Your Home Fallout Shelter! Have You Got One?

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Without This Understanding You May Subcumb To Harm's Way Coming Soon!

Keep All The Following In Mind For Your Survival!

We Practiced:

"Finding The Best Protection Factor(s) In Our Shelter!"

We Practice The Rotational Method— So All Could Have A Chance of Survival...

Without Illness.

The Following Is What You Must Know, Practice & Have Radiological Survey Meters & Dosimeters For This Below

We Studied & Drilled On Each Lesson Night & Day.



Shelter Space, by Dr. "B"

Shelter Space:

This will be most important in your lives when the Radiations come. You will have to ascertain if it is necessary to crowd people in the safer locations of your shelter, as it is very important to have enough fresh air and light, such that shelterees do not pass out from heat prostration or get claustrophobia (fear of confined, crowded places) and run outside, endangering shelterees as well as themselves.

Therefore, is there going to be enough space for oxygen; a little moving about of shelterees; in the safe area; not running into one another, in your home shelter?

One person needs 10 square feet of space! This is a known fact to keep from forming Refugee Problems, such as overcrowding; less air; flaring tempers; and to allow for a certain amount of privacy.

During a World-Wide Fallout, the following problems will give you some idea how to have this, and if relocation of shelterees from high to low to medium amount of Dose radiation—Areas in the Shelter—is necessary for the amount of people you have in your shelter.

There Will Be Problems! As, people are not the same as they were in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. You will have to strengthen yourselves for this now by practicing, as we will do playing 'The Heavies' and Those who will cooperate.

As Shelter Manager and Radef Officer (Radiological Defense Officer) of your own shelter, you will have to estimate the total available space in Square Footage allowed per person in the relatively safe area by walking off the length and width with a tape measure.

This will have to be done in each area of moderately high; normal; and very safe Dose areas for Shelterees. You find this out with your Pen Dosimeters. The people must be rotated periodically to different areas of lower Dose Rate to allow no one to get too much Dose, continually! They should move to a different area every 15 to 30 minutes to allow no one person to get an excessive Dose of Gamma Radiation. This procedure gives their bodies a chance to Repair, Rebuild, and Heal any damage done to the tissue in higher dose areas.

It is best to allow no more than 10 Roentgens per hour, preferably less.


Let's Say You Find You Have 624 Square Feet of Moderate high, Average, and Low Doses (0 to ½ Rs) in various areas of this 624 Square Feet of the Shelter Area. Gentlemen, we are trying to reduce the Accumulated Effects of Radiation Buildup!


If you have 20 people, this is how you find out if there is enough area without having to periodically move shelterees from one area to another to even out exposure.

(1) Divide 624 by 20 = 31.2 Sq. Ft per person. Therefore, since each person needs 10 sq. ft., there is plenty of room in this shelter for 20 people. But, if radiation is high (greater than 50) in some areas, low in others (0 to 4 or 6), and moderate in others (10 to 50); they must be rotated.

(2) Or, you can divide 624 by 10 = 62.4 and if the resulting number is larger than the number of shelter occupants, there is plenty of room. But, you still must consider the Dose per various areas of your shelter where you have people sheltered. If rising; or danger if someone(s) staying in that part of the shelter for hours; then, accumulated Dose occurs and this is not good. Therefore, rotate shelterees to and from and between various areas of your shelter.

(3) For 60 people, divide 624 by 60 = 10.4 sq. ft. per person. Enough room is present for 60 people without violating the above rules for air, light, space, and accumulative radiation exposure, if Dose Rate is safe. This means you did a darn good job on reinforcing your Home Shelter with Brick, Mortar, Earth, and developed a Protection Factor of 100 (PF= 100, or even more!).

(4) Or, 624 divided by 10 gives 62.4, which is larger than 60 people: Enough Room. But, you must still evaluate for Radiation Levels in various areas of your shelter where you have Shelterees placed.

(5) 624 sq. ft for 100 people. Divide 624 by 100 = 6.24 sq. ft per person: Not Enough Room. You will have to use the Rotation Principle to keep them safe from claustrophobia and other problems listed above! Some areas may have more spaces in your shelter than others, still not enough to accomodate all; hence, the movement to smaller areas as well as larger areas, that one or the other that may not have a high PF–in your shelter Again, the reason for a rotational basis in a Shelter! Through this procedure, Accumulative Dose is kept down, such that the Body can Build and Repair Damaged Tissues.

(6) Or, 624 divided by 10 = 62.4 is smaller than 100. Hence, you will have to use the Rotational Principle.

We have given you two ways to figure space. And, the reasons for such computations.


