The Neutron Bomb: What You Can Do !

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Well, Folks! I've Got Shovel And Soil Ready, And Practicing!


The Neutron Bomb: What You Can Do!

This Is What He Is Reviewing Me On:

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But... I Came Over For More Actual Physical Training. And, Guess Who Came With Me?

The Whole 'Cortege Trek' People Again With More. These Elite of Europe Are Very Concerned That It Will Be Nuclear War By Next Year!

Below Is Some of What We Learned With ShootingStar! It Was All Held Back At 'The Ranch'! You Know Where That Is!

It Was Short, Swift, And Intense, With No Holds Barred!

The Neutron Bomb: What We Can Do !


Adapted From

Nuclear Arms Race

by Paul P: Craig & John A. Jungerman, Second Edition


    A neutron bomb is one variety of a hydrogen bomb that is small.

    This bomb lacks the uranium covering which is designed such that, when exploded, it produces a smaller amount of radiation in terms of thermal radiation and a smaller blast wave.

    But, it gives off large amounts of neutrons as opposed to regular thermonuclear bombs with the uranium jacket. This bomb is also known as an Enhanced Radiation bomb.

    The "benefits" of this type of bomb is that it has a two–fold military basis for its action. The damage area is small from the blast wave; but it is deadly to enemy personnel in the area via its neutron bombardment of humans and biota (living organisms like plants and animals).

    On a battle field, it does not kill the tanks and armored vehicles, but it does kill its occupants and those personnel in the field as foot soldiers accompanying the armored column. The second important thing about this bomb; it leaves whole cities standing, but destroys most living organisms, within hours or later. It leaves structures, such as cities standing, except where the bomb went off, causing damage for some 300 or more yards outward, acting like a conventional bomb, not knocking down the whole city.

    This bomb kills personnel; but not the city objects!

    Another thing liked about the Neutron Bomb, because of its design—which is kept secret, is that its energies are higher than those of a fission bomb. Therefore, neutron bomb energy weakening by the atmosphere is less and more "payload" (in the form of neutrons) is delivered. Hence, cities stay up...humans and biota go down!

    The idea was to build a bomb, neutron bomb, by building a Hydrogen Bomb such that it contained the smallest possible fissionable material; hence, a small H–Bomb. This demanded three things:

  1. Build a nuclear bomb of the smallest type.

  2. Put in the core only that which is necessary to make it nuclear.

  3. By doing (1) and (2), you have created a bomb, eliminating as much as possible material that will absorb neutrons in the outer jacket!

    Therefore, a bomb is created that generates more neutron flux to the area and absorbs very few of the produced neutrons itself. One has achieved a bomb which destroys living things; but, not inanimate objects, such as cities, tanks in the field, and so forth.

    It is obvious, to make this type of bomb had design challenges! A bomb is wanted that does not destroy cities, armored equipment; but does destroy enemy personnel. This created challenges of high technicality. How these problems were met and overcome is a guarded secret and have never been made public.

        In 1981, this type of weapon was held in the U. S. Stockpile.

Shielding Against The Neutron Bomb's Neutrons!

    There is more complexity in shielding against neutrons than against gamma radiation. As you have learned in previous ChemicalBiological WarFare Updates, two to three feet of soil, brick, or concrete shields effectively against gamma radiation. One can also use several inches of iron and lead.

    The neutron shield can consist of iron, since it has a high inelastic scattering ability:

Inelastic Scattering!

    And, any substance with Inelastic Scattering ability slows the neutrons down to 1 Mev of energy; then, use a material like concrete, damp soil, or even a continuous water tank around one. The point is that damp soil, water, and/or concrete, which has much water within its lattice network are effective against neutrons. Why the objects with water in them? Because water consists of two molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen. In this case, we are interested in the hydrogen of the water!
See below:

Elastic Scattering!

    The neutron that is captured by the hydrogen nucleus produces a slower neutron that goes into any material around it, where it produces gamma radiation. This gamma radiation needs to be stopped or absorbed by two to three more feet of earth, soil, concrete, brick, and the like. If not stopped, then it can go straight through the material that produced it to cause ionization of your cellular electrons, etc., wreaking havoc in your body; then, or later!

