You Can Survive An Atomic Attack !

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We Practiced This In The Ardennes, Black Forest, & The Alps


Learned Things That Are No Longer Taught!

We Learned:

"Survival Under Atomic Attack!"

We Practiced Much In My Castle; Then, Went Down Into The Cities For Practice!

First, He Reviewed Us On Mechanics of Movement. And, Since It Was Cold, We Did Special Warm Up Exercises!

Then, Had Us Don Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, & Gloves.



Executive Office of the President
National Security Resources Board
Civil Defense Office
NSRB Doc. 130


You can live through an atom bomb raid and you won't have to have a Geiger counter, protective clothing, or special training in order to do it.

The secrets of survival are:



Atom-Splitting Is Just Another Way Of Causing An Explosion

    To begin with, you must realize that atom-splitting is just another way of causing an explosion. While an atom bomb holds more death and destruction than man has ever before wrapped in a single package, its total power is definitely limited. Not even hydrogen bombs could blow the earth apart or kill us all by mysterious radiation.

Your Chances of Surviving an Atomic Attack Are Better Than You Might Have Thought

    Because the power of all bombs is limited, your chances of living through an atomic attack are much better than you may have thought. In the city of Hiroshima, slightly over half the people who were a mile from the atomic explosion are still alive. At Nagasaki, almost 70 percent of the people a mile away from the bomb lived to tell their experiences. Today thousands of survivors of these two atomic attacks live in new houses built right where their old ones once stood. The war may have changed their way of life, but they are not riddled with cancer. Their children are normal. Those who were temporarily unable to have children because of the radiation now are having children again.

What Are Your Chances?

Close To the Explosion, Your Chances Are Only One Out of Ten

    If a modern A-bomb exploded without warning in the air over your home town tonight, your calculated chances of living through the raid would run something like this:

    Should you happen to be one of the unlucky people right under the bomb, there is practically no hope of living through it. In fact, anywhere within one-half mile of the center of the explosion, your chances of escaping are about 1 out of 10.

    On the other hand, and this is the important point, from one-half to 1 mile away, you have a 50-50 chance.

Beyond A Half Mile, Your Chances of Surviving Increase Rapidly

    From 1 to 1 ½ miles out, the odds that you will be killed are only 15 in 100.

    And at points from 1 ½ to 2 miles away, deaths drop all the way down to only 2 out of 3 out of each 100.

    Beyond 2 miles, the explosion will cause practically no deaths at all.

Injury By Radioactivity Does Not Necessarily Mean You Are Doomed To Die Or Be Crippled

    Naturally, your chances of being injured are far greater than your chances of being killed. But even injury by radioactivity does not mean that you will be left a cripple, or doomed to die an early death. Your chances of making a complete recovery are much the same as for everyday accidents. These estimates hold good for modern atomic bombs exploded without warning.

What About Super Bombs?

Don't Be Misled By Wild Talk Of ‘Super-Super Bombs'

    Do not be misled by loose talk of imaginary weapons a hundred or a thousand times as powerful. All cause destruction by exactly the same means, yet one 20,000-ton bomb would not create nearly as much damage as 10,000 two-ton bombs dropped a little distance apart. This is because the larger bombs "waste" too much power near the center of the explosion. From the practical point of view, it doesn't matter whether a building near the center of the explosion is completely vaporized or whether it is simply knocked into a pile of rubble.

Doubling a Bomb's Power Doesn't Mean Doubling The Damage It Will Do

    To be more specific, a modern atomic bomb can do heavy damage to houses and buildings roughly 2 miles away. But doubling its power will extend the range of damage to only about 2 ½ miles. In the same way, if there were a bomb 100 times as powerful, it would reach only a little more than 4 ½, not 100 times as far.

    And remember: All these calculations of your chances of survival assume that you have absolutely no advance warning of the attack.

Blast And Heat Are The Biggest Dangers

    Just like fire bombs and ordinary high explosives, atomic weapons cause most of their death and damage by blast and heat. So first let's look at a few things you can do to escape To these two dangers.

What About Blast?

    Even if you have only a second's warning, there is one important thing you can do to lessen your chances of injury by blast: Fall flat on your face.

To Protect Yourself From Blast, Lie Down In A Shielded Spot

    More than half of all wounds are the result of being bodily tossed about or being struck by falling and flying objects. If you lie down flat, you are least likely to be thrown about. If you have time to pick a good spot, there is less chance of your being struck by flying glass and other things.

In Your House: Lie Down Against A Wall

    If you are inside a building, the best place to flatten out is close against the cellar wall. If you haven't time to get down there, lie down along an inside wall, or duck under a bed or table. But don't pick a spot right opposite the windows or you are almost sure to be pelted with shattered glass.

Outdoors: Get Next To A Solid Building

    If caught out-of-doors, either drop down alongside the base of a good substantial building–avoid flimsy, wooden ones likely to be blown over on top of you–or else jump in any handy ditch or gutter.

To Escape Temporary Blindness, Bury Your
Face In Your Arms

    When you fall flat to protect yourself from a bombing, don't look up to see what is coming. Even during the daylight hours, the flash from a bursting A-bomb can cause several moments of blindness, if you're facing that way. To prevent it, bury your face in your arms and hold it there for 10 or 12 seconds after the explosion. That will also help to keep flying glass and other things out of your eyes.

What About Burns?

    Flash burns from the A-bomb's light and heat caused about 30 percent of the injuries at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Near the center of the burst the burns are often fatal. People may be seriously burned more than a mile away, while the heat can be felt on the bare face and hands at 4 or 5 miles.

Even A Little Material Gives Protection From Flash Burns
So Be Sure To Dress Properly

    A little bit of solid material will provide flash protection even close to the explosion. Farther out, the thinnest sort of thing–even cotton cloth–will often do the trick.

    If you work in the open, always wear full-length, loose-fitting, light-colored clothes in time of emergency. Never go around with your sleeves rolled up. Always wear a hat–the brim may save you a serious face burn.

What About Radioactivity?

    In all stories about atomic weapons, there is a great deal about radioactivity.

Radioactivity Is The Only Way Besides Size In Which Atomic Bombs Differ From Ordinary Ones

    Radioactivity is the only way–besides size–in which the effects of A or H bombs are different from ordinary bombs. But, with the exception of underwater or ground explosions, the radioactivity from atomic bursts is much less to be feared than blast and heat.

We Know More About Radioactivity Than We Do About Colds

    Radioactivity is not new or mysterious. In the form of cosmic rays from the sky, all of us have been continually bombarded by radiation every hour and day of our lives. We all have also breathed and eaten very small amounts of radioactive materials without even knowing it. For over half a century, doctors and scientists have experimented and worked with X-rays and other penetrating forms of energy. Because of all this experience, we actually know much more about radioactivity and what it does to people than we know about infantile paralysis, colds, or some other common diseases.

    It is easy to understand how radioactivity works if we think of how sunlight behaves.

Injury From Radioactivity Depends On The Power Of The Rays And Particles, How Long You Are Exposed And How Much Your Body Was Hit

    In the northern part of the world, winter's slanting sun rays seldom cause sunburn, but the hotter rays of the summer sun often do. Still, just a few moments in the midsummer sun will not give you a tan or sunburn. You have to stay in its hot rays for some time before you get a burn. What's more, bad sunburn on just the face and hands may hurt, but it won't seriously harm you. On the other hand, if it covers your whole body, it can make you very sick, or sometimes cause death.

    In the same way, the harm that can come to you from radioactivity will depend on the power of the rays and particles that strike you, upon the length of time you are exposed to them, and on how much of your body is exposed.

What Is "Initial" Radioactivity?

Explosive Radioactivity Is The Most Important Kind, But It Lasts Only A Moment

    Broadly speaking, atomic explosions produce two different kinds of radioactivity. First–and most important in an air burst–is an extremely powerful burst of rays and particles thrown off at the time of explosion. This kind is called "initial" or explosive radioactivity. Its rays and particles fly out quickly, then promptly die. There is danger from them only for a little more than a minute. The second types of radioactivity–lingering radioactivity–will be described later.

The Biggest Danger From Explosive Radioactivity Lies Within A Mile Of The Explosion

    The injury range of the explosive radioactivity from a modern A-bomb is a little over 1 mile, if the bomb is exploded about 2,000 feet in the air. If it is exploded much higher, some of the radiation may not reach the ground, so the range may be less. If it is exploded much lower, the radiation may not reach out as far, because it would be blocked by the ground or by buildings.

    A little more than a mile away, the principal effects of the few dying rays that struck you could be seen only as temporary blood changes in a doctor's examination. You probably wouldn't even realize you had been exposed.

    A little less than a mile from the explosion center, if you are unprotected, you are almost sure to suffer illness. Less than two-thirds of a mile away, those caught in the open are pretty sure to soak up a fatal dose of radioactivity.

Buildings Will Partially Or Completely Shield You

    Still, the possibility of you being caught without some protection is not very great. Even if you are on the street, there is a good chance that a building, or many buildings, will be between you and the burst, and they will partially or completely shield you.

You Are More Likely To Be Hurt By Blast And Heat
Than By Radiation

    Atomic explosions high above ground cause the most widespread damage. And, as happened in Japan, when an A-bomb goes off in the air you are far more likely to be hurt by the bomb's blast and heat waves than by its radioactivity. At Hiroshima and Nagasaki slightly over one-half of all deaths and injuries were caused by blast. Nearly one-third of the casualties were from the heat flash.

Radioactivity alone caused only about 15 percent of all deaths and injuries.

Explosive Radioactivity Is Less Of A Danger In Ground-Level Or Underwater Bursts

    If the bomb were to go off close to the ground, or slightly below its surface, the range of the explosive radiation, as well as the range of the blast and heat, would be reduced. This is due to the fact that all three would be partially blocked by the earth, by nearby buildings and by other obstacles.

    In an underwater burst, there would be much less to fear from blast and nothing to fear from heat. Practically all the explosive radioactivity would be absorbed by the water. However, there would be the second type of radioactivity to be described later on.

What About "Induced" Radioactivity?

Explosive Radioactivity Can't Be Kept Out Of Upper Floors Of Your House, So Learn What To Expect From It.

    If an atomic bomb goes off in the air within two-thirds of a mile or slightly more of your home, there is no practical way of keeping explosive radioactivity out of the above-ground part of your house. It is possible that, at very short range, artificial, or induced radioactivity could be se up in gold, silver and many other objects. However, this kind of radioactivity will never offer great danger, so don't throw away bandages or other first aid materials in the medicine cabinet. They will be perfectly safe to use.

Commentary By Kong From Dr. "B":

However, Let Us Look More Carefully At 'Induced Radioactivity'

It Is Not As Safe As Once Thought

    Induced Radioactivity is the process when a material that was stable, is made radioactive by the exposure, such as happened at Chernobyl, to a large amount of radiation.

