Gas Mask & Some Other Items Of Interest!
What You Must Know!

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A Summary Of Some Pertinent Facts

Ionizing Radiation:

What You Can Do Now To Be Prepared For Its Arrival!

The Dust Is Going To Stop Your Breathing:

Unless You Prepared For It

It Will Roll In Even If Your Immediate Area Did Not Get Nuked!

[It Will Roll In From Nukes; The Earth Changes; Etc...]

Nuclear Blast Dust & Debris!

    The Gas Mask does not provide oxygen! It only provides a barrior between toxicity; such as, Dust, Toxic Chemicals, and so–forth. You must provide your own oxygen from an Oxygen Bottle, as well as connections for a water source, as given below!

Gas Mask! Oxygen! Water!

Are You Truly Ready?


Know How To Don The Gas Mask! Know How To Clear It!

More Advanced Training In Protective Mask Use!

You've Got It!

Review This:

1. Take A Deep Breath First With Eyes Closed.

2. Next, Don The Gas Mask Properly & Rapidly, as Shown Above. Then,

(a) Pull the Side straps Tight; next,

(b) Pull Chin Straps Tight.

3. Place Palm of Hand Tightly Over Exterior Protective Net (where mouth goes)...Blow Out!

4. Place Hand Tightly Over Filter Fitting...Suck In!

5. Now & Only Now, Open Eyes & Breathe

You Have Just Cleared The Mask And By Sucking In, Tested For Leaks. Air Should Blow Out. No Air Sucked In!

And Don't Forget This:

• If A Nuclear Explosion Occurs: Turn/Duck/Cover.

• (Practice This Now Or You Will Forget When The Panic Hits As Everything Is Coming Apart & Down Around You!)

• Lie In A Prone Position With Arms & Hands Folded Over Neck and Head, facing away from the Flash! This protects neck, face, and head from thermal burns and from falling debris. When Flying Debris Ceases Don Gas Mask Immediately, As Shown In This Series.

Turn...Duck...& Cover!

Are You Practiced With This?


Gun Worn On Hip During Total Crisis!

Hands & Arms Covering Head And Neck!

Dust & Debris Will Fill The Air!

Get Your Mask Outfitted With Oxygen & Water Canteen!


Do You Have Respirators?

Know The Difference Between A Respirator & Surgical Mask?

The Difference Between A Respirator & Surgical Mask!

Get Respirators For Every Member of Your Family!


Do You Know How to Don & Doff A Respirator?

Get These & Oxygen Bottles!

Be Ready In Everything!


You Can Make A Respirator Using Vasaline For A Close Fit, And,

Using HEPA Filter Cut–To Fit Mask Interior; Not Shown.

Get These & Oxygen Bottles!

Be Ready In Everything!


This Is What You Do When You Have Been Caught In A Radiation Storm/FallOut!

Know This!

Alternatively, Simply Take The Hat Off First, Placing It Down Carefully In Wader Pool; Simply Remove Jacket, Letting It Drop Into Wader; Brush Hair, and Continue Brushing Downwards of The Body. After This, Get Out of Decontamination Room Set Aside In Your Dwelling, Dropping Mask At Exit.

Then, Carefully Shower and Wash From The Head Down In Warm Soapy Water! If Water Towers Are Not Up and/or There Is No Water Pressure; Use Stored Water To Wash (Using Soap) & Rinse With!


Roll Down Trousers!

This Is Why You Want Loose Baggy Clothes! No Tight Ass Pants! Notice: They Are White! This Helps Lessen The Thermal Absorption, Reflecting Much Thermal Heat Into The Surrounding Space. However, Spontaneous Combustion of The White Can Occur, If It Is Allowed To Absorb So Much Heat From Being A Long Period In The Thermal Zone.However, Before That Happens, The Blast Wave Will Arrive, Blowing Everything Into Miniscule Particles!


Run With A White Sheet!

And, A White Unbrella!

I Have My 'Whites' At The Ready! Pants & Shirts.


The White Unbrella! It Will Help You Stay Cool...And...Keep The Thermal Radiation At Bay When The Bomb Goes Off!

Have This Too, When You Run!


Have A Laser For Wild Animals!

And, Do Not Forget The Other Things Mentioned In The Video!


Why White?

You Will Notice The White Buildings & White Window Shade Blinds Began Smoking; But, Did Not Catch On Fire. The Blast Wave Got The Buildings, The Blinds, & The Boy Mannequin. They Absorbed A Lot of Heat; But, Before They Could Flame, They Exploded From The Wave Front That Hit Them Only Seconds After The Thermal Wave!


One of Our Many Trekking Experiences!


Another Experience To Strengthen Our Legs & Backs!


Mud Trek Two


Alpha, Beta, Gamma Radiation


Exposure & Contamination!


Screening People For External Contamination!


Screening From a Sitting & Lying Position!


A Review On 'Getting More Air'!


Get Ready For Action!


The Inverter!


Review This:

How To Use A Respirator!

Note This:

But First, You've Got To Do Something: Prevention...And, Prevention Is Hard To Sell! . . .

Prepare Not To Be Scared!

Inspector EXP!

Victoreen Radiological Survery Meter (CD–V–700)

Nuke Alert!

Inspector USB


Radiation Safety Limits

Make Copies of This


It Is Rare Information In One Place!

We Recommend No. 10 Size Cans With Lids For Collecting Water & Purification Or Storage, Once You Open Foods

No. 10 Cans With Lid

    This is something that many in this field are not speaking about; or, maybe...have not considered.

There are a number of biological oxidations, both enzymatic and spontaneous, which do generate free superoxide radical, O2.- can, in turn, react with H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) to generate the hydroxyl radical (OH.). This was primarily the interest of radiation chemists and has now become the interest of biochemists also.— See Free Radicals In Biology, Volume I, Edited by William A. Pryor.

    This can happen when radiation goes through covered water; yet, one is told they can drink the water as there are no contaminates in the water, since it was covered. However, radiolysis does occur, and with the generation of certain, as given above, Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) can lead to damage and aging in biological systems. . . Some sooner—depending upon the condition of the individual and what his diet consists of; or, later.

    We find it best to be on the super oxide anion and hydroxyl radical scavengers, SOD-3 and Super Carnosine!

    We feel it would be advantageous to especially be on these if receiving X–Rays, and if one consumes Polyunsaturated Fats, such as Krill oil, and other Omega oils.

    Note the wailing sound of the sirens. When the cold war ended, so ended the sirens. However, if they bring them back just before the bombs fall, because of the climate, diet, and mindset of the American Public, it will drive many mad due to the impending DOOM it will signify to their unpreparedness!

    Don't get caught there...Prepare...Prepare....Prepare your mind by listening to this!

This Is Information You're Going To Need When The Water Becomes Contaminated With Particulate Matter!

Go Here:

... To Be Continued ...

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