Radiological Contamination!                            

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Food And Water!

The Following Is Adapted From Introduction To Radiological Monitoring (HS3)

    A major problem will be Food & Water when the Grid Down scenario occurs due to EMP Attack and then is followed with Nuclear Bombs throughout America & various places in the world.

    It is considered not a grave problem with Food & Water Contamination, as you should have stored such in your Home Fallout Shelter. And, even then, if food and water becomes contaminated outside the shelter, you can bring it into an isolated room (an anteroom) off from the main shelter proper. This allows the food and water radio contamination to undergo decay over a period of days to weeks and you should check with your Radiological Meters periodically for presence of contamination. Ideal for this with low levels of contaminates is the CD V–700; or, the Inspector EXP.

    Therefore, you can see Food & Water Contamination is not a big problem, if you know a few things and have meters.

    Stored Food & Water in your shelter should give no rise for concern, as they should not be contaminated.

    If shelterees do not eat and drink water; their strength and vitality will diminish quickly. This is needed to repair injuries they may have sustained on the way to the shelter. It is extremely advisible not to deny anyone in your shelter food and water on the simple basis that it may be contaminated. There is a tremendous amount of fear out there about Radiation, because the populace of the world has never really studied it!

    If an advance warning is given that a nuclear attack is imminent or radiation is on the way, cover any and all sources of water, such as, wells, cisterns, etc.

    Food and Water should have been stored in you Home Fallout Shelter; hence, unless there is a serious breach in the food container and radiation is severe enough, those supplies should not be contaminated. Recall, contamination is something negative that you do not want on your body, inside your secure shelter, or in your food and water supplies. Think of it as behaving like the dust of a dust storm, entering your house through any crack or crevice and getting onto or into anything that is not covered.

    You should take every precaution to ensure to keep food and water supplies from becoming contaminated by fallout particles. Keep water and food covered or in closed containers. Allow no one in those food preparations areas and where the food and water are stored, except those trained by you in these matters.

    It is felt by many that no one should be denied food and water, even if it is contaminated—starvation and thirst are worse! We do not feel that way. Many say that contaminated food and water can be eaten and drunk. A shelteree may be able to do such if he is on SOD and Carnosine, as well as a number of other items we have included in our book Electronic Book  Cover_2.

    If your only food and water are contaminated, you have no other choice or alternative, but to USE the sources that have become contaminated in your Home Fallout Shelter!

    If it is known that only a certain portion or amount of your supplies are contaminated; eat those which are not contaminated, first.

    Throughout all this, you must be knowledgeable in use of your CD V–742 (Dosimeter(s) and the CD V–450 Dosimeter Chargers, including your Survey Meters, such as the CD V–700; 715, and others, including the Inspector EXP.

    Food and water that is brought into your Home Fallout Shelter should be examined carefully and include the use of your survey meter to ascertain whether or not it is contaminated. Wipe all containers with a clean cloth; fruits and vegetables should washed, if possible and peeled or pared when necessary. Reuse your Survey Meters again to ascertain if the foods are free of Radioactive Contamination.

    All these procedures discussed are to insure you of safe food and water free of Radioactive Contamination prior to consumption. You now have a general perspective and understanding of measures to take that are protective, in and out of the shelter. Most citizens throughout the world do not know what you have just been learning. Now...put it into practice by practicing the above now when the Radiations come from the Fallout!

    You should get a Big Berkey with extra filters; a Katadyne (pocket water filter), and/or make the following from the Schematic given. They all remove Radioactive Particulate Matter:

Creating Your Own Water Filter_Water1

    Now, Study The Following In Depth...Then, Get Busy!

Purifying Water!

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Your Home Fallout Shelter Garden:

What To Do About It!

    Before radioactive fallout arrives, as given by your instruments for measuring dose and R/hr, cover your vegetable garden with thick polyethelene or a large heavy tarp. Do same for your fruit trees.

    Then, when fallout diminishes according to your instruments within about two or three weeks or more, you can go outside, when your Survey Meters demonstrate, less than (< 0.5 R/hr) and take one tip of the tarp or polyethelene heavy plastic covering and gently pull it back over a small area of the covering protecting the Home Fallout Garden from Fallout Contamination.

     We recommend for this, generally below the ground vegetables, such as tubers, carrots, beets and cucumber which are not below the ground; but do lie flat on the ground.

    Remove vegetables from that area and re-cover the exposed garden area; then, go inside and wash the vegetables off with soap and water; wipe; Scan with your CD V–715. Throughout all these operations, you want to have taken Background Radiation readings and write the readings down for different areas of your garden; your Home Fallout Shelter Safe Room Areas you have worked on.

    If your produce is not contaminated, it should read Background Radiation. Contaminated: Ten Percent over Background Radiation or more. What to do: Place in a safe room and allow radiation to decay to background radiation levels. Then Eat!

Comet Hitting Rotating Earth!

These Are In Our Future:

Nuclear War

Nuclear Blast

Nuclear War On A City!

Nuclear War With Russia!

... To Be Continued ...

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