    It is analogus to an 'Initial' or Explosive Burst of radiation from the moment a Nuclear Bomb goes off! It is intense and short lived; and, not comparable to 'Fallout' ('Lingering' radiation). Concrete, iron and lead shielding blocks and equipment, such as fire trucks, helicopters, bulldozers, and other heavy equipment that was used to combat the Nuclear Reactor Meltdown, as well as workers, became radioactive when struck by such radiation.

    What happened at Chernobyl is similar to a Nuclear Blast of Initial Radiation; but there is no thermal radiation or the blast wave.

    The difference between a Nuclear Bomb and A Nuclear Reactor is that a nuclear bomb is designed such that all its energy is released at an uncontrollable rate, as in a conventional bomb. In a nuclear reactor, energy is released at a controllable rate; it has been engineered to do that and only that!

    Wayne Biddle, writing in A Field Guide To Radiation, writes the following about 'Why A Nuclear Reactor Can Never Be A Nuclear Bomb'.

In a nuclear reactor, the same fission reactions with uranium or plutonium are used to create heat for making steam that will then turn electric turbine generators.

In this case, the fuel is slightly enriched (adding more U–235); but not enough to obtain bomb–grade concentrations of the necessary radioisotopes that would cascade at an explosive rate.

A nuclear reactor can therefore never be a bomb, though it creates the same radioactive fragments that are dangerous if released into the environment. The reactor core is said to be "critical" when controlled fission is maintained in normal operation.

    All nuclear reactors, when they are operating, are 'Critical'. This simply means they are running at constant power. When 'Criticality' is achieved in a Nuclear Bomb, it does not run at a constant rate; but, all at once releases its energy at an uncontrollable rate.

    A Nuclear Weapon is 'Supercritical'! This means "You need to have enough material to sustain a critical or supercritical reaction (critical mass) and you have to arrange it in such a way that the reaction continues (critical reaction). No matter how much U–235 you have, if it is in a puddle that is never more than 0.25 inches deep, it will never become critical because too many neutrons escape." And, this is key to a key to a nuclear explosion!

    "That's the critical geometry. Similarly, if you only have 5 grams of Pu–239, you will never get a nuclear reaction because there just aren't enough Pu atoms to capture neutrons needed to sustain a chain reaction. That's critical mass."

    Hence, Critical Mass is the smallest amount of mass necessary to generate a Chain Reaction!

    The neutrons in a Nuclear Reactor are controlled by the Boron (Control Rods) Rods, and if something happened to them; there still is not a 'Supercritical' reaction, as the fuel rods geometry is not built for Supercritical Reaction.

    This is why a Nuclear Reactor Cannot explode as a Nuclear Bomb. What does explode in a nuclear reactor is when something goes wrong, such as pipes breaking carrying steam and cooling water, as when an earthquake comes to that area, as in Fukishima, followed with a tidal wave, the steam developed from the cooling water present, reaches such pressure, the steam blows the reactor plant to pieces and debris! Most people these days do not realize just how powerful a steam explosion can be.

    When this occurs, very little can be done to reduce radioactivity, as in Chernobyl. There are helicopters, heavy equipment, fire wagons, etc., still sitting there in machine "graveyards", as they are Radioactive. And, only slowly decaying!

    Twenty Years after the disaster, the hulks of the machinery are giving off 30R/hr (o.1–0.3 Gy/hr). Many of the towns built close to the Chernobyl reactor, such as Pripyat, are ghost towns!

    Many of the workers who were sent into the plant to try and quell the reaction were irradiated with thousands of Roentgens per person, such that they became radioactive! Yet, we are often told that if one get irridiated by Fallout, they do not become radioactive; this is true! However, nothing is said about Initial Radiation if one is close enough to the Nuclear Burst; or, if a Nuclear Reactor undergoes a meltdown for whatever reason(s) and explodes. Those nearby as well as instruments, and heavy equipment will become radioactive!

    "It's often stated that radiation has no taste, but those who absorbed the highest doses at Chernobyl all reported a metallic taste in their mouths immediately upon exposure, so it seems that if the dose is high enough to kill you, you'll definitely taste it. It should be noted that a dose high enough to kill you will also make your body so radioactive that you'll be a major risk to everyone around you."Chernobyl 01:23:40

    With the coming Earth Changes and the 100 Nuclear Reactors in America; there are going to be Chernobyls all over the place!

    And, when the Chernobyl patients were taken to Hospital 6, in Moscow, the caretakers became radioactive and died shortly after the patients died. Patients died in a week; with caretakers dying the following week.

    Dr. "B" says, "On this matter of Induced Radioactivity in Gold and Silver, and other objects, if one does not have a Survey Meter, The Inspector EXP, Inspector EXP—Survey Meter, then one thing that a Gold and Silver coin may be used for is to ascertain if there is 'A blue ray of death' coming into your space.

    "Take a Gold coin, Gold Coin!; or, a Silver Coin, Silver Coin!, and place it in a drawer. When you check the drawer regularly during a nuclear reactor meltdown, and if you are nearby the meltdown in that city; opening the drawer in the half–light, the coin will be glowing blue.

    "This will be due to Photons of Light being given off as Neutrons and/or Gamma rays striking the Gold's atomic nucleus, and/or the Gamma rays given off by the nucleus striking the orbital electrons, emitting Photons of Light!

    "This tells you to get underground deep in your cellar if you have one; or, get into a basement; or vault, until the radiation storm has passed!

    "The same goes for a Nuclear Explosion if you are too close to the Initial (Explosive) Radiation. However, at 6 miles from a 1 Kiloton bomb, you can be burned badly from Thermal Radiation, and may receive a good dose of radiation, if you don't Turn, Duck, And Cover!"

End Of Commentary!

Even Canned And Bottled Foods May Be Radiated, But It Will Still Be Safe To Use Them

    Naturally, the radioactivity that passes through the walls of your house won't be stopped by tin or glass. It can go right through canned and bottled foods. However, this will not make them dangerous, and it will not cause them to spoil. Go ahead and use them, provided the containers are not broken open.

What About "Radiation Sickness"?

Vomiting And Diarrhea

Are The First Signs Of Radiation Sickness

    Should you be caught upstairs or in the open at the time of a bombing, you might soak up a serious dose of radioactivity. Even so, the first indication that you had been pierced by the rays probably won't show up for a couple of hours. Then you most likely would get sick at your stomach and begin to vomit. However, you might be sick at your stomach for other reasons, too, so vomiting won't always mean you have radiation sickness. The time it would take you to get sick would depend on how strong a dose you got. The stronger the dose, the quicker you would get sick.

Even If You Should Get Severe Radiation Sickness, You Would Have Better Than An Even Chance Of Recovery

    For a few days you might continue to feel below par and about 2 weeks later most of your hair might fall out. By the time you lost your hair you would be good and sick. But in spite of it all, you would stand better than an even chance of making a complete recovery, including having your hair grow in again.

Where Is The Best Place To Go?

There Is Little You Can Do To Protect Your House From Blast

    If your house is close to the explosion, there is little you can do to protect it from the bomb's blast, or pressure wave. Within one-half mile of the surface point directly beneath the explosion, the shock wave from an atomic bomb is sure to flatten most houses. Out to a distance of about 1 mile, steel, brick, and wooden structures are likely to be damaged beyond repair. Further out, there is less destruction, but serious damage may be expected to extend as far as 2 miles.

It Is Best To Figure On Collapse Of The Upper Floors And To Take Cover In The Cellar

    It is only wise to figure that the upper floors of most buildings near the explosion will be pushed in. This means the basement is probably the safest place to be. If you have a basement and time to get down to it, lie flat along the outer wall or near the base of some heavy supporting column. You would be even safer under a cellar work bench or heavy table. Stay away from the middle of the floor where falling beams and other objects are most likely to strike you.

    Naturally, you run a risk of being trapped in the wreckage, but your over-all chances of escape from the bomb in most cases are many times greater than they would be upstairs. If your basement has two exits, you will be in less danger of being trapped.

Basements Give Shelter Against Blast And Heat, And Radioactivity

    Besides protecting you from blast and heat, basements also provide shielding from explosive radiation. Because, the lower you get, the more barriers against radiation there are likely to be between you and the bursting bomb. Down in the cellar you'll probably be shielded not only by other buildings, but also by earth and the cement foundations of your own house. Earth, concrete and steel are good radiation barriers.

You Have No Basement, Locate A Shelter You Can Reach Quickly

    If you have no basement, look around your immediate neighborhood for a nearby shelter you can get to quickly in an emergency. Such a shelter might be a culvert, a deep gully, or another building within easy reach. If you live in rolling country, there is probably a hill close to you. Even a high bank will offer some protection from most bursts if it is between you and the explosion. In choosing your shelter, assume that the enemy will aim for the industrial buildings.

[Commentary By Kong! Folks, Everything You Have Been Reading & Will Read, Will Need Practice...Practice...And, More Practice, So You React—Not Think About What To Do!]

Cyclone Cellars Are Excellent

    If you live in a state where there is danger from sudden storms like cyclones or hurricanes, you have a "cyclone cellar" or something similar. If so, you have a shelter that will give excellent protection against atomic bombs.

What About Lingering Radioactivity?

Air Bursts Leave No Dangerous Lingering Radioactivity

    Knowing how to protect yourself from blast, heat, and explosive radioactivity, only one major problem remains: That is how to avoid harm from lingering radioactivity.

    Explosive radioactivity bursts from the bomb at the time of explosion and lasts for only little more than a minute.

    Lingering radioactivity remains for a longer time, from a few minutes to weeks or months, depending on the kind of radioactive material.

Lingering Radioactivity Comes From Bomb "Ashes" Or Unexploded Nuclear Fuel

    Lingering radioactivity may become a danger when atomic bombs are exploded on the ground, underground, or in the water. Air Bursts leave no dangerous lingering radioactivity.

    Most lingering radioactivity comes from leftover bomb wastes, or "ashes," technically called fission products. They consist of countless billions of fragments, or pieces, of atoms split up in the explosion. Smaller, and usually less dangerous, amounts of lingering radioactivity may be thrown off by scattered atoms of uranium or plutonium that fail to split up when the bomb goes off.

Lingering Radioactivity Acts Like Dust And Is Hard To Get Rid Of. Avoid It Whenever You Can

    These totally invisible radioactive particles act much the same as ordinary, everyday dust. When present in any real quantity, they are scattered about in patches and contaminate, or pollute, everything they fall on, including people. While they can be removed easily from some surfaces, they stick very tightly to others. It is practically impossible to get absolutely all of them out of the household corners and cracks. Most of the time, it is far easier to prevent pollution than it is to remove it.

What About Radioactive Clouds?

In Air Bursts Radioactive Dusts Are Spread So Widely That They Are Unlikely To Harm People

    In spite of the huge quantities of lingering radioactivity loosed by atomic explosions, people fortunately are not very likely to be exposed to dangerous amounts of it in most atomic raids.

Air Bursts Will Not Create "Areas of Doom"

    Since high-level bursts do the greatest damage, that is the kind we can expect most often. When atomic weapons are exploded in mid-air, the violent, upward surge of super-hot gases and air quickly sweeps practically all the radioactive ashes and unexploded bits of bomb fuel high into the sky. Most of them are carried harmlessly off in the drifting bomb clouds, High-level explosions definitely will not create "areas of doom", where no man dare enter and no plant can grow. In fact, they will leave very little radioactivity on the ground, even near the point of explosion.