    What is happening here? The neutrons are "stopped" by the water; that is, the hydrogen nucleus of which water is made up of, but the water (hydrogen nucleus) generates secondary radiations that must then be stopped or absorbed by sufficiently thick shielding material, as in Brick, Concrete, Soil, Earth, etc.

    Keep the following in mind: The human body is made up of approximately 80 % water. Therefore, when neutrons interact with the hydrogen of the water in the body, there is neutron–generated damage to living things (namely, the body!) from radiation. Living things need water!

    Therefore, you need a double layer of protection, one to stop the neutrons, and another layer to stop the radiation caused by the neutrons striking the first layer.

    For radiation damage due to the Radiolysis (see previous Update), we suggest to be ingesting much Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Carnosine and S.O.D. 3.

One Modality of Stopping The Neutrons and The Generated Secondary Ionizations!

    Get as many as required for the space required for you and your immediate family, 40 pound pound bags of dirt, soil, top soil, or clay (which already contains a water lattice).

    To the 40 pound bags of soil, except the clay, cut two slits at the top of each sack of soil near each end. Place a water hose nozzle into one slit, and then the other cut, slowly wetting the sack throughly. Do this for the area you plan to cover. For instance, if you dig a trench about three feet to 4 feet deep, with family help, several feet long; get a plywood wood board to cover it with. Plan to spend 6 to 8 hours to 3 days in the trench; hence, you may want to have it deeper and more room, as you must give the radiation storm time to weaken!

Portable Toilet     Carry into your shelter, a 'portable toilet', garbage bags, lysol solution for toilet odors, water, food bars, toilet paper, and Radiation Meter(s) as well as Badge dosimeters for every member in shelter.

     A neutron stopper is boron, as found in 20 Mule Team Borax! Boron absorbs the neutrons.

    Its nucleus is a "ferocious" neutron absorber. Spread a thick film of Borax over the Cover Board(s). Or, make a heavy solution of borax with water in 1 to 2 gallon pump garden sprayer, and spray heavily the board.

    Then, when dry and whitish looking, cover the board carefully, as to not disturb the Borax, with non–dampened soil bags, such that there is at least one to three feet of soil bags.

    Then, cover the board with the damp soil sacks, in upright position as shown in video below, on top of the non–damp soil bags; do not empty out the sack! When the incoming neutrons hit the water dampened soil first, they will generate a slower neutron out; or, a slower neutron out with a weakened gamma ray out also. The point being, if the neutron out is slower; that is, with less energy, then, when it strikes another nucleus; or, if the neutron strikes the hydrogen nucleus of the water, still a slower neutron is emitted with a weak gamma ray.

    Therefore, we have first, on the board, Borax ; then, the non–dampened top soil bags followed with the dampened bags of soil. On top of this, we will spread dry 20 Mule Team Borax, again, thickly over the top issue of bags aiming to neutralize the incoming neutrons instantly!

    Inside and outside the shelter; before the neutron bombs come, we will have used the pump garden sprayer with heavy Borax Solution, on everything around the trench, including the pipe, pipe cap, and inside the trench, heavily!

    Borax it! Stop those neutrons cold!

Inspector EXP!    And the non–dampened bags of soil, earth, clay on top of the dampened soil bags, absorbs or reduces the radiation to acceptable levels. Hence, the need for a Radiation Detection Device carried inside the shelter trench you build.

    Leave a small opening for entrance that you can pull over with the same 'topping' on a small plywood board to seal the opening from the neutrons. Have an iron pipe, several inches in diameter; or, three or four one inch pipes taped together that you can get at a hardware store inserted at an angle into the shelter from where the major board meets the ground. Have an overlay of damp and non–damp soil bags surrounding the pipe.

Place a vent cap over the pipe(s) from a plumbing supply store to keep debris from falling in from the blast, depending on how close the blast is to your shelter. Place a dampened soil bag and non–dampened top soil bag over the vent pipe cap, careful not to seal off the air intake vent of the cap. Also, place a cut out round of HEPA Filter material over the pipe(s), top and bottom, dampened to help stop the radiation and debris from the positive air flow being sucked in by a small box fan attached to the bottom of the air pipe or pipes. See videos below.

    Use the Inverter SetUp you have been shown in this series and earlier to suck air into your shelter, creating a positive air flow. Hook it to the air intake pipe or pipes—inside the shelter—with duct tape or wire. This is why you are thinking and doing this now; then, will be too late to do it correctly with all the Stress Response attacking you and your family!

