The Only Way To Do This: Change Your Behavior !

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The Lack Of This Will Get You Killed !


What's Now Out There

When The Mass Chaos Comes!

We Learned & Learned More Than Ever!

What Will Get Most To All Killed!

"Lack of Behavioral Change," Dr. "B" Told Us!

Changing Your Behavior

So One Can:

Stay Alert...Stay Found...Stay Safe!




One Must Practice These Precepts Below Daily To Effect A Gradual Change In One's Behavior And Alertness!

Do A Daily, Moment To Moment Routine...Keep In The Forefront of Your Mind To Make The Change. Do This Especially When In the Presence of Strangers, Friends, Alone.

Keep Mindful of 'Presence'!

This Will Help One Close Open Portals To The Nether World!


Staying Alert!



How Is this achieved? This is effected by several modalities.

By doing something that the Cell Phone has robbed people all over the globe of:

  1. By Looking and Scanning regularly one's immediate and distant environment With one eyes!

  2. Through using the Sense of Listening; however, with the Cell, one does not know it, but, he develops Auditory Exclusion! Someone can shout right into that individual's ear, "Danger!", and they not hear the life–saving warning, due to their placing themselves in a Severe Stress Response Situation!

  3. By doing the first two, one is actually Looking and Scanning for 'Things out of the Ordinary' and they are using 'Compass Sense' for abnormal 'Landmarks'—which can be a large to very small gathering of people, such that the senses, if they are not dulled by the type of oils they eat and the 'noise' in their lives, including Cell Phone vibrations to the brain causing disruption of cognitive higher functions, as they are no longer taking Mental Compass Bearings To Stay Whole, Found, Safe, and Alive!

  4. Evaluate...Evaluate...Everything around you! Use especially your Sense of Smell! When 'On The Run' and approaching a new area, such as a forest, a dell, a savanna, a tree line separating the lower lands from the mountainous regions above the tree line, learn how to Sniff the air for things signaling for signs of humans; animals, such as, perfume, smoke from campfire(s), cigarette/pipe/cigar smoke, something dead.

    If you investigated it, you just may find as we did, a dead human, decaying from weeks of weathering and worms, and bacteria. Look around for signs of violence; if found, the perpertrators may be in the higher ground above you. They may be in the tree line where you are. Trust No One! Be Aware! And, above all...Stay Alert!

    Evaluate everything you do before you do it; When you are doing it. This means family members, friends, strangers, customers and anyone you are around; or, you are going to lose the routine of practice and be led into a minefield and change your life forever! This way, you are learning a routine to Stay Alive, Stay Found, Stay Safe! But! You must do.

  5. As one does the above, one is changing their Behavior through practice; that is, the way they approach things; the way they do things; the way they respond to things. It must become ROUTINE—Constant! Gradually, one's's mettle is changed, such that that one appears to be; or, becomes a Superbeing, that can be counted on to get his/her/their family across the Great Wilderness coming!

    Gradually, one is becoming adept at awareness; adept at how to See Danger; adept at How To Stay Safe, Sound, and Found!

      Why does one get lost? Because, first he gets lost in his mind! He has never effected a Behavioral Change. Therein lies the problem. We see this in obese individuals, people walking off cliffs 'pecking' on cell phones; taking 'Selfies' and murders, rape, and the like! Women are constantly giving away and opening up their personal space through gesticulations, loud brazen talk, laughter, and other body languages. A very common one is laughing at strangers—they do not even know them; but, this gives the strangers an opening into their space and mind, body, and soul. Those types of men and women, are very easily led. Why? Because they respond with a broad smile; giving instructions to total strangers, laughing at their stupid jokes, giving up their personal space and freedom, and by doing so, they have presented a weak demeanor and bearing, opening themselves up for an attack! The attack can come in the form of mental control, weakening them more for the next attack, even by someone else; or, in the form of actual physical control by an assailant!

    Most reading this, if not practically all, will not realize that we are talking about them, and when it comes to them, they will never know why it happened: They gave too much space, gave too much friendliness, via smiles, gesticulations, demeanors and manners, speaking too much...openly, to the assailant, and not being terse in their actions and response to such a one seeking to break down one for their self importance, self aggraindizement, and more. What they are saying to the assailant,:

"I am yours for the taking; you have disarmed me, and I did not know you were looking for free money, free sex, and more from me, because I was easily led out of my safety into your Cocoon.