    Firefighters and rescue teams can move promptly toward the center of destruction with little danger of facing harmful radiation.

Don't Worry About High-Level Radioactive Clouds

    And regardless of all you may have heard or read concerning the dangers of radioactive clouds, after the first minute and a half there is actually little or nothing to fear from those produced by high-level bursts. While most of the radioactive materials swept up into the sky eventually fall back to hearth, they are so widely and thinly spread that they are very unlikely to offer any real dangers to humans.

It Would Take Many Thousands Of A-Bombs To Produce Dangerous Ground Radiation

    Thousands of bombs would have to be set off in the air before serious ground contamination would be found over really large areas. There was no ground-level pollution of any importance following either of the two Japanese atomic bombings.

None Of The Japanese At Hiroshima Or Nagasaki Were Harmed By Lingering Radioactivity

    It was said earlier that 15 percent of the Japanese A-bomb deaths or injuries were caused by radioactivity. But not one of them was caused by the lingering kind. Explosive radioactivity caused them all.

What About Ground And Water Bursts?

Surface Bursts Usually Leave A Limited Area Radioactive

    Bursts on or near the ground usually will leave a limited area of rather heavy and often dangerous pollution near the explosion point. In such cases, the possibility of harm from radioactivity falling out of the clouds is greater than in high-level explosions. But even so, a person could escape contamination by simply taking refuge inside a house or even by getting inside a car and rolling up the windows. And even if some of the wastes fell on him, he would lessen his chances of injury if he promptly shed his clothes and took a bath or shower.

Underwater A-Bombs Produce Serious Lingering Radiation

    In underwater explosions, large portions of the bomb's radioactive wastes will be "trapped" by the water and then spread over the immediate area. Under these conditions, serious ground pollution is to be expected.

    After a water or underground burst, a cloud of very radioactive mist or dust might form and spread, particularly downwind, injuring people who weren't well sheltered.

Stay Under Cover For At Least An Hour After
Ground Or Underwater Bursts

    If the explosion has been underground, at ground level, or in the water, stay in your shelter. If caught in the open, get indoors right away. Then stay indoors for at least an hour or until you get instructions. It may be necessary to stay inside for three or four hours. The reason for this is that most lingering radioactivity loses its power very fast. So staying undercover for a while will greatly reduce the danger.

Avoid Getting Wet After Underwater Bursts

    Any rain or mist that comes right after an atomic explosion should be considered dangerous, even thought it may not always be radioactive. Keep from getting wet if you possibly can.

    And remember that an air burst will leave no lingering radioactivity of importance, so after a few minutes it will be safe to get out and help fight fires or to help people who may need it.

How Is Radioactivity Detected?

You Won't Need An Instrument To Detect Radioactivity
Specialists Will Do It For You

[Commentary By Kong: Bovine Defecation—Get A Meter & Learn How To Use It!]

    While we cannot see, hear, feel, smell, or taste radioactivity, its presence readily can be detected with Geiger counters and other instruments. However, you won't have to know how to use one of these. Instead, you can rely on your local radiological defense teams–a small, specially trained corps of "meter readers"–to warn you of the presence of lingering radioactivity. You also can count on them to see to it that firefighters, rescue workers, and other people who may have to enter contaminated places do not remain there long enough to be injured.

[Commentary By Kong: Some In Hiroshima Felt A Strong Tingling Sensation! Glasstone & Dolan write in The Effects of Nuclear Weapons: "Although they (gamma rays) can neither be seen nor felt by human beings, except at very high intensities which cause a tingling sensation, ...the initial nuclear radiation is an important aspect of nuclear explosions." Be Prepared!]

The Radioactivity From Your Luminous Wrist Watch
Can Be Detected Easily

    But always remember our sunlight comparison. There is usually a whale of a difference between detectable and dangerous amounts of radioactivity. The rays and particles from an ordinary, luminous-dial wrist watch will cause a roar in the earphones of a Geiger counter, as just one example. We must not lose our heads just because radioactivity is reported as present.

What About Protecting Yourself From Lingering Radioactivity?

Cover Yourself to Avoid Contamination With
Radioactive Materials

    While attempting to avoid exposure to the bomb's blast, heat, and explosive radioactivity, also do what you can to keep from being showered by radioactive waste materials. Inside a shelter or building there is little or nothing to fear from this source. But if caught out-of-doors, try to grab hold of something to cover yourself with when you fall to the ground. A board or some sheets of newspaper might help, but a raincoat would be better. The object is, of course, to keep radioactive dust and raindrops off your body and clothing. When it's safe to get up, throw away your covering.

Do All You Can To Help Other People

    Always do what you can to help other people. There is no chance of your being harmed by radioactivity from the bodies of others, even if they have radiation injuries. Don't leave injured people where they may be burned. Direct rescue workers to persons trapped in the wreckage. If necessary to bandage open cuts and wounds and no standard first aid equipment is available, use parts of your own or the victim's clothing. But tear them from the under, not the outer garments. Underclothes are far less likely to be contaminated by radioactivity.

Change All Outer Garments After Leaving A
Contaminated Area

    If you have walked through rubble from a ground burst or water from an underwater burst, be sure to change at least your outer garments and shoes. Outer clothes will automatically serve as a "trap" for most of the radioactivity you may accidentally pick up. By taking them off you will remove most of the contamination. If the clothing is heavily contaminated, it is best to bury it.

To Remove Radioactive Wastes,
Scrub Your Body Thoroughly

    You also should manage to take a bath or shower, if you have been in an area of lingering radioactivity. It is important that all radioactive materials be removed as soon as possible from your body, and bathing is the only practical means of getting rid of them. You won't need special cleaning compounds. Warm water and soap are ideal.

Of All The Radioactive Dirt You've Picked Up If You Keep Scrubbing

    In washing, pay particular attention to your hair, for that is one place where wastes are sure to pile up. Also give your hands a good scrubbing and get all dirt out from under your fingernails. If there is a radiological defense man handy, have him check you with his meter after you've finished your clean-up. Should he find your body still radioactive, again scrub yourself from heat to foot. Then do it a third time if necessary. You can remove practically all of the radioactivity if you keep at it.

    Remember, all this is necessary only for persons who have come in contact with radioactive materials in heavily contaminated areas.

What About Radioactivity In The House?

    A few simple steps will go a long way toward keeping your house from being contaminated by lingering radioactive wastes scattered about in some bombings. As a rule, it is far easier to prevent radioactive pollution of a household than it is to remove it.

Keep All Windows And Doors Closed Until It Is Officially Reported That There Is No Pollution In The Neighborhood

    Keep all windows and doors closed for at least several hours after an atomic bombing. In fact, better leave them shut until civil defense authorities pass the word that there is no lingering radioactivity in your neighborhood. Should you get an official report that there is serious contamination in the vicinity, better cover all broken windows with blankets or cardboard.

Close Fireplace Dampers And Shut Off Ventilating Fans
And Air Conditioners

    Whenever there is widespread neighborhood pollution, it will be impossible to keep your house absolutely free of it. A little is bound to seep in through cracks or else down the chimney. (By all means close the dampers in fireplace flues and shut off air conditioners and ventilating fans not equipped with special filters). Unless you are careful, some radioactivity is likely to be tracked in by people or pets. Keep your cat or dog indoors.

Be Careful Not To Track Radioactive Materials
Into The House

    And when you come in from outside, leave your shoes at the door, for their soles are likely to be covered with radioactive dusts. Better still, wear rubbers, galoshes or other disposable foot coverings over your shoes. Take these precautions, but don't worry. There isn't much chance really dangerous amounts will pile up in the house.

Launder Contaminated Objects In Special Buckets Or Tubs

    Should you help to clean up a contaminated area, you might get some radioactive materials on both your body and clothing. So don't go home and sit around in your work clothes. Take off your outer garments outdoors or in the basement. Then wash, if you can, using warm water and plenty of soap. Never fail to launder your working clothes, but don't use the family washing machine. Scrub all contaminated objects in buckets or tubs used for that purpose only.

What about Food And Water?

Watch Out For Food Contamination After
Ground Or Water Bursts

    To prevent harm from accidentally eating or drinking radioactivity, throw out all unpackaged foods that were lying around where dust from ground burst or mist from underwater burst might have settle on them. And before opening canned or bottled goods, wash the outside of the containers thoroughly. That will remove most of the pollution that may have gotten on them. Also be sure that all cooking utensils and tableware are scrubbed clean in order to remove any invisible radioactive dusts. Food and utensils that were in closed drawers or tight cupboards will be all right.

    If it was an air burst, don't worry about the food in the house. It will be safe to use.

Water In The Pipes Of Your House
At The Time Of The Explosion
Will Not Be Radioactive

    Be careful of drinking water after atomic explosions. There is little or not chance that water actually inside household pipes at the time of the attack will be made radioactive. If a little is drawn off right after the burst and placed in clean containers with covers, it should tide you over in the immediate post-raid period.

Boil Water Before Drinking Unless You've Been Officially
Told It Is Safe

    But even if the water continues running, don't keep on using tap water for drinking purposes unless you have received official information that the city system is safe. This is not only because of radioactivity, but because of other dangers like typhoid that can come from damaged water systems. If you have to use city water before you get official information, boil it. Boiling won't remove radioactivity, but the chances that your water supply will be radioactive are pretty slim. Boiling will kill most germs that may get into damaged water mains.

What About Radios And Telephones?

Even Though Your Telephone May Continue To Work
Use It Only For True Emergencies

    Neither explosive nor lingering radioactivity has any effect on the operation of most mechanical or electrical devices. Unless the wires are down or there is a power failure, both your lights and telephone should continue to work. But don't rush to the phone just to find out how Aunt Susie may have weathered the attack. Leave the lines open for real emergency traffic.

    The bomb's radioactivity will not interfere with the operation of your radio. In the event of attack, be sure to turn it on. It may be your main source of emergency instructions. And don't forget: Battery-operated portable sets, including those installed in automobiles, will continue to work even if the city power goes off. Television reception, like radio, won't be jammed by radioactivity.

What About Automobiles?
Keep The Family Car Off The Street
Radioactivity Will Not Interfere With Its Operation

[Commentary By Kong: The Following Was Not Known In 1950; But, In 1958, It Was Discovered That All Nuclear Devices Put Out, When Exploded, Electromagnetic Pulses (EMPS), Which Interrupt Electricity & Electronics...This Includes Your Cars! See What An EMP Attack Might Do: Your Radio Will Most Likely Not Work, Unless You Put It Into A Faraday Cage! See This:]

    One more household suggestion: In times of emergency don't park the family automobile on the street. Leave the way clear for emergency traffic. Keep the windows rolled up to prevent possible contamination of the interior by underwater or ground bursts and don't worry about whether or not it will run. Radioactivity won't interfere with operation of its fuel or ignition system.