How The Nuclear War May Start

It Almost Happened During the Cuban Missile Crisis:

From Richard Maybury's U.S. & World Early Warning Report, January, 2017

…Cuban Missile Crisis replay

As explained in the Oct. 2015 and Nov. 2016 EWRs, the person in the oval office isn’t just president of the US, he is emperor of the world. He has his fingers in every country, under the guise of protecting them.

This means the whole world is intensely interested in how the emperor thinks.

DEFENSE NEWS points out that usually, a few months after an inauguration, one or more of the federal government’s foreign enemies will test the new president with some kind of military event, to reveal the new emperor’s mettle, intelligence and judgment.

If such a test occurs, it will tell us a lot more about the new emperor than all the speeches and interviews of the past two years.

The test will also likely help give a boost to defense stocks. If so, the new wave of profits will be nice, but there is more to the story than that.

To a greater extent than ever before…

…America’s future depends on the quality of its generals and admirals. Here’s why.

I don’t know the new emperor, but those who do have referred to him in terms that can be encapsulated as “notoriously thin-skinned, short-fused and hardassed.”

There are no constitutional constraints on his use of nuclear weapons. Even if all his handlers, advisors and congress counsel against it, he can, by himself, give the order to launch his missiles.7

Trump is so emotional I can easily imagine him sooner or later becoming angry at someone, throwing a tantrum and, under the doctrine of whatever-appears-necessary, ordering a nuclear strike.

If it happens, will the generals and admirals obey orders and go through with it?

I hope they have learned the lessons of…

… the Cuban Missile Crisis, when their predecessors did follow orders.

In 1961, US leaders began placing nuclear-tipped missiles in Turkey, which bordered the USSR.

In 1962, the Kremlin responded by preparing to place missiles in Cuba.

President Kennedy decided that Russian officials had no right to do what US officials had done.

For the first time in history, the president put the Strategic Air Command at defcon 2, which was one step from nuclear war. He also ordered a blockade of Cuba, an act of war.

He then called for confrontations between US and Russian warships.

Following his orders, US captains attacked Russian submarines, dropping small depth charges.

Three subs capitulated, but a fourth, the B-59, did not.

The B-59 was too deep to receive radio messages, and did not know if war had broken out. All they could tell was that explosions of unknown size and distance were happening all around them. They were afraid to surface.

Sound carries clearly through water. The crew became increasingly terrified.

Finally the sub was running out of air. Captain Valentin Savitsky became furious and decided to go nuclear.

But he needed the compliance of two other officers.

His second-in-command, Vasili Arkhipov refused to go along. They argued, but Arkhipov stood fast.

The tenacity of that one man saved the world.8

This was the era of super-large H-bombs. Ten megatons was not unusual, and the Soviets had demonstrated one that was 50-megatons.

A megaton means equal to a million tons of TNT. A 1-megaton bomb is 67 times as powerful as the one used on Hiroshima.

A 1976 article in SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN showed that on a windy day, the fallout from just two 1–megaton bombs could ruin an area the size of Montana. 9

I remember one newscaster reporting that US and Soviet politicians together had amassed enough bombs to kill every human 150 times, should it become necessary.

Yet US military commanders followed Kennedy’s orders.

Why did Kennedy do it?

As I have said many times, the federal government has so much power these days that the humans who can handle it and stay sane have not been born.

We are not mind readers, but Kennedy’s medical records have been released. We know now that he was a druggie. He had the most high-pressure job in the world, and in times of stress, including the Cuban Missile Crisis, he consumed a cocktail of prescription medicines: painkillers, anti-spasmodics, antibiotics, antihistamines and steroids.10

I remember that on TV he appeared normal. But with all those chemicals in him, it seems likely he was certifiably psychotic. Indeed, his entire hyper-stressed team of advisors may have been, too.

Why did military officers follow his orders?

It’s a mystery. Kennedy’s commanders were all World War II vets. Their still-living mentors were men such as Dwight Eisenhower, Douglas MacArthur and Omar Bradley, who knew how stupid politics and politicians could be.

The only explanation I can see is that political power doesn’t just corrupt the morals and judgment of the people who have it, it corrupts those in orbit around them, too.

Political power is the legalized privilege of using brute force on persons who have not harmed anyone. Only governments have this privilege.

It is inherently evil. It rots the soul. This is why the American founders tried to create a government so small and impotent that no matter who got control of it, he or she could not do much damage.

So, political power doesn’t make only politicians nutty as fruitcakes, it also infects everyone who does their bidding.

Presidents now are under far more stress than Kennedy was. These days, the nuclear threat has diminished somewhat,11 but Washington has abandoned the gold standard, and plunged deeply into the fast spreading wars in the Mideast. The complications from just these two self-inflicted wounds alone make the Cold War period look like a game of checkers compared to today’s three-dimensional chess.

