What You Can Do About Ionizing Radiation !
What You Must Know!

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Dr. "B" Gave This Lecture On Our Last Trek, Recently

Ionizing Radiation:

What You Can Do Now To Be Prepared For Its Arrival!

What It Is:

(An Important Part of Your Survival)

    Diarrhea, vomiting, quaking and trembling, and nausea are symptoms of radiation injury. But, there is more.

    Dr. "B" gave the following with comment from Free Radical Toxicology, from Target Organ Toxicology Series, a small section from Hematopoietic Toxicity, with comment, that we should know about.

    Exposure of humans to ionizing radiation induces bone–marrow depression and loeukemias. Patients undergoing radiation therepy, with doses in the low–to midlethal range, will have depression of bone marrow function with cessation of blood–cell production leading to pancytopenia (a reduction in the number of all types of cells circulating blood).

    Changes in peripheral blood profile usually occur within 24 h postirradiation. Lymphocytes are depressed most rapidly, followed by leukocytes, thrombocytes, and erythrocytes.

    Long–term effects of radiation either after a single exposure or multiple low doses results in the induction of leukemias. The leukemias most often associated are ALL (Acute lymphoblastic leukemia), AML (Acute myeloid leukemia), CML (Chronic myeloid leukemia), MDS (Myelodysplastic syndrome). Other conditions occasionally showing association include myeloma, some high–grade non–Hodgkin's lymphoma, and polycythemia rubra vera (excess red blood cell formation in bone marrow).

    A single exposure of high–dose gamma irradiation from the atomic bombings in Japan clearly demonstrated an excess of various types of leukemia, but mainly AML and ALL. Many studies have shown that radiation induces reactive oxygen species production in hematopoietic (blood forming) cells.

Commentary By Dr. "B": A quick pictorial review Reaction Oxygen Species, given several times in the pass:

  • Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)—Because oxygen is a free radical (Gilbert, 1981; Halliwell and Gutteridge, 2006), it has the tendency to form highly reactive oxygen species which can generate free radicals causing chain reactions and causing cellular component damage:

  • Reactive Oxygen Species

    Superoxide Anion


    Produced by the electron transport chain and at other sites. Generates other reactive oxygen species but cannot diffuse far from the site of origin.

    Hydrogen Peroxide

    Not a free radical, but can generate free radicals by reaction with a transition metal (e.g., iron: Fe2+). Can diffuse into and through cell membranes.

    Hydroxyl Radical

    The most reactive species in attacking biological molecules. Produced by water in the presence of iron (Fe2+).

    Organic Radicals

    An organic free radical produced from RH (Polyunsaturated Lipid) by OH. attack. RH can be the carbon of a double bond in a fatty acid (resulting in -C.=C-) or RSH (organic thiol) (resulting in R-S.)

    Organic Peroxide


    An organic peroxide radical, such as occurs during lipid degradation.

    Hypochlorous Acid

    Produced in bacteria during the respiratory burst to destroy invading organisms.

    Singlet Oxygen

    Oxygen with antiparallel spins. Produced at high oxygen tensions from the absorption of energy. Decays with the release of light.

        Oxygen is a two–edged sword. It's necessary for life. In order to use molecular oxygen, the human body had to evolve with this gas already here and had to learn how to use it and avoid its deadly effects. There may have been numerous times, if you and I were watching human evolution, that we thought human organisms would not make it.

        But, God had other plans. Mitochondria are now most definitely thought to have been a microbe using oxygen first and then somehow conjoined with other cells, evolving into what are now higher animals. Without them, we could not have used oxygen effectively. It was a 'marriage' made in heaven.

        Instead of making the higher organisms sick, they gave it energy, fueling the organism's requirement for growth, multiplying, and repair. In return, the organism gave food and greater protection to the bacteria. The symbiosis of the two probably took place 250 million to 150 million years ago in an epoch before the dinosaurs and evolved through their reign. A melding eventually took place and symbiosis faded as they became one.

        Evidence shows evolution probably used a trial and error situation in that during this first period, "a bacterium took up residence inside the body of an insect. The bacterium may have been friend, foe, or neither to its host." But this was later resolved after eons of time and friendship was established. — Science News, 'A More Perfect Union,' May 19, 2001. Karp, writing in his fourth edition, says of this matter:

    "Mitochondria have evolved from an ancient aerobic bacterium that took up residence inside the cytoplasm of an anaerobic host cell."

