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Know This:

When Public Schools Went Modern, And, 'Publish or Perish' Became The Vogue, Educators, In Order To Get Tenure, Etc., Had To Come Up With All Sorts Of Ideas To Keep Their Jobs & Stay Employed!

    The first big crisis in education came when public schools said diagraming of sentences was no longer necessary; even though it taught 'Modifying Elements'. Then, more things were dropped from the schools' teaching of English classes. This also included The Classics and in other departments, Civics and the real history of America.

    As the erosion continued, mathematics was the next thing to come under the 'Publish or Perish' syndrome to stay gainfully employed.

    Modern math was introduced and very soon afterwards, parents began complaining about their children and teens could not do 'Percentage'; nor discounts; nor interest problems, and were no longer taught how to write checks or balance a checkbook in order to use the banking system.

    Modern Math was supposed to revolutionize the thinking of the school children; but, it only created greater confusion and more disdain for math than ever! Modern Math is nothing more than 'Set Theory' as taught in higher institutions of education and has its purposes in some electrical switching systems.

    Now, with the introduction of Common Core, which The Kong Reports has written about periodically, reading, writing, and arithmetic basics are gone. No one seems to know fractions, comparative reading, and cursive writing. They now just print!

    From all this, and certainly there is more, America is now gone! But, what was lost throughout all this is:

  • Discipline,

  • Manners,

  • Morals,

  • Following Directions Carefully,

  • Thinking and Reasoning Ability!

  • Obedience To Teachers, Elders, Law Enforcement Officers, The Laws of The Land, and To Their Parents and God!


Now, See Why The Above Intelligence Data Matters!

Start Now On Teaching Your Immediate Household Not To Question...Not To Dally...But To Do When You, The One In Charge, Give A Command!

But...YOU Must Know What You Are Doing From Practice...Practice...Practice...& Thinking About Various Situations

    A good thing to start with is what Dr. "B" did for us in the wilds and the wilderness with practice. Assuming a dangerous situation, such as a snake about to spring from its coiled position, when you have to run for it, teach now: Left Side, Right Side, Backside, Frontside. This is a 360 degree radius to one's person.

    A snake, and this happened to us in the Rockies when we disturbed hibernating places of the serpents, "Move Left Immediately," when Dr. "B" saw a serpent about to 'Fang' us! We did not question, 'Where, I don't see anything?' We would have been snake bitten!

    ShootingStar jumped immediately to the Left without looking, talking, asking stupid questions, and kept moving at least 12 feet Left. The snake sprang, striking a piece of dead wood.

    Start practicing your youngsters and teens, grandchildren, adults, on following directions when you say something, to do it immediately; or, you are going to lose them or have a serious injury!

    This goes for anyone who runs with you. Start having meetings on this now. You will have problems in others with Pride, Self-Importance, They Know It All, and more

    Many will not be teachable because of the 'Lack of Discipline' in their lives now; and, because of 'The Macho Spirit'! The latter have to be in command at all times, even when they do not know anything. Do not have them with you. They will be nothing but trouble for you.

Learn The 360 Degree Radius From Ground Fighting!


      You're in a crowded mall, a church, or running for it, and you see a sniper; or someone with a gun. They start 'Hosing & Spraying' with their weapon(s) as they move in your direction, and you shout, 'Jimmy, Get Down'! You know what to do in a crowded room, see video later, and your children are down, out of the immediate line of fire, so that 'Daddy' can go into action taking out 'Active Shooters' while at the same time, knowing about how to shoot so as not to hit innocent bystanders.

    In shooting parlance, this is known as knowing what your backstop is. If you've had Dr. "B"s gun courses including The Psycho–Dynamics of A Gunfight! You will know how to handle this situation in a roomful of people.


Shooting Dynamics In A Crowded Room:

This is what we were taught:

"First, and foremost, you are responsible for every projectile that leaves your weapon. If it lands on someone's personal property, you will be the new owner of that property for an outlandish price. Therefore, one must be constantly aware of their backstop. They are told this; but, they do not practice this way at the various ranges I have been to throughout the globe!

"Most ranges are not set up; especially indoor ranges, such that you can do what I have taught in the Colorado Mountains and elsewhere," Dr. "B" relates.

