What Is Stress ?
What You Must Know!

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Know This:

The Psychology of Stress:

The Psychology

(An Important Part of Your Survival)

    Diarrhea, vomiting, quaking and trembling, and nausea are symptoms of radiation injury. But, they are also symptoms of extreme fear, terror, and anxiety. When one feels he can do nothing for self in a terrible situation, extreme cortisol release from a stress-reaction can result in those immediate symptoms and more. If one has not thought about what he or she will do for a coming nuclear blast in America, the psychological effects can be overwhelming. One goes through a Stress-Response:

    The Stress-Response consists of three phases, steps or actions:
  • The "Alarm" Reaction, also called the "fight or flight" response. It occurs within seconds of a stressor you perceive as dangerous, immediately threatening to your safety, physical and/or psychological.

  • A slower response, but persisting longer after the alarm reaction decreases, known as the Resistance Reaction. This action resists a stressor. The stressor(s) can be fear, terror, or anxiety. And finally...

  • Exhaustion. This is where disease entities make manifest. It can end in death.

    In the Psychology of Survival, Dr. W. Von Greyerz, says terror is contagious under warlike or other widespread calamities. It is "explosively contagious." If humans learn to understand the three stages of stress and thereby know something about what is occurring in their bodies, they are more likely to stay in control and not become ineffective in a nuclear strike or other widespread disasters coming our way.

    With a blast attack such as what we have been describing, the period of isolation and desolation can be horrendous for those unprepared, especially mentally.

    Dr. Von Greyerz writes:
"A rather thoroughgoing return to the principles of self-help has been forced upon us. The personal stocks of clothing and consumers' goods are beginning to run out. Rationing is now almost total and extremely strict.

"Agriculture has been converted still further to the production of vegetable products, and artificial fertilizer no longer exists. The forest have been subject to predatory exploitation, of necessity.

"The stocks of oil are almost used up, and the fuel for both heating and transportation is almost exclusively wood.

"The electric power network is perhaps destroyed. The means of transportaton are worn through lack of spare parts.

"The rationing of food does not satisfy the needs of all for calories.... Because of the vast destruction in towns, it has been necessary to re-billet people, so that in some places up to five times as many are living there as before. Severe hygienic difficulties are reported.... Epidemics cannot be brought under control. Water purification systems break down.

"The police organization and the administration of the courts threaten to collapse. Medical care is wrestling with appalling problems."

    Reading the above immediately tells people they must do something for themselves psychologically and physically. They must now be prepared! The longer one waits, the harder it will be such that when "push comes to shove" it will be so onerous that one will just give up and do nothing.

    The improvident will probably not last for long. They will become a burden upon those who did prepared when times were plentiful — now, they will use up the providents' supplies in short order because they did not go through the work and expense of laying in provisions. What they are eating and using have no meaning to them. They will run through your provisions like "Crap through a Goose!" You'd had better have rules and stick to 'em.

    If chemical and biological weapons are used, especially employing hallucinogenic gas, you have the picture for Dante's Inferno [Flame of Hell] .

    Security is highly interwoven in family ties. These ties are broken during wartime. Families are separated, at least for a time, during a war. A nuclear war throughout America necessitates that families learn now how to survive if they are thrown into Dante's Inferno[Large Flame of Hell] alone.

    Dr. Greyerz continues:

"The family members must seek their social security in other groups than the natural one, the family.

"Most families see their economic security fall to pieces. For private businessmen the outbreak of war may mean economic ruin, and even for wage-earners the economic conditions will be considerably worsened."

    If, as the WebMasters believe, and now others see the West coast will be occupied for a while at the full height of the coming war by Russian and Chinese forces. The strains upon society will be horrendous, with this "fortune of war" change.

    Because of the refugee conditions forced upon the American society used to the "dole," and being relocated, peacetime luxuries disappear. A new manditory workforce will come into existence for the wartime effort. Living space will be reallocated to a much smaller area than most Americans are used to. This will generate more stress.

    Those moved will have to share a kitchen, bath and toilet, dining room, and this will most definitely create friction no matter how strong willed one is.

