What's Out There When The Nukes Come !

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Well, Folks! Dr "B" Is Reviewing Me In All Haste!


What's Out There

For You When The Nukes Come!

He's Reviewing The Kong and ShootingStar On All Sorts of Things We Need To Have At The Forefront of Our Brains And Fingertips. It Was Extremely Intensified.

This Is What He Is Reviewing Us On:

You Must Be Prepared For It

What Would Happen If An Atomic Bomb (Now, H-Bomb)

Fell On Your City?

    Imagine even one atomic bomb being dropped on an American city --- your city, for example. Many thousands of persons would be killed instantly. Many thousands of others would be wounded and in need of immediate care. Many hundreds more would be trapped or buried in the wreckage. Every street within the major damage area would be completely blocked with rubble. Fires would start within a matter of minutes in many places at once.

    The Bomb's Destruction Will Come Within Stages. Remember This! Remember This! Or, it will get you killed, injured, maimed, and more.

    Vaporizations would occur within seconds...Recall This: You will see, The Flash! The Thermalizations! The Charcoal Formed Within Seconds of Those That Did Not Vaporize...Throughout all this, the Thermal Burns and Burning of Flesh; then, The Blast Wave Arrives!

    If one understands this sequence, they can save themselves if...and...only if, they know what to do the very instance The Flash Arrives. Go Back and See This Again. It should have more meaning to you than just entertainment; or, you are DEAD!

    These are the main things that could happen, but there are others. For instance, a large part of the city's food supply might be destroyed or cut off. Now-a-days, it will be cut off! Understand that.

    Regular communications will be cut off completely! Or, totally destroyed! The water supply will go; police services, including fire, and other city services will be gone altogether, since there there will be NO City!

    The entire transportation system will be gone! Folks, think of all this. It is very dire. There will be Mass Chaos...Mass Destruction in every direction you look.

    See This . . . .When you watch this, keep in mind the Reinforcement of the other videos above.

    Suddenly...suddenly...thousands upon thousands of survivers, sick, wounded, irradiated, etc., would find themselves homeless and without hope and help...unless they know what we are trying to communicate to you, if you take this seriously and Not for Just ... Uh..Huh...That's Interesting.... The mindset in America and the rest of the world is set for one thing now, Being Entertained...Not having to do for self, when the going gets real tough, unlike anything there has ever been.

    There will be No Food, No Shelter, No Clothing, No Money! No Sanitation!



The Following Is
An Adaptation From

This Is Civil Defense
Federal Civil Defense Administration, 1951


What Could Happen Without Civil Defense? It's Gone Now...and FEMA is not prepared for this...

  Ask the Japanese.

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki had almost no civil defense as we know it. When atomic bombs were dropped, their citizens were almost completely unprepared. Result: The people panicked badly. Many thousands were needlessly hurt or killed, families were broken up, property was lost.

    Thousands were left homeless with no one to care for them. They fended for themselves. The wounded and helpless, who might otherwise have lived, died because proper civil defense was not organized to save them.

    But there was something of even greater importance to a nation that was fighting for its life. The fact there was no civil defense meant that the factories left standing after the atomic blast could not operate.

    Without civil defense, a nation is helpless. With it, cities can get up off the floor and fight back after an attack. Casualties can be cut in half.

    And, since there is none out there now for YOU, you must learn, prepare, and be ready on your own!

What Are The Biggest Civil Defense Problems?

    Public education, training, and organization...but...in America, when the holocaust hits, it will be too late, as all this training and shelters have been long scrapped! You can not resurrect them overnight; or, in a few weeks to a few months. You, as The Kong Reports have been saying, have to know something and do for self and family.

    Dr. "B: has been warning us again, as he has felt from the Signs of The Times and we have given them here, "It is right up on us!"

    We need civil defense training immediately for hundreds of thousands of Americans, and intensive education in self-protection for millions more. The most staggering civil defense problem is the size of the training and organization jobs to be done.

    Try to picture the number of trained workers that would be needed to handle an attack situation. As an example, a single first-aid station should consist of almost several hundred workers now in America. As an example, a single first-aid station in 1951, should consist of almost 200 workers. They could handle about 600 wounded people in 24 hours. Now, it is much worse!