"How does one defend themselves; their family; friends; or, innocents in a crowded room when suddenly, an 'Active Shooter' presents and starts taking out innocent lives?

Active Shooter: What You Can Do About It!


"Let us now, recall 'Slope' into our awareness, from our Map & Compass Studies. Slope is the angle projected, via a straight line, from the horizontal.

In shooting in a crowded room; or, even in an open area, there will be humans as Backstops, if you shoot and put down an assailant. But, the risk is terribly high that you go through the assailant and injure or kill another human being that is not a threat.

Hence, what's one to do?

  1. Practice in the privacy of your home; or, at a local outdoor range when it is rather deserted—early morning, or late before closing, and not on a weekend. Monday, I have found is a rather good day.

  2. Use A Toy Pistol that looks like a TOY!

  3. Present Weapon, go up to target—this will take intestinal fortitude, quickly approaching threat from backside, threat's side lateral; not from head on position.

    Practice For Multiple Shooters

    Their Different Positions & Learn To Evaluate Dangerous Situations Quickly!

    Practice For Multiple Shooters; Their Different Positions & Learn To Evaluate Dangerous Situations Quickly!

  4. Squat quickly to the ground, rocking back to buttocks—you may use non–dominant hand to break the squat to the ground; then, rock back to your backside...finger off trigger! Knees spread wide apart! As you get a proper Wedge Grip on pistol.

    Lateral To & Beneath Threat’s Backside; shoot upward into the threat. Then, Rolling Into A Right Side Position; Taking Out Low Lying Fore Threats

    Lateral To & Beneath Threat's Backside!


    Firing Up Slope into threat, such that the projectile has more tissue to travel, where by the bullet has time to do what it is supposed to do! Note, the closer you are to the threat, shooting upward, using a hollow point—not a 'pointy' bullet (ball), as they will tend to zip through threat and enter into ceiling or high wall, which is better than into an innocent bystander!

    By using a heavy grain hollow point, shooting upward...and, if the bullet does what it is supposed to do, opens up, slowing down, causing, hopefully, internal damage in threat and not exiting. If it does exit, being close to threat, firing a double or tripple tap into assailant, winds up in ceiling or other structures above bodies of innocents.

    In the open, a pointy bullet (ball) can rise and fall a block or more away and possibly causing property damage or injuries to other innocents. The main reason for getting as close as safety allows; firing upward into the threat so as to allow the bullet; pointy (ball) or hollow point, as much tissue to travel through, and hopefully hitting a bone, such that neither case allow the bullet to exit. You are trying to keep the projectile contained by putting more mass in front of its path slowing it down! And, if it exits, often, falling harmlessly to the immediate ground below, having expended its full powerful energy to the threat. If it hits someone near, it may cause a very small scratch. This happened to a police officer.

    A hollow point, if it exits the threat from rising through the trunk exiting from the shoulder or neck area, flattening out, has spent much of its energy as it opened and hit much tissue and bone, dropping shortly in an area very close by, hopefully causing little to no problems.

This will take much practice and endeavor on the part of the defender! Do you make a judgement call? Or, stand there and get put down, or your family members and friends. This is the best I have worked out; studied; taught to law enforcement officers, including law–abiding citizens.

Notice The Slopes Of Each Angle:





Defending In A Crowded Room, Etc.,

Against An Active Shooter(s)!

No One Is Teaching This!

Instead of Going Through The Threat(s) & Striking An Innocent Bystander, The Projectile Enters Into The Roof, or Upper Wall, & Hopefully Stays There.

    In shooting this way, upward into the threat(s), you must practice your shots to lodge into the center spine; that is, aim for the spine in the center of the body; or throat area of the threat(s) spine.

    Practice on moving in; going down in front of or to the side of the target and shooting upwards toward spinal area, as shown in the video. Most ranges do not, even open ranges, allow this and there is a good reason for it, as the projectiles will go up and over the small ranges' boundaries, landing in someone's back yard or even hitting the yard owner! Therefore, practice using a toy gun, as this will give you the practice needed for movement and how to use and place your body. Remember, keep your finger off the trigger until you have a proper wedge grip and sights are on the target. Then you make the mental articulation to shoot and the finger goes on the trigger.

Shoot Where?

Keep This In Mind!

And, There Is More That Is Not Taught In License To Carry Classes. You Must Do More Study!