What About Children?

Everything In This Booklet Applies To All
Members Of The Family

    Everything in this booklet holds true for all members of the family, including children, old people, or shut-ins. It would be a good idea to talk over the facts with all members of the family to be sure each understands. People with school children should discuss the booklet with teachers and other parents at PTA meetings and similar gatherings.

    You can be sure that, in times of emergency, all schools will be well organized for the protection of children.

    Children old enough to understand can be taught to do the right things. Younger children simply will have to depend on their parents.

To Sum Up

Blast And Heat Are The Greatest Dangers You Face

    To sum up, always remember that blast and heat are the two greatest dangers you face. The things that you do to protect yourself from these dangers usually will go a long way toward providing protection from the explosive radioactivity loosed by atomic explosions.

    While the lingering radioactivity that occasionally follows some types of atomic bursts may be dangerous, still it is no more to be feared than typhoid fever or other diseases that sometimes follow major disasters. The only difference is that we can't now ward it off with a shot in the arm; you must simply take the known steps to avoid it.

Keep Your Head, Don't Touch Off A Panic
That May Cost Your Life

    If you follow the pointers in this little booklet, you stand a far better than an even chance of surviving the bomb's blast, heat, and radioactivity.What's more,you will make a definite contribution to civil defense in your community, because civil defense must start with you.But if you lose your head and blindly attempt to run from the dangers, you may touch off a panic that will cost your life and put tremendous obstacles in the way of your Civil Defense Corps.

Kill The Myths

Atomic Weapons Will Not Destroy The Earth

Atomic bombs hold more death and destruction than man ever before has wrapped up in a single package, but their over-all power still has very definite limits. Not even hydrogen bombs will blow the earth apart or kill us all by radioactivity.

Doubling Bomb Power Does Not Double Destruction

Modern A-bombs can cause heavy damage 2 miles away, but doubling their power would extend that range only to 2 ½ miles. To stretch the damage range from 2 to 4 miles would require a weapon more than 8 times the rated power of present models.

Radioactivity Is Not The Bomb's Greatest Threat

In most atom raids, blast and heat are by far the greatest dangers that people must face. Radioactivity alone would account for only a small percentage of all human deaths and injuries, except in underground or underwater explosions.

Radiation Sickness Is Not Always Fatal

In small amounts, radioactivity seldom is harmful. Even when serious radiation sickness follows a heavy dosage, there is still a good chance for recovery.

Six Survival Secrets For Atomic Attacks

Always Put First Things First And Never Lose Your Head

1. Try To Get Shielded

If you have time, get down in a basement or subway. Should you unexpectedly be caught out-of-doors, seek shelter alongside a building, or jump in any handy ditch or gutter.

2. Drop Flat On Ground Or Floor

To keep from being tossed about and to lessen the chances of being struck by falling and flying objects, flatten out at the base of a wall, or at the bottom of a bank.

3. Bury Your Face In Your Arms

When you drop flat, hide your eyes in the crook of your elbow. That will protect your face from flash burns, prevent temporary blindness and keep flying objects out of your eyes.

4. Don't Rush Outside Right After A Bombing

After an air burst, wait a few minutes then go help to fight fires. After other kinds of bursts wait at least 1 hour to give lingering radiation some chance to die down.

5. Don't Take Chances With Food Or Water In Open Containers

To prevent radioactive poisoning or disease, select your food and water with care. When there is reason to believe they may be contaminated, stick to canned and bottled things if possible.

6. Don't Start Rumors

In the confusion that follows a bombing, a single rumor might touch off a panic that could cost your life.

Print This Sheet & Keep It With You Until You've Memorized It.

Five Keys To Household Safety

1. Strive For "Fireproof Housekeeping"

Don't let trash pile up, and keep waste paper in covered containers. When an alert sounds, do all you can to eliminate sparks by shutting off the oil burner and covering all open flames.

2. Know Your Own Home

Know which is the safest part of your cellar, learn how to turn off your oil burner and what to do about utilities.

3. Have Emergency Equipment And Supplies Handy

Always have a good flashlight, a radio, first-aid equipment and a supply of canned goods in the house.

4. Close All Windows and Doors And Draw The Blinds

If you have time when an alert sounds, close the house up tight in order to keep out fire sparks and radioactive dusts and to lessen the chances of being cut by flying glass. Keep the house closed until all danger is past.

5. Use The Telephone Only For True Emergencies.

Do not use the phone unless absolutely necessary. Leave the lines open for real emergency traffic.

[Commentary By Kong: When The Government Published This, It Was Not Known That Nuclear Bombs Produce EMPs. Hence, There Will Be No Electricity; No Phones; Nor Any Electronics! This Was Discovered In 1958! American Test, Then, of Hydrogen Bombs Yielded Some Surprising Results. A Test Blast Over The Pacific Ocean Ended Up Blowing Out Streetlights in Parts of Hawaii, for Two City Blocks, 800 Miles Away. That Blast Even disrupted Radio Equipment As Far Away As Australia.]

People Not Reading This...Are Not Going To Be Able To Handle A Nuclear Holocaust Coming To America . . . Or, The World!

These Are The Things That Will Keep You Alive !

The Following Is From Nuclear Arms Race

By Paul P. Craig; John A. Jungerman

  1. Avoiding Thermal Radiation:

    Thermal Radiation of 6 calories per square centimeter produces third degree burns in 50 percent of the population and second–degree burns for the remaining 50 percent.

    The part of human anatomy most sensitive to thermal radiation is the eye. At low intensities flash blindness occurs, but the eye recovers. At higher intensities the retina is burned and permanent eye damage or blindness results. At night the pupil is dilated and damage occurs farther away. In some of the Johnston Island tests in the 1950s retinal burns were found in animals several hundred miles away.

    Skin burns in humans are divided into three major categories.

    1. First–degree burns, such as sunburn, are characterized by pain and redness. There is no scar formation.

    2. Second–degree burns are painful, and lead to loss of skin. They heal in about 2 weeks without scarring, but require hospital treatment if over 25 percent of the body is burned.

    3. Third–degree burns destroy the nerve endings in the skin. Initially they are not as painful as first– and second– degree burns. Scarring occurs because the skin cells lose their ability to regenerate.

      Third–degree burns are among the most difficult wounds to treat. Even with specialized medical attention in burn centers, extensive third–degree burns over 50 percent of the body are often fatal.

    The response of human skin to thermal radiation depends on skin color; darker skins are more easily burned because they absorb thermal radiation more easily.

    Second–degree burns occur at about the energy density required to ignite newspaper (4 to 6 calories per square centimeter). It is likely that virtually everyone exposed to more than about 6 calories per square centimeter from a 1–megaton blast would be incapacitated. This exposure level occurs at a range of about 8 miles (an area of about 200 square miles).

  2. Avoiding The Blast Wave

    Effects of Blast on Human Beings:

    The direct effect of overpressure on human beings begins with lung damage; this occurs at a threshold of 12 psi, and severe damage occurs at 25 psi. Eardrum rupture can occur at 15 psi in some individuals, but others can withstand up to 40 to 50 psi before rupture occurs. About 50 percent of eardrums rupture in the region of 15 to 20 psi.

    [Kong Commentary: The normal pressure of the atmosphere is about 14.7 pounds per square inch (psi) at sea–level. Overpressure is how much above atmospheric pressure the blast wave adds.]

    Damage to the viscera and tympanic membrane is also caused by blast pressure. The 50– to 75– psi region is one of 50 percent lethality, whereas at 100 psi there is almost 100 percent lethality.

    The reflected shock wave experienced by a person next to a wall can have a magnitude from 2 to 8 times greater than that of the incident wave. Therefore in some cases casualties will occur that are associated with higher overpressures than the average in the vicinity.

    Most blast injuries and fatalities occur because of indirect effects. Objects become missiles. The body may itself become a missile and strike objects. An overpressure of 4 psi can shatter a glass window into hundreds of fragments, traveling about 120 miles per hour, which can cause serious wounds.

  3. Prepare For The Aftermath of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).

    There will be no food; no potable water; no electricity or electronics; hence, anything dealing with electricity and/or electronics, will not work! Be prepared for roving gangs!

  4. Initial (Explosive) Radiation and Lingering Radiation (fallout).

    Therefore, be prepared to handle this! See above and previous Kong Reports on this.

And Now...With The Earth Changes Coming...

You're Going To Have To Deal With Nuclear Reactor Failure!

Read The Following From

Chernobyl: 01:23:40:The Incredible True Story of The World's Worst Nuclear Disaster

By Andrew Leatherbarrow:

Page 67

    The radiation in Chernobyl’s Unit 4 reactor hall was now at aninstantly-lethal 30,000 roentgens-per-hour.500 roentgens, received over the course of 5 hours, is a fatal dose. 400 is fatal in 50% of victims. ... The volume and intensity of radioactive particles thrown into the atmosphere on that night was equal to 10 Hiroshima bombs, not including the hundreds of tons of reactor fuel and graphite that landed all over the plant.

Pages 70 – 71

    Together, they managed to find and rescue an unconscious Vladimir Shashenok from under a fallen girder. Shashenok, a young Automatic Systems Adjuster who had been monitoring pressure gauges, received deep thermal and radiation burns over his entire body when the explosion destroyed the room he was in. His two brave rescuers received serious radiation injuries, including a radiation burn on one man’s back where Shashenok’s hand rested as he was being carried out.

Page 73

    When we take into account that the electrolysis space was alongside the pile of debris, and fragments of fuel and reactor graphite were everywhere, and the radioactivity was between 5,000 and 15,000 roentgens per hour, one can get an idea of how highly moral and heroic this [47]-year-old man was when he deliberately shielded young lives behind his own.

Page 148

    Doctors and nurses were also irradiated because the patients they treated were so contaminated that their own bodies had become radioactive.

[Commentary By Kong: Dr. "B" points out clearly; "This Was Not Just Contamination—The Doctors And Nurses Had Become Radioactive; Not Just Contaminated! Most Health Physicists Do Not Know This Can Happen!]

Page 192

    10,000 roentgens per hour is enough radiation to kill you in one minute and was by far the highest level of radioactivity faced by any of the Liquidators.

Page 148-149

    Dr. Varsinian Orlov spent 3 hours in the reactor area helping to stabilise the fallen firefighters, before feeling what he described as, "a metal taste in the mouth and headache sickness." Even ambulance drivers ferrying the wounded to the Pripyat hospital got sick from the radiation emitted by their passengers.

Page 158

    The 129 men and women who were most heavily irradiated -- firefighters, plant workers and one female security guard -- were flown from Pripyat Hospital to Moscow's famous Hospital Number 6, which specialises in treating radiation related illnesses. By the time they arrived, they were in a grave condition. The patients' own families were forbidden from approaching them because their bodies emitted too much radiation, and existing patients who had occupied the same floor were moved to other parts of the building for protection. Even the staff became reluctant to approach them; "Many of the doctors and nurses in that hospital, and especially the orderlies, would get sick themselves and die. But we didn't know that then," says Lyudmilla Ignatenko, the wife of a deceased fireman, in Svetlana Alexievich's haunting book, Voices From Chernobyl.

