This Is What You Must Know!

Dr. "B" Began With...

"The Universe, As Us, Was Born In Radiation !"

For another in depth lecture, when Dr. "B" took us to a mountain peak from which we could theoretically see the Arctic Circle.

"There!" he said, pointing to towards Iceland,"Yonder, using our imaginations, since the Earth curves approximately every 20 miles or so, the imaginary line running above Iceland, and cutting through the northern part is the Arctic Circle at 66.5 degrees parallel!


Article Circle


"We will take shelter further down the mountain. Leaving now, we will reach base camp at about 1800. I will then discuss what is no longer taught and broach the subject concerning Radiation Protection, explaining how what you hear from 'experts' now will creat Panic, Suffering, and Death. Then, we will rest for the night; and, at 0900, move further down to a less frigid environment.


Another Great Lecture From Dr. "B":



    Gentlemen, you must Stay Alive during all this coming and witness The Great Change about to come upon us all and make changes to save lives!

"We must learn what to do before a nuclear fallout reaches us; what to do if caught out in arriving fallout, and have a planned shelter, which we may have to 'harden' against such an occurrence. We must know what to do when in the shelter, such as Decontaminate Self, family members, etc. Then, how to test for shelter contamination in the Decontamination Room—Note: I've just told you something about your shelter structure. And, since the government has destroyed all its meters for radiological responders from the 50s and 60s, those that remain and the shelters that were ready during this time have been turned into stables, in a manner of speaking, museums, etc. and the meters have been relegated to collectors' items and for when such a nuclear event happens.

"The Civil Defense Meters from that time are now found throughout the internet from sellers of 'The Yellow Box.' One can get them and digital readout meters from Or, the Inspector EXP from another company is an excellent geiger counter also. Whatever you get from wherever, ask them if the meter you buy has been calibrated for the present; once a year they should be recalibrated.

The Yellow Box Meters:

  • CD V–700 low–range Geiger–Muller survey meter.*

  • CD V–715 high range ion chamber survey meter.

  • CD V–717 high–range, detachable ion chamber survey meter.

  • CD V–750 direct–reading dosimeter charger.

  • CD V–742 high–range 0–200 R directing–reading dosimeter.

* (A Good Low–Range Meter For Your Shelter)

The Inspector EXP:

Inspector EXp: One of Dr. 'B's Meters

"Therefore you will need the type of meters that 'The Giant' graciously has been helping me carry. Keep in mind dust pans, dust brooms, large and small plastic garbage bags, and bandana, hat, goggles, respirator mask, and I specifically recommend a 'Protective Mask,' formally known as a 'Gas Mask'!

For the ladies in your life, have several large shower caps for the hair. You will understand this later. But for now, just remember the items I have said to have, 'At The Ready'!

"Let us now examine what has happened since the Civil Defense Days!

With this, Dr. "B"s voice broke somewhat...saying "May God Have Mercy On Us! It's going to be, coupled with the Great Event Coming, the worst times in our lives."

"My How Far Have We Fallen! Reading many technical and non-technical publications, including those from the Civil Defense days of the 50s, 60s and 70s, it is clear that most of the current responders are in the dark concerning what is safe and what is not safe in terms of radiations from a nuclear blast and its fallout!

"We must resolve now, gentlemen, to be able to save our lives first so we can save our families next; then, if things permit, because of the apocalypse to save American citizens with resolve to continue in a free nation, which our own government has just about taken away from every citizen here!

"In regard to the new responders, fireman, policemen, and radiation monitors, it appears as if something directly out of hell has perverted the minds of health physicists, such that the new responders are responding as if the radiation findings of the 50s, 60s and 70s that came from atomic bomb tests, from radiation accidents and from the atomic bomb blasts in Japan, were set too low and one can experience more than that and not have health hazards. Or, the limits are set too low, and they use extremely sensitive equipment that is intended to detect clandestine nuclear materials, which will generate Panic in the event of a nuclear incident.

"And Panic is generated from Fear, such that the people will not understand the dangers and hence, not take the appropriate measures and actions for protection!

"When the first blast arrives on American territorities, it looks as if the Perverse Spirit has arranged it so in the minds that can be controlled, by having all this learned knowledge of the early Civil Defense Days forgotten. And, with what is now being taught, we will see our fireman and policemen, nationwide, go down! Then, we are at the mercy of evil souls everywhere looking for an opportunity.

"It is something planned 'Straight Out of Hell!'

  "Most of the citizen shelters that were once for nuclear weapons blasts and fallout are gone and forgotten by America's citizenry. Schools no longer teach students to get under something, such as chairs, desk, etc., and fold their arms and hands over their heads to avoid the flying glass from the windows and things being blown about. All that is gone. A shelter in Washington, D.C., for congressmen has been long since turned into a museum. Their mindsets have forgotten, if they ever knew it, what to do in such an emergency. They, and many, many scientists, have been influenced by ideas like 'There Is No Safe Dose of Radiation,' and 'Mutually Assured Destruction'; therefore, there is nothing one can do. They and their constituents have become like sheep, ready to be led in case of an emergency.