From Anite Productions

The Most Important Thing In A Gun Battle:


Dr. "B" Covers In His Classes, Ballistics, Anatomy, Physiology, The Math & Physics of Placement & Penetration!


The Frozen Gun!


The Frozen Gun–Part II:


    As nature turns against us, we are going to fight nature with nature. We are going to use her own tools that we were given for eons of time to stay alive and functional, and this time it is the show of the mettle.

    In the Holy Writ, it was given that "I have given you a leaf, an herb, to serve as your meat for medicine." That time is now come. Revelation 22:2; Genesis 1:29; Ezekial 47:12

    Dr. "B" then, on our last trek together, gave this discourse:

"Let us now discuss some very important herbs, fungi, certain nutraceuticals, and certain tree saps made into Bee Propolis by all honey bees. However, the one we are primarily interested in is that which is found in the Brazilian Green Propolis.

White Button Mushrooms This is the White Button Mushroom," he said, holding up a hand full of white mushrooms. "The Mushroom Is A Fungi; or, Growing Fungus!

"Also, we will discuss 'Wild Yam' derived Natural Progesterone Cream—Not Progestins! The synthetics which cause problems, such as inflammation, which can generate into breast cancer for women.

"With all the chaos now breaking upon the world, various and new emerging diseases will rise and overcome man's immune system, as they can turn off certain chemicals and turn on others in an organism, causing death.

If and when the electric grid goes, due to The Galactic Plane, The Prophesied Comet, The Roiling Sun, EMPs from the heavens and war, sanitation goes along with the food supply.

Hence, have the following items stored for this time in Metalized (Mylar) Bags; with one desiccant to a 6 gallon bag with 6 oxygen absorbers per bag. When filled, squash the air out, and seal the ends with a hot iron, set at wool setting. This will last 20 years in a cool, dry location. Store food items with the items we are now discussing if so desired, as you will always have something to eat!

Get These At

Some of the things that follow, you want to place in the Mylar Bags:

  • Syngenic 2% Micronized Natural ProCare Skin Cream, Progesterone, several or more Pump Canisters, as given below.

  • Betaglucans.

  • Inositol Capsule, 500 mg bottles; or, the Powdered form in a jar.

  • Trehalose.

  • Nature's Plus, while you can get it, Egg Yolk Lecithin, and, Lecithin Granules.

  • NaturalNectar—Brazilian Green Bee Propolis

  • Mushroom Wisdom, Agaricus blazei—White Button Mushroom. MushroomScience also has a good one.

  • And, other things listed below.

    It's going to be an extremely hard time during this period of change. We also suggest to have Ultra Mins with and without iron. Also, include in the Metalized Bag, Ultra One, by Nature's Plus, a good multi–vitamin with high B–Complex.

Dr. Ray Peat, on his Web Site writes the following about Natural Progesterone:

Beside the early animal studies that showed experimentally that progesterone can prevent or cure a wide variety of tumors, the newer evidence showing that progesterone is a major protective factor against even breast cancer, would suggest that dishonest efforts to protect estrogen sales by preventing women from using natural progesterone will be causing more women to develop cancer.

The recent report that the incidence of breast cancer in the United States fell drastically between 2002 and 2004, following the great decline in estrogen sales, shows the magnitude of the injury and death caused by the falsifications of the estrogen industry...

The current campaign against progesterone can be expected to cause many unnecessary cancer deaths (e.g., Plu-Bureau, et al., Mauvais-Jarvis, et al.), while distracting the public from the culpability of the estrogen industry.
"Now, with all the estrogen dominance in women who have gone through menopause, the women are being told another big fat lie about 'Bio–Identical Hormones'...which are supposedly safer and will not tend to cause inflammation; then, the breast cancer. To test for estrogen dominance, one must have biopsies of the fat tissue. This will often show high levels of estrogen when the saliva or blood test does not!

"All the evidence clearly shows for over 70 years, that the factors that produce cancer, including breast cancer, produce inflammation and cellular excitation; whereas, Natural Progesterone is against inflammation and causes a reduction in cellular excitation.

"Therefore, have on hand by Syngenic, 2% Micronized Natural ProCare Skin Cream—a number of pump canisters.

"Now, let us consider the mushroom. The thinking out there about mushrooms is in regard to focussing on factors of identifications which cause our immune system to be stimulated. Namely, those which generate the cytokine activation, which increase 'Killer Cell' activity against invaders against the organism.