Page 160

    "The nature of radiation burns is that they get worse rather than better, because old cells die and young ones are unable to reproduce as a result of the damage."

Page 183

    I want to write in a little more detail about radiation sickness -- technically known as acute radiation syndrome -- because it's important to convey exactly what it does to a human being who's received an extreme dose, like those plant workers who saved Chernobyl. Low amounts of radiation are relatively harmless. We're all exposed to the natural background radiation of cities, planes, phones even the Earth itself every moment of every day, and this is nothing to worry about. While every person's body reacts differently, the following is a good general indicator of the consequences.It's often stated that radiation has no taste, but those who absorbed the highest doses at Chernobyl all reported a metallic taste in their mouths immediately upon exposure, so it seems that if the dose is high enough to kill you,you'll definitely taste it. It should be noted that a dose high enough to kill you will also make your body so radioactive that you'll be A Major Risk To Everyone Around You.

[Commentary By Kong: It Appears That In Order To Get Such A Radiation Dose Similar To A Reactor Failure Dose From A Nuclear Explosion; One Would Have To Be In The Initial (Explosive) Radiation Just When The Bomb Goes Off!]

Page 193 (During the cleanup of the Chernobyl site)

    They wore hand-sewn, lead-plated suits that could only be used once (the lead absorbed too much radiation) as their only protection.

Page 194

    Vladimir Shevehenko, a filmmaker from Kiev, died within a year of filming harrowing roof-top footage of the ruined reactor and Bio-robots (men!) entirely without protection. His cameras became so radioactive, they had to be buried.

Page 236

    Official USSR Government figures state that 30 men and one female security guard died as a direct consequence of the accident. That list only covers the people at the site within the first few hours of the explosion who died from acute radiation syndrome or burns. It ignores all military personnel who died due to exposure from the clean-up operation, civilians living in the surrounding area, and many others who entered the Zone shortly after the accident (journalists, doctors etc.). Those whose bodies were recovered are buried in welded zinc coffins, to prevent their radioactive remains from contaminating the soil.


They could not use lead lined coffins, because the Lead Had Become Radioactive! Not Contaminated....But, Radioactive and would contaminate the ground surrounding the coffin!

How Could This Be? The Blast force with highly radioactive debris, permeated the soft lead, making it highly radioactive.

It appears that this was an Induced Radioactivty: The process where a previously stable material has been made radioactive by exposure to Specific Radiation.

Most radioactivity does not cause or 'induce' other material to become radioactive. At Chernobyl, the radiation was highly intense, 30,000 Roentgens per hour, at the core center of the explosion. The outer rooms were 5,000 to 10,000 Roentgens per hour. This was a highly Specific Radiation!

Had they been trained in using Radiological Survey Meters; and, had those meters been working properly, less people would have died!

Therefore, get a radiological meter, as we have been discussing in The Kong Reports and elsewhere on this website, and know and understand how to use them.

[Inspector EXP! Radiological Survey Meter.]    Inspector EXP

    Note: The Bulldozers, and Other Heavy Machinery Became So Radioactive; They Had To Be Left In The Spot Where They Were; Even The New Machinery Brought In! To This Day, They Are Still In The Same Spot!

More On Chernobyl

Excerpted From:

Chernobyl Revisited

By JackFrost » Thu Apr 02, 2009 1:26 pm

Unfortunately, the Russian government saw to it that not many people beyond scientists were told or given much information on the effects of radiation itself. The government had shown the average citizen what to do in the case of a nuclear missile attack, but just as in the United States’ own Civil Defense films, very little was revealed on the effects of radiation poisoning. Many common Russians didn’t even know radiation existed! And because they couldn’t sense the radiation in any way, they believed the stories of this ‘invisible killer’ to be more lies from the government trying to get one over on them again, while still others thought another war had started. Without even the concept of radiation, Chernobyl was just another fire…

[Commentary By Kong: Dr. "B" Says: When you hear of a Nuclear Bomb cracking off anywhere in the world—Nuclear War Has Started—, start immediately on Iodoral (potassium iodide), vitamins & minerals, Chlorella & Algin—for internal contamination, and placed on Bentonite if anyone of your family went outside and/or got to the shelter late because they most likely swallowed Radioactive Particulate matter! And be on Super Carnosine and SOD–3 to control Free Radical Damage! It Won't Take Long For Radioactive Fallout To Encompass The World, When The Nuclear Holocaust Begins!

This happened in Chernobyl:

From: “Chernobyl Revisited” on the Rigorous Intuition blog

At 1:23:44 AM the reactor exploded, blowing off its 1,000-ton steel and concrete containment lid, tearing hole in the roof of the building housing the reactor and exposing the core to the atmosphere. Burning pieces of uranium and graphite flew out of the explosion and landed in buildings surround the plant, causing fires to erupt. The reactor itself would burn for 10 days, releasing a radioactive cloud that would mostly poison the more immediate area, especially Belarus and Ukraine, but by April 29 instruments recorded high levels of radiation in Poland, Germany, Austria and Romania. On April 30 in Switzerland and northern Italy. On May 1 in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain and northern Greece. On May 2 in Japan. On May 3 in Israel, Kuwait and Turkey. On May 5 in India, and by May 6 in the United States and Canada. It took less than a week for Chernobyl to become the world’s problem.]

The firefighters sent to the reactor had managed to put out the fires in the surrounding buildings by 5:00 AM on April 27, but at a heavy cost. Given no special equipment, they fought the flames with their trucks and hoses, which stopped functioning in the radiation. They used water and their boots to stomp out burning hunks of radioactive graphite – the air foul with radioisotopes they no doubt inhaled.Many of them would die horribly over the course of the next 14 days having received 2,000-3,000 roentgens, 400 is considered a lethal dose.

Their skin would puff up and then return to semi-normal but be very dry, their hair would fall out in clumps. The radiation burns would then come to the surface (like a microwave, radiation cooks you from inside) and their flesh would turn nearly black and break open in lesions. Their skin would become so brittle that folds in the bed sheet would tear it open. They would not be able to hold down meals and ended up vomiting pieces of their organs and intestines along with the food. At the end the corpse would be literally wounds, blood and ooze having nearly liquefied. The body would then be put into a thick plastic bag, and then into a coffin.The coffin would be bagged as well and then buried in a specially designed zinc-lined, cement-topped grave. The remaining firefighters who managed to survive (like anything, radiation works differently depending on the person) would all acquire some form of sickness and any children they attempted to have would invariably have deformities, if the baby survived until birth at all.

But even with those fires out, they still had to contend with putting out the reactor core. The pumping system had been so damaged that there was no way to flood the core chamber. So some 30 helicopters flew hundreds of rounds over the top of the smoking building to drop tons of lead and sand into the hole to smother the flames. The Liquidators at the reactor were given lead vests, but this didn’t protect them from the radiation coming from below them and many would end up like the firefighters. This is doubly tragic because apparently their effort had done more harm than good. They’d essentially managed to insulate the heat and trap it under a blanket – and the core started getting hotter, which meant, of course, that the radiation it was emitting increased as well.By the end of the official clean-up many of the vehicles used, the vast majority of which would no longer function, would be so contaminated they were put into a ‘graveyard’ called Rassohka.

On the 4th day with the reactor still burning and permanent evacuations becoming more widespread, the propaganda began. The radio droned the same message of ‘things are stabilizing, things are stabilizing – don’t panic.’ over and over. Eventually, Gorbachev would go on television to give pep speeches in which he’d declare that while it was a terrible tragedy ‘the Soviets are winning the battle with the reactor’. He also denounced any claims to the contrary as ‘propaganda of the decadent West’. The Liquidators were ordered to fly a Soviet flag over the reactor as proof of this ‘victory’. It would only take a few weeks before the radiation would consume the flag and another would be ordered put in its place. Liquidators were then sent up to replace this ludicrous flag, bathed in radiation while doing so, for what amounted to a PR stunt. And this stunt was being ordered by a group of men who had never visited the site and who’d managed to secure for themselves private lines of distribution for clean food and water.

If You're Considering Radiation Therapy For Cancer

Read This:


The Cancer Industry: Unraveling the Politics,

by Ralph W. Moss

    In 1989, The Cancer Industry: Unraveling the Politics, stated that, "Despite claims of progress, the billion dollar "war on cancer" is going nowhere."Cancer is still killing half a million Americans a year, and the Big Four: colon, breast, lung and pancreatic, are still at the top of the list in terms of mortality, and most of the so-called progress and "cures" involve a manipulation of statistics and a twisting of definitions, respectively. It all seems to revolve around the American Cancer Society's "five year survival rate" after diagnosis, which, if claimed as a cure, means there are a lot of "cures" out there who die in the sixth year after their diagnosis.

    One journalist in 1975, Daniel Greenberg, parsed all the phony statistics and revealed that "the cancer survival rates for most types of cancer had largely remained static from the 1950s on." What improvements occurred were probably due to "better support systems and nursing care in the hospitals surveyed rather than true improvements in cancer therapy."

    Indeed, most cancer research is driven by money, which does not go to anything new and innovative, but flows instead to "business as usual." Needless to say, business as usual is most generally drugs invented by Big Pharma, surgery, or radiation therapy, the "proven methods" of cancer treatment.

    The "proven methods," it turns out, are so totally unproven that they can probably still be called "experimental." Moss points out that each of these three methods really does manage to cure one or two cancers, usually rare ones, but barely touches all the others. And the Big Four never seem to be among the cures.

    With that in mind, let's examine what Moss has to say about radiation therapy, a treatment that developed around the turn of the century when X-rays and nuclear science came into being and had been in use for 75 years at the time of his writing.

    Moss observes that "The kinds of cancer that can actually be cured by means of radiation are few. Eighty percent of patients in the early stages of Hodgkin's disease (cancer of the lymphatic system) have five or more years survival after radiation therapy. Radiation is also said to be very effective in cancers of the testicles, of the cervix, and of the prostate."

    However, as one doctor, John Laszlo, from the American Cancer Society says,"It is impossible to . . . give radiation treatments without injuring normal cells." He further adds that, "For example, radiation therapy to a lung cancer may cause extensive inflammation followed by scarring of nearby normal lung, thus damaging lung function even if the tumor is completely eradicated."

    Worse, he says, "Depending on the site treated, large doses of radiation can cause nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite and reduction in bone marrow function." Folks, he is here describing ARS, or Acute Radiation Syndrome!

    Yet another doctor, a prominent French oncologist, Dr. Lucien Israel, says that, "Radiotherapy sometimes gives brilliant results, yet, apart from Hodgkin's disease and lymphosarcoma, there is much disagreement as to its effectiveness -- indeed, there have been no conclusive trials . . . Radiotherapists don't report their results . . . in such a way as to differentiate between the percentage of complete regressions and the percentage of objective partial regressions, and to indicate the distribution of length of those regressions."