"Allen Brodsky, Sc.d., Chp, CIH, Dipl.ABR, Health/Radiological Physicist, writing in his book, Actions For Survival, Says:

'The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), with its new generation of emergency experts, has been attempting to prepare the general public appropriately, but has not brought to bear much of the actual experience with training needs for responders, or educational needs for the public, to adequately avoid unnecessary fears of small amounts of radiation exposure. Neither is the DHS adequately recommending or promoting the kinds of instruments and protection against the possible large exposures to a minority (but large numbers) of civilians in the event of an attack with nuclear weapon or radioactivity dispersing device (RDD) sometimes called a 'Radiological dispersal device.'

"'What caused this increasing apathy?' he asked.

"Hard to believe, but well–intentioned antinuclear activists in the fifties led opposition to Civil Defense efforts. They believed their way of saving lives and getting rid of war and reducing our stocks of nukes would tell the Soviets that we wanted peace. If we did not stop the testing of nuclear bombs and stand against wars, etc, then the Soviets would believe that America wanted to start a war with the peaceful loving Soviets, destroying them all!

"This type of thinking is akin to some peoples' reasoning for not having fire insurance; if you buy fire insurance, it means you will probably burn down your home!

"It appears, according Dr. Brodsky's thoughts, sentiment for shutting down Civil Defense preparations began with this movie, which left the impression, misleading as it was, that life on the world would end from radiation exposure—if nuclear war came. The media misrepresented this idea too, such scientists, schools, colleges, and people who later became congressmen or senators, were influenced by the movie in their youth and hence, we are reaping their beliefs from the misrepresentation of, 'On The Beach' that appeared in the 1950s! From this spread many myths about radiation!


The Movie That Influenced America's Thinking...

Nuclear War With Its Radiations Would End All Life!



"From this movie, this misleading impression—all peoples in the world would die from radiation exposurespread like 'wildfire' by the press, radio, talk shows, etc., the radiation from nuclear war would kill everything! However, what was not brought out, even by the scientists who went on talk shows, media, and elsewhere, that life, as we know it, would be over because the widespread contamination would devastate our present way of life; but, more people would survive and live to a ripe old age! It would just be a different kind of life.

"Because the media pushed this propaganda, along with the 'AntiNuclear Activists,' apathy increased about personal Civil Defense and how to protect oneself. During the mid–1990s, radiological equipment of the Federal government was destroyed and everyone assumed that this was a benefit of the Cold War's end! Many, like Brodsky and Dr. Marlow Strangler, and others visited Washington but could do nothing to stop this destruction. The CD V–700 Geiger Counters and its cousins went into storage closets and then onto ebay, as museum pieces, coffee table top conversation pieces for discussions, etc.

"Then, after September 11, 2001, suddenly the government remembered its citizens and gave a little thought to Civil Defense. But, with this came a new mindset, probably from the movie, 'On The Beach,' as the new scientists had grown up with this media misrepresentation of radiation, and it affected their thinking, their teaching in universities, to the government agencies they served, etc. The same thing happened with those going into law; then, becoming congressmen and senators—they carried all these misrepresentations and myths with them into their adult lives and professions.

"All the gathered knowledge from the 50s, 60s and 70s, appears to have been forsaken by them and their ilk! The new idea: There Are No Safe Levels of Radiation! How do they answer this when potassium 40 is radioactive, the most common potassium in the human body that accounts for radioactive clicks on a proper meter measuring this; or, in many of the nuts one eats, as well as various bananas, a fruit. And, all this, radionuclides, coming from various areas of the world that food is grown on. We have grown up with it as mankind for 6 to 7 thousand years while on planet earth.

"By having a personal dosimeter that you 'stick,' 'pin' to your blouse, shirt, outer coat, etc., can do much to allay fears of receiving too much radiation during a radiological emergency.

"This is a 'RadSticker' ; or, a Dosimeter Pin like a writing pen clipped to one's front pocket, a hand–held dosimeter, etc.

"This tells one immediately if he has received too much (absorbed) radiation or what the level of RAD (absorbed dose) is. This dispells much panic immediately, especially if one is so frightened, and Panic can do this, one becomes nauseated and vomits. All that person has to do—or another, if present and has knowledge, is to simply point out the level of absorbed dose on the dosimeter and dispell the panic!"

"It is important to keep in mind, when this goes down, have 'At The Ready' the things I have been and will be discussing, such as Wrap around goggles with elastic band, a shower cap, some type of hat, respirator mask, rubber gloves, whisk broom, dust pan, boots, long raincoat, duct tape, dosimeters, and Geiger counter, such as the Inspector XP. You cannot take in friends and neighbors, as you cannot store that much food and water. Store at least a gallon a day per individual per family member!