        The bacteria evidently learn through the trial and error of evolution. Otherwise, as soon as an organism begins using oxygen, the organism, being a collection of organic molecules, would immediately go into spontaneous combustion and vaporize. If the latter problem had already been solved by the planetary forces in its early beginning, and this spontaneous combustion was not a problem because of the spin restriction applied to oxygen, then later, or simultaneously, the friendship was established at the same time or shortly—in geologic time scales—thereafter, and oxygen was controlled and not immediately toxic as the spontaneous combustion problem was solved at the same time of oxygen's toxicity. This was a huge problem. But not so big that the Mind of God could not work it out.

    End of Commentary.

        A seven– to eightfold increase in SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) was found in the bone marrow of rats following 3 d of irradiation of these animals. Further, SOD activity in mouse bone marrow increased by 40% 1 h after a lethal dose of radiation. Glutathione p[eroxidase and catalase were also increased. Increases in glucose–6–phosphate dehydrogenase activity in normal and turmor tissues on exposure to ionizing radiation have also been noted, presumably to enhance the endogenous capacity to eliminate the radiation–induced peroxide via the hexose monophosphate shunt pathway.

        In humans, following exposure to ionizing radiation for 5 h, erythrocyte SOD content decreased about 75–89% suggesting damage to SOD. In another study Petkau reported higher levels of SOD in atomic radiation workers when compared to controls. These data suggest that SOD activity is modulated, presumably due to increased oxygen radical production in humans and animals.

    Commentary By Dr. "B":

    Do you recall about the SOD tables we have advised people to be on and stay on now for the coming Earth Changes? It is not hard to see why one was told this; but, as given earlier: 'You Can't Sell Prevention!'

    End of Commentary.

        There are two modes of DNA damage by ionizing radiation: one is the so–called ionization and excitation of DNA directly by ionizing radiation. The process can lead to breakage of chemical bonds in DNA, and reactive short–lived free radicals are formed. These short–lived free radicals can further damage DNA.

        The Second mode of DNA damage, which is believed to be the major intracellular radiation damage, is due to radiolysis of water leading to the fmation of three short–lived reactive species, the hydrated (or, solvated) electron (e–aq), the H. atom, and the hydroxyl radical, all of which can damage DNA.

    Commentary By Dr. "B":

    Also, recall the various indepth discussions of Carnosine or aminoguanidine. They are a free radical sink for the hydroxyal radical! Be on two morning; two night—At the first indication of Nuclear Disintegration, go to six each daily in divided doses!

    End of Commentary By Dr. "B":

        The hydroxyl radical appears to be the most physiologically relevant oxidant that induces DNA damage. The chemistry of DNA damage by the hydroxyl radical is very complex and generates multiple products. Early radiation–chemical studies with aqueous DNA solutions showed that the radiation–chemical studies with aqueous DNA solutions showed that the radiation–produced hydroxyl radicals reacted with both the base and sugar components but predominantly with the former in the ratio 3 to 1.

        The extents of destruction of the pyrimidines were somewhat higher than those of the purines and in solutions containing oxygen, peroxidation of the pyrimidines occurred. On the other hand, hydroxyl radical attack on sugar moiety was found to lead to strand breakage and also to the release of free bases. Formation of 8–hydroxydeoxyguanosine (8–OHdG) and 5–hydroxymethylturach (from thymine) moieties has been detected in DNA following its γ–irradiation in aqueous solution. Severalfold increases in 8–OHdG production were observed in DNA of irradiated cells in vitro or in vivo and in mice and humans exposed to ionizing radiation. These studies thus demonstrated that massive oxididative DNA damage by oxygen free radicals can be induced following to exposure to ionizing radiation.

    Commentary By Dr. "B":

    Consider all the medical radiations in the form of CAT Scans, X–rays, dental, etc., one has been exposed to; or, if one has had cancer and radiations as well as chemotherapy was used for its cure, there is a chance in 7 or more years, a new cancer may/will develop because of what you have been reading in this document. Protect now: Get on and stay on all the substances we have named, with more to come.

    Incidently, we are seeing a lot of 'ChemoBrain' of those who had Chemotherapy—A process from the Chemotherapy that develops Cognitive Dysfunctions!

