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[If BATF Comes Knocking!]

If The BATF Comes

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    If the BATF comes knocking at your door, have a thought–out plan. Here's one fella's strategy. It's not bad to mimic it, if they come to your door.

If the BATF Comes Knocking at My Door.
Gary North
Oct. 3. 2009

This was reported on Lew Rockwell's site.

I just took the concealed carry class today, and if there was any support for Obama, no one in the class was bold enough to express it. Of course, this was a group of gun toting and soon to be gun toting Texans and cops, but it was decidedly anti-Obama. They were particularly riled about something I have heard absolutely nothing about in our joke "news" media. Obama apparently sent the ATF down to the border states in vast numbers to check on people who'd recently bought guns. From this one little store where the class was being held, they grabbed names and addresses and went around asking several people if they could see the guns they bought.

The gun store owner was upset because his customers were calling and asking why he'd sent the ATF to their house -- and telling him that they weren't going to buy any more guns from him. One of the guys in the class had two ATF agents show up and his door and refused to let them see his guns or come in his house without a warrant — and they left. The guy who was most pissed off — about the ATF visit his wife got while he was at work — was the cop fingerprinting us for our carry permits. He had been working security at the federal court and had just seen two cases of gang bangers stealing large quantities of guns — one from a home invasion of a judge's house, and the other from driving a truck into a gun store — and he was wanting to know why the ATF was spending time at his house asking about his legal guns.


If I get such a knock at the door, I will be polite. I will ask to see a warrant. If the agent does not have them, I will not invite him into my house. If he has a warrant, I will acknowledge that he has one and agree to comply. I will not cooperate otherwise.

I do not think he will have one. What if he does?

Before I allow him to enter I will get his names and ID. I have the right to verify who he is. I will also demand that I am handed a copy of the warrant. I need evidence that he possessed one. Without this, I will not allow entry, on these grounds: I have no evidence that he is who he claims to be and that he has a warrant.

I will tell him in either case that I am calling my lawyer before he gains entrance. Then, in his presence, I will get my cell phone and call my lawyer.

I am not a doormat.

My goal is to avoid an accusation that I resisted lawful authority. My goal is also to lay a foundation for future legal action.

There are not enough agents to enforce anything like mass confiscation. The goal is to increase the cost to the BATF of any program of confiscation, which is illegal today. Congress has not authorized such confiscation.

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