    Nearly 100 such first-aid stations would be needed to care for those injured by one Hiroshima-size atomic bomb. So, more than 20,000 first-aid workers (1951) would be needed for each atomic bomb, and this doesn't include hospital staffs.

    But, hospitals will be non-existent; so will be medicines, unless you have read and done accordingly from our medicine page.

    Before first-aiders could reach the wounded, an engineering service as large or even larger would be needed to clear the rubble. Without preparation, all that would be gone from the blast.

    A highly trained rescue service would be needed to get people out of wrecked or burning buildings, provided underground services had been prepared for the blast.

    A large and efficient supply service would be needed to bring in food, clothing, and medicine. There would be other jobs of putting out fires, restoring utilities, caring for the homeless, gathering families together again, feeding the people, and getting the factories and community life rolling once more.

    Most of the ways of meeting atomic disaster are not new or different, except in size. The biggest problem is to prepare ourselves to handle catastrophes greater than any that have ever struck the United States. The problem can be met only through civil defense. Each of us must have a job to do if trouble comes --- and must know how to do it.

    With these last two paragraphs, Dr. "B" said, "Civil Defense is gone! FEMA is here now. And, do you want to know what is going to happen, if...I said...if neighboring cities and towns are still up! Do you think the truckers are going to roll when gangs are roving for food and loot? If you believe all this is going to happen with someone coming to your aid while and when things are still up in neighboring cities, then remember New Orleans during Katrina with FEMA's help!"

    Do not live in a dream world! You must be your own First Responder and more!

Get The Following Immediately!

By Now You Know Why.

If Not White...Paint It White!

White Hard Hat! Get It Now!

Bomb Rules!

Did You Get That?

Remove This Sheet And Keep It With You

Until You've Memorized It!

When The Bomb Goes Off...Don't Be There!

Are You Truly Ready?


Homeland Security WMD Radiation & Nuclear Awareness!

Do Not Look At The Flash!

Radiant Heat Is One of The Principal Causes of Casualties From A Nuclear Weapons Air Burst!


Read This From The Plutonium Files—Eileen Welsome

On Hiroshima, The Morning of August , 8:15

It was as if 'a small piece of the sun' had descended upon the city.

For three weeks the city reeked of the stench of death from the small desert animals killed in the blast....

A sixteen–year old postal worker named Sumiteru Taniguchi was blown off his bicycle and knocked unconscious. When he came to, he realized the skin from his shoulder to his fingertips had been peeled off and was hanging down 'like a tattered old rag.'

Some complained of heat—enough to ignite clothes, others felt only mild warmth (this was from the initial radiation and flash).

Bill Griffin, a marine, who arrived in Nagasaki on November 1, 1945...said, the bombing victims, ... were horribly disfigured by thermal burns...

At the hypocenter, the place on the ground directly below where the bomb was detonated, thousands of Japanese citizens were instantly incinerated. Those who were not killed on the spot suffered grotesque injuries. Their skin, burned by the flash and torn loose by the blast, hung like rags from their bodies. In an effort to ease the agony of burnt flesh touching burnt flesh, they walked through the city like sleepwalkers, with their arms and hands held out in front of them, their skin hanging from their fingertips and chins.


People were so horribly burned from the thermal radiation, they walked down streets with their arms outstretched as the skin hung flapping in the wind or breeze. Many were seen with the skin hanging from their face and chins.

Avoid The Flash!

Because That Is Thermal Radiation!

Understand This Following!

And Be Advised:

Electric fields are the primary cause of damage by nuclear radiation to biological systems. The mechanism for biological damage by both neutrons and gamma rays is the production of charged particles of considerable energy. These particles, recoiling ions in the case of neutrons or electrons in the case of gamma rays, have intense electric fields associated with them. The electric forces these fields generate produce breaks in DNA and chromosomes, for example, that are deleterious to cell division or to genetic material.

Nuclear Arms Race by Craig and Jungerman


This is ionization. To help prevent breaking of the sugar phosphate in the genetic code, we recommend Alpha Lipoic Acid and N–Acetyl–L–Cysteine, four daily, of each, in divided doses.

They also point out:

If one detects the flash of a nuclear explosion (which arrives almost instantaneously) and survives the heat radiation, it may be possible to seek shelter before the blast wave arrives. The distance to the detonation point may be estimated in the same way one estimates the distance of thunder—by counting seconds and allowing 5 seconds per mile.