"I was blind, deaf, easily led, and never knew I was about to be raped, robbed and left for dead, until I was being torn asunder! I should have recognized the signs!"


How To Strengthen Your Mettle So That You Will Not Be Easily Led

Most People Are Led And Do Not Even Know It.

They Are Led By Self, Others, Things, Advertisements. Just Think of The Things In Grocery Store Aisles—Not On The Shelves—Trying To Induce, Which Is To Lead You To Buy Their 'Junk' Foods, etc...

    Times appear to be getting harder and harder, but so gradually, many are still able to deny that anything bad might lie just ahead in the very near future. With what is coming to our lives and our planet, it is going to be extremely important to be self-contained and to maintain awareness of all that is happening in all directions around you.

    Unfortunately many people, women in particular, have been programmed by the parents and by society their entire lives to be everything to everybody, and when the Great Change happens, this kind of person will end up getting themselves killed, along with those with them.

     Why? Because this individual can so easily get himself sucked into another person’s orbit that he doesn’t realize he is jeopardizing his major support system, and before he knows it, he has left his safe support system and gone off into the unknown with someone who very likely means him no good!

     It happened because the individual was what we call “easily led.” Such a person can often be talked into anything by a glib operator, and before he/she knows it, he is doing the opposite of what he knows to be right and good. If you are this person, you might wind up getting yourself and those with you killed if you do not change your mind-set and strengthen your mettle.

     If you happen to recognize yourself as someone who is “easily led,”—and most are indignant and shocked to find out they are, you must begin work now to strengthen your mettle and to “raise your shields” in order repel people who would lead you astray.

    Signs of being vulnerable, listening to jokes; especially those that will lead to off–colored ones; grinning and gushing at individuals who come upon you. You have projected 'selflessness and can be easily led; then, can be attacked, for sex, money, doing things you normally would not do, left under your own guidance! There is more.... But, women tend to be the worst for this, for they are, and will be constantly under attack in the very near future!

     In learning how to strengthen your spirit and your mettle, no finer example exists anywhere than Jesus Christ. The New Testament records exactly what He did to prepare Himself for His earthly ministry and subsequent death on the cross.

     According to the book of Matthew; Jesus came up from His Baptism by John the Baptist in the Jordan River and went “into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.”

     Matthew 4: 2 records that “after he had fasted forty days and forty nights, he then became very hungry,” and that was the weakness the devil tried to exploit. The devil suggested that since Jesus was the Son of God, he could command the stones lying around to become bread, but Jesus replied that “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.”

     Next, the devil took Jesus to stand on a pinnacle of the temple and told him to throw himself off, because the angels of God would not allow Jesus to so much as strike His foot against a stone. Jesus reminded the devil that,

“You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.”

     By the time the devil arrived at his final and best temptation, Jesus had grown so much in spiritual strength that a vision of all the world’s kingdoms and their glory that He could rule if He would only worship the devil caused Him to command the devil to depart from Him. “For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.’”

     The devil departed promptly, and the Bible records that angels came and began to minister to Jesus.

     So what did Jesus do that lent him so much strength? He fasted forty days and forty nights. During that time He prayed and thought on the things of the Lord, so that His mind was very clear when it came time for the devil to tempt Him.

     Dr. “B” experienced this same strengthening of mettle when he undertook his weight-loss fast of some thirty-five years ago. He fasted on liquid protein and water for six months, and during that time, he states that he began to understand much of what Jesus went through in the wilderness. During the six months of his fast, he noticed far greater spiritual strength in the face of temptations, and when the fast was done and the weight was lost, this is the primary reason why he has kept the weight off for the intervening thirty-five years, whereas many people who lose a lot of weight begin putting it right back on the minute the diet is finished.

     This is because, as Dr. “B” says, most people do not ever change their behavior, and the one great secret to maintaining weight loss is changing one’s behavior in regard to food. Once he had fasted for six months, Dr. “B” found that maintaining the behavioral changes he made towards food came much easier to him. His new behavior towards food stuck with him from then on. He no longer fears regaining any of the weight he lost all those years ago, and he has become far stronger, both mentally and spiritually, and able to think through 'Problem Solving' for the proper solutions in negotiating icy mountains, several deserts throughout the world, and more. The tests he faces often are the 'tests that try men's souls!' He was further able to gain three more high degrees from various colleges and universities.