    Hospitals will be moved, deserted, or destroyed altogether. Physicians and nurses will be conscripted into military service or moved to districts deemed necessary by the surviving government until it dissolves. Food will be used as a weapon to make you do what they want you to do! Non-compliance...No Food! They have now become the "riders of the pale horse." — Welcome to The War Society!

    Food quality disappears. Look for unbottled milk. Coffee, tobacco, and tea become hard to find.

    Because of the refugee conditions thrust upon practically everyone, overcrowding and getting used to new surroundings will create, with what was given above, a loss of security. This will probably be the most important factor in mental health.

    However, Dr. Robert M. Sapolsky of Stanford University, writing in Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers: The Acclaimed Guide to Stress, Stress–Related Diseases, and Coping, writes:

"When it comes to what makes for psychological stress, a lack of predictability and control are at the top of the list of things you want to avoid."

    When this is loss in your life, as will be in war–torn state, the stress–response and all of its attendant problems go through the roof.

    Under refugee conditions, sanitation is lost and often one of the consequences of such a state are cholera and dysentery.

    The strain on self from overcrowded living conditions, surroundings that are not sanitary, hunger, cold, fatigue, epidemics and isolation are some of the factors that will generate an extreme psychological situation such that suicide will increase.

    The psychology of fear can intensify into terror such that, if a family member exhibits this, they may become (a) indifferent (apathy) and want to die. On the other hand, instead of being "frozen" they exhibit a need for (b) movement that violates common sense of self-preservation. Watch for this in family members. Both conditions can become so violent that they present with a dazed state and a loss of memory. Many people thrown into violent danger to their lives have stated they feel no terror. They need watching.

    Dr. Von Greyerz writes:

"How then can we know when normal fear is about to dissolve into terror? What visible signs can give us reason for intervening to prevent a reaction of terror? What visible signs can give us reason for intervening to prevent a reaction of terror?

  • "The need to talk increases, and

  • "People begin to scream at one another.

    "We meet examples of such reactions daily in connection with traffic accidents. The more a motorist scolds a pedestrian (or, another motorist, the WebMasters might add), the more afraid he is.

  • "When quarrelling we raise our voices, a sign that emotions are beginning to get the better of our ability to control ourselves.

  • "When giggling turns into guffawing, this is a dangerous sign of inner dissolution.

  • "Trembling spreads throughout the body, and trembling knees especially are a serious sign.

  • "The need for bodily movement in general increases. The person walks back and forth, doing un-necessary things — lifting chairs up on a table (etc.) — and if the inner tension increases, the typical running to and from develops, the preparatory stage to pure flight.

  • "Perspiring, pallor, palpitation of the heart, nausea, vomiting, headache, diarrhea and sometimes involuntary movement of the bowls or the bladder."

    All of this, we might add are the effects of a strong, unrelenting stress-reaction. If you have prepared, you can reassure them, the family can make it through this. You have food, self-protection, and ties with like-minded people. You can given them a cup of warm Chamomile tea to help relax them because you prepared.


    Everyone knows something of stress. We know that if you have it you don't function very well. You don't feel good. You are told to cope with it; reduce it; exercise it away and meditate it to acceptable levels. This is why we now discuss stress more fully other than say "severe stress can be a killer."

    "Excessive and averse environmental factors which produce physiological responses in the individual" is called stress by The Wordsworth Dictionary of Biology. When one reads books on stress; studies reactions on stress; contemplates anatomy and physiology working definitions, the definition emerges that stress is the reaction of an animal body to abnormal states of ongoing negative stimuli resulting in disturbing the normal equilibrium of its natural physiology. Homeostasis (balance of the body) is disturbed.

    Another definition of stress is the excessive production of glucocorticoid hormones, of which cortisol is the chief one considered.

    In Human Anatomy & Physiology, Sixth Edition by Elaine N. Marieb, page 630, a stress to an animal, human in this case, causes the hypothalamus of the brain to generate a cascade of reactions resulting in a stress response.

    The Principles of Anatomy & Physiology, Tenth Edition by Tortora and Grabowski, page 620, says this occurs in three steps:

  • There will be a fight-or-flight response;

  • "A slower resistance reaction,"and finally,

  • "Exhaustion."

