill Oil, which is a glorified Omega-3 fish oil from a different source.

    "The new scam is the "PEOs," or Parent Essential Oils (Precursor Fatty Acids), from which you will allegedly make all the other "essential oils." But what they are not telling you is that in order for you to make all these other essential oils, you must have on hand in your body the Delta-5 desaturase enzyme and the Delta-6 desaturase enzyme, which are used respectively to do all this conversion of Omega 6 and Omega-3 oils into the fatty acids they say you need.

    "However, what they are not telling you is that as people age, the desaturase enzymes which are necessary for the conversion of lenoleic acid and alpha-lenolenic acids, drop down with age! I have told many clients who were taking this stuff, saying their doctors told them to get these oils as borage oil or sunflower oil or evening primrose oil, that their desaturase enzymes for converting these oils into the substances desired were not there in sufficient force to enable them to feel a difference. Other desaturase enzymes are necessary in the process.

    "And, if the necessary enzymes were present, the little bit of good the converted oils do you cause horrendous problems further on, as you have seen.

    "Consequently, the big problem is that Krill Oil didn't go over that well first because it is expensive, and second, because who knows if they're getting all the Fukushima radioactive isotopes out of it. So now, that the truth is beginning to come out about fish oils, they had to come out with a totally new, created name that sounds erudite and scientific, supported by doctors writing books on how "important" these "parent essential oils" are in order to maintain the sales and move that product.

    "Parent Essential Fatty Acids have been known for a long, long time; now, there is new marketing that has brought the term back. There is nothing new in the Precursor Fatty Acids; except...a marketing scheme to get more sales going. The marketeers may be feeling the lessening of real food now here in America and less in the future and want to make all the sales they can before the Big Crash puts an end to all; or, lessens business greatly!


The Fish Oils Are Promoting




    "It seems everyone has been asking for Fish Oils and Krill Oils. Now, the PEOs are gaining in momentum and the masses will be clammoring before long for Parent Essential Fatty Acids. The people are very gullible now; and, it appears those 'medical' authorities are too, when it comes to their Human Biochemistry and what you gentlemen have been studying here from me.

    "The End must be in sight, as The End of An Age draws near. Recall all our discussions about Stress and what it is. Now, men, consider the following which I relate to you:

"Stress can increase the release of free fatty acids from their lipid storage sites. They get 'burned' (oxidized) via the Beta Oxidation Cycle for fatty acids. The glycerol backbone goes to the liver and is converted into glycogen, which is release as needed to the circulation as glucose. But, here is the rub! The excess free fatty acids that are being constantly ingested in diet are being released via stress, and all this excess is amplifying various inflammatory signals through their conversion to prostaglandins.

"Now, consider this: A prostaglandin is any of a group of organic compounds derived from 'essential' fatty acids and causing a range of physiological effects in animals. Yet, what are most people told to eat as their fat are fish and krill oils, and now, the PEOs—the so–called essential fatty acids! Hence, the connection is made from the above statement, free fatty acids are converted to prostaglandins. And stress, which is ever increasing, is mobilizing them from their fat depots.

"I had a top world scientist tell me at one of the universities I attended, that If I discovered how aspirin works, I would have my fortune made, as we knew then how important the prostaglandins were and things they did. Since that time, years later, aspirin was discovered to stop many types of prostaglandin reactions in the human biochemistry, such as fever, headache, etc.

Remember This, Men!

"Another action of prolonged (excess) formation of prostaglandin is the activation of an enzyme known as aromatase, which takes the free testosterone in one's body and converts it into Estrogen. By now, you see the unparallelled dangers of Estrogen in excess, as we are now seeing, since so many men, and women, are on testosterone; especially the men—Testosterone!

"We can see once more, we are sitting on The Edge of A Precipice, with PUFAs and all its cousins derived from these "Parents." What will happen to all those people who are not on Chrysin and Anastrozole who are now on Testosterone; and the women, who may not use the Big T, but their adrenals are producing androgens, some very high, after menopause?

"They may just start coming apart mentally and physically, and experience extreme muscle loss when the Dire Stress starts hitting America in full soon!

    "And what about these poor men who are on the Big T for more masculinity, but they are actually being feminized?"

    "Gentlemen, what we are now experiencing is the old saying, 'You'll be damned if you do, and you'll be damned if you don't.' If you do take Big T, you will have the power to get across the wilderness coming into your lives, Provided you take the aromatase-inhibiting substances given twice since we've been here. And if you don't take Big T, you may not have the strength, the power, and the alertness to negotiate the coming wilderness in your lives.

    "However, I see people regularly that are on testosterone and their doctors have not run a Total Testosterone, a Free Testosterone, and an Estradiol test to see what is happening in their bodies. When I had them run the tests, I discovered they were full of inflammation being generated by the estrogen being formed and terribly enhanced by the polyunsaturated fatty acids in their diets. By correcting the inflammatory problems and reducing the estrogen especially, within weeks they started feeling like a brand new person. But, some play the fool, and never feel better, because their physician ran only 'Total Testosterone' and not Estradiol, the latter which should be between 20 to 30 pg/ml."

    Most labs are too high! Some are 'catching' up with the research.


Let's Review Some Salient Facts About Polyunsaturated Fats!

[Commentary By Kong: Read The References, A Thing Most Do Not Read. Dr. "B" Says, He Learns So Much More By Reading References]


From Raypeat's Newsletter, 2006: Unsaturated Vegetable Oils: Toxic 



  • Unsaturated fats cause aging, clotting, inflammation, cancer, and weight gain.

  • Avoid foods which contain the polyunsaturated oils, such as corn, soy, safflower, flax, cottonseed, canola, peanut, and sesame oil.

  • Mayonnaise, pastries, even candies may contain these oils; check the labels for ingredients.

  • Pork is now fed corn and soy beans, so lard is usually as toxic as those oils; use only lean pork.

  • Fish oils are usually highly unsaturated; "dry" types of fish, and shellfish, used once or twice a week, are good. Avoid cod liver oil.

  • Use vitamin E.

  • Use coconut oil, butter, and olive oil.

  • Unsaturated fats intensify estrogen's harmful effects.


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Essential Fatty Acids ("EFA"): A Technical Point 

Those fatty acids, such as linoleic acid and linolenic acid, which are found in linseed oil, soy oil, walnut oil, almond oil, corn oil, etc., are essential for the spontaneous development of cancer, and also appear to be decisive factors in the development of age pigment, alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver, diabetes, obesity, stress-induced immunodeficiency, some aspects of the shock reaction, epilepsy, brain swelling, congenital retardation, hardening of the arteries, cataracts, and other degenerative conditions. They are possibly the most important toxin for animals.

The suppression of an enzyme system is characteristic of toxins. The "EFA" powerfully, almost absolutely, inhibit the enzyme systems--desaturases and elongases--which make our native unsaturated fatty acids.

After weaning, these native fats gradually disappear from the tissues and are replaced by the EFA and their derivatives. The age-related decline in our ability to use oxygen and to produce energy corresponds closely to the substitution of linoleic acid for the endogenous fats, in cardiolipin, which regulates the crucial respiratory enzyme, cytochrome oxidase.

Although the fish oils are less effective inhibitors of the enzymes, they are generally similar to the seed oils in their ability to promote cancer, age-pigment formation, free radical damage, etc. Their only special nutritional value seems to be their vitamin A and vitamin D content. Since vitamin A is important in the development of the eye, it is interesting that claims are being made for the essentiality of some of the fatty acid components of fish oil, in relation to the development of the eye.

The polyunsaturated oils from seeds are recommended for use in paints and varnishes, but skin contact with these substances should be avoided.


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