     The really interesting thing about his fast is that Dr. “B” is a French chef, and during all this time of not eating, he continued cooking and practicing his French cooking skills. One thing he discovered: the products he turned out were better than ever during this time. He did not “need” to taste the dishes. He could tell it was correct by assessing the moisture, the texture, the fineness of the grain of the finished product, and the smoothness of the batters as he was creating them.

     He says he learned one major thing that is not in cookbooks, namely, that most chefs do not know how to constantly adjust the temperature for a perfect product. They keep the oven at the recipe-recommended temperature until the dish is done, then turn the oven off. Knowing the chemistry, Dr. “B” realized this was bad because certain amalgams, certain ingredients in there, required different temperature adjustments as the amalgam was cooking. Many find it absolutely amazing that he could do all this cooking while fasting, and he never gave in to the temptation to taste it.

     Dr. “B” adds that there are a lot of by-products given by God to those who change their behavior, including the fact that you will get stronger because the devil will fight you harder than ever now.

     Thus, the secret to accomplishing anything in life generally amounts to changing one’s behavior, and according to Dr. “B”, changing one’s behavior is almost impossible for most people to achieve because they do not have the strength of character or the strong mettle necessary to do so. Because, they have never realized they are being led by another force!

     Dr. “B” constantly reiterates that people must change their behavior in order to survive what is coming, especially their behavior toward food and their behavior toward other people. He constantly sees a lot of people who come in and say, “What have you got to MAKE me lose weight?” He tells them they must change their behavior, and they do not know what he is talking about! Often, they leave in a big huff. Many observe that they don’t know how to do it, because if they could, they wouldn’t have a weight problem to begin with. What this shows throughout America and the world, because of modern technology and the ease of getting foodstuffs without having to plant it and harvest it and bring it in as raw ingredients to make into food in your own kitchen: This ease of acquiring things when you want them, as in food, has created a terrible mind-set, that it will always be there when you want it. And, it Won't! This is probably why God first, throughout His entire Word, hits the money supply first when he disciplines a nation. Following upon that is famine, then starvation, then War! All of this is about to strike Planet Earth!

     Dr. “B” suggests that if you truly want to effect a behavioral change, then you must fast and do Penance—'Think Jesus'! This is why the 'Old' Catholic Church always emphasized the power of Fasting and Penance when contemplating one’s sins. If one truly wishes to change one’s behavior and stop sinning, Fasting focuses your thinking on the behavior you wish to change and doing penance (making certain prayers or personal sacrifices) solidifies your intention to change and gives you the strength and the courage to do it.

     But, he says, the modern Catholic Church has changed from what Jesus Christ taught and has gone the “easy” way of the Protestant churches ... Jesus did it all, and you don’t have to do anything.

     Dr. “B” suggests fasting on bread and water three days a week. Have one slice of bread every few hours with a glass of water, up to four slices per day. During the time of your fast, pray for strength and help in overcoming your particular undesirable behavior or sin. Dr. “B” says that making a “novena” or a nine-day-prayer is most helpful. Over the time period of nine days, you have time to think on what changes to make and how to make them, and as you seek the Lord’s leading, you will learn even more. Make the prayer at the same time; same hour, daily!

     The New Testament makes two major statements about the Lord Jesus Christ, says Dr. “B”, and by keeping these two things in mind, you can “Test the Spirits,” just as the Apostle John instructed the early Christians.

     (1) Jesus is the Christ.

     (2) Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.

     When confronted with these two facts, demons must either agree or turn and flee. Use these ideas constantly when temptation confronts you. If the urge to default to your old behavior threatens to overcome you, say these two statements in your mind to remind yourself of what you are trying to do. If you feel the temptation is coming from an evil spirit, say these statements aloud and tell the spirit that it must either Agree or Leave Your Presence. This is called “Testing the Spirits.”

    They...the demons...will test you! Watch out for this. "Yes! We believe Jesus is the Christ and Is come In The Flesh! The same as you are the Christ!" Say, begone! They have to answer in the POSITIVE only what is asked of them in 'Testing The Spirits', and then flee! Be Aware of This!

     Dr. “B” states emphatically that most every temptation man is subject to can be overcome by making these two ideas a part of one’s life.

How To Break The Habit of Being Easily Led

     Dr. “B” points out that many people have problems with allowing other people to “lead” them, whether into sin or into just wasting time. By strengthening your mettle, you can soon break this habit.