    Most physicians do agree that the use of radiation therapy is an excellent palliative and is "absolutely irreplaceable" in bringing about an "attenuation of symptoms,"including pain relief in advanced cancers in the Big Four group.

    After all,"The majority of cancers cannot be cured by radiation because the dose of X-rays required to kill all the cancer cells would also kill the patient," wrote Professor John Cairns.

    Although there is plenty of proof that radiation therapy is of extremely limited and questionable value, the reason it is used so extensively, believe it or not, is because "doctors regard it as harmless." Indeed, most surgeons do not really believe in it, and consider it merely as "an added precaution."

     What is really frightening about this whole subject of radiation therapy, however, is the fact that the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), the branch of the U.S. government responsible for nuclear energy, seems to be behind the development of radiation as a medical treatment, and it had a vested interest in convincing the American public that nuclear energy is safe and good.To achieve these ends, it basically hid the dangers of radiation while it extolled its benefits, and since all the information used in medical textbooks on radiation came from the AEC, physicians "generally received a biased education concerning the appropriate uses of radiotherapy."

    On top of that,"U.S. scientists who have tried to expose the dangers and ineffectualness of diagnostic and therapeutic radiation have often suffered"at the hands of the nuclear establishment in the form of inability to get research grants and an inability to get papers published that deal with "doctor-caused" disease, which is what damage from radiation therapy would be called.

    Moss concludes that,"radiation therapy appears to be of limited value in the treatment of cancer although it is probably preferable to surgery in some cases, such as cancer of the larynx or prostate."Moreover, the number of patients cured by radiotherapy"is small."

    "Some researchers believe that this use of radiation is not only ineffective, but positively harmful for its recipients. It is part of a disastrous national policy that has always downplayed the hazards of radiation, while promoting its spread to every corner of the country."

How The World Will End...

According To...

Jesus Christ!

As Told To Segatashya In Rwanda, Africa, 1982!

The Conversation Below Is Taken From Chapter 7 of

The Boy Who Met Jesus: Segatashya of Kibeho,

By Immaculee Ilibagiza, with Steve Erwin.

[Commentary By Kong:

Some of These Things Are Already Happening!]

The End Of The World As Told By Jesus

    Segatashya had many conversations with Jesus about the End of Days.Most of them occurred during Segatashya’s apparitions in Kibeho between July 2, 1982, and July 2, 1983. He later recounted these conversations in recorded interviews with members of the Bishop’s Commission of Enquiry. The following is an excerpt from those hours of interviews:

    Jesus: In the last days the sun will become very hot, and countless people will die from famine and the other calamities that will follow this famine. There will be many temptations from the devil in those times because there will be greater suffering on Earth than the world has ever known before.

    Jesus: You will know that my return is near when you see wars erupt between the different religions of the world. When you witness wars of religion, you will know that I am on the way. Once the wars of religion begin, nothing will stop the fighting.

    Jesus: Toward the end there will be wars, and nation will fight against nation and religion will fight against religion. But families will also fight one another–parents will fight their children, and sons and daughters will fight against each other. Many miseries will follow because the world will continue to refuse to repent.

    Segatashya: Lord, why will the religions fight when they’re all working for you?

    Jesus: It is because in all religions, there are too many who claim to believe in God’s love but do not truly believe. War will come because too many say they love, but they have no love in their hearts for God or for man.

    Segatashya: How is it possible that parents and children will wage war on each other when there are such strong bonds of love uniting a parent and a child?

    Jesus: Families will start fighting each other when human beings have grown weary of living in a world filled with so much suffering. People will have had enough of the world, and the world will have had enough of people. The sin of man will have become so great that misery will give birth to misery. Mothers will wish to be sterile rather than to bring a child into a world of such pain. Grown men will be so tired of living they will cry and beg for death to end their turmoil.

    Jesus: There will be many earthquakes in all the corners of the globe. In some places the sun will beat down so relentlessly that the earth will dry up and crops will fail year after year. Winds will carry away all the soil, and never-ending rains will bring great flooding. Hunger will grip many nations. Many will fight each other for food, and scores will starve to death.

    Segatashya: Knowing that the world will be so full of sin and that such terrible things will come to pass, Lord, why did you create man with such weakness and such a propensity for sin? You are all-knowing; therefore, you must have known very well when you created Adam and Eve that all the generations of mankind to follow them would not be strong enough to resist temptations.

    Jesus: Man was created with weakness, but he doesn’t have to remain weak. I came to Earth and was born as flesh and blood to be a living example for mankind of what was possible for humanity. I showed mankind the path to follow in life and showed him the way to heaven. I came into the world as a man, and I showed all men how to suffer the pains of the world and how to love God. I came to save man because I saw the difficulties man had trying to live a pure and godly life.

    Jesus: I descended from heaven to heal the sins of the world, and mankind has seen what I endured because of those sins: I was stripped naked, beaten, and crucified; and mankind bore witness to this. I died for man’s salvation, so to have that salvation, he must invite me into his heart before the last day. And the last day will come not because people are bad, but because God created the world knowing that it will end one day.

    Jesus: The world will end with or without humanity, but all the trouble and the miseries that accompany the last day–those sorrows will have all been brought down on the world by the sins of mankind.

    Jesus: Anyone who accepts my love and repents all their sins will be forgiven of all their sins, and I will love them well. But those who refuse to repent their sins will keep those sins as a mark on their souls, and I will show anger toward them.

    Jesus: That is why when I return on Judgment Day, I will come first to judge those who have refused to repent. And they will be greatly sorrowful, but their sorrow comes too late–and I will pour out tribulations upon them. My anger with them shall be fierce, and it will be carried forth by my seven archangels, who will take it to the four corners of the planet. My archangels will visit my anger upon all the people who have refused to repent their sins, and there will be much suffering and tribulations.

    Jesus: But because of the tribulations given to sinners, there will be much anger against my children in those days for believing in me. Sinners will persecute those who are faithful to God, and they will drive my children from their houses of worship and beat them in the streets. But I urge my children, no matter how much they are beaten or suffer, not to deny me ... I will be with them always in their anguish.

    Jesus: And things will grow worse in the world because of those who refuse to repent. Men’s hearts will grow so blind to God’s truth that an army of demons will deploy across Earth, and many will claim to be me, the Lord Jesus. They will promise to end all misery and dispel all suffering. Beware of these demons, as their only desire is to seduce man into wickedness.

    Segatashya: How shall we recognize these demons, and how shall we survive such difficult struggles at the End of Days?

    Jesus: When you hear someone claim to be me or acting in my name but use words that contradict what I have said in the Bible, you will know they are demons trying to lead you away from the Light of God. To defeat these forces, people must pray, confess, and repent.

    Jesus: Tell all the people of the world that from this day onward, they must practice penance, because there is not much time left before Satan will arrive on Earth to tempt mankind for the path of righteousness.

    Jesus: Tell all people to read the Bible and find my words, tell them to believe every word that I ever spoke and to live by those words. The last day is twofold and consists of two meanings. The first meaning applies to the individual soul–for each person, the last day is the day of their own death. The last day for humanity will be the day of my Second Coming. At the end of each day, each person is one day closer to meeting with God.

    Segatashya: If I’m afraid of what will come in the last days, won’t everybody be fearful?

    Jesus: Do not be afraid, but have faith! For those who love God and do good will come with me to heaven and never be tempted again. But hurry, for there is little time left.

    Jesus: Tell the people that if they have me in their hearts, they need not be frightened of the suffering of the last days. But they must stay faithful to God and be wary of the many tricks and deceits Satan will employ to lead them into sin and darkness. In those days Satan will come and boast that is he the great leader of man, that he can end drought, stop flooding, and heal millions who are sickened with disease. He may perform miracles, he will brag of his great deeds, and the people of the world will flock to him and call him the Christ ... but he is not the Christ, he is Satan in disguise. He will claim to be doing what Christ did in the past–healing the sick and feeding the hungry–but he lies. He may dazzle many with false miracles, and he may heal some who are ill and feed some who are hungry–but his miracles are traps to ensnare human hearts and souls.

    Jesus: During the End of Days Satan will do everything he can to distract people from my truth and to lead mankind away from the path to heaven. Some men will work for Satan in those days and try to confound others by telling them that all the difference between God and Satan are not important, that God and Satan are brothers and the problems they had in heaven are only family problems that should not concern man. Do not believe this! God is the Almighty, and He has no brother ... believe only God’s word as you find it in the Bible.

    Jesus: Do not trust anyone who comes calling himself Jesus, or saying that he is the Second Coming of Christ. Whoever says that is a liar. Many will propagate rumors that Christ has come and will point to someone they claim is me ... do not worship them. Remain faithful to me and call to me in prayer; wherever you are, I will find you.

    Jesus: If I walk among men, I will not do so with great fanfare or boasting. I will quietly heal the sick, return sight to the blind, and open the ears of the deaf. I will feed nations without seeking praise; I will pass through the world unnoticed and pay heed to those who remain faithful to me. Pray to me and confide in me, and I will find you wherever you are–if you are on a mountaintop, I will seek you out; if you are under a bridge, I will find you. Call to me for strength and courage when the dark days come, and I will give you strength.

    Jesus: There will be many false miracles, but don’t believe them, as they will not come from God at the End of Days. Any miracles that originate with me will be miracles of the heart. When I come I will put love in the hearts of men and women who are faithful to me. Everywhere in the world people will start to have dreams about me, and they will be filled by the Holy Spirit. But sinners will not be filled with the Holy Spirit, and they will seek out the demons who claim to represent God.

    Jesus: Satan will come to famine-wracked nations with great quantities of food, but he will expect to be worshipped in exchange. The food that you would take from him to feed your bodily hunger has no nourishment and would poison your soul–do not take it, do not eat such food. Such food will blind people’s hearts to God’s truth and love, and it will fuel man’s greed and sow hatred in men’s hearts–it will pit nation against nation and neighbor against neighbor.

    Jesus: It is better to go hungry than worship a false god. If your stomach aches, to not seek nourishment from one who asks to be worshipped–pray to me and I will sustain you.

    Segatashya: Lord, you say there will be so much misery during the End of Days, and so many demons trying to trick mankind onto the path of sin and damnation–how will you protect those who loved you and worked faithfully for you all their lives but fall into the devil’s trap in the last days? And what happens to those who were always good but are blinded by Satan at the very end? It doesn’t seem fair that someone who has always been a faithful servant of God should be denied eternity in paradise for slipping at the very End of Days.

    Jesus: I am Almighty, and I have the power to look into the hearts of men. I shall look into everyone’s hearts on the Day of Judgment to see if they were a true believer who fell in the war between God and Satan in the End of Days ... if they were true believers until the end, I will save them.

    Segatashya: What about those people who did wrong and didn’t let you into their hearts all their lives, but who didn’t participate in the devil’s war with God during the End of Days? Will they go to heaven?

    Jesus: Those people worked for Satan all their lives, not for the Lord, and they have no place in heaven. It would be too late for such a person; just because someone did not work for Satan at the End of Days does not mean their hearts were converted to God.

