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[Bank Shut Down?]

Brace For Bank

Shutdown ?

Kong Sez:

    In a previous Flash Alert, we investigated the statement by Bob Chapman, of the International Forecaster, that there will be a bank holiday declared in September, which will last 4 or 5 days. Mr. Chapman believes this bank holiday will be the opening act for a much bigger bank holiday several months to years later, which will involve devaluations of the currency and other significant changes in the banking system. He made this prediction in May.

    Harry Shultz joined in and added that within the State Department, there is a sense of sadness and forboding that "something" is about to happen within 180 days, or 6 months. In other words, before 2009 is over.

    Kong also hears that the bank holiday is scheduled for the precise date of September 25, although why that particular date was chosen is a mystery.

    A couple of other financial wizards, like Jim Willie and Jim Sinclair, believe that Asia, chiefly China, is interested in ending the use of the dollar as the world's reserve currency. Willie says he has received "multiple confirmations" of Chapman's comments, and adds that, "Chaos will prevail within several months, perhaps a year at most."

    Jim Sinclair states that China intends to "take on" the United States in its apparent maneuvers to inflate its way out of its debt crisis. In early July, Sinclair began a 120-day countdown until the U.S. dollar collapses entirely and ends market manipulation.

    Other writers wonder whether or not the swine flu hysteria and the mysterious (and unproven) swine flu vaccine to be given by martial law mandate, are intended as mass distractions, something to keep us from understanding what is really going on.

    One thing we do know is that the financial news is actually much, much worse than we are being told, and the so-called "bottom" in the housing market is actually a normal, seasonal rise in house sales, sort of a pause before the next big wave of mortgage-rate resets and foreclosures.

    In fact, Jim Willie says California, one of the states most affected, and as property values continue to fall, "now at nearly 40% in the Golden State, its economy and households and banks all suffer death throes, with no exaggeration." Mr. Willie goes on to say:

Brace For Bank Shutdown

Harry Schultz and Bob Chapman have revealed some harsh plans for temporary US bank system shutdown on or about September 2009. The story has been promoted by Peter Brimelow on MarketWatch for further publicity and legitimacy (CLICK HERE). See “Latest Schultz Shock: a Bank Holiday” which explains the US State Dept tipoff to the many US Embassies. The July Hat Trick Letter cites multiple confirmations solicited and given. My analysis goes on about speculation as to the motive, implementation, cover for criminal activity, and market impact. The USDollar would likely suffer a sudden quantum drop devaluation, followed by incredible pressure to avert USTreasury default. Despite the mockery in my email inbox for over two years, this inevitable inexorable disaster of upcoming USTreasury default is unfolding like a path growing more narrow and treacherous, with marauders on the hillsides lobbing Paulson Cocktails (ala Molotov) from strategic high ground. The creditors will show their strength very soon, very soon indeed! The unintended consequences would be endless, not the least of which might be final declaration of state of emergency state by state, or martial law nationally. Attempts at capital controls should be on the table of discussion soon, but that comes with a monumental backfire waiting to happen, as implementation seems next to impossible in less than two years time. Look for implementation of numerous plans to be circumvented by the reality of market forces, like elimination of the IRS-enforced income taxes in favor of a Value Added Tax nationally.

CHAOS WILL PREVAIL WITHIN SEVERAL MONTHS, PERHAPS A YEAR AT MOST. My deep suspicion is that a bank holiday would enable the forced merger of reasonably healthy banks across the nation with the dead zombies on Wall Street, to further spread their cancer. Never pass an opportunity of darkness to snatch and pinch bank deposits under the generous pressure exerted by the USGovt, in writing a new chapter to the Mussolini Fascist Business Model. On the more local level, as my friend SteveK says, “It is my belief that as the system continues breaking apart the so-called 'authorities' will not have the resources to cope. Not even close. Chaos will reign, especially in places like East Los Angeles.” Total agreement here. In fact, the breakdown will offer greater opportunity to the Powerz in (claimed, supposed) control for wildly amplified flow of rescue funds, even more to corner, confiscate, and steal. See the Iraq Reconstruction Fund, where $50 billion is missing. See the Hurricane Katrina Fund, where one dollar in three was marked as the object of fraud.

Kong Sez:

    As if this wasn't scary enough, Dr. Gary North, an economic historian who doesn't believe there will be a bank holiday, points out that John Kanas, who owns a private equity company that bought a bank recently and who knows the market, says that there are another 1,000 banks that need to go under.

In a piece on his members-only website, Dr. North writes:

Think of the effect on people's psychology if another 1,000 banks go under over the next two years. That is 10 banks every Friday afternoon. Only it will be more later. This process will escalate. It was three banks yesterday (Friday, August 28, 2009). The process will be relentless. People will think, "When will this end?"

Or maybe they won't. "Ho, hum. Another half dozen banks. No problem." If this happens, then investors will be truly anesthetized to the growing crisis in the credit markets.

Kong Sez:

    If the big bankers haven't planned a bank holiday to try an straighten this mess out, maybe they ought to. Any day will do, but watch out for September 25. If you have anything in a bank safety deposit box that you would be hard-pressed to live without during a bank holiday, maybe you should think about getting it out.

    And if you don't have enough cash on hand to last a month or two without access to your ATM machine or checkbook or credit or debit card, maybe you'd better step on it and squirrel away a few thousand bucks of the actual green stuff. You might just wind up needing it.

    Harsh Times are ahead folks! Mr. "B" has been warning of this for some time.

    What does a Bank Shutdown imply? It means the backbone of The Division of Labor would be broken! As given above:

The unintended consequences would be endless, not the least of which might be final declaration of state of emergency state by state, or martial law nationally.

    Folks! This is very dire if this goes down. And still, the public has been warned of such a possibility with the banks — the signs are everywhere, they are shutting down right and left weekly...it appears, yet no one seems much interested and those that are aware of such a possibility are in "Condition Yellow," waiting to see what happens.

    We will only give you a few things with such an action of The Division of Labor broken by means of money ceasing to flow for a while. Supply lines will be broken in everything...food, medicines, vehicle parts, dental necessities...everything.

    When the public en masse awakens to the fact that their way of life is changing practically overnight, there will be a mad rush to acquire "things" of value...such as food and medicines. There will be a bottleneck and before Martial Law can restore civility, much suffering will be enforced upon the people that were in denial.

    This is a 7–minute video on where the money died: Zimbabwe. View it here.

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