"Those few survivors of a massive radiological attack will be those who know how to decontaminate self and be their own first responder! And, provide for their own immediate first aid. Therefore, have a colloidal silver generator, 6 to 12 inches of pure silver (99.999% pure silver—not sterling silver), antibiotics, silvadene, bandages, gauze, iodine, etc.

"As a first responder, in the initial moments after a radiological attack, you must know and understand how to protect your family and yourself, within the first few critical seconds going into hours...and the weeks following such an attack. If not, the Panic will be horrendous and do you and yours in! Medical facilities, if still up, will be flooded such that doors will be closed to new arrivals. It will be sheer Pandemonium and Chaos!

"Keep this in the forefront of your mind, as you prepare, there are not enough responders in America to get to you! You will have to be your own. There are not that many policemen, fireman, medical personal, etc., to be there at your side in a matter of moments. Most will never arrive as the streets will be filled with downed buildings, debris, disarray of vehicles, dead, dying, piled with human carnage. Most will die doing their duty, unless they have a very sharp captain, who knows what you are now learning!


We Want You To Make It!

But, You're Gonna Have To Do Something...

Consider This...



July 7, 2008, the Black Writers Conference went on C–Span for thirty minutes, from 6 to 6:30 a.m. Poet Laureate of Louisiana, Marie Osbey told what she thought of the government actions in regard to the aftermath of Katrina...They were "...on vacation..." is the gist of what she said! She further gave that no one particular element of society could have prepared for this by itself! She, and many other since then, blamed the catastrophic flooding on the Corps of Engineers failures. It was their responsibility to plan ahead, construct, and maintain the levees or structures to keep the waters out of New Orleans. They failed miserably! They had even assured the public there that the constructions were adequate!

This most definitely illustrates that the citizens of America have to be now prepared to do for themselves for any event coming to the U. S. And, many are on the way!

Only preparations made by individual citizens will provide for the most safety under survival conditions needed in the immediate seconds, minutes, hours, and days to weeks after a disaster.


A Sobering Lecture!



"My friends," Dr. "B" began, "It is going to be something out of the apocalypse! The four horsemen are now arriving to fulfill:

    "The Just Vengence of A Scorned God!"    

"Please pray for me when we get back, that I continue to save souls and lives! Pray that I do not lose the Faith! . . . Do Not Weaken!"

With this last plea, mouths went agape! Sly glances with furrowed eyebrows to one another; then, looking toward me for answers.

I could tell the men were quite taken aback with this, as they saw Dr. "B" going through thick and thin for us—he could always be depended upon to do the right thing and get us across. They then questioned themselves, as Judas did, 'Is it I'? Will we, too, undergo this from what we are about to witness? We have to stay strong; we can't weaken . . . . "Our families...Our families." one cried out! He was in severe emotional pain now. We were all living the future coming!

I could tell Dr. "B" was experiencing, as he spoke, something terrible going on in the 'ether' to his body! He spoke eloquently, dynamically, and with strong gesticulations, pointing to the Starry Night Heavens, periodically. "From all we have discussed," Dr. "B" continued, "Performed, and studied, here once more is the most important thing to know, after you have mastered and reviewed all, so you will not become confused when the Stress is unrelenting! The Evil one is going to test us all and try to break us all!"

"We must know the interconversion factors between Roentgen (R)..., The REM..., The RAD..., The Gray..., And ..., The Sievert. Here it is for the final time before departure time.

"It must be memorized and placed into your 'mental' muscle memory. You know how to do the conversions; hence, make sure you do not use the wrong units when taking or giving a reading in Sieverts, such as 0.01 Sv (Sieverts/hr), and you are working in Roentgens (pronounced: Rent..Kins) equals how many Roentgens, which is 1 R/hr.

"Is this safe? Comparing to the Tables, I have handed out, compare to the Roentgens (R) in Table 1.1, we considered the unit of radiation exposure using the Sievert, is SAFE! Because 1 R equals .01 Sieverts; and, the danger level is above 50 R!

"Now, consider this: thirty miles to sixty miles distant, a nuclear bomb was detonated on American soil. You do not know that America has suddenly come under attack. Your only indication that something is wrong:

  • The lights went out in your office building or home!

  • You notice the phones stopped working; therefore, you try to use your cell phone for information and the 'Cell' is not working!

  • Someone yells, "What's going on? The radios won't work!"

  • Then, you look out the 12th story window and are stopped short in your tracks, because below, there is total mass confusion, as vehicles rolled to various areas, and stopped in a mass array of various skewed positions, and now, nothing is moving! The roads look like a river filled with a massive log-jam.