    Everyone who comes into your orbit wants something from you. Often they just want you to make them feel better about themselves by causing you to spend your time entertaining them. Or if your job involves waiting on the public, many want to get more personal with you than you should allow, especially in these perilous times.

     In order to change your behavior, you must think (before you speak) about what you say and how you will respond, whether to a male, a female, a friend, an enemy, or a child. There is no difference.

     You must respond by what you say because this will lead you into actions you can’t easily get out of because someone takes advantage of what you say. You will have opened up to that person and made yourself vulnerable.

     For instance, someone may come in and say, “I’ve just got to tell you this joke. It will make you laugh.” If you listen and laugh, you have already slipped into following their lead, and they are getting to you and will get more and more to you. In these very dangerous times, you have let down your guard and you are going to pay for it dearly. You can stop it in a moment by saying, “I’m not interested in jokes.”

     Or, if you really want to be powerful, and they give you a slightly off-colored joke, which will lead to more and more off-color jokes (especially if you’re a woman – You Are Being Tested!). When they finish their joke, become like Mr. Spock on Star Trek and look at them without smiling, raise your eyebrows, and say, through pursed lips, “Curious.”

     You know what they were up to when they say, “What’s curious about that? It’s funny.” You just say, continuing in the 'Mr. Spock' mode, “Interesting,” in reply. You have told them that they have told you everything about themselves, if they ask you, “What’s interesting or curious about that funny joke?” They set a trap with a lead, and it got sprung on them! They get the message.

    They may be very dumb and keep posing other questions. Then you should just say, “I have other things to do,” and leave or go back to your work. Or, get back into the light and public if the threat has led you carefully into a secluded and dangerous area. This happens, folks, because many are damn naive about life and do not want the threat to think he/she does not trust them, or is afraid of hurting their feelings, until they are beaten, robbed, knifed, or raped on a stairwell or elsewhere they were led, as the threat blocked their thinking by constanting asking question, telling jokes, getting personal, acting interested in the intended victim, until it is too late for the intended victim to get out of the trap!

     However, whatever they say after your original statement shows their Extreme Inadequacy and Insecurity about handling a one-on-one communication. Ladies...Gentlemen, know–well, these are more than what they seem to be: They Are Bullying Tactics! They have always been here and always will be. They constantly have to feel good at another's expense, because they have such low esteem about themselves. They never grew up! They may be lawyers, doctors, judges, bums on the street, anyone, any professon; just you be aware! We are at The End of An Age! If they, once they've got you; especially a woman, and can make one grovel to not be hurt; they will hurt you anyway to finish getting what they want. Watch out, it's coming now, more than ever!

     Why are we giving this information? Because now someone wants something from you, and he is going to try and lead you with a joke, with a ridiculous sounding question to you that he doesn’t know is stupid, or some other type of phraseology after you have gone through strengthening your mettle with behavioral changes, you will read him or her like a book.

    If you’re a woman, there is no doubt what he wants, No Ifs, ands or Buts.

He wants easy sex, and it will be easy for him if he leads you into a trap and leads you into opening up your personal space to him.
This will cause you to lose your life, as Dr. “B” has seen it in two different wars, when the villages were finally conquered by the enemy. Young boys were taken off to indoctrination camps, young girls were taken off to bordellos, and the women were told lies and they lost their space ... and you know the rest of the story.

     To correct wrongful behavior in speech and in actions, you must first put the brakes or check stops on as you speak, as you hear what you are saying, before your speech opens up something you don’t want! Somebody will try to change your focus and your demeanor of staidness by getting you to laugh at something they say.

    Don't! Look at them steadfastly! Say nothing, regardless of what they say, trying to make you feel you are rude, crude, hurting their feelings...etc., use this for practice against more coming your way. The more they talk, the more they are showing their true nature and intent!

     The behavior of words must be controlled. Say what you want and shut up. Make sure what you say is meaningful without giving away clues or opening yourself up to someone else’s thoughts, deeds, and actions. Do not worry about hurting his/her feelings! It's A TRAP! Stay Safe, Stay Alert, Stay Found...whether on A River Bank; Stairwell, your own fenced in back yard, etc., and avoid being knifed, raped, robbed, and left dying; You Stay In Control of The Situation! Remember! The more you scream, beg, cry, the more the threat gets off to it and the more he will make you beg, cry, scream, to get his/her 'jollies' off!

