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(From The Private Science Library Of Dr. "B")

"The Hour Of The Justice Of God Is Close, And Will Be Terrible!"

Ultraviolet Radiation

    Ultraviolet radiation is electromagnetic radiation (electrical and magnetic properties in radiation fields). The wavelengths, compared to that of visible light, are shorter; however, they are longer than those of X-Rays.

  1. UVA (320 to 400 nanometers). This radiation has less energy than UVB, but can penetrate to deep layers of the skin. Here, it affects elastin which when damaged causes skin sag; or, commonly known as winkles. UVA also affects the melanocytes (pigment) and the immune system. Free radicals are increased throughout all this, causing damage. This form of ultraviolet radiation generates melanomas.

  2. UVB (281 to 289 nanometers) that is absorbed by DNA and proteins and penetrates less. It is the cause of tanning and causes the reaction between cholesterol and sunlight to begin to form the end product of 1,25–dihydroxycholecalciferol, the active hormone of Vitamin D3.

    Over a long period time of nonsensible sunning, nonmelanoma skin cancer can be generated from UVB.

    We Are Interested In The One Below For Its Germicidal Effects:

  3. UVC (200 to 280 nanometers) is germicidal at 253.7nm wavelength against microbial effects in water, on surfaces, and in the air.


He Advises The Items Seen In The Following Videos:


The Periscope!



For When Mr. Wonderful  Comes Calling!




The Degerminator !



Degerminating Other Items!



    Now, here is something Dr. "B" has been using on our Great Treks, that I am now allowed to write of, but not show yet:

The Drone:

    Yes! He has a Drone! Tell your people, if they are planning on running when it is too hot to stay where they are; or, if they get trapped in the city when the Total Chaos arrives, a drone is perfect for sending it up and scouting about for what is 'Going On' and 'What Is Moving Your Way!'

    On our great treks, he would send The Drone up and scout ahead, through The Drone's 'Eyes', projected down to a screen on the control panel, especially if in the dense woods. Generally, this would happen when we came into a somewhat of a clearing, so as not to damage the rotors from the heavy dense tree branches, when lifting up and coming down.

    This, and remember all this, folks! . . . was for our safety and his; we learned how to negotiate a Great Wilderness and see if Brigrands were waiting for us. In several instances, they were watching us when we got closer, but we were prepared for them because The Drone gave us 'Eyes In The Sky' to look down and pinpoint where they were hiding for the ambush. We circumvented the Ambush!

    In more than one case, where the threats were intent on undoing us, as would be expected in a Wilderness, though we went around them, The Drone showed they got tired of waiting and was rushing around to find us. We were about a mile or so from them. Then, Dr. "B" taught us to backtrack, as you have seen in one our former videos, months ago, making a big trail for them to follow, assuming they had us....but, after making the trail towards them, we stealthly sidetracked, waiting for them to pass, then, we went into action, as we, the hunted, became the hunter, and they were our prey! We took them by total surprise and amazement; turned them over to the Forrest Rangers, and was told, this group has eluded their best.

    The reason they didn't elude us is because of the way Dr. "B" thinks, in Three Diminsion. This is why he became a Amateur Wrestling Champion and Judo Expert, along with the other Marshall Arts. He is teaching this to us on this Special Agent's Trek.

    What you are reading, if you put it into practice now and everyday, can also saved you, if you have to 'Run for it'; or, stay 'Sheltered In Place'. Most would not think of find Brigands in a dense wilderness, as it is quiet and peaceful, until the 'unexpected' happens. This is why you must practice Awareness at all times now!

    However, at night, we used different modalities to 'see' into the dark for prying eyes! We show this in the following videos.

    Dr. "B" suggested to us on each trek, that we first get an inexpensive drone, and learn 'How To Fly & Negotiate Trees, Mountain terrain, etc., and Land The Craft.'

    There are a lot of fools out there, Folks! Are you ready to handle them? And, keep in mind, as Dr. "B" continually says:

Who Is The Greater Fool? The Fool Who Leads...Or, The Fool Who Follows?


The Night Owl!




The Spy Finder!




Toilet Paper Tube & Flashlight

"Making Your Own Spy Finder!"




Recap On Making Your Own Spyfinder:

    If You Don’t Have A Camera Detector, You Can Make Your Own Easily Enough. Here’s How:

  1. Get a cardboard tube, such as the paper tube inside a roll of toilet paper or a roll of paper towels.

  2. Get a flashlight. Some experts recommend using a red flashlight (such as those used by star gazers), but a regular flashlight will work as well. If you want to try a red flashlight, you can tape transparent red plastic over the flashlight lens.

  3. Scan the area you are concerned about through the tube held over one eye, and at the same time, with the flashlight affixed to the cardboard tube, move both as a unit, shining the flashlight over the area of concern. When you are aligned with the camera lens, you will see a characteristic flare of light. Keep scanning from different angles to increase your chances of spotting any cameras in the area. You have to be 'dead on' to the lens and not askew or at an angle.

  4. If you intend to use your homemade detector often, you can tape the flashlight and the tube together, so that the two scan an area together.

  5. You must be careful in conflicting, or reflecting light, as from a mirror, ect., including bright lights, when using the Homemade Spyfinder.


Keep The Following In Mind:


During the height of the Viet Nam War, Dr. "B" was asked by a local Marine Corp commander of Marine Reserves, since he was training privately from Dr. "B" in all the martial arts, to teach his troops, as it was looking very likely that his reservists and him, were going to be called up. He wanted Dr. "B" to teach Combat Judo, Jiujitsu, and "Battle Smarts," as the commander of the unit called it.

Dr. "B" showed up as requested for every Sunday, where the troops met once a month for regular meetings, on government grounds to teach the troops. They trained from 1 pm to 5 pm. Most to all were totally out of shape! They griped, complained, pouted, and made smart 'under the breath' comments about "This bullshit serves us no useful purpose."

Then, the order came down from top command, they were going to war! No one missed class again; not one was rude, discourteous, but was 'Spit & Shine' Marine, as they should always be. They developed into a true fighting unit, knowing that at any moment in those Southeast Asian Swamps, it may be hand-to-hand combat and they wanted to know everything they could on Staying Alive. Dr. "B" taught it all to them and then some!

Most people reading The Kong Reports will not wise up to what is about to happen to the planet and America, until the planet, including America is going down. Then, they will "Jump through their ass' trying to learn everything....but, will be too late!

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