  • You realized, because you have had this course, that:

    1. A Worsening Crisis Has Been Occurring! You Were Aware Of The Signs!

    2. ElectroMagnetic Pulse Bombs Must Have Gone Off 100 to 300 miles Above America! And, This Will Affect All North America....

    3. All The Electricity Has Been Destroyed, Because Anything Dealing With Circuit Boards, Electricity, Etc. Have Been Damaged, Except only those Military Installations That Have Been Hardened!

    4. Suddenly...You Realized You Thought You Hear A Roaring Sound In The Distance, Then...

    5. The Earth Starts Trembling...You realize quickly, There Has Been A Surface Nuclear Blast On The Earth Within 30 to 60 miles of 25 to 30 megatonnage!

"Hence, you go for your meter and start taking readings; having previously, almost daily, taken background readings (you know the reason why for this action now), and this time you find the area is increasing in 'Clicks' as the indicator or the digital readings are registering higher than normal background readings. If your meter is set on Sieverts, and you registered 10 Sv. You, under the increasing stress, may equate this to 10 R, which the latter is Safe; but, 10 Sv is not equal to 10 R. It is equal to 1000 R! And, as you now well–know, 0 to 50 R is safe; but, anything above this is moving more into harm's way! And 1,000 R is a lethal dose!

"Therefore, gentlemen, in order to avoid this type of mistake, which will be everywhere,

"Learn one system and stick with it! Make sure your meter is set in those units that you know and understand—and know what is Safe and What is Dangerous in those units!

  "Therefore, burn into your mind and every fiber of your body: 

1 R = 1 Rem = 1Rad = 0.01Gy = 0.01 Sv

"The Sievert (Sv) is to the Rem as the Gray (Gy) is to the Rad! And, from the immediate interconversions, we can know not to Panic if we have the Radiation Meters and Knowledge. Panic will be the cause of Deaths!"

"The above formulation," Dr. "B" gave, "Is to keep the matters simplified when under great Stress where decimal fractions less than one are dropped; or, rounded up to the next whole number, Dr. "B" gave. Then, using geometrics, he pointed out from that science, ,

Things Equal To The Same Thing Are Equal To Each Other!.

As Given Below:

  1. 1 R = 0.88 Rem; rounding off upward: 1 R = 1 Rem

  2. 1 Rad = approximately 1 Rem: 1 Rad = 1 Rem

  3. 100 Rad = 1 Gray (Gy): 1 Rad = 0.01 Gy, and

  4. 1 Sievert (Sv) = 100 Rems: 1 Rem = 0.01 Sv.

And, as given, rounding up or down; then, the Law or Axiom, which is a general statement which is assumed to be true:

Ax. 1 Quantities which are equal to the same quantity or to equal quantities are equal to each other.

It follows, Thus, if x + y = z and y = m, then x + m = z!

Dr. Brodsky, in his book Actions for Survival, has this to say:

"For only one example, gamma radiation begins to cause some health effects at a dose of 1 Sievert = 100 rem. If a responder familiar with much of the available radiation measuring equipment mistakenly, under emergency conditions, interprets a reading of 6—on an instrument to be read in the newer SI exposure units of coulombs per kilogram— incorrectly as only 6 R or 6 rem, he could exposure (sic) himself to a lethal dose of radiation (up to about 3,800 rem) during a rescue. If the instrument was supposed to be read in Sv and the reading was 25, an incorrect interpretation would allow a 2,500 rem lethal dose."

"Gentlemen," Dr. "B" addressed the group, "This DEMANDS you be your own first responder! And, as such, you must know your meters, what readings are dangerous and what readings are safe, and what can be tolerated for a few minutes outside the shelter; then, back in and allow the body to detox itself and build and repair. However, if you are caught out there according to the table from FEMA I gave you, when Fallout is first coming down in 'cascades,' or in the blast near ground zero, the radiation will overcome the body's ability to heal and repair!

"Remember all that I have tried to impart to you to Stay Alive and Well! Know the Table; the conversion units; and, be on Real Saturated Fat! The double bonds of the Omegas, Vegetable Oils, Krill Oil, Flax Seed & Borage Oils Are Easily Attacked By Ionizing Radiation, Forming Free Radicals Moving Around Under Terrific Force Doing Auto–Oxidation Generating More & More, As The Subject Literally Comes Apart!"

'And They Had A Peculiar Way of Dying In Those Last Days.' 


Radioactivity &  Radiation



Some atoms are called radioactive. A radioactive atom has an unstable nucleus, which it changes to a stable nucleus by actually ejecting a part of the nucleus. This action is sometimes accompanied by a release of electromagnetic energy. The ejected nuclear material and released energy are called radiation. The radioactive atoms are frequently referred to as contamination when they are encountered in undesirable locations.

Three major types of radiation are alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. A brief description of each follows.