     Above all, do not keep talking. Once you have said all that is needed, stop talking and look at the person. If the person keeps talking, trying to draw a response from you, just look at him and nod, or say, “That’s interesting.” If they say nothing, but stair back at you, hoping for a response, simply say, 'I have work to do' and be gone, retreating away from them, not with your back to them!

     Remember, just because a question is asked doesn’t mean it must be answered. Many questions asked are outright invasions of your privacy; or, are things that nobody needs to know.

     As the times grow harder, remember the major rule: Shut up! Stay alert! Somebody wants something from you and it won’t be nice when they take it from you.

Time Got Away From Me!

    Be very careful with the expression, "Time Got Away From Me!" What this amounts to is your being, say, for example, with acquaintances somewhere, coffee bar or elsewhere, and you're supposed to be somewhere else at a specific time for something important, say, meeting with your family, spouse, and, you are an hour late, causing them Great Consternation!

    What this amounts to is that you were being led! How? You did not want to be considered rude by being caught looking frequently at your watch for the time drawing nearer to the moment when you should be somewhere else; hence, you avoided that action and kept involved entertaining those you were with, such that you got led away by SELF! And, from here, you were no longer in control of SELF; but, could easily be led wherever by them, due to SELF!

    This action will soon cause a lot of humans extreme travail. Again, how? There are many arguments for this: Knowing the nukes are coming; you must limit your excursions; Great travail coming to American cities; perhaps within 10 to 12 days when the elections go down...and, more!

    You Stay In Control. Don't let self lead you into an abyss of your own making! Remember! Don't hesitate and worry about being considered Rude. This will cause you to be easily led first by Self; then, others!

Watch Out For Using Cliches!

    You should have at least enough food stored for at least 6 months. Most of these food-storage companies are selling “units” for so many months for so many people that, when analyzed, do not contain enough calories for an adult, much less an adult under heavy stress conditions or having to do hard physical labor; such as having to cross a desert or an Arctic situation under extreme conditions of Earth Changes. You are going to be in a “wilderness,” in a big city with nothing moving except the rapists or thieves.

    Many people will think they are starving because they have not learned to eat less and have not conditioned their minds, so that when the ghrelin goes off in their stomach and it begins to growl and churn, their thinking has not been changed, with the result that they literally think they are starving. This implies, in their mindset, that they must eat, eat, and eat still more. This becomes a constant inflammatory barrage of eating.

    Dr. “B” first said that you must store 6 months of food, but you know what he suggests now . . . and no one is doing it. But yet, they have not learned to control their behavior and their thinking towards food and eating; nor, do they believe, especially many of these 'Prepper' sites, how difficult it is going to be with the coming Earth Changes. Dr. “B” has warned us for some time now, at least several years, that you must condition yourself to eat wisely and to eat less. This causes your body to use the available, premeasured food you give it, to use it more efficiently.

    We were sending up a different Chembio Update this month, but this topic is so important, as famine and starvation are almost upon us, especially in America and Europe, that it was the better wisdom to send up what you now have on your computer screen.

    To get the most out of the Chembio Update, go to eBay and get an older laptop computer running Windows XP. We are no longer programming for every mobile device out there, and Windows 7 and above do not show things right/correct any longer. We have told this before, that many people do not read well. We get all kinds of nasty letters along the lines of, “What are you trying to do? I can’t read it.”

    Most people, if they could read it effectively, do not seem to have the behavior to put it into effect. They soon will be suffering terribly, in a few to several short months, all due to a lack of understanding and doing a behavior change in their life in order to survive the great changes coming immediately into their lives.

    When governments topple worldwide and mayhem is the order of the day, it will be too late to change your behavior and to put aside more than a few days to weeks of rations, if that much is available!

Dr. "B" Taught Us About

Fire Behavior!

He Taught Us To Avoid Desert Fires, Mountain Fires, & Others.

"It's Going To Be A 'Fiery' Time Before Long!"


Dr. "B" Taught Us About

Assessing Fire Danger!

Dr. "B" taught us field methods for assessing fire danger in wilderness areas, by understanding area climate patterns and how they can create fire danger by first causing good growth of local vegetation then drying it out, plus he gave us a basic understanding of how the growing seasons of local vegetation and dry conditions can act to enhance the danger of wildfires.

He says that if we should need to stay for any length of time in a wilderness area, we may need to be on the lookout for conditions that can enhance the chances of wildfires.

"It's Going To Be A 'Fiery' Time Before Long!"


... To Be Continued ...

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