    Another way  one may do this, if their dwelling is on piers, places the bags, as above, on the inside of the edge of the dwelling, under the house, for a small area for self and family. Do a buildup of the soil bags under the house. Create a 'doghouse' opening for one to come into and exit. On the inside of the floor above you, place a plywood 4x8, 1/4 inch board; then, lay soil bags similar to that of the plywood trench board. However, first on this board, lay a layer of Borax; then, dampen it with a spray bottle containing water.

    A positive air flow window (opening) built with soil sacks to accomodate, as shown in above videos; fitted with HEPA filter and air intake fan connected to one of two electrical sources; the electricity—if the grid is still up; or, to the inverter to a new fully charged 12–volt battery, will suck in filtered air and force out air in the trench, under the house, etc., and keep air from seeping in with radiation debris!


Carry both sources of electricity to your trench shelter; or, under the house shelter, with Electric Extension Cord or Cords, Inverter, Small Electric Fan, HEPA Filters and 'True Blue' Filters, Fresh Fully Charged 12–volt auto Batteries, etc.

    Always have your Radiation Detection/Survey Meter with you!

Making Your HEPA Filter Work For You!

(High Efficiency Particular Air Filter)

Are You Practiced?


The Inverter!

Are You Practiced?


Cover Board & Prepared Soil Bag!

Cover Board & Prepared Soil Bag! See Above Discussion...

Preparing Soil Bags Around Certain Area Base of Dwelling On Piers!

Preparing Area Under Dwelling If On Piers! See Above...

Dampening Base Soil Bags, As Given Above!

Preparing Area Under Dwelling If On Piers! See Above Discussion...

How To Stack Bags On Board!

Are You Practiced?


Recall This...Since You Are Working With The Bags...

Shooting From Any Position!

Practice For The Long Haul!

30 or 40 Pound Sacks Are Ideal For Women To Begin With


A Novel Way To Get Someone To Safety A Short Distance!

Get One For Every Member of Your Family!

White Umbrella!


How To Carry An Infant Or Small Child

Make Sure You Understand This!



(Review This From July 1, 2016)

Neutron Radiation

    "The neutron is one of the basic particles composing the atom and is found in the atomic nucleus along with the proton. Although the neutron is approximately the same size as the positive–charged proton, it carries no electric charge.

    "When neutrons are emitted from the atomic nucleus, they act as ionizing radiation. Since they have no electric charge, however, neutrons do not ionize directly. Instead, they usually "strike" and interact with atomic nuclei; this interaction produces charged particles, which then cause ionization.

    "Unlike alpha or beta particles, neutrons are not usually emitted spontaneously from the atomic nucleus, but they require some outside force to cause their removal from the nucleus.

    "Another very important source of neutrons is atomic fission. Fission occurs with some isotopes of the heavier elements, notably uranium, thorium, and plutonium. When an atom fissions, the nucleus splits into two parts. Since each of these parts is a cluster of neutrons and p;rotons, they form the nuclei of new atoms called fission products. In addition, several neutrons and energy are also released. The fission products are radioactive and decay by emitting alpha, beta, and gamma radiations.

    "Although spontaneous fission occurs, fission is usually caused when a neutron from some outside source strikes the fissionable nucleus. Neutrons are thus used to produce still more neutrons. Since neutrons produced by fission can cause additional fissions (if fissionable nuclei are available), which in turn produce more neutrons, it is possible to start and maintain a chain reaction. It is the chain reaction, of course, that makes the nuclear reactor possible," and we might add, the nuclear bomb!

Interactions With Matter

    "Since the neutron carries no electric charge, it does not normally ionize by interacting with the orbital electrons of an atom as alpha or beta particles do. Instead, the neutron will interact with the atomic nucleus. Ionization does result, however, through secondary means, as many of the neutron–nucleus reactions produce directly ionizing radiations (alpha, beta, gamma, recoil protons)."