  1. Alpha radiation is a particulate radiation; that is, when alpha radiation occurs, two protons and two neutrons are ejected as a single particle from a radioactive nucleus.

  2. Beta radiation is also a particulate radiation, the beta particle being an electron emitted from a radioactive nucleus....the nucleus of an atom consists of neutrons and protons and that the electrons were in orbit around the nucleus. How, then, can a beta particle be an electron emitted from a nucleus?

    The answer is that a neutron in the unstable radioactive nucleus converts to a proton and an electron . The proton remains in the nucleus, but the electron is ejected.

  3. Gamma radiation is released energy, belonging to the same family of electromagnetic radiations as light, radio waves, ultraviolet radiations, etc. X rays are the same as gamma radiation except that they are produced differently.

When radiation is released from a radioactive nucleus, the following occurs:

  1. Radiation particles and energy do interact with and affect surrounding atoms. Just as a bullet will affect a board it strikes, radiation particles and energy will strike and perhaps change atoms in their path.

  2. The distance that radiation and energy will travel depends on the energy of the particle or gamma ray when it is emitted and on the frequency with which it interacts with the atoms along its path.

    For particulate radiation this frequency, as a rule of thumb, depends on the size of the radiation particle. For example, the heavy alpha particle will usually not penetrate an ordinary sheet of paper, but to stop the much lighter beta particle will require a sheet of aluminum. Gamma radiation, naving no mass, can be stopped only by thick sheets of lead or concrete.

    —adapted from 'Radiation Monitoring'; U. S. Atomic Energy Commission / Division of Technical Information.

"The radiations we have discussed," Dr. "B" said, alpha, beta, and gamma are called ionizing radiations. Radiation interacts with matter, generating ions, positive or negative, which can and do change molecullar, cellular, and tissue structure and function. Even saturated fat can have radiations creating ions; however, the fragile unsaturated fats respond very quickly to radiations.

"Therefore, being on real saturated fat, may give you just enough time to, seconds to minutes, to dive for cover . . . if you note your . . . because you prepared your mindset, and physically for the things needed . . . Personal Dosimeter Badge is beginning to go to a deeper color.

"You have bought more time for your body to rebuild and repair damage from incoming ionizing radiations when there is a worsening crisis! But, you have to be alert!"

Dr. "B" then discussed a complex subject, neutrons: a fourth type of radiation from the nucleus.


Table 1.1_FEMA


Some of What You Saw When You Looked Out From 12 Stories!



What Was Occurring From 30 To 60 Miles Away!




All This Was Occurring After The EMP Strikes!




This Is What Was Happening Over America

After The EMPs Detonated!



Planes Falling Out of The Sky Everywhere!

Exit Cities Before Streets Become Impassible!


Massive Wipeout of Food Crops & Herds:

Severe Starvation Results!




From All This You Are Witnessing,

You Expect Fallout To Start Descending Soon!

The Fallout Cloud Is Expanding Forming A Football Shape...


Fallout Cloud Has Formed; & Fallout Now Starts Descending!


From this, friends, you know the "Giants" — The 'Heavy Weights'...The ICBMs have been launched from the Mother Land of whence the SLBMs (Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles) were launched from the coastal waters surrounding the North American continent at the same time the ICBMs were launched. It will take the ICBMs fifteen to thirty minutes to cross the globe. Hence, they will start arriving shortly and you will notice a deafening roar!

You grab your 'Run Bag' and move to the stairwells, working your way down to the third or fourth story moving toward the Center Portion of the Building, whereby you are away from window panes and have more brick and mortar between you and the Blast Wave about to hit from over 300 in–bound missles!

The middle area of the building has a Protection Factor of—This is the Fallout Protection Factor; this does not protect against the Blast Wave! Only Fallout—of 250 to 1000. You recall that this means you are 250 to 1000 times more protected in areas of this building, that have been rated with such numbers, than if you were out in the open with fallout coming down around you!

You move quickly to the basement section of the building. There, you pick a heavy desk;Heavy Desk Stacked & On Sides with Heavy Materials To Help Absorb Radiation! drag it to a nearby wall reinforced with brick and mortar, and since it is the basement, several tons of earth are around the sides of the basement. You stacked it with heavy materials, such as books, boxes filled with files, move any file cabinets around the heavy desk.

You start taking readings. You note you have some radiation in the room, but only normal. Then, you look at your Dosimeter Badge that you started wearing as the crisis got stronger. It shows you are in the Safe Zone!

You settle down under the desk you drug to a wall; after, and only after you pile thick heavy books, dozens around and on top of it. Then, you squeeze in through a small opening with your 'Run Bag,' pulling into and closing the opening with more books, etc.; hoping and praying for your family, that they not panic and were taught by you what to do, because you had this course from me....

You start reviewing everything on how to Stay Alive, etc..., in your head and then...