    End of Commentary By Dr. "B":

        Radiation has been shown in vitro to induce cell transformation of many cell types including hematopoietic stem cells. Most of the research in vitro, relating free radicals in cell transformation by radiation, however, has been done in nonhematopoietc cell lines. For example, ascorbic acid, a free–radical scavenger, suppresses neoplastic transformation of C3H10T1/2 cells and Balb/c 3T3 cells by radiation. Overexpression of mitochondrial SOD has been shown to Suppress the radiation–induced neoplastic transformation.

        Furthermore, addition of SOD was found to protect Phospholipid membranes and macrophage progenitor cells of mouse bone marrow from from radiation damage.

        These results suggest that oxygen radicals play an important role in cellular damage and neoplastic transformation induced by ionizing radiation.

        Administration of antioxidant enzymes or antioxidant mimics to animals or humans has been shown to offer protection against radiation induced lethality or damage, suggesting that oxygen radicals play a role in cellular damage in intact animals. Intravenous administration of SOD protected mice against radiation–induced lethality. Marginal protection was reported when polyethylene glycolcatalase was given to female B6C3F1 mice before irradiation.

        Selenium (Se) administration to mice increased the catalase activity 24 h after the administration and presumably is involved in detoxification of radiation–induced formation of hydrogen peroxide.

    Commentary By Dr. "B":

    Get & Be On Vitamic C, Ascorbic Acid. I take between 8 to 10 grams daily! Also, be on Selenium, as given above.

    Be on the following NOW!

    • Se–Methyl L–Selenocysteine. One daily

    • Copper & Zinc: One daily each of 3 mg copper; 50 mg zinc.

    • Super K with Advanced K2 Complex; one daily for strong bones and repair.

    • CoQ10: 100 mg daily for the electron transport system to develop ATP; the energy currency of the body. Especially needed when cells are damage.

    • Thyroid Hormone, T3 to rebuild and enhance the mitochondria of the cells of the organism; building ATD and CO2. Carbon Dioxide is valuable for numerous reactions in the body; such as, building strong bones, relaxing blood vessels extrapoling to lower blood pressure. It is used in a cancer treatments and has a great record without all the chemotherapy and radiation damage to an organism.

    • NADH, Sublingual. This is also included in the Electron Transport Chain; which is one of three stages of Cellular Respiration, necessary for energy to repair and rebuild tissues.

    • For the unrelenting Stress coming, and Panic Attacks, Anxiety manisfestations, take 6–500 mg capsules of Inositol, two—three times daily.

    • As you heard from above, ..."Thiols can afford protection against DNA damage." Therefore, another reason to eat Red Meat Now! Also, store for this time when all hell breaks out from the roilling Sun, Nuclear Fallout Bringing Radiation with it, the following amino acids with thiol groups: Methionine, Cystein, Cystine!

    • And, there is more we will give about Carbon Dioxide, etc,. in the Chembio Update Newsletters.

    End of Commentary By Dr. "B":

        Hydroxyl radicals have 10– to 60–fold higher reaction rates with many thiols than with DNA, and therefore thiols can afford protection against DNA damage.

        For example WR-2721, a phosphorothionate, derivative of cysteamine, provides protection against radiation lethalitxy in mice. The use of this drug in humans was limited by its side effects such as nausea and vomiting. Administration of Se 6 h prior to WR–2721 administration increased the radioprotection by WR–2721 and reduced its acvute toxicity.

        Selenium GSHPx in bone marrow increased 30–40% 24 h after the administration of Se. It was found that this drug in combination with 2–mercvaptopropionylglycine (MPG), another thiol drug, was able to reduce chromosomal aberrations induced by radiation in mouse bone marrow.

        The consequences of oxidative DNA damage by ionizing radiation include, among many others, chromosomal aberrations, oncogene activation and/or tumor suyppressor gene deactivation, programmed cell death (apoptosis), and alteration of cytokine production, all of which have been proposed to contribute to mematopoetic toxicity and neoplasia. These effects and their relative contributions in different types of mematopoietic toxicity and neoplasia are dealth with in detain later in this review.

    Dr. "B" Further Pointed Out:

    One of the big problems we will have in the immediate future is with energy; we are seeing this now in people from all walks of life and ages.

    Cytochrome C oxidase is the crucial enzyme for respiration, ATP formation. Some of the conditions exist now that is causing this decrease in this enzyme.