    The latter includes (to name a few) muscle wasting, diabetes, overly enlarged adrenal glands, severe drop in immune function, immune tissue atrophy, peptic ulcers, loss of menses in women or erratic; in men, sperm count and testosterone can decline and in both sexes.---See Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers: The Acclaimed Guide to Stress, Stress-Related Diseases, and Coping; Revised & Updated, by Robert M. Sapolsky, 2004.

    Writing in Whiskey and Gunpowder, April 24, 2007, 3:15 PM, Ali Samsam Bakhtiari talks about the severe stress response that will hit eventually. He spoke of the "...psychological shock. This shock, in stark contrast, will be electric and abrupt."
"Stress, fear, depression, despairs, nightmares will be the order of the day---as people come to face the not-so-palatable facets of what can can happen when the stockmarkets plunge. Shortages may exist in every form. When confronted with this series of unknowns, with the trauma of change, people will try to protect themselves by automatically reverting to their past, to the known, to what they believe to be 'real and true'--in a word, to their reassuring 'roots.'"

    There are approximately 20 million or more diabetics in America. These people are insulin resistant and have high levels of fasting insulin. When the mega-stress hits, they will start feeling poorly. It won't take long for them to find out that they are now diabetic. Everyone is suppossedly on some kind of low-fat, heart-healthy diet. But, Robert M. Sapolsky of Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers, writes on page 68:
"Despite the impression that everyone spends their days eating low-fat / carb / cholesterol / cardboard diets and power walking uphill while loudly reciting the writings of Atkins or Ornish, with each passing year, we are eating more food---more junk food---and exercising less. Twenty percent of Americans are now technically 'obese' (versus 12 percent in 1990), and 54 percent are 'overweight' (verse 44 percent in 1990). To paraphrase the allostasis theorist Joseph Eyer, prosperity has become a cause of death."

    In other words, our technology is killing us. Another cog to the Mechanism of Depopulation just fit into its wheel.

    Marieb points out that in "Long-term stress responses," from the glucocorticoids, namely cortisol, you will have the following stress responses:"Excessive and averse environmental factors which produce physiological responses in the individual" is called stress by The Wordsworth Dictionary of Biology. When one reads books on stress; studies reactions on stress; contemplates anatomy and physiology working definitions, the definition emerges that stress is the result of an animal body to abnormal states of ongoing negative stimulatory resulting in disturbing the normal equilibrium of its natural physiology. Homeostasis (balance of the body) is disturbed.

    Marieb points out that in "Long-term stress responses," from the glucocorticoids, namely cortisol, you will have the follow stress responses:

  • "Proteins and fats converted to glucose or broken down for energy.
  • "Increased blood sugar.
  • "Suppression of immune system."

    This means under horrendous stress–the kind that is coming, without good nursing, medical care, and quality foods, one can lose muscle mass and other tissues of the body, resulting in disease and death.

    Tortora and Grabowski (ibid.,page 795) continue by writing "Your thoughts, feelings, moods and beliefs influence your level of health and the course of disease." Imagine the abject depression and hopelessness that will overtake the young because they are used to a lifestyle of plenty. Some will survive. They continue: "...cortisol, a hormone secreted by the adrenal cortex in association with the stress response, inhibits immune system activity." Recall, we said earlier that this hormone will go through the ‘roof.' This being so, anyone under the conditions coming will be susceptible to any and every microbe coming along or found naturally on/in their bodies.

    A problem now that has surfaced is that school students are sleep deprived. This is causing all sorts of problems with behavior, work and study. The two scientists, Tortora and Grabowski further write:
"Adequate sleep and relaxation are especially important for a healthy immune system...skipping sleep...you end up ...getting sick, blurs your concentration, and blocks your creativity. ...stress can cause insomnia."---ibid., page 795.

    U.S. News & World Report, April 23, 2007, 'Over The Limit?' (Speed Freaks or Americans Are Maxing Out on Caffeine) writes:

"Overworked and sleep-deprived Americans young and old so crave a buzz these days that even alcoholic drinks come loaded with caffeine, and doctors are getting worried.

"Teenagers...need at least nine hours of sleep a night; grade schoolers, 10 to 12 hours. Very few get close to that much."