Cut This Out And Have It On You At All Times!

Memorize It...

60-Second Nuclear Detonation Training For First Responders

Blast Effects on Human Beings

    There can be eardrum rupture. Internal viscera can be damaged. A reflected shock wave that is experienced by a person on the side of a brick wall facing the blast wave is 2 to 9 times greater than if that person is on the other side of a brick wall, down, in a fetal position facing opposite to the wall, with arms and hands covering back of neck and head.

    When you perceive a flash of unknown orgin to your front, back, or side, with an eerie light, do not look. Get down behind cover and if possible, on the side opposite of the wall, culvert, etc., of the blast. The point being: Be on the opposite side of the wall, etc., if possible from which the blast wave comes. In all cases, "Turn...Duck...Cover!" They are no longer teaching this!

    However, keep in mind, that injuries and fatalities from the blast wave are caused by indirect effects; such as, objects becoming missiles; or, the person himself becomes a missile and is hurled, striking objects. Also, keep in mind that with an overpressure of 4 psi, this causes a window of glass to shatter, generating hundreds of flying shards! They can travel at 120 miles per hour and cause serious or deadly wounds.

Why You Want To Imprint Into Your Body:


Blast Effects From 4,000 Feet Explosion of a 1–megaton Nuclear Bomb!

What Will Bring This All About...The Nuclear War...That is?

    For some time, Dr. "B" has pointed out that the Nuclear War will start overseas with NATO. And, instantly progress to America. Russia knows that they must do a 'Pre–emptive Strike' on Nato with EMPs under 2 to 6 miles high, since those NATO countries, with any U. S. Missiles, some carrying nuclear war heads, close to the Russian border, would cause EMP pulses to also hit Eastern Russia, where Moscow is situated.

    As NATO countries get further away from the Russian border, 100 or more miles, Russia can send EMP burst higher and higher as the NATO countries get further and further away from the border of Russia. This is because the earth curves approximately every 20 miles or so and the burst, as they get higher would hit the earth's major curve stop point and their nuclear missile warheads could go to 100 miles or so before there is a breakover point of EMPs that would reach Russia.

    Dr. "B" further points out about NATO, from the inventor of the Neutron Bomb, Sam Cohen, in his book, The Truth About The Neutron Bomb:

NATO's defense is founded on a myth. The myth involves our belief that the Soviets will play according to NATO ground rules and not use nuclear weapons—unless we force them do do so by using them first....The Soviets would render NATO militarily impotent within a matter of minutes, the time it takes Soviet ballistic missiles to go from their launchers to their targets.

Considering the extreme vulnerability of the tactical nuclear establishment on the Continent and the fact that the Soviets would not attack without expecting to win... If there is a large–scale aggression the Soviets have every incentive to neutralize NATO's nuclear arsenal by launching an attack against it.The Troubled Partnership, Henry A. Kissinger (New York: McGraw–Hill, 1965).

    Note this in the immediate above: "...would not attack without expecting to win..."

Homeland Security WMD Radiation & Nuclear Awareness!

What Else You Need To Be Aware of When The Bomb Goes Off!

Movie_1.gif: Nuclear Blast With Flash, Etc...!    When the bomb explodes, there will be a fireball, which the initial brightness is The Flash that decreases quickly. However, for a number of seconds later, the fireball will keep glowing. Still, do not look at the flash; nor the unusually bright fireball.

    Then, as the blast wave develops, between the flash and blast wave, temperatures rise very quickly that can vaporize things, even animate and inaminate objects. This is a thermal radiation, which the eye is the most sensitive too! Therefore, do not look, even for a second, at the flash; nor, the developing fireball. You do not have time to look; then, decide to Turn Away, Duck, and go for Cover! Burn this into your mind or the thermal radiation will burn your body, mind, or both in an instant.

    You can also get damage from thermal energy that is Reflected from objects; hence, it is wise to have light colored clothes on. White is the best, as the heat it absorbs takes longer to burst into flames. This is dependent upon time and distance. What one is wearing can make a difference from 1st, 2nd., or 3rd., degree burns.

    If a nuclear blast occurs in smog, fog, or other conditions such that the atmosphere is full of particles or water vapor, these may cause a great amount of weakening of the thermal radiation. Keep in mind: The effects of thermal radiation are dependent upon the weather.