    Segatashya: What will happen on the very last day?

    Jesus: On the very last day, the planet will tremble and the joy of the righteous will be overwhelming. A great rainbow of countless colors will transverse the sky, and a white cloud will form in the heavens. At that moment you will see me emerge from the cloud carrying my cross. I will dispatch all my angels across Earth to assemble all the people of the world. My cross shall make the good and wicked alike tremble. And then I will pass judgment on all the souls before me, deciding who has worked faithfully for the Lord and who has not, and I will assign to each the place they have earned in eternity.

    Jesus: All the suffering of the End of Days will be over, and all the struggles of life on Earth will be gone forever. No one will need to repent anymore–because for the righteous, who have repented throughout their lives, now is the time to rejoice in heaven. And for the wicked, it will be too late to repent.

    Jesus: The soul never dies, and every soul belongs to God. On the last day, those souls who have earned a place in the Kingdom of God will leave Earth without taking anything with them. Those who have rejected God and are judged to be unrepentant sinners will descend into hell to suffer eternal death. Those who have loved and served God will ascend into heaven to spend life everlasting in paradise.

    Jesus: After all souls chosen by God have been led into heaven, a great fire will erupt from deep within the earth and the world will be consumed in flames, and all those who rejected God and refused to believe will burn in the fire.

    Segatashya: Will any souls still pass through purgatory on their way to heaven after the End of Days?

    Jesus: As the world ends, purgatory will no longer exist. Purgatory is for those who have been good in life but died with a few sins on their souls, and they need to be purified before entering heaven. But all the suffering those good people will endure during the End of Days will be enough to purify their souls, and they will enter heaven immediately. Therefore, purgatory will no longer be needed. After Judgment Day all souls will be in heaven or in hell for all eternity.

    Segatashya: Why don’t you just tell people when Judgment Day will be so they can convert now and be assured of entering heaven?

    Jesus: First of all, I don’t know which day it will be. Only God the Father alone knows the exact day the world will end.

    Jesus: But if I did know when the last day was, I would not tell the people of the world. If people knew when the world is going to end they would convert out of fear, not out of love for God. Heaven is only for those whose hearts are filled with the love of God.

    Jesus: But it is vital not to be preoccupied with the collective last day. The most important thing for the people of the world to be concerned with is their individual last day, because that can come at any time, and one must always make sure that their soul is prepared to meet the Lord. For the person who dies with sins will resurrect with sins ... and the person who dies without sins will be resurrected without sins.

Study This Carefully, If You Didn't Get The Import On The Following Video

Pay Particular Attention To What Happens To The Dog!

That Could Be YOU!

Initial/Return Wave!

Burn These Into Your Memory & Practice The Following Videos:

(This Information Is No Longer Taught!)


Understanding Radiation Units

    The difference between Roentgen, Rad, and Rem units of radiation measurement are often confusing and with the newer units, many Health Physicists contend, many people, including first responders, are quite confused when applying these units to measure radiation.

    And, with Grays (Gy) and Sieverts (Sv), many with Radiological Survey Instruments, who are just learning, get them mixed up and confused. Remember this:

1 R (Roentgen) = 1 Rad = 1 Rem = 0.01 Gy = 0.01 Sv!

And, the nemonic:

Rads are to Grays, as Rems are To Sieverts

    When 'The Bomb Goes Off' not only will we have to contend with Initial (Explosive or Prompt) Radiation, but, almost instantly, 'The Flash,' and this is 'Thermal Radiation,' followed shortly with the Blast Wave, also known as Pressure Wave, or Shock Wave. These are analogous many thousands of times to a Sonic Boom or, Thunder Clap.

    Then, we have, if the bomb is a near surface burst; or a ground burst, Lingering Radiation, which is due to Fallout arriving.

    The most familiar older units given above are:
  1. Roentgen: This unit measures radiation's energy (that's what radiation is, Energy) known as Gamma Rays in cubic centimeters of air; often represented by the capital alphabet letter, R.

    When we talk of Roentgen, we are talking of 'Exposure'! How much Exposure one has received in one hour or more; written as, 500 R/hr.

  2. Rad: Which is known as 'Radiation Absorbed Dose'. This term allows for the recognition that different tissues, or materials, absorb different amounts of radiation energy! For example, the thymus gland may absorb less radiation energy than the adrenal glands; the colon may absorb more than the muscle tissues, and, etc. Therefore, one R of gamma ray exposure results in nearly one RAD of dose that is absorbed.

    And, furthermore, it depends upon The Individual—his state of health, his age, and what nutraceuticals, vitamins, and minerals he consumes. It has been shown that Saturated Fat and Cholesterol help protect against Radiation Damage!

    While We're Here, Let Us Understand Something of A Few Other Terms:

    1. Dose (radiation): Radiation absorbed by a person's body. As radiation moves through a body, organism, etc., it dislodges electrons from atoms, disrupting molecules. Each time this happens, the radiation loses some energy until it escapes from the body or disappears. The energy deposited indicates the number of molecules disrupted.

      The energy the radiation deposits in tissues is called the DOSE, or more correctly, the Absorbed Dose. The units of measure for absorbed dose are the gray (1joule per kilogram of tissue) or the Rad (1/100 of a gray).

      The Cumulative Dose is the total absorbed dose or energy deposited in the body or a region of the body from repeated or prolonged exposures.

    2. Exposure (Radiation) is a measure of ionizationthe process of adding one or more electrons to, or removing one or more electrons from, atoms or molecules, thereby creating ionsin air, ionization is caused by x–rays or gamma rays only. The unit for ionizing radiation in the air is the Roentgen.

      High temperatures, electrical discharges, or nuclear radiation can cause ionization, and as the Earth Changes increase, so will increase the Earth's radiation from high temperatures, electrical discharges, or nuclear radiation.

  3. Rem: Which is Roentgen Equivalent Man. This describes the Effect in an organism of that Dose or Exposure that is absorbed and then, what Effect it will have within an organism!

    The ionizing radiation of a nuclear explosion; or, that produced in a nuclear reactor, if one is close enough to the radiation, can disrupt the electrical balance and timing of living cells, making up the tissues, which go to make up the organs. This disruption can generate death, genetic damage, and cancer.

    Therefore, know this when a radiation storm or cloud is coming your way. The effects of radiation drop sharply off as you increase your distance from the nuclear explosion or source. This is Newton's Law we all love and use daily, often without knowing it, for gravitation, sound intensity, magnetism, and illumination. Newton's Law is 'The Law of Inverse Squares' which states, the intensity of sound, magnetism, etc.,— in this case, the intensity of radiation effects of a source—drops off as the distance increases in a manner that is inversely proportional to the square of its distance from the source!

    That is, double the distance from the source, and your exposure is cut to one quarter; tripple your distance from the source, and your exposure is cut to one ninth, and so–forth.

All This You've Been, Hopefully, Studying, Demands One Knows Their Radiation Safety Limits and Their Meter's Ranges & Saturation Points!

Radiation Safety Limits!

Meter ranges & Saturation Points!

    The thing to keep in mind is that when Exposure or Doses are spoken of, it is generally referring to R/hr. This could be more adequately given as 'Dose Rate(s)' meaning a time factor is present, indicating Roentgens per Hour. The same goes for exposure.

Radiation Cloud!



It Depends On The Individual!


Plant A Geiger Counter In Your Garden

Miners once used a canary in a cage as a gauge of the air quality deep within a mine. When the canary fell off his perch and keeled over dead, that was considered an early warning sign that the air in the mine had gone bad -- that there were some poisonous gases in the atmosphere, and they should get out immediately.

Now there's a plant that you can set out in your flower beds or even in your vegetable garden (most of the plant is edible!) that acts as an early warning that there is higher-than-normal ambient radiation in your area. If you live anywhere near a nuclear power plant or some sort of "government lab," plant some as an extra precaution, and keep a close eye on it.

The spiderwort plant is a flowering plant with lovely blue to purple flowers that was named "spiderwort" because it resembled a crouching spider. It is native to North America, on down to Argentina in South America, and the species generally seen is the Tradescantia Virginiana. Many hybrids are available now in some exotic colors, but for our purposes, stick with the standard blue-flowered varieties.According to the literature, the species used in radiation experiments was the Tradescantia ohiensis KU 7 clone, but good luck with finding that one.

The plants grow well in most gardens, and it tends to like sandy, moist soils, plus sun and warmth. In heavy summer heat, the flowers close up during the day, but remain open if the day is cloudy or cool.They can survive cold winters, but we recommend covering the plants for best survival.

This plant is hardy, but when it is subjected to radiation fields dangerous to humans, the blue stamen hairs in the center of the flower turn pink. According to a Japanese researcher in the 1980s, these stamen hairs are one of the few tissues around that serve as a good indicator of ambient radiation levels. The change of color in the stamen hairs is a mutation caused by the radiation.

In Cover Up: What You Are Not Supposed To Know About Nuclear Power, author Karl Grossman answers the question:"Can't we rely on Geiger counters and other measurement devices to warn us about dangerous radiation?"

Not necessarily. A very big question arises whether mechanical radiation readings give an accurate reading of the intake of radioactivity by life.

[Kong's Note:This is why there are so many confusing radiological terms now, especially in the newer systems.Each practitioner gives more weight to his own conceptions of what readings mean for each different tissue of the body.]

Dr. Sadao Ichikawa has done considerable work in the measurement of radiation through the delicate little flowering plant, Tradescantia, or as commonly known, the spiderwort. Radiation turns the large blue cells of the spiderwort stamen hairs pink. The color change, a result of mutation, can be observed twelve to thirteen days after the plant's exposure to radiation. A clear reading of the extent of radiation can be taken by counting or scoring through a microscope the number of cells that have changed color on the stamen hairs.The spiderwort, stresses Dr. Ichikawa, a geneticist at the University of Kyodo, Japan, displays in days the effects of radioactivity which would show in humans only after an incubation period of years.

Mechanical readings of radiation, Dr. Ishikawa emphasizes, measure only "external exposure," not what is breathed in or ingested.Internal exposures can be more significant than one-time external exposures since living organisms "incorporate" and "concentrate" radioisotopes.

Spiderwort plants have responded, under test conditions near nuclear plants, with mutation frequencies fifty times higher than would be expected from the radioactive levels measured by dosimeters."The present dosimeter method of monitoring environmental radiation can hardly be regarded as efficient from the biological point of view," the geneticist stresses. Spiderworts are now being used as radiation monitors around facilities in the U.S., Japan and Europe. They are being called the "people's radiation monitor."The flower is "the most excellent test system ever known for low-level radiation," says Ichikawa.

In addition to the above characteristic, which is really quite remarkable, the plants are also edible.The leaves are often eaten raw in salads or added to stews, and the flowers make a beautiful (and edible) garnish for salads.

You can't go wrong with a plant like this, one that can keep an eye on the radiation levels around them as well as furnish food for your family.