    Why..."because they're actively fighting sleep, or because they're so jazzed from caffeine that they can't settle down at bedtime."

And today, it's much worse!

    Guyton & Hall's Textbook of Medical Physiology, ninth edition writes on page 964 (says similar in the Eleventh Edition), clearly, that cortisol, the anti-stress hormone, if too excessive, can cause immense problems. The anti-inflammatory response is necessary for life, but excessive production of cortisol:

"Suppresses the immune system, causing lymphocyte reproduction to decrease markedly. The T lymphocytes (T-Cells) are especially suppressed."
    This in and of itself is good, provided it is not continuous and excessive. You need control of inflammation. However, with excessive cortisol, you will then not only stop T-Cell formation, but the antibodies from forming as a cascading event from T-Cell formation.

    Inflammation would possibly be so controlled by excessive cortisol production that you may not even know you are sick until the disease function collapsed you and from there you would, without intervention, die. This is the exhaustion of the stress response spoken of earlier. The chronicity of stress is disease producing.


Now, Let Us Look At Chronic Stress In A Different Way:


    What is it about this type of stress; chronic stress; that is, that makes us sick? With chronic stress, we go into exhaustion. This is the 'exhaustion phase' spoken of above.

    But, what causes this? There is no organism on earth that runs out of the stress hormones (Cortisol, epinephrine 'adrenalin', norepinephrine 'noradrenalin', beta–endorphin, and, another Ray Peat, endocrine physiologist, gives in his writings as a stress hormone, Growth hormone too). It just doesn't happen, as once thought by Hans Selye, the stress researcher!

    One gets low in cortisol, epinephrine, norepinephrine, but, not depleted. However, what does get depleted is beta endorphin. This is the domain of long–lasting stress and pain; then, you literally run out of this latter hormone. The cells producing this product are producing it so fast and furrious, that they can't keep up with the production line and literally run out of the stuff.

    What does β–endorphin do? It is a hormone the body releases when stress occurs, high or low. This classifies it as a stress response hormone. It is primarily released from the pituitary gland in the brain, and in small amounts from some other tissues. It is an opoid. It acts on the brain the same way as opium or morphine does, which elevates feelings—one's mood; and, reduces pain!

    In some, those atheletes who over train, it interrupts fertility and in women, who do such, interferes with their menses.

    So, when you have too much unrelenting stress, one goes into exhaustive stress, decreasing β–endorphin, the hormone which protects you from the stressor; something that disrupts one's homeostasis (biochemical balance).

    Another way of approaching this, is when one is under continued attack...namely, with a stressor that creates sustained stress, you are throwing circuit breakers to the on position, meaning you are disconnecting the circuits and letting them run wild with electrical charge and no way of turning them down or off. What gets turned off is the β–endorphin and then one experiences extreme depression, pain, and suffering!

    Keep in mind throughout all this discussion, that Stress is an excess of glucocorticoid hormones.

    With chronic stress, memory disruption occurs. As the response from stress goes on for several hours, the critical area in the brain for memory formation, is the hippocampus. Blood and oxygen are being diverted to other places for the 'flight' or 'Fight' syndrome. Therefore, one is receiving less of glucose and oxygen there. Hence forth, during this time Long–Term Potentiation is curtailed. What is LTP? This is the process in which nerve cells 'talk' to each other across synapses by way of 'bridges'; or, 'telephone' lines of communication. When excited, these lines (dendrites) are considered to be involved in the neural cells' memory generation.

    When Stasis occurs, this 'cross talk' is slowed down; it the stasis is prolonged, as in Chronic Stress, 'Cross Talk' lines deteriorate. The same process happens as one ages, if they stay on their cells; watch TV constantly, do not read books; nor work math problems and do other exciting things involving the thinking apparatus of the brain!

    It was once thought that the brain neurons die off as one ages; however, it is now been shown to be the dendrites or neural networking that disintegrates, not the neural (neuron) cells themselves. To help keep this disintegration down; or, from even happening in many cases, Huperzine A, Inosine, Ginkgo Biloba have restored many a memory!

    What this is, is the process of increasing, through blood (with its nutrients and waste removal from cells) and oxygen delivery, networking—reinforcement of the dendritic process. This also occurs in reading good thought provoking books; studying mathematics and problem solving thereof; and, thinking through problems to a solution.