    Firestorms are another item that can occur; dependent upon the presence of combustibles where the bomb goes off.

Regardless, There Are Two Things That Must Be Considered:

The combustibles in the area of the city when the Bomb Explodes. This can create a firestorm such that the surrounding air is sucked into the fire, creating a more intense fire...the firestorm. Anything in a bomb shelter in the immediate area will be left in a near vaccum as air is forced out of the shelter to provide the oxygen for the fire, as the prevailing oxygen is used up in the fire storm; therefore, the 'feeding' air from shelters, if it can escape, leaves less to no air—with its oxygen, for the shelter's occupants!

    And, as the blast wave passes, compressing air outward and creating a partial vaccum, the shelters will be devoid of air containing oxygen!

    Or, the temperature can be so high near the bomb shelter, as happened during WW II, in the Dresden, Germany, bombings, many people can be killed by high temperatures directly acting on the shelter's occupants; or, by the loss of air occurring at the same time!

    Therefore, one will have to be prepared for the Partial Vacuum, and the Heating Effect of the shelter. The following video may help you stay alive. But, it will take discipline for the occupants of the shelter; and, reflective material being applied if an underground or basement shelter to keep the heat down from a possible firestorm if your shelter is in the midst of a firestorm; or, under one's dwelling built of wood on piers.

    Therefore, if one meets any of the above two criteria for vaccum and/or firestorm, then prepare accordingly with oxygen bottles or oxygen tank(s); buried in the shelter—6 to 8 inches down—to keep them from exploding and feeding the firestorm. If your shelter floor is concrete, then have water for cooling, with spigots, so that you can cool down both the shelter occupants and the oxygen bottles.

    When you are in your shelter, whichever you have chosen, be mindful that you do not allow hyperventilation, noise, smoking, or eating when the oxygen is low. Do not allow excited talking or excessive talking as it will use or demand more oxygen! Noise increases the stress response, increasing excitation and demanding more oxygen on the biochemical level!

    Talk one down from hyperventilation by speaking softly to them, telling them to breathe in deep and let it out slowly. Have them continue this action until they have gotten control of themselves.

    Do not allow excesssive use of oxygen by turning on the bottle(s) and/tank(s) by various individuals. Somebody will inevitably try to do that. Simply squirt a flow of oxygen in the direction of the people sitting against the bunker, periodically! This will give them what they need to stay alive. Spray several times a minute in the direction of the people present in the bunker. You will make it through this awesome time by following control and discipline. It will not be a lot of air; but, it will sustain life!

How To Help Stay Cool!

Get The Oxygen Bottles/Tanks/Sprayers!


Oxygen Bottles, Sprayer Bottle, Pump Sprayer!

What Do You Learn From This?

See This & Get Prepared!

Why Nagasaki Really Happened!

    From what you have seen, it would be advisible to get and have on hand now, the following:

  • Prednisone (10 mg tables; scored to divide them in halves or more).

  • Tetracycline Antibiotic (broad spectrum).

  • Silvadene (Silver Sulfadiazine).

  • Colloidal Silver Solution & Spray Bottle.

  • Se–Methyl L–Selenocysteine, 200 mcg. Selenium will be excellent for stimulating T–cells of the immune system to fight the horrendous infections at this time! Take one daily.

  • Special Vitamin & Mineral Tablets, Such As Ultra One Vitamins Without Iron and Mega Mins: Hold The Iron, by Nature's Plus.

  • White Clothing (Loose & Baggy).

    Remember This: During A Nuclear Blast, White Absorbs Radiant Heat, and Before It Burst Into Flames, The Blast Wave Arrives and Blows Everything To Pieces!

    That is why You Turn...Duck...Cover!

    If The Radiant Heat Doesn't Get You...The Blast Wave Will...Within Seconds To A Minute Or So...


    Do You Remember This:


  • White Turban (Cotton) or Towel, Turban For Women or Men for Hair, or White Cotton Sheet to Cover Total Body.

  • Aspirin, Full Strength. Not Tylenol!

  • Radiation Detector! Learn How To Use It Properly.

... To Be Continued ...

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, any copyrighted work in this message is distributed under fair use without profit or payment for non-profit research and educational purposes only. [Reference:Cornell Law School]

In An UpComing Issue:
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Something You Need To Know For What's Coming

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