You fall into a deep sleep. Hours later, you awake! You turn your meter on and start taking measurements in the dark enclosure; but, because you were told to keep a small, red L.E.D flashlight on your person at all times, you grab for it, and read your meter and prior to that, the 'Clicks' you heard before using the light, are very slow, and this gave you extreme comfort! Since the 'Clicks' are the audible that comes faster than a needle movement or a digital readout. There is no delay and you say, "Gosh! I am glad I listened to that man!"

You ease your way out after moving the heavy books aside you pulled into the opening of the substructure of the heavy desk. The readings are normal and you venture out. "I'm safe...I'm safe!" You shout. Readings are very normal. You shout for joy: "I'm alive! I'm alive!"



We Heard Dr. "B" lament,

"Oh God! What Have We Done To Ourselves?"



Dr. "B"s Has Just Received This Certificate(s) . . .

It Makes One Wonder, Just What Does He Know That's Coming

That He Is Not Telling Us About...

I Understand...'He's Burning Daylight,'

He's Researching & Studying So Intensively...



Emergency Management Institute: FEMA


Anticipating Hazardous Weather & Community Risk


Incident Command System Certificate—FEMA


Incident Command System Certificate—FEMA


Our Lesson On Longitude, Latitude, And 'Bearing' Or Course


This Is The Diagram We Were All Given:





Then, Dr. "B" Gave This Great Lecture:

You have before you a Great Circle of the Earth with the Prime Meridian through Greenwich, and two points from which we want to go from one to the other; or, the other to the one, and North and South Poles with the equator dividing North From South. Think on this, gentlemen: We have reference points from which to negotiate our movements.

From this we are going to ascertain, when & if we have to hit the waters, how to negotiate the oceans coming from some Event, perhaps...The Pole Shift. Nevertheless, this, I now give will facilitate your thinking. Since you will not have a Sextant for Altitude, we will have some means of getting across a vast expanse of water, roughly, but, not exact since the planet will be changing or will have changed. Still, with the information you have, You Will Make It Across The Great Divide...Any coming to us!

The declinations of sun, moon, planets, including some of the fixed stars, for any time of the year are found in Nautical Almanac or American Ephemeris, published in the U. S. Of A. Get ths book I am holding up before you, men. We studied the definitions of Celestial Altitude, Azimuth, Hour Angle, Zenith Distance, Nadir, Horizon, Hour Circle, and more; but, for now, let us consider only the following for working practice problems to be given later.

With this, the men looked tense! I could tell the pace, the work, and the thoughts of what is just about at our doorstep, was beginning to take a toll on these hardened agents. Nowhere in all their training have they ever heard something like this man, Dr. "B", is giving to them. They knew Dr. "B" believes every word he utters and his intensity of statement and force of actions placed them in this mode of thought and action too!

Dr. "B" continued with....

Now, men, for the geographical terms paraphrasing Professor Granville, indirectly and directly, a world-class mathematician from days–gone–by, let us use the radius of the earth in statute miles to be 3960.

The meridian of a place on the earth is that great circle of the earth which passes through the place and the north and south poles. Thus, in the figure given you, representing the earth, NGS is the meridian of Greenwich, NBS is the meridian of Boston, and NCS is the meridian of Cape Town.

The latitude of a place is the arc of the meridian of the place extending from the equator to the place. Latitude is measured north or south of the equator from O° to 90°. Thus, in the figure, the arc LB measures the north latitude of Boston, and the arc TC measures the south latitude of Cape Town. Keep in mind, the arc subtends the angle, and in geometrics in degrees, they are equal.

The longitude of a place is the arc of the equator extending from the zero meridian to the meridian of the place. Longitude is measured east or west from the Greenwich meridian from 0° to 180°.

  This, in the figure you men have before you, the arc MT measures the east longitude of Cape Town, while the arc ML measures the west longitude of Boston. Since the arcs MT and ML are the measures of the angles MNT and MNL respectively, it is evident that we can also define the longitude of a place as the angle between the reference meridian and the meridian of the place. Thus, in the figure, the angle MNT is the east longitude of Cape Town, while the angle MNL is the west longitude of Boston.

We practiced and practiced problems until we had burned the basic ideas of Longitude, Latitude, Arc, etc., into our minds. The men and I learned and learned. We knew, we were being prepared for something big coming into our futures on The Planet!


What Is 'Bearing of A Direction'?


Frequently, the word Bearing is a Direction to or from a place. The Bearing of one place from a second place is the angle between the arc of a great circle drawn from the second place to the first place, and the meridian of the second place. Thus, in the figure, the bearing of Cape Town from Boston is measured by the angle CBN or the angle CBL, while the bearing of Boston from Cape Town is measured by the angle NCB or the angle SCB.

The Bearing or Course of a ship at any point is the angle (hence, given in degrees) the path of the ship makes with the meridian at that point.