"Long chains of sugar molecules strung together, polysaccharides, and the ones we're interested in, are the Betaglucans. They are immune system activators and are of special interest in cancer chemotherapy, because of the Betaglucans toxicity for cancer cells.'s the problem with this. When the immune system is activated, inflammation is involved and this causes loss of system integrity.

"Therefore, another reason for Natural Progesterone Cream, to control inflammation, especially as that which comes from estrogen excesses in men and women. Recall, as given earlier, Progesterone reduces cellular excitation as well as being antiinflammatory!

"Let's examine this and see what it means. Again, we turn to the great endocrine physiologist, Dr. Ray Peat from Ray Peat's Newsletter, September, 2015, from, keeping in mind during all this discussion I am delivering to you, Radiation from man, from the stars, our own Sun, and nuclear war radiation can be protected from considerably with the things you have been hearing and what follows.

Cell water behaves behaves differently when cells are functionally stable or unstable, being more mobile in cells that are unstable. Substances that act on cell water can modify the stability of the cell. Estrogen, histamine, and nitric oxide increase the "structural temperature" of water, destabilizing the cell, and progesterone, cholesterol, oxygen and carbon dioxide have opposing effects.

[Recall, Dr. "B" having us ingest bicarb of soda, dissolved in water periodically during our arduous treks!]

Several substances in mushrooms probably function as stabilizers, protecting them from destabilizing factors produced by potentially pathogenic bacteria....

"Another substance I have been giving to you during these arduous sojourns, is Inositol, a B-complex vitamin. Its six carbon ring structure is more rigid than the six carbon ring structure of glucose and protects the structure complex of cells from irradiation and dehydration effects.

"An interesting thing about diet, and other onslaughts against the body, electromagnetic energy, is that anxiety is constantly increasing. Inositol is a relief for this hard malady! In my nutrition classes, I point out the following from Basic Neurochemistry: Molecular, Cellular, and Medical Aspects, Seventh Edition, pages 904–905:

Inositol, the building block of the phosphoinositide intracellular signaling pathway, has been examined as a potential anxiolytic. In clinical trials, inositol has reported to be effective in both panic disorder and depression, and animal data are also favorable.

Because of inositol's status as a dietary supplement, there is a little financial backing for studies of its efficacy and safety. The mechanism of action of inositol is not entirely clear, but it is believed to facilitate phosphoinositide–signaling–coupled neurotransmission

The Dark Force Is Everywhere...

The Dark Force Is Everywhere!

Just You Be Prepared!


Trehalose Sugar!"Another substance I reccomend, is the sugar, Trehalose, like sucrose—table sugar; trehalose is also a disaccharide, but is chemically much more stable than sucrose! This is a main sugar of mushrooms, and, like inositol, progesterone, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and cholesterol, stabilizes the cells and protects them from possibly pathogenic bacteria, which serve as destabilizers of cells.

"—Think about, as you read this, all those poor devils, along with their physicians, on cholesterol lowering drugs! What will be their outcome, when the chaos and destruction reaches its maximum from Nuclear War, The Roiling Sun, The Galactic Plane, and The Prophesied Comet, and from what is coming from the Earth's Interior, during this time!

"Trehalose is what you take two to three teaspoons daily singularly or in the food I have been preparing for you! This particular sugar has similar effects of stabilizing the water within the cells of the body. It causes fats less often to drop out of their compartments into droplets within the cellular structure. By keeping cellular disruptions less likely; it regulates protein interactions with other proteins and also stops their useless clumping.

"What's a faction of degenerative aging? Protein clumping. We see this in tau, prion, amyloid, crystallin of the lens, polyglutamine, synuclein, which, when this happens; that is, protein clumping, we experience one of the key ingredients of cell destruction, failure, which extrapolates to degenerative aging.

"This 'madness' of no morals; no manners; unreasonable police behavior, same with teens and children, is in every walk of life, and coupled with lack of recall, adds up to the fact that aging degeneratively is on the increase.