To me it is entirely plausible that since 9-11, the US emperors and their close advisors, if they had been tested by psychologists, would all have been found outside normal parameters of sanity.

We should all hope that US military officers know what happened in 1962 and are willing to follow Vasili Arkhipov’s example.


Maybury References

And What About This!

By The Time You Read This...

We May Be In Total War!

Are You Ready?

Burn This Into Your Memory & Practice it:


Survival Under Shelter Life

1. This is what it will be like . . . lots of noise, chatter, and babies crying.

2. When the lights go out, everyone panics.

3. The Radef Manager announces the city where they get their electricity from may have been hit. Everyone freaks.

4. There are 59 people all crowded together in a smallish shelter.

5. The Shelter Manager announces that conditions will be tough, they won’t get much exercise and will likely get pretty bored, and they are awfully crowded, but they will make it through.

6. One guy comes in drunk who is obviously a potential troublemaker. The shelter manager asks permission to go through his belongings and take some of the things in his bag for shelter use.

7. The heat is getting worse, and they’re having trouble with ventilation. At night, it seems the place is cool and dampish.

8. The meals are monotonous, composed of survival biscuits, and entrée of some kind (canned food), and orange drink.

9. One person, the troublemaker, gets sick. He’s convinced he’s dying of radiation sickness. The young girl who nurses him thinks it’s scarlet fever. However, a doctor thinks it’s allergy and recommends Benadryl, which the troublemaker “happened” to have on him.

10. All ends happily. Everyone has grown some.

When Fallout Comes, Keep It Clean:

Kong Sez:

Many people are going to sicken, possibly die, because they do not know what you know, if you've been reading The Chembio Updates with understanding and practice; or, The Kong Reports.

It's All About This In Staying Safe!

CD V-742 Inside Dosimeter Picture!

CD V-742 Dosimeter!

Preparation for Using the Dosimeter_Radiation Safety In Shelters

Keeping It Clean!

And...What To Do With It!


Keeping It Clean!

Dr. "B" has lectured and lectured to us on Cross-Contamination under these trying conditions of Mayhem, Chaos, and Horrendous Stress, which easily lead to Spreading Disease from areas of Kitchen use in food preparation and lack of sanitation in Toilet use.

There will definitely be problems with no potable water and electricity, when the Superstructure—where we live, comes crashing down to the Infrastructure, where potable water, utilities, etc., no longer work!

Gentlemen, this is why we have been working so diligently for weeks on 'Keeping It Clean' for when this time comes. If we don't, when the Superstructure is gone, and there are no hospitals...maybe a tent hospital or two in your area, no clean water, no flushing toilets, no medicines, and more, this knowledge will help you sustain and hopefully make it through to the terrifying Earth Changes.

People have been and are being programmed to 'Not Keep It Clean' and HSI writes in its December issue of 2016, what I will give you immediately following. You know all this, as we have been discussing this for some time in The Kong Reports.

If you've been watching those celebrity chefs to get some inspiration for your holiday meals, be sure not to pick up on some of their bad kitchen habits!

Because while these popular culinary experts might know how to make a risotto or a chocolate fondant in the blink of an eye, most of them routinely do things that would get them failing grades in any Home-Ec class.

A group of researchers recently reviewed 100 shows featuring some 24 well-known chefs, such as Gordon Ramsay, Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse and Ree Drummond.

And although those recipes they whip up look amazing, the researchers found that most of these gourmet gurus were bad role models where some of the basics of safe food preparation are concerned.

For example, they discovered that:

  • They handled uncooked meat without washing their hands afterwards. That was observed in 21 of 24 chefs.

  • The chefs didn't bother using a thermometer (as recommended by the USDA) to make sure meat was thoroughly cooked 75 percent of the time,

  • In a quarter of the shows, the same cutting board was used to prepare ready-to-eat items and uncooked meat, and

  • Over a fifth of the chefs were shown either touching their hair or licking their fingers while handling food.

While that may sound like a lot of nitpicking, foodborne illnesses can be serious business. The CDC estimates that over 48 million of us get sick every year, with over 100,000 being hospitalized because of something they ate.

And the most common kitchen mistake these chefs made? That was to add ingredients that won't be cooked further with their hands – something that could be a recipe for disaster after touching raw meat or poultry.

So if you're cooking up beef Wellington and mint chocolate truffles for Christmas dinner, or your family's favorite turkey or ham and pumpkin pie, be sure to take the time to do what these experts didn't – and everyone will have a good night!

Nuclear Blasts Generate Fires!

Wildfire Mitigation Basics For Mitigation Staff

These Are In Our Future:

Nuclear War

Nuclear Blast

Nuclear War On A City!

Nuclear War With Russia!

... To Be Continued ...

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