    Diet with excess PUFAs and vitamin E deficiency, incorporating all the Es. This, coupled with the ionizing radiations coming, and with oxygen deprivation from the oxygen tension down than what it was centuries ago; compounded with an aging individual, will lead to this very crucial enzyme being less than it is even now in an organism.

    What makes this enzyme so crucial is that it participates in the final transference of electrons to oxygen. The point of all this electron transport is Oxidative Phosphorylation, which is the generation of ATP coupled to the Electron Transport Chain.

    Copper and CoQ–10 are necessary for this crucial enzyme! Hence, more why you need to consider Copper and Ubiquinol for this time just about upon us!

    Then, Dr. "B" Spoke of The Following:

    Stresses, including Oxygen deprivation, including Ionizing Radiation, and other types of stress, generates the increase formation of Estrogen. Estrogen causes cells to multiply by shifting engery formation to glycolysis, which produces more energy without the use of oxygen.

    Estrogen, causes an anti–respiration substance formation, which is carbon monoxide (Tschuggeuel, et al., 2001). Hydrogen Sulfide is another Mitochondrial Oxidation inhibitor (Lechuga, et al., 2015).

    Remember all that we did and illustrated about the Protective Mask (aka 'Gas Mask') and how to attach an oxygen bottle to it? You will need it now, sooner than later.

    Putting It All Together!

    Are You Truly Ready?


    Some of The Reasons You Want A Baking Soda Solution To Sip (About A Tablespoon) On Three Times Daily

    Procedure: Take a 16 oz bottle of water; place two teaspoons Arm&Hammer Baking Soda into the water; Shake; sip a tablespoon three times daily: morning, 2 pm, and night. Keep solution in refrigerator or in place out of direct sunlight.

    Baking Soda generates Carbon Dioxide

    And, Carbon Dioxide does the following:

    • Carbon Dioxide helps control the electronic state, protecting molecules that are essential from random oxidations, reductions, and excitations by lowering the pH.

    • The more your body tissues retain Carbon Dioxide; the CO2 will reduce radiation damage to the tissues!

    • Carbon Dioxide, as well as high quality protein, stimulates stronger bone formation. The America Journal of Physiology, 1996, July 271 (1 Pt 2):F216–22, writes:

      Metabolic alkalosis decreases bone calcium efflux by suppressing osteoclasts and stimulating osteoblast.

      The study authors further point out "These results suggest that the provision of base to neutralize endogenous acid production may improve bone mineral accretion." That is, stronger bone build up!

    • This chemical helps in bacteria with broken or fragmented DNA, and Carbon Dioxide appears to be the major thing in their ability for their proteins to keep function when their DNA has been broken by ionizing radiation that is intense. This may help considerably in higher organisms!

    Note This:

    Many women are told to stop taking a thyroid supplement when osteoporosis is diagnosed, but hypothyroidism often leads to hyperprolactinema and hypercortisolemia, which are two of the most clearly established causes of osteoporosis. Calcitonin, vitamin D-active metabolite, and estrogen-”HRT” treaments can cause respiratory alkalosis (relative hyperventilation),[19-24] and hypothyroidism produces a predisposition to hyperventilation.[25] Hyperventilation tends to cause calcium loss. In respiratory alkalolis, CO2 (and sometimes bicarbonate) are decreased, impairing calcium retention, and in “metabolic alkalosis,” with increased bicarbonate, calcium is retained more efficiently and bone formation is stimulated, and its dissolution is suppressed.

    Other women are told to reduce their protein consumption, or to take fluoride or whatever drug has been most recently promoted. A protein deficiency is a clear cause of osteoporosis, and bone density corresponds to the amount of protein consumed. Milk protein, especially, protects against osteoporosis, independently of milk’s other important nutrients. Too much fluoride clearly increases the risk of bone fractures,[26] and the side effects of other drugs haven’t been properly studied in humans, while they often have dangerous effects in animals.

    Calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin B6- , vitamin K, and vitamin D are important for the development and maintenance of bones. For example, a vitamin A deficiency limits the synthesis of progesterone and proteins. In calcium deficiency, parathyroid hormone is increased, and tends to cause the typical changes of aging, shifting calcium from hard tissues to soft, and decreasing the ratio of extracellular to intracellular (excitatory) calcium.

    Polyunsaturated fats are converted to prostaglandins (especially under the influence of estrogen), and several prostaglandins have toxic effects on bone. Those fats also suppress the formation of thyroid hormone and progesterone. The increased use of the unsaturated oils has coincided with the increase of osteoporosis.