As Dr. "B" was speaking...he suddenly stopped, in mid–sentence, looked to the skies, staring intently at something there...then, he slowly turned his head back to us, in a very low, deep voice, saying:

 The Day of The Lord Is Near, Gentlemen 

Suddenly, he recovered himself, then, amazingly launched—as if nothing happened— right where he left off:

Saying, we must know how to find the distances between points on the surface of the earth. Since we know from Geometry that the shortest distance on the surface of a sphere between any two points on that surface is the arc, not greater than a semicircumference, of the great circle that joins them, it is evident that the shortest distance between two places on the earth is measured in the same way. Thus, in the figure, the shortest distance between Boston and Cape Town is measured on BN and CN.

From this we learned how to set up the problem, solve it; and Dr. "B" lectured and lectured and taught and taught, and we learned, did, and performed!


One of The Problems We Solved:

Find the shortest distance in statute miles (taking the diameter of the earth as 7912 mi.) between Boston (lat. 42° 21' N., long 71° 4' W.) and Greenwich (lat. 31° 29' N.), and the bearing of each place from the other.


  • Distance = 3275 mi.,

  • N. 53° 7' E. = bearing of Greenwich from Boston,

  • N. 71° 39' W. = bearing of Boston From Greenwich.

Then, we had this unbelievable lecture on aging and how the PUFAs (unsaturated fats) enhance this via the prostaglandin pathway; becoming rancid, and not to forget why they are considered 'Toxic' by scientists who are not on the Grant Money from the Edible Oil Industry and/or the Government, and how to help avoid and slow down the Reactive Oxygen Species from PUFAs.

Therefore, to help protect against radiation damage to the friable fatty acids, the PUFAs, be on now to quickly scavenge the free radicals, the hydroxyl radicals (OH .) and the Superoxide Anion (O2.).

Be on Aminoguanodine or SODzyme, 2000 mg per tablet; three per day; and, Super Carnosine, 500 mg per tablet, three per day. When the first nuke hits America, go to four per day in divided doses!

This will slow down damage and aging; especially, of the 'innards' and one's skin!

Reactive Oxygen Species  

Superoxide Anion


Produced by the electron transport chain and at other sites. Generates other reactive oxygen species but cannot diffuse far from the site of origin.

Hydrogen Peroxide


Not a free radical, but can generate free radicals by reaction with a transition metal (e.g., iron: Fe2+). Can diffuse into and through cell membranes.

Hydroxyl Radical


The most reactive species in attacking biological molecules. Produced by water in the presence of iron (Fe2+).

Organic Radicals


An organic free radical produced from RH (Polyunsaturated Lipid) by OH. attack. RH can be the carbon of a double bond in a fatty acid (resulting in -C.=C-) or RSH (organic thiol) (resulting in R-S.)

Organic Peroxide




An organic peroxide radical, such as occurs during lipid degradation.

Hypochlorous Acid


Produced in bacteria during the respiratory burst to destroy invading organisms.

Singlet Oxygen


Oxygen with antiparallel spins. Produced at high oxygen tensions from the absorption of energy. Decays with the release of light.



Panic & Fear . . .

And Lack of Knowledge On . . .

'What To Do' Will Be Your Greatest Enemies!



After We Had Trained & Trained for Three & One–Half Weeks on Mapping, Trekking, Map & Compass Reading; Radiation In Its Various Aspects; Weaponry with Pistols, Shotgun, and Rifles; & More.

We Were Given A True/False Test, On Radiation!

Test Your Raw Knowledge


Ascertain, Whether or NO...You Have Knowledge To Live Through A Nuclear Blast and The Radioactive Cloud It Disperses...


Here Is The Test We Took, Adapted From The U. S. Atomic Energy Commision / Division of Technical Information:













If You Make Above 95 Percent, You Have A Basic Understanding of Radiation. If Not, Restudy The Basics of Radiation; Otherwise, Progress Into More Advanced Study!





Two Very Sobering Thoughts:


The Two-Fold Chastisement:

Visions of the Coming Earth Changes


Pages 83-84

  Many holy people, seers, and other instruments of God have referred in their prophecies to the vast numbers of dead that will cover the earth when the Chastisement is over. And…there will be no one to bury the bodies. Rose Colomba spoke of "large multitudes" of corpses.

Saint Gaspar du Bufalo, founder of the Precious Blood Fathers, and who died in 1837, said "The earth will be covered with cadavers. All survivors will therefore think they are alone."



Original Sound Can Be Turned Off...Cursor To Top...Click On Square Button; or, Which Ever Your Machine Is Configured With:



Do You Have These Books Yet..

And Others We Recommended?



Flying With The Mapper!




A Quick Review Before You Run!




The Big Problem Will Be 'Staying Found' & This Is Not Knowing How To Use The Compass...
And Its Parts

Compass Parts



The Line To Start From!