    But, in severe stress, even for a few brief moments, as in a gun fight, the intense stress causes the body to shift into gross physical movements; and, as such, one must train for this, as the stress causes one to lose fine motor control with one's digits; auditory exclusion occurs; Narrowed or tunnel vision occurs as well; and, as the internal world...the mind...speeds up, the world slows down for them.

    If the stress is uncontrollable and continues for any length of time, then one goes into a feeling of helplessness, since there is no longer any control in one's life...they feel helpless. They develop the condition known as 'Learned Helplessness'!

    It has been demonstrated in rats, that given thyroid hormone, the active form, T3, they did not develope this condition—Biol Psychiatry: 1985 Sep; 20(9):1023–5. Triiodothyronine–induced reversal of learned helplessness in rats. Martin P, Brochet D, Soubrie P, Simon P.

    Dr. "B" has had 'nervous' students, where just living seemed to be a daily crisis. When he suggested they take thyroid hormone, the active form, their nervousness quelled and learning increased!

    Ray Peat's Newsletter, May 2014, writes the following about Learned Helplessness:

The experiments (beginning in the 1950s) with inescapable stress, producing 'Learned Helplessness,' showed that even a single, fairly brief experience of being unable to escape from a stressful situation (pain, fear, or immobilization) could drastically reduce an animal's ability to survive a stress that ordinarily could be survived, and that the hearts of animals that died from learned helplessness had stopped in a relaxed state, filled with blood.

This is the state of the heart under the influence of excessive vagal stimulation, one of the things that led so many researchers in the 19th century to describe shock as a vagotonic state. Several experimenters have found that the state of learned helplessness could be cured by treating the animals with scopolamine, opposing vagal effects, or with thyroid hormone or caffeine, which counteract some of the vagal effects, such as increased nitric oxide production and decreased oxygen consumption.

"Danger" or damage signals are involved in establishing learned helplessness and shock, as well as in activating the restorative and defensive "immune" functions.

Threats that are perceived in the environment can cause the brain to release nitric oxide (Saul'skaia, et al., 2009) and other damage signals, while injured tissues release them in "damage cascades" with one, such as nitric oxide, causing the release of others, including adenosine, heat shock proteins, and histones.

    With what is breaking across the shores of Planet Earth, the horrendous stress will generate the things just written immediately above. To help stop this 'Shock' and 'Learned Helplessness' from forming so extensive a damage cascade(s), Glucocortical hormones (such as a piece of prednisone), aspirin, and other things that stabilize lysosomes—those organelles within a cell, can rupture from damage cascades, spilling out into the cell, desolving enzymes, killing the cell, are stabilized from the shock effects (Halushka, et al., 1981) of this horrendous stress.

Molecular Chaperones:

    Every cell in the organism contains various classes of unrelated globular proteins. They go by the name molecular chaperones, or chaperonins,which in addition to other things, helps the organism achieve and maintain the globular proteins' functional three–dimensional structure.

    The first such type proteins were known as 'Heat Shock Proteins' (hsp), because they seemed at that time to protect the cells of the organism from heat's destructive effects.

    Later, it was discovered that these proteins are produced in response to various stimuli that are traumatizing to the organism. This is seen in cells of the heart when a person is oxygen–deprived, as in a heart attack.

    These proteins, are in response to severe stress; and as such, are known asStress Proteins now. These proteins—chaperonins—are necessary in all types of cell function during stressful conditions and circumstances.

    As given through out this document, due to the inordinant amount of stress coming to mankind throughout the world, as given above, we will witness humans, due to the extreme stress response, where they can't get the blood and oxygen necessary for their metabolic machinery, simply . . . and . . . suddenly 'Go Down'! They will just die almost suddenly.

    What has happened? The Circuit Breakers of The Body have been thrown to the OFF Position! And, as such, nothing is happening...nothing is moving...Everything is Off!

    We are about to see Learned Helplessness such as has never been seen. We are seeing it in all these public schools, colleges and universities, in local, state, and federal governments, and on the streets when people drive or walk. No one seems to know what to do about 'Bad Cops' throughout the world; about rape, primarily overseas. They are all becoming more and more helpless! The Circuit Breakers are now beginning to trip! Memory problems will go through the roof.