"This means people who are young or in middle life are already losing their neural networks, beginning with a lack of ability to completely repair itself, as we increase the polyunsaturated fatty acids and the electromagnetic fields we are saturated with, and, in general, bad diet and too much medicine. Many more people of all ages will start finding this out, as the brain is the first organ that will show the quickest signs of deterioration. The body and its functions, will soon follow! Their muscles, skin and body functions will be degenerating faster than normal; then, suddenly become old and decrepit looking, with youthful vigor and radiance failing. This means one's ability to repair and recover is lost, or slown down so greatly that death soon outruns the build and repair process.

The Grim Reaper!


  "Ray Peat writes in one of his later newsletters,

Although plants produce all the amino acids needed by animals, the limited present knowledge and technology aren't sufficient to make a vegan diet both economical and nutritionally adequate—the children of vegan women are often affected by an insufficient supply of protein in particular.
"This ties in with what we are talking about, premature aging will probably occur more rapidly now in those vegans; than in those eating a more normal 'healthy' diet and not a bizzare one–sided diet!

"Trehalose increases a normal physiologic process in the body that deals with destruction of cells in the body; it maintains homeostasis, or normal functioning by protein degradation and turnover of the destroyed cell organelles for new cell formation.

"This process is called, 'Autophagy'. Autophagy also eliminates those insoluble proteins, spoken about above, that are involved in all denegerative disease processes. "One thing we see in many elderly, is Ataxia, or unstable gait. In rats,Trehalose reverses this nervous disorder (Chen, et al., 2015) and may have an implication for humans with gait problems who use this sugar.

"When the stabilizing factors we have spoken of so far, are present in the body's diet, and when a stressor occurssomething that produces a Stress Response to a cell or body, water is then taken up by the cell, and it starts producing nitric oxide, generating 'phase change' in the physical properties and the physiology (function) of the cell; but, it can be blocked, the whole process, when, as just given, factors which cause stabilization, are present!

"Keep in mind, Ionizing Radiation, which is everywhere now and on the increase, with estrogen or its mimetics, soy, pthalates, the plastic used in all the nail salons throughout North America, and more, such as, bisphenol A (plastics), heptachlor (insecticide), parabens (lotions and sunscreen lotions), canned food plastics, weed killers, anti–perspirants, tap water (most city waters are contaminated with estrogens from oral contraceptive pills), food chemicals that prevent food from becoming rancid, detergents and surfactants. Hence, after washing clothes or hair, do a double rinse with clear vinegar to remove any traces of these estrogen-mimicking chemicals.

"These are only some of the estrogen mimetic or immitators. Incidently, I often see 'Fat..Real Fat Women' who want to lose weight, and when I tell them the truth about their long artifical nails, I never see them again. They are wanting to have their cake and eat it too. Literally!

"The nails also, being like estrogen, causing inflammation, results in more water being held by the tissues and often due to inflammation, increases their eating habits in an attempt to feel good by ingesting more starch, chocolate, etc., to stop the weird feeling of the Stress Response."

It called Behavior, folks! and one thing Dr. "B" has emphasized again and again in The Kong Reports, people cannot...will not change their behavior. Therefore, one of the major things that will cause their demise; lack of control in their personal lives and not teaching self control in their children.

"The hypoxia, carbon monoxide, the endotoxin of bacteria; especially that in the colon—another reason why you take Cascara Sagrada, one every other day, is to remove the endotoxin which inundates the liver as one lives; also, estrogen and radiation that is ionizing, all come together to increase the water of the cell and nitric oxide synthase, and the water, which is regulated by integral structural cellular proteins (Zharikov, et al., 2001).

"This is especially so for the filaments of actin—most abundant protein in cells with nuclear containing cell walls for the nucleus and organelles. It is very important and highly conserved and participates in more protein to protein reactions than any other known protein. 'Tying' actin up means trouble! This happens from estrogen, ionizing radiation, lack of available oxygen, as in hypoxia, and cell water content increase, including nitric oxide. When this occurs, the cell is shifted away from oxidative energy production, that is, not burning glucose for energy, etc., and continues that way until the organism's cellular adaptive mechanisms are restored and there is now more glucose delivery sent into the 'fires of metabolism' and less of other things.


