The Coming Plague !

Former CIA microbiologist Larry Harris has discussed on CNN in a program that has not yet aired that Iraqi agents have brought anthrax and plague into the United States to unleash on Americans cities.

Harris expects the attack maybe in July of 1997 to coincide with some Islamic holy days. Larry has advised everyone to get some tetracycline now. (It can be obtained from veterinarians.) Larry also mentioned that FEMA plans to confiscate any tetracycline it finds.

Tetracycline, according to Larry Harris, should be taken if there are massive power outages or you see sheep or small animals dying that would be coincident with such an attack.

Harris expects anthrax to be disseminated over major urban areas from light aircraft, and the potential death toll in the first few days to be as many as 100 million. NSI Reporting Service quoted in Last Days Journal, March 1997 ...At a recent Global Science Congress. a biological/chemical warfare expert who worked for the CIA said the same thing.

The editor of The Reaper, 3/26/97 (source of article) says, "Frankly I don't know what to think of this, or how much credibility to assign to it. But there is smoke..."

In November of 1996, just before the presidential election, Senator Sam Nunn (Senate Oversight Committee on the Pentagon) was interviewed on CSPAN late one night.

He was asked if there was a possibility of America suffering terrorist attacks. He replied, "It is not a matter of if--it is just a matter of when. The majority of people in this country have no idea of the great danger of our times. And consequently, there is no preparation."

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