    There will be much more, as the stress rises, there will be an increase in cancer, and Displaced Aggression.Crime will increase exponentially during this time; especially so when the Stock Markets of the world crater. The crime will increase because masses of people world–wide, will be so severely stress stricken, they will increase their noise making abilities, as now...only louder. This noise will be the noise of graffiti, sound noise, the noise of crime—all for the psychological reasons to maintain self's importance; to be better thought of by others; and, self awareness that 'I am here and there is nothing you can do about it!' 'I have the power to make you notice me!'

    Therefore, this is the real reason crime will escalate: The masses and the individual will need to be rewarded because self is suffering horribly and this reward will make them feel good about self. Henceforth, we will witness a total breakdown in society because of anxiety, hostility, repression, and reward!


The Best Self–Defense In A Gun Fight

Shoot Fast!

Don't Miss!


What You Should Know!


    When the Stress rises exponentially; that is, goes through the roof with no support modalities, such as:
  1. Lack of Control in one's life.

  2. Lack of Predictability.

  3. Lack of Outlets.

  4. Lack of Social Support.

  5. The Perception That Things are Worsening!
    The above perceptions become a pathological extreme! This evolves into severe abject depression; and, as such, we will see many just go 'Face Down' and give up.

    This will generate, long before death comes, 'LH', and terrible consequences for those around the people trying to reassure self and self's importance and survival.

    Therefore, before too long, one will see more and more people committing suicide. The reason for this, as the mounting severe mental and external pain rises, the medical community, before it expires too, will be placing more and more on SSRIs, such as Prozac.

    And, with these Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, suicide will increase! These are the facts:
1) 4 % of the people now on Prozac (SSRIs) will do the following:
  • Exhibit A Suicidal Behavior!

  • Experience Suicidal Attempts!

  • Commit Suicide!

2) The most crucial role of serotonin in research, has to do with increasing a person's loss of self esteem such that he develops Learned Helplessness (LH)! And, keep in mind, 'LH' is a condition, generated biologically, in an organism that is created by Inescapable Stress! It is a depressive disorder.


    When the level of Serotonin is high, and severe stress is prevalent in one's life; or, all around us, Learned Helplessness becomes a strong possibility of being developed.

    With increased serotonin, excess glycolysis is activated, forming more lactic acid. This excess lactic acid will reduce production of mitochrondrial respiration, causing less ATP formation in each cell of the body to drive its metabolic machinery.

    Hence, it is seen that TH (thyroid hormone; the active form, T-3) has helped monkeys overcome this condition when it was created in them in the laboratory. Have plenty on hand in your freezer; then, when the electricity goes, store in a cool, dry place.

    With all the estrogen mimetics in one's food now, such as soy, legumes; phthalates, as used in making fingernails; and, in making plastics harder, then we will see an avalanche of 'LH' and aggressiveness.. The reason for this is because estrogen is most important for aggressive animal behavior. And, what are we seeing everywhere throughout the world, in governments, police, military, citizenry...Aggressive Behavior in Animals...The two legged kind and now in feral animals too!

    So, keep the immediate above in mind and the following for when the times get even worse than they are just now! Estrogen promotes serotonin's actions. When the unrelenting stress appears, serotonin is increased in an animal and increased serotonin increases certain types of aggressiveness!


A Very Simple Solution:

    An observation among scientists is that among coffee drinkers, there is a low incidence of suicide.

    Coffee seems to work in opposition to the body's own serotonin; and SSRIs. This is the mechanism. "Serotonin excess causes several of the features of depression, such as learned helplessness and reduced metabolic rate, which implies a possible weight gain included with SSRIs.

    But, coffee stimulates the Uptake (inactivation or storage) of serotonin, increases metabolic energy, and tends to improve mood! In animal studies, it reverses the state of helplessness or despair, often more effectively than so–called antidepressants."— Ray Peat's Newsletter: Caffeine: A Vitamin–Like Nutrient, or Adaptogen. Questions About Tea And Coffee, Cancer and Other Degenerative Diseases, and the Hormones.