"Cholesterol and progesterone are among the organism's resources for adaptiveness. When excited, as will be going on in an organism's body soon, will be, as in ordinary stress, but one constant and ongoing, Excitatory Stress. This Excitatory Stress causes the brain to lose cholesterol (Sodero, et al., 2010). When Excitatory Stress occurs, we have an ester formed in the brain (Kim, et al., 2011). An ester is a reaction between an alcohol (cholesterol) and a fatty acid. Then, the brain activity starts suffering, faltering, starts going down more and more to a vegetative state, as in final stages of Alzheimer's Disease, because of loss of active free cholesterol for maintaining cellular structures, which also includes cell division. This, lack of high cholesterol, as one ages, is something one can do something about, if on Statins, etc....

"Cholesterol is used in reactions between peptides and cholesterol; known as hydrophobic areas of the protein peptide area (Zhao, et al., 2011), in that it is probably a very likely factor in stopping the clumping of proteins, as I gave earlier, and found in Degeneration and Aging!

"We are seeing more patients with low cholesterol; who are placed on Statins or other cholesterol lowering drugs, with low cholesterol concentration in brain areas that are crucial for thinking and reasoning, who now—these patients, suffer from Alzheimer's disease and different dementing conditions; especially memory recall!"

Folks! This is the real Merde! This is what happens when Cholesterol concentration is decreased in crucial brain areas, as the Cholesterol Esters are increased. No damn good! Dr. "B" gave these references, Ledesma and Dotti, 2012; Roher, el al., 2002; Vakulenko, 1980; Wallin, et al., 1989.

We're having eggs tonight with the YOLKS!

  This truly , Is ...
The End of An Age!

When the above conditions are not met, the process you see will be not as robust as it should be; then, as the energy for the cellular repair and rebuild is lessened, the following process in the video suffers.

The Electron Transport & ATP Generation System

Electron Transport And ATP Generation!

Electron Transport And ATP Generation!

This...Is Where Health & Repair Begins!
You Want Nothing To Interfere With This Process
In A Normal Healthy Cell!

White Button Mushrooms "There are various studies on enzymes that show the white button mushroom contributes to stopping estrogen's effects in men and women. You can get this in capsule form, what you've been taking on this trek, to keep down estrogen excesses as one ages. Others need it not only for as they age, but also for what they include in their diet.

"It works this way. As one gets estrogen rises in humans from diet, aging, Bio–Identical Hormones, and estrogen mimetics; then, estrogen has an excitation against GABA in the brain. It does not have to be high in the organism; just that the organism is not controlling it. This information comes from Smith, et al., 2000; and, Gu and Moss, 1996. on mushrooms.

The white button mushroom has a variety of various molecules in it which contribute to anti–estrogen effects on an organism; in this case, the human. Not only do various enzyme studies illustrate this; but, show the white button mushroom inhibits growth of cancer cells!—Grube, et al., 2001 "The white mushroom is one safe to consume; but, I recommend the concentrate of it in a capsule form, sold by knowledgeable natural food stores. I have you on MushroomScience's brand, Agaricus blazei. The protective mushroom effects stem from stopping the aromatase enzyme, P450, from synthesizing estrogen (Chen, 2002; chen, et al., 2006), and this protective effect extends to blocking estrogen receptors from receiving estrogen or its immitators, without side effects of drugs.

"The white button mushroom not only contributes to stopping estrogen effects; but, it inhibits cancer cell growth (Grube, et al., 2001). Mice studies illustrated that it caused cancer cell self destruction (apoptosis) in the prostate gland and stopped the cell growth!

"It has been shown that mushroom effects regarding cancer are parallel to those also found in progesterone. This mushroom inhibits a multiplicity of cancer promoting mechanisms.

Dr. B Served Up White Button Mushrooms In A Special Sauce With Fresh Scrambled Bird EggsThen, Dr. "B" took several hands full of the white button mushrooms; placed them in a 1 quart staintless steel drinking cup, serving for all sorts of uses; added a little white wine; a generous serving of White Balsamic Vinegar; a good pinch of Eden salt; a dash of white pepper; brought to a boil for 10 minutes; then, splashed in diced pimientos and allowed to continue boiling for another 15 minutes, reducing the amalgam down to an inch or so of the rich fluid, and then served them up with fresh scrambled bird eggs with the reduced sauce over them.

"From here, we now consider the Brazilian Green Bee Propolis by NaturalNectar.