Breeder Reactors

Breeder reactors are a particular type of nuclear reactor that are intended, literally, to create, or “breed” plutonium. This type of reactor came about because of the need to create more plutonium, a manmade element, for making atomic bombs. The Manhattan Project had pioneered the method, as plutonium turned out to be as fissionable as uranium-235, so the Project created reactors to make plutonium.

Breeder reactors need fast neutrons rather than the slow neutrons used in water-cooled reactors. Since water aids in slowing down neutrons, the breeder reactor uses liquid sodium as a coolant. Sodium reacts violently with air and water, so if the cooling system springs a leak, there is hell to pay, especially since the liquid sodium becomes highly radioactive.

Breeder reactors are a whole new ballgame when it comes to nuclear reactors. Even reactors with bad safety flaws, like the one at Chernobyl which exploded into what amounted to a “nuclear volcano” have nothing on a breeder reactor if it should undergo an explosion.The explosion of other kinds of reactors are basically steam explosions, where the reactor’s cooling system has failed and all available water is evaporated into steam under very high pressure. But a breeder reactor’s explosion would be a genuine nuclear explosion because, instead of using uranium enriched with uranium-235 as fuel, the breeder reactor uses plutonium as fuel.

According to Cover Up: What You Are Not Supposed To Know About Nuclear Power, by Karl Grossman:

Breeder reactors are regarded as even more fraught with danger than the standard boiling water or pressurized water nuclear power plants of today. Concentrations of plutonium in a breeder are so high that, as even the government and the nuclear industry admit, an accident in a breeder can cause it to explode like a small atomic bomb, releasing into the atmosphere, not hundreds of pounds of plutonium, but tons of the universe’s most deadly substance, a pound of which could kill the world’s population.

Grossman further explains, in answer to the question, “What is the worst accident that can happen at a breeder reactor?”:

A breeder reactor can explode like a small atomic bomb. Such a detonation would vaporize and blast out into the atmosphere not only a breeder’s full inventory of fission products but the tons upon tons of plutonium with which it is fueled and which it produces.

In a standard nuclear power plant, a nuclear runaway or power excursion would trigger a steam explosion blowing apart the concrete containment and letting loose the radioactive poisons inside.In a breeder reactor, it is a nuclear explosion that’s involved which can be set off by a nuclear runaway, loss-of-coolant or other types of accidents.

To do “breeding”—turning uranium into additional plutonium fuel through “fast’ electron actionthe tons of plutonium with which a breeder is fueled must be far more highly concentrated than the uranium-235 fuel in a standard plant. The plutonium in a breeder is at fifteen per cent concentration level instead of the three per cent enrichment level of uranium fuel in a standard nuclear plant. Further, the plutonium fuel rods in a breeder must be packed much closer together than the uranium in a standard “light water” reactor.

Thus, there is far more than enough concentrated fissionable material in a breeder reactor to cause an atomic explosion—if it comes any closer together.

The upshot of all this is that, “A single large breeder reactor would ‘contain the equivalent of about 10,000 to 20,000 atomic bombs of total plutonium radioactivity,’” and the area contaminated so badly that it can no longer be used or occupied would come to “360,000 square miles,or forty per cent of the land east of the Mississippi River."

With this in mind, would anyone really want to live anywhere near such a reactor?

The government must have taken this reluctance into consideration, because we have had a really difficult time finding out(1) how many breeder reactors exist in the United States, and (2) where they all are. We could find only about six listed that have been shut down. Nuclear non-proliferation is blamed, not to mention the facts that the costs of operating a breeder are higher than other types of reactors, and the risks involved. Plus breeder-reactor development plans were scrapped in many countries, including the United States.

We would be thankful if we weren’t so suspicious that one or two breeders might have escaped shut-down and are still operating.We'll never know until . . . .

And Now, Let's See What Else Jesus Told Segatashya:

Jesus on Polygamy, As Given To Segatashya

At about that time, Jesus appeared to me and gave me a new message to deliver. The message was about polygamy.

Jesus told me I must remind people that polygamy is against God’s will. It was a difficult message to deliver. Polygamy— when a man has two or more wives—is widely practiced and accepted in Zaire (now known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo). Men often have as many as ten wives, even more. The culture accepts and supports polygamy, and I was surprised to meet many churchgoing people who practiced it—people who otherwise had good hearts and did good deeds, but who lived in polygamous relationships.Jesus told me that these people were setting a very bad and dangerous example for the younger folks who belonged to the church and looked up to their elders for guidance. He said there are no exceptions when it comes to polygamy and that people who worshipped Him in church should know better than to commit such an obvious sin.

Shortly after I arrived in Lubumbashi, Jesus appeared to me again and said,Remind people who have two wives that they kill my commandments, and that they are thieves. And for those in the church who are practicing polygamy, he added this message: How can you work for me if you are not willing to do all that I am asking you to do?

This became a very controversial issue during my Congo ministry. Many times the large crowds that showed up to hear the messages were incredibly enthusiastic and happy to hear the words of Jesus. When I talked about his messages of redemption and salvation through confession, repentance and love—all to prepare for the End of Days—hundreds of people would cry out, “Amen! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!”

But when I delivered the Lord’s message about the evil of polygamy,people booed and yelled for me to go back home to Rwanda. The Lord wanted me to talk about polygamy wherever I traveled, which I did, and I was mobbed after every gathering.

“Polygamy is practiced in the Bible,” they’d say. “What about the patriarchs in the Old Testament? Abraham had three wives, King David had six wives, and King Solomon had seven hundred wives! Why can’t we even have two wives?”

I would answer them as Jesus had instructed me to: “We don’t live in the days of the Old Testament; we live in the days of the New Testament. Jesus came to Earth to show us the new way, and he told us how to follow that way in the words of the New Testament.”

When they asked, “Why does Jesus think that people who have two wives are like killers and thieves? That’s not a nice thing to say to us!” I always answered, “Jesus said to me that the second wife is a murderer because she’s killing the peace and joy the first wife has in her heart for her husband. The first marriage is sacred; it is blessed by the sacrament of marriage celebrated in the first (and the only legitimate) marriage.

“And Jesus said the second wife is a thief because she is stealing the love that the husband should only be giving the first wife. The husband’s marital love belongs to the first wife, and anyone who steals that love away from her is a thief.

“Jesus says that the man in the relationship is a thief and a murderer like every other murderer and thiefbecause he is killing God’s commandment and killing the peace of the two women, and a thief because he is taking what was not given to him.He will be judged as a thief as well, if he does not repent and let go of his sin.

“So, both men and women who enter into a polygamous relationship are like murderers because they kill the purity of the love God bestows upon a man and woman when they join together as husband and wife during the holy sacrament of marriage.”

These statements enraged everyone in the audience who supported polygamy. And, surprisingly to me, the people who were most outraged by the message were the women! Forty or fifty angry women confronted me one evening after I’d finished speaking at a church hall in Lubumbashi.

“How can you say those things!” one of them shouted. “Most of the men in my village were killed during war, and now there’s a big shortage of men.What do you expect us women to do when it is time for us to get married and have children? It’s better to share a husband than to never have a husband! Of is it that God wants us all to be nuns?”

Another said she’d been in a polygamous marriage for 12 years and it was impossible to follow Christ’s message to get out of such a marriage.“I’m the third wife, but I have been married to my husband for a long time,” she told me. “We have three children together, what do you want me to do? Am I supposed to leave my husband? Where would I go? How would I feed my kids?Must I become a beggar and a prostitute so my children won’t starve? There are lots of women just like me … we can’t all give our lives to God!”

All I could tell them is that God’s will is not always easy to follow, but we must follow it.Our life on earth is difficult, but it is fleeting. We will be rewarded in heaven for living the way God wants us to on Earth.

Many young men and women in the audience at the Lubumbashi church hall were also angry with my message. When they approached me after my talk, they wanted to know what was wrong with sex outside of marriage.

[Commentary By Kong:This hits hard all over the world!]

“It’s not normal for any man to go for a long period of time without having a woman,” one young man stated. “And why shouldn’t young women be able to be with a man if the man can help her pay for her rent or her tuition?Isn’t it okay for a young woman to benefit a little bit in a relationship with a man.What’s wrong with making a man happy if the man makes the woman happy in return?”

I answered by repeating the message Jesus and Mary delivered at Kibeho regarding premarital sex:

“Men and women must respect themselves and treat their bodies as though they are temples of the Lord, not allow their bodies to be treated as a playground of the flesh. They put their souls at risk for fleeting moments of pleasure. Teenagers and young adults are thinking about having fun; they’re not thinking about the consequences of their actions or about their immortal souls. This is something your church elders should advise you about.”

I told the young people to pray for God to bring men and women of faith and good character to their church. Those are the role models young people need, not people who are polygamous and live in a constant state of adultery. The youth should learn this truth: Adultery is a serious, serious sin—it breaks the Seventh Commandment. It is best to be chaste until marriage and faithful in a marriage that is a union between one man and one woman.

The messages I delivered about polygamy and adultery were almost the death of me.

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It Will Be Moment To Moment Survival...

Dr. B Says The Sea Coasts Will Be Changed!

If You Are Having Trouble With

Dose, Exposure, Roentgens, And Rate,

Study The Programmed Learning Section Below:


  1. Dose Is The Amount of Gamma Radiation A Person Is Exposed To!

  2. Exposure Or Dose Unit Is Give In Roentgens (R), or Milliroentgens (mR).

  3. Exposure Rate, Exposure Dose Rate, or, Dose Rate Are All Equal To Each Other Which Equals R/hr; or, mR/hr; Read As Roentgens per hour (The Forward Slash means 'Per'), And milliRoentgens per hour, respectively.

You Need Dosimeters & A Charger For Them!

CD V-750 Charger_CD V-742 Pens_Operating Manual!

Do You Have A Moldex 100 Respirator Mask?

(You'll Need It Sooner Than Later!)


Reading The Tea Leaves!

(Are You Prepared For This?)


Famine Is Coming To America...& The World!

These Are In Our Future:

Nuclear War

Nuclear Blast

Nuclear War On A City!

Nuclear War With Russia!

... To Be Continued ...

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In An UpComing Issue:
To Be Announced!

Something You Need To Know For What's Coming

Kong Sez: uses Graphics, Videos, Audios, and other devices to communicate facts. As time nears to Total Chaos in America and the world, ChemBio Updates will be sent out several times a week, either in e-mail format or as a hot link to its WebSite, as information warrants.

    As you use your computer, overtime, it slows down!

    If your computer downloads slowly, you need to daily do the Following:

  • Defrag your machine.

  • Use a Cleaner, such as CCleaner (one can also use their Defragger) to Optimize your computer for better performance. Get them here: It's Free!

  • If you find a download from email coming down very slowly; simply close your computer and reboot. Then restart the download.

  • Find out from your ISP how much file storage you have, you need at least 20 MB. Also, go there and clean up used files. The ISP does this for you every 30 or so days. If you receive large files, the ISP may bump them back because "no room at the inn."

You Must Defrag Your Computer Regularly
Clean The Registry and Optimize the Machine Regularly
It Will Run Very Erratic and Quite Slowly!

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