    This is why Dr. "B" carries with him for us on these great treks, coffee; not pure caffeine, which can give an uncontrollable high, among other problems. He recommends the following:

Singles Folgers Classic Roast!

More Below:

But, First...



The Best Self–Defense In A Gun Fight

Shoot Fast!

Don't Miss!

    There is much from Cardiologists, Nutritionists, Pharmacists, and especially The Ivy League Professors why one should be extremely careful in drinking coffee; or, avoiding it. Some have personally told Dr. "B" is that it is too addictive and dangerous for one with heart disease, etc.

    However, most of these people do not live in a real world; they have their tenured positions, salaried secured positions in research laboratories in well–protected buildings; retirement funds, and Big Pharma paying grants to their universities for their continued work. However, when things turn down for them, as in the Coming Total World–Wide Chaos, they will be in a world of Inescapable Stress.

    Have they prepared for it? Do they know what to do when it arrives? Will they recognize it when it comes?

What happens when their security blanket dissolves into threads?

    It will be sustained, unrelenting, and ongoing! This Inescapable Stress of Constancy will lead to their own undoing as many have explained to us, "It ain't gonna happen!" But...when it does, and there are:

  1. No Banks!

  2. No Money of Any Kind Will Buy Food In A Dwindling Food Supply!

  3. Sanitation & Potable Water Gone!

  4. No Guards of The Ivory Towers To Protect The Ivy Leaguers, as There Is One One Being Paid To Do So!

  5. Grid Down!

  6. Every Face A Potential Threat To One's Person!

  7. Retirements Gone...Bond Market Gone...Stock Market Gone...& More...

A Cup Of Coffee, Made With Coffee Singles; Or Brewed, Will Give The Following:

  • Coffee drinkers have a lower incidence of thyroid disease, including cancer, than non-drinkers.

  • Caffeine protects the liver from alcohol and acetaminophen (Tylenol) and other toxins, and coffee drinkers are less likely than people who don’t use coffee to have elevated serum enzymes and other indications of liver damage.

  • Caffeine protects against cancer caused by radiation, chemical carcinogens, viruses, and estrogens.

  • Caffeine synergizes with progesterone, and increases its concentration in blood and tissues.

  • Cystic breast disease is not caused by caffeine, in fact caffeine’s effects are likely to be protective; a variety of studies show that coffee, tea, and caffeine are protective against breast cancer.

  • Coffee provides very significant quantities of magnesium, as well as other nutrients including vitamin B1.

  • Caffeine “improves efficiency of fuel use” and performance: JC Wagner 1989.

  • Coffee drinkers have a low incidence of suicide.

  • Caffeine supports serotonin uptake in nerves, and inhibits blood platelet aggregation.

  • Coffee drinkers have been found to have lower cadmium in tissues; coffee making removes heavy metals from water.

  • Coffee inhibits iron absorption if taken with meals, helping to prevent iron overload.

  • Caffeine, like niacin, inhibits apoptosis, protecting against stress-induced cell death, without interfering with normal cell turnover.

  • Caffeine can prevent nerve cell death.

  • Coffee (or caffeine) prevents Parkinson’s Disease (Ross, et al., 2000).

  • The prenatal growth retardation that can be caused by feeding large amounts of caffeine is prevented by supplementing the diet with sugar.

  • Caffeine stops production of free radicals by inhibiting xanthine oxidase, an important factor in tissue stress.

  • Caffeine lowers serum potassium following exercise; stabilizes platelets, reducing thromboxane production.

    The Bulletted Items are from Dr. Ray Peat, Endocrine Physiologist, newsletter, Caffeine: A Vitamin–Like Nutrient, or Adaptogen, 2006.

The Problems We'll See In The Future, When The Survivors Get Through all This!

    This we know: Learning is impaired early in life, when stress is present. Early in life, with the type of stress the world is about to go through, we will see alcoholism, learned helplessness, shyness, withdrawn personalities, aggressive or compulsive behavior, and numerous other problems. One who remains normal, may feel the whole world has become an asylum or an animal farm.