"A kinase is an enzyme that can transfer a phosphate group from a high–energy phosphate, such as ATP, to an organic molecule. Phosphorylation—attaching phosphorus in a molecule, is normally required to activate the molecule, which is often an enzyme. For example, kinases activate the precursors of enzymes secreted in pancreatic juice.

"The PAK family of kinase enzymes are host to generating a number of disease states, such as:

  1. Alzheimer's disease,

  2. Asthma,

  3. Cancer, primarily the solid tumor kind,

  4. Arthritis,

  5. Heart Failure,

  6. Autism,

  7. Cardiovascular disease,

  8. Inflammatory disease,

  9. Neurofibromatosis, a disease of the brain involving a tumor.

"To activate these diseases, a member of the PAK family, PAK1 has been found to instigate the above conditions. If there is too much PAK activity in a person, Cancer activity is fueled. The PAK1 enhances cancer spread and invasions into other tissues. If there is a compound to stop this 'instigator', cancers; especially those of the breast, gliomas, and cancer of the pancreas could be stopped, as these cancers depend on PAK1 for their ability to fight and survive.

"There is a cancer cure; there have been many, and those who found them were defamed, humilitated, and some went to prison, since they were not Big Pharma's boys! This cure comes right from Mother Nature (Revelation 22:2; Genesis 1:29; Ezekial 47:12), but, there are no big bucks in Her, so science still tries to garner this secret from Her...and, has always failed.

"This cure is Bee Propolis! The stronger for controlling the PAK family and namely, PAK1, is Brazilian Bee Propolis. What this propolis has, as all the others, is a compound made by Mother Nature's Bees. It is Artepillin–C, ARC. This compound carries the fight to the PAK1 to fight like hell in putting 'It Down!'

"The evidence is stacking up! Deadly Cancers 'give up and call it a halt' under ARC's relentless attack! But, this wonder from Mother Nature, not only creates war against deadly cancers; but, 'it fights to the death' to resensitize prostate cancer cells to chemotherapy. It is a Mother Nature Boost to man's stuff.

"In arthritis, it was discovered in an animal study, ARC, in Brazilian Bee Propolis, reduced inflammation in arthritis. It did not stop there. ARC went on to cause regeneration of crushed sciatic nerve injuries! In brain cells that became damaged, ARC puts up such a good fight, diligent to say the least, the ARC stops extreme Oxidative Stress—Readers of The Chembio/WarFare Updates know this term from there concerning itself with Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), protecting against brain cell damage.

"Depression, Inflammation, and Viruses, can also be positively influenced by Bee Propolis, with high levels of ARC. Included in this list are the following:
  1. Disease of the guns, Peridontal Disease!

  2. Age–Related Macular Degeneration.

  3. Diabetes, and...

  4. Influenza!

"People who received Bee Propolis, had better outcomes with uric acid and Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) in the kidneys. This bespeaks of better health occurring in the kidneys. Brazilian Green Propolis also has positive influences on the immune system."

Dr. "B" reccommends 500 mgs twice to three times daily for over all health. If one has a health problem, do six capsules daily!




Another thing Dr. "B" has us on is Lecithin. This compound is mainly found in Egg Yolks! Lecithin is used for memory–enhancing because of its acetylcholine component, which is a chemical neurotransmitter used for communicating between nerve cells of the brain and its nervous system. This chemical helps in learning and memory—which is recall. As one ages, they need to pay particular attention to their diet. Lecithin makes up nearly a third of the mass of your brain. Lecithin contains choline which is extremely important for cell membrane integrity in the form of a phospholipid.

Dr. "B" has us taking egg yolk lecithin, 4 to 6 capsules daily.

And, he has carried with us on our recent treks, Lecithin Granules. It tastes great! It has a nut–like flavor. Lecithin contains Soy (not Soy, Soy; but, the fat of Soy Only!) phosphatides. He showed us how to cook it into our foods, which is truly delicious!

The main and easiest thing he brought with him for our meals; not only for breakfast, but, can serve as a meal anytime, are Arrowhead Mills, Organic Oat Flakes. He cooks the oats with milk, water, potassium chloride, serving as a salt flavoring plus Eden Salt, a Celtic salt. As the amalgam thickens, he reduces the heat by adding more rocks to the ones the pot is sitting on, and then adds lecithin granules, a tablespoon to three—one for each of us three on the Trek.