The Index Line


Then....Dr. "B" Lectured On . . . . And Much More . . . .

If Nuclear Bombs Fall, Remember What You See Here...

NoBody's Telling You This Anymore!

If You See A Blinding, Eerie Flash...or Light, Do What You See Here...!

Keep This In Mind:

'Panic Will Get Most People Killed!'

If An Attack Occurs, Don't Panic! Know What To Do!

Do Not Look At The Flash!

It Will Blind You & Burn You!

Do Not Look At The Flash...It Will Burn You & Blind You!

The Shadow Knows...

Look At His Hat!

"Remember What You Are Seeing Here!

"The Flash Is Deadly!"

Dr. "B" Told The Men Again . . .

Do Not Look At The Flash...It Will Burn You & Blind You!

If These People Had Had Some Training...

They Would Not Have Stood There.

Burn These Scenes Into Your Memory!

At The First Sign of A Flash of Light...

Fall Face Down Immediately To The Ground!

Cover Head & Face With Arms and Hands!

Be Aware of Ground Burst or Water Burst!

Be Aware of These Kinds of Burst!

One Tough Marine! 

Put All Your Past Training, New...& What You Are Working Now To Learn...Into Action...

Be At The Ready In Your Mindset!


We were attacked by Wild Boars; then, a Pack of Wolves! Now, when the men see Dr. "B" stop! Look around slowly... and his hand moves torwards his weapon, the men—as soon as they see him stop, start 'sniffing' the air, looking around stealthly; they all grab their weapons and are ready for man and beast!

That's how bad it is now since the Earth is changing so rapidly...


Download This File...Master It!

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention



Radiation Dictionary



When You See This . . .

What Do They Know That The American People Are Not Being Told?

Dr. "B" Says:

"They Are Preparing...America Is Not!

"They Also Know 'The Prophesied Comet' Is Coming


By Its Sheer Pressure, It Will Rip Mountains Apart; Move Others Into The Oceans; Cause World–Wide Tsunamis, and A Possible Pole Shift...


This Is The Data Dr. "B" Consolidated For Us.

He Explained To Cut It Out & Paste It On Note Cards. When Stress Is Rampant, Have This With You!

Memories Can Fail Under Such Conditions!

We Are Going For A Nuclear War!

Radiation Safety Limits

Knowing This, You Know What Is Dangerous...What Is Not...

But, You Must Have Meters & Been Trained, As We Were, In Their Use.

"Pray, Hope, And Don't Worry" — Padre Pio


Since Each Individual Has Biochemical Individuality, Some Can...& Have Been In A Radiation Storm, And Never Suffered From It. They Died From Other Causes In Their Old Age.

Since A Radiation Storm (Fallout) can cause Radiolysis Of The Water In A Body, Can Affect Certain Target Organs or Tissue To Suffer Varying Levels of Injury.
The Body Does 'Build & Repair, And, Hence, This Is Why Many Have Gotten Over Their Radiation Exposure!

Dr. "B" Suggests To Facilitate What Mother Nature Has Given Us, is to use The Following...Now!

Radiolysis is the process whereby ionizing radiation, alpha particles, beta particles (electrons), neutrons, X–rays, and gamma rays from radioactive materials or from accelerators, produces chemical reactions. The energy transfer of such radiations produces excited species, which generate other reactions.

  • Ultra One Vitamins By Nature's Plus: One Per Day.

  • Mega Mins By Nature's Plus: One Morning...One Night.

  • Carnosine: One Morning; One Night. When The Radiations Arrive: Two Morning; One Mid–Afternoon; One Before Bed! This is the 'Chess Knight' Scavenger, Of The Hydroxyl Radical!

  • SODZyme: Same As Above! This Is The Super Oxide Anion Scavenger; A Super Oxide Dismutase! Radiolysis Of All The Water In The Tissues Will Cause These (Hydroxyl & Super Oxide Anions) Formations.

  • Chlorella: Two To Three Per Day, When Prior To The Radiation Fallout Cloud Reaching You!

  • Bentonite Liquid: 1 – 2 Ounces Per Day If You Were Caught Out In The Radiation Storm!

  • Iodoral: One Table Per Day!

  • Thyroid Hormone: T3; Twenty To 25 micrograms; Broken Into Fourths. One–Fourth Morning, Empty Stomach...No Food For An Hour or So Before Ingesting, Except Water; & An Hour or So After Ingesting T3! Do This Again at 2 pm; and Just Before Bed. Same Protocol for NO FOOD, Drink, Vitamins, Minerals, Etc. In Stomach As Immediately Above!

    You Want To Keep The Mitochondria Producing ATP (Energy) For Building & Repair!

  • Be On Real Butter, Unrefined Coconut Oil, And Be Eating Whole Eggs (that includes the YOLK!)



. . . . To Be Continued . . . .



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