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Help Me If You Can...Everything's Going Down!

Kong Sez:

    As Mr. Howard Beale said in Network, "Things are bad. We know they're bad." Play to hear the full Network Movie Script of this segment, reiterated by Kong:

Kong Sez:

    Now, you know who the "He" is that's watching you. Did you prepare adequately? Dr. "B" has been saying it will be "Holy Terror" soon. It will come to be that one leaves for work until the Sun is well up; and returns, before the Sun is down." You know why!

    None of the trends we see for 2011 look good. The economy, the housing market, the banks, the food supply, crime, city finances, state finances, and the finances of the United States of America all look awful.

    Still, we get e-mails daily from obviously nervous people, asking this stupid question again and again: "Do you really think this is going to be that bad? I haven't begun to prepare yet. Now what should we do?"

    Our Answer: Take one thumb and stick it in your mouth. Take the other and shove it up your butt. When somebody shouts, "Switch!" you play what is called Cincinnati Switch, from the Mafiosi.

    And remember: "You Can Take One With You!" — Winston Churchill

['Big Brother' Is Watching & Waiting!]

He's Watching You!

The Depressive Spirit Now Cometh

It will be like Atlanta, burn and slash! Total chaos just around the corner!

And When Things Go Down...Be Ready For Them...

[Be Ready For 'Em!]

... To Be Continued ...

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In An UpComing Issue:
Depression: Part II—What You Can Do About It When No Doctor Is About!

Something You Need To Know For What's Coming

Kong Sez: uses Graphics, Videos, Audios, and other devices to communicate facts. As time nears to Total Chaos in America and the world, ChemBio Updates will be sent out several times a week, either in e-mail format or as a hot link to its WebSite, as information warrants.

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  • If you find a download from email coming down very slowly; simply close your computer and reboot. Then restart the download.

  • Find out from your ISP how much file storage you have, you need at least 20 MB. Also, go there and clean up used files. The ISP does this for you every 30 or so days. If you receive large files, the ISP may bump them back because "no room at the inn."

You Must Defrag Your Computer Regularly
Clean The Registry and Optimize the Machine Regularly
It Will Run Very Erratic and Quite Slowly!

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