In the meantime, Dr. "B" has brought along some fresh eggs; specially packed, and has searched out bird eggs. The eggs are beaten in a metal drinking cup, along with milk; then, to the beaten eggs, he tempers them, by adding some of the fluid portion of the cooking oat meal or flakes, to temper the egg mixture so as not to precook, once in the sauce pan, the egg albumin, when he adds the eggs in a slowing pouring stream as he stirs the almalgam continuously.

ShootingStar and I, The Kong, watched with fascination, to see this French Chef in action. Dr. "B" lectured continuously as he prepared the dish about the health benefits of the whole egg, not scrambling the eggs in the Oat Flakes due to not stirring enough, and too high a heat. Dr. "B" added several scoops of whey protein powder, vanilla flavored, plus glycine powder, to the final mix, stirred it well, allowed it to sit for a moment, then sprinkled it with freeze-dried, shredded cheddar cheese. He quoted this from Robert C. Bohinski's book: Modern Concepts In Biochemistry, Fourth Edition:

There are three major classes of compound lipids: (1) the phosphoacylglycerols, (2) the sphingomyelins; and (3) the glycolipids. The first two classes are frequently called phosphatides or phospholipids because of the presence of phosphorus. All types occur exclusively in membranes.

...There are major and minor components. The major ones include phosphatidyl choline (also called lecithin), phosphatidyl ethanolamine (also called cephalin), and phosphatidyl glycerol. The minor ones are phosphatidyl serine, disphosphatidyl glycerol (also called cardiolipin), phosphatidyl inositol, and phosphatidic acid. Phosphatidic acid is the compound from which all of the other phosphoacylglycerols are produced.

Dr. "B" continued on with the discussion regarding lecithin. He said, "Inositol, and, as given above, Choline, are in lecithin. Both are B–vitamins. Though lecithin is a lipid, it is fairly soluble in water; hence, this serves as an emulsifying agent. So, one can understand why manufacturers put it in many foods.

"Lecithin helps prevent arteriosclerosis and protect one from cardiovascular disease. Thiamine, another important B–vitamin, when lecithin is present in the diet, helps this vitamin be better absorbed by the liver. And, in the intestines, lecithin facilitates better absorption of Vitamin A. Since lecithin helps repair liver damage, it would be wise for an alcoholic to ingest this nutrient several times daily.

"The powers of lecithin do not stop there; it helps other lipids, including cholesterol, to become somewhat water soluble and thereby removes cholesterol from the body. The lion's share—over 90 % of the cholesterol consumed or eaten, is removed via the intestines, and, with thyroid hormone present T3, can be utilized for numerous jobs in the organism.

"Patients who take niacin, if they include lecithin, the two partner beautifully and lower cholesterol if too high. No drugs needed. The nutrient not only lowers cholesterol the right way; but, lowers LDL, the so-called bad cholesterol.

"Egg yolk lecithin has become popular in recent years, as it shows promise for those suffering from herpes, AIDS, immune disorders connected to aging, and relieving chronic fatigue syndrome. Egg yolk lecithin has been shown to be more efficacious in these disorders than soy lecithin."

From all Dr. "B" has been discussing, he pointed out, "Why the low fat diet and the no egg yolk diets coupled with cholesterol lowering medications have wreaked havoc on human's brains, from lack of robust memory, Alzheimer's disease, cognitive defects, and degeneration of the body in general. For, as the brain goes from lack of nutrition, so goes the body! 'Cholesterol,'" he noted, "is necessary as a membrane component. With low cholesterol, one can see what we have done to ourselves."

From the entire discussion, we can see many of the problems of why reasonable thinking; coupled with intensive cell phone use, is gone in the masses throughout the world. Humans are becoming brain dead and are zombies under the control of the Perverse Spirit!

The Perverse Spirit Is Now Invading Everyone...Everything!

Now Dr. "B" Gives

The Following:






The Best Self–Defense In A Gun Fight

Shoot Fast!

Don't Miss!

He's Preparing For Something Really Big!

And It Ain't Going To Be Nice Folks!
Let Us Take Advantage of His Knowledge
While We Can!

Dr. "B" Must Know Something Awful Is Coming...!

We Have Discussed This Periodically In The Kong Reports For Years Now.

Introduction To Continuity of Operations Planning For Pandemic Influenzas


He Just Got This!


... To Be Continued ...

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