    We have these following reactions that will occur with neutrons. We must be prepared if we build a shelter, as you will see later, because if we stop the neutrons, they can and will cause Secondary Reactions that must be controlled further in the brick, soil, or concrete, as the neutrons may have been controlled; but, then, we must control the secondaries with at least a foot or more of wet soil, concrete, clay & brick. For now, understand the following:


Inelastic Scattering occurs with neutrons with energies of about 10 Mev down to 1 Mev (1 electron volt 'ev' = The Amount of Energy Acquired By An Electron When It Moves Through A Potential of 1 volt). When inelastic scattering occurs, a nucleus absorbs the neutron and recoils. Then, a slower neutron (either the original incoming neutron or another one from the nucleus) is emitted along with gamma radiation:

Inelastic scattering!



    "Slower neutrons with energies of 1 Mev down to about 0.01 Mev (or 10 kev) interact by elastic scattering, particular with very light nuclei such as the hydrogen nucleus. Elastic scattering is similar to a collision of two billiard balls; the neutron loses some—or even all—of its energy to the hydrogen nucleus, which then recoils. The recoiling proton (remember that the normal hydrogen nucleus is a single proton), being a charged particle, is heavily ionizing. Since the human body contains a considerable quantity of hydrogen, elastic scattering and the ionization caused by the recoil proton are important biological considerations. Elastic scattering is demonstrated in Fig. 6."



    "Slower neutrons with energies generally less than 0.01 Mev may be absorbed by a nucleus with the nucleus recoiling and emitting an alpha article or a proton accompanied by gamma radiation (Fig. 7):"

Neutron Absorption By A Nucleus!

      "Such slower neutrons may also undergo radiative capture by a hydrogen nucleus to form a deuterium nucleus (deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen containing one proton and one neutron in the nucleus) with a gamma emission (Fig. 8):"

Radiative Capture!

Note: Fission is an important interaction between neutrons and the heavier nuclei. Fission is usually produced by (but not only by) thermal neutrons, which have an energy of about 0.025 ev.


    With this information, the definition of a Neutron Bomb is a small thermoneuclear weapon, design to release large amounts of neutrons to cause injury to humans and biota, but less damage to objects of a physical nature.

It is designed to cause damage to troops in the field; but, not to their tanks and the like. However, the small blast wave covers, depending on the size of the neutron bomb, out to about 300 or so yards. Hence, if one is within that radius, that person will definitely be injured or destroyed. The killing power of the neutron bomb is the neutron radiation damage!

    Keep in mind, during a fission or fusion bomb explosion, many neutrons are ejected. These bombs spontaneously eject radiation in the form of gamma rays or electrons. Uanium or plutonium bombs emit alpha particles additionally. When a fusion or fission bomb explodes, many free neutrons accompany the explosion.

    Keep the immediate above in mind for a when fission or fusion bomb(s) explode. With the release, from these bombs of many neutrons, they can be captured by ordinary materials' nuclei. This generates neutron–induced radioactivity. Thus, we have two sources of radioactivity: (1) From the fission products of the bomb's explosion; and, (2) Secondary generation of radioactivity from the neutron induced radioactivity in the material of the weapon.

    Nuclear Arms Race writes:

Biological And Medical Effects of Radioactivity, Gamma Rays, and Neutrons From Nuclear Weapons

    'Radiation levels are often measured in the unit radiation absorbed dose (rad).l Four hundred rad causes death in 50 to 70 percent of normal adults in 30 days as a result of damage to body cells. Nonlethal levels of radiation can cause diarrhea ande vomiting and lower an individual's resistance to infection. Exposure to radiation also involves an increased risk of cancer. About 200 cases of cancer will appear each year in a population of 1 million persons exposed to 1 rad.

    "Since neutrons and alpha particles can produce relatively more biological damage than beta rays or gamma rays per rad, the rem (roentgen equivalent mammal) is used in measuring neutron or alpha–particle radiation effects. For beta rays and gamma rays the rem and the rad are almost identical.

    "Whole–body exposure to external radiation, usually gamma rays, or ingestion of radioactive material can cause biological damage. Ingestion of radioactive material will also expose internal organs to additional radiation.

    "Radiation damages the reproductive genetic material in the body. This can produce degenerative diseases in offspring and other anomalies that lead to 'genetic death.'"


With This Background, Get Busy!

We Want You To Live Through This With Good Health!

Keep In Mind: You Are Going To Have To Control The Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) And The Reactive Nitrogen Species (RNS)

 We Have Told You How For Sometime In The Kong Reports!

He's Preparing Hard, Folks!

"Mother Nature Will Turn Against Us," He Says!

... To Be Continued ...

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