    The oxidation of proteins caused by free radicals is increased with aging and by the use of unsaturated fats, and it contributes to tissue atrophy, including the age-related shrinkage of the bones. In animal studies, “adequate” dietary protein, 13.8% of the diet (equivalent to about 80 grams per day for a person) is associated with more oxidative damage to tissue proteins than the very high protein diets, 25.7% or 51.3%, that would be equivalent to about 150 or 300 grams of protein daily for a person.[27] Yet, many physicians recommend a low protein diet to protect against osteoporosis.

    Avoiding fluoridated water and the polyunsaturated oils, and drinking two quarts of milk daily (which will provide only 66 grams of protein), and using some other nutrient-rich foods such as eggs and fruits, are probably the basic things to protect the bones. For vitamins, especially K, occasional liver can be helpful. Meats, fruits, leaves, and coffee are rich in magnesium.

    Some people have argued that the acidity of urine produced by eating meat causes calcium loss. However, a high protein diet also improves the absorption of calcium by the intestine. Another overlooked function of dietary protein is that it stimulates insulin secretion, and insulin is anabolic for bone.[28]

    The same diet that protects against osteoporosis, i.e., plenty of protein and calcium, etc., also protects against kidney stones and other abnormal calcifications.

    From: Bone Density: First Do No Harm, By Ray Peat, Endocrine Physiologist, Ph.D.

        Folks! Are You Ready With All This? Soon, There Will Be No Supplements, Nutraceuticals, No Food! And, No Doctors! Are You Truly Prepared?

    Here's Even More About Carbon Dioxide:

    From Dr. Ray Peat's Newsletter Lactate Vs CO2 In Wounds, Sickness, and Aging; The Other Approach To Cancer

    The features of the stress metabolism include increases of stress hormones, lactate, ammonia, free fatty acids, and fat synthesis, and a decrease in Carbon Dioxide.

    Factors that lower the stress hormones, increase carbone dioxide, and help to lower the circulating free fatty acids, lactate, and ammonia, include bitamin B1 (to increase CO2 and reduce lactate), niacinamide (to reduce free fatty acids), sugar (to reduce cortisol, adrenaline, and free fatty acids), salt (to lower adrenaline),...

    Here, Dr. "B" makes a commentary: 'Everyone thinks salt is a nasty four letter word, because of the doctors who demonize it; but, consider this, with the undaunting, unrelenting stress, cortisol goes up causing adrenaline to go to precipitious levels; however, a sugar cube will control it included with SALT; just a few pinches on the tongue periodically or sooner, depending on the Stress Response. A fourth of a Prednisone,10 mg tablet, does add to the Stress Response's reduction!

    ... thyroid hormone (to increase CO2). Vitamins D, K, B6 and biotin are also closely involved with Carbon Dioxide metabolism. Biotin deficiency can cause aerobic glycolysis with increased fat synthesis (Marshall, et al., 1976)

        Therefore, Increasing Carbon Dioxide during vaulting Stress Decreases Stress Hormones! And, Carbon Dioxide decreases Lactic Acid Formation! Dr. Ray Peat Says it this way.

    The hypoglycemia and related events resulting from accelerated glycolysis provided a stimulus for increased acdtivity of the adaptive hormones, including cortisol.

    Cortisol helps to maintain blood sugar by increasing the conversion of protein to, and mobilizing free fatty acids from fat stores. The free fatty acids inhibit the the use of glucose, so the stress metabolism relies largely on the consumption of amino acids.

    This increases the formation of ammonia, yet the combination of glycolysis and fat oxidation provides less carbon dioxide, which is needed for the conversion of ammonia to urea. Ammonia stimulates the formation of lactate, while carbon dioxide inhibits it.

        "Ammonia or Ammonium," Dr. "B" points out, "is very toxic to the body; hence, Stress increases Stress Metabolism, which increases Amino Acids degradation into Ammonia (Ammonium), which stimulates lactate formation; and, Carbon Dioxide decreases Ammonia (Ammonium)."

    But First, You've Got To Do Something: Prevention...And, You Can't Sell Prevention! . . . Unless . . .


    The Best Self–Defense In A Gun Fight

    Shoot Fast!

    Don't Miss!

    ... To Be Continued ...

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