    With the glucocorticoid system activated from undaunting stress and the body's own natural serotonin; or, that given to one by one's physician, an SSRI, if he is still alive and able to get medicines, we will see a situation unlike anything ever seen before. The situation breaking over us now, with serotonin activing the glucocorticoid system, will produce much brain atropy in the young, the middle–aged, and the elderly!

    With the isolation stress that will be arriving, the brain's own neurosteroids, which include pregnenolone and progesterone, will be increased by the stimulation of the stress; but, will falter, because of the unrelenting stress and not enough biochemicals to make its own neurosteroids.

    We, here at Chembio Headquarters in the Swiss Alps, see the wisdom of Dr. "B" having us store Ultra One and Mega–Mins without iron, as food will have vanished, along with the truckers and supermarkets.

    The isolation stress will be unlike anything we have ever experienced. During this type of stress, progesterone and pregnenolone, neurosteroids, will be decreased. This will definitely occur immediately after The Three Days Darkness! We will think we are totally alone! Isolation Stress!

    In the absence of these two neurosteroids, including others, serotonin and the glucococorticoid cascade will be quite unopposed.

    This implies Serotonin will go straight up in the bodies left alive! But, a plan is in existence for us. We just have to have been prepared to slug it out just for a while when the Darkness is Lifted!

    Then, what glorious things you and I will see!



    We are about to experience a state known as Parabiosis—which is the state of not being fully alive! One thing which may help is to go into Dopamine Dominance! It erases the habits and effects of Learned Helplessness. Hence, Dr. "B" recommends one have stored, and be on during this time, Macuna Pruiens, an herb to increase L–Dopa, which is metabolized, provided you have the reccommended vitamin and mineral supplements Dr. "B" recommends, into Dopamine—the feel good neurotransmitter!

    Therefore, one must incorporate now into his diet, the right balance of proteins in the form of amino acids; taking gelatin and glycine, to balance against excess tryptophane, cysteine, cystine, and excess methionine! One must use care in the avoidance of the unsaturated fatty acids, which are anti–metabolic—and can facilitate one in his mental sharpness and functioning.

    We are about to embark on the roughest bark (ship) through treacherous waters of our entire lifetime!

Making Bone Broth

    That's a hot link immediately above; after watching this video, it would be advisible to be on this and have been on Bone Broth, as it supplies Gelatin, which breaks down into certain amino acids without supplying the excititory ones which an adult needs much less of. Gelatin also supplies proline and glycine; both, healing also and helps against numerous diseases and glycine, in addition to the other properities gelatin supplies, helps with good restorative biological sleep.

    You can use any type of bone, beef, chicken, pork, and all combined in one pot; cooked for over several hours over simmering heat. Or, one may wish to pressure cook them for 40 minutes to an hour; then, follow as in the above video.

    We do not advise buying 'Bone Broth' from these various web sites paying a high price and, with things the way they are becoming, making your own, you know just what went into it!

    Dr. "B" has students saying they buy the broth for the intrinsic value that it supplies, as he has taught and The Kong Reports have elucidated numerous times, for when they run and will have liquid and the gelatin. What they are not considering, water weights a lot, and there will be various seasonings in the pre–prepared broth, often with too much salt and sugar, including other flavorings you may not want for health reasons.

    He suggests, carry packets; or in zipped locked bags, Knox Gelatin and, in separately marked bags, Glycine. Then, periodically, take a mouthfull of gelatin plus glycine powder and wash it down with water! You have reduced your load of carry, as just given, liquid (water) weights a lot. Do not waste valuable energy on excess fluids that you do not know what is really in them. Carry your own water!

    You want this combination because of the Inescapable Stress coming; especially, when you have to run for it! A few moments of such stress starts deteriorating reasoning ability and motion, leading to Learned Helplessness. This can help keep one up and running and overcome and cope with the inordinate stress at such time.

Knox Gelatin: Professional Know Gelatin Packets

This Is The Look of Inescapable Stress!

The Thousand Yard Stare!

The Thousand Yard Stare!

Remember The Modalities You Can Do From Above To Keep This From Coming On You, So You Can Keep Functioning!

Is This Another Indication, That Dr. "B" Knows
That Water & Temperature Are Going To Be Big Problems Throughout The World?

Primary Influences On Water Temperature For Inland Streams!

Go Here For More:

... To Be Continued ...

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