Biological/Bacteriological WarFare
It's Coming... And What You Can Do

What Is It?

It is the use of Germ Warfare using military biologicals (living micro- organisms) as well as the toxic or poisonous products micro-organisms produce to cause famine, death, and disability in crops (plant pathogens), man and domestic livestock.

It can also use other animals and/or anthropods (insects, arachnids, and crustaceans) as vectors (carriers). The insects, flies, etc. (hexapods), and archnids-- comprising spiders, scorpions, mites, and ticks, are prime carriers of animal, plant, and human diseases.

How Real Is It?

Real enough such that the American Government is stepping up its awareness and preparations to cope with terrorists attacks expected between now and the next two years. They are doing this because a real urgency now has surfaced:

But why did Larry Wayne Harris do this? From what we can put together, it was to serve a wake-up call to America and Congress. The man is a registered microbiologist and former CIA scientist. He discussed on CNN that Iraqi agents have brought into this country Anthrax and Bubonic Plague. They secreted them in their private body compartments during customs and removed them in their hotels or points of destination.

The deadly vials have been grown into more and spread to other contacts throughout America, he writes in his informative book, Bactiological Warfare, A Major Threat To North America, copyrighted 1995. He was sounding the alarm then, and only now has something begun to be done by our government.

He advises everyone to get some tetracycline now.  If your doctor won't assist you in this endeavor, then you can get it from veterinarians and/or feed stores. On the containers it will say on the labels not for human use.

Harris says the compound is exactly the same as found at your local phar- macy, only the pharmacy version is much more expensive. The veterinary version has the size and shape changed to discourage human use.

He does advise, however, "self-medication under circumstances where a physician's care is available is not only unlawful, it is extremely dangerous. "But it is advisible to be prepared because he also said on CNN that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Act/Agency) plans to confiscate any tetracycline it finds when terrorrist attacks begin.

We investigated this and find much merit in what he says.  Under the most ideal circumstances, it would take 30 to 45 minutes to identify the germs in a terrorist attack. And within that time, only four can be identified. Generally, however, it would take from 1-3 weeks for identification, and much too long for you to have been warned and decontaminated.

Therefore, you see immediately, you are going to have to depend on yourself. From our best information, it will take 10 hours for a decon- tamination team to enter your city, and that is only after the 1 - 3 weeks for the identification of the micro-biologicals used in such an attack.

You only have, in essence, one hour, just one hour to spot something amiss; and respond by decontaminating yourself and starting on your antibiotics.

"Germ Warfare: Weapons of Terror," an ABC PrimeTime Live program, aired February 25, 1998, pointed out what Larry Wayne Harris has been saying all along. Namely, the American people are not prepared for a biologi- cal attack that will come.  He is interested in "defense."  Everyone else has focused on "offense," the microbiologist said.

Harris, who was interviewed by Diane Sawyer, said it is not a matter of if, but when  He is positive an attack will come. The program also supported what he has been the first to say, "There are not enough antibiotics to go around if a major city suffers an anthrax attack." America's entire supply of antibiotics would be depleted in two weeks, it was pointed out.

For those of you reading this material that think these are "scare" tactics, then ask: "Why is our government and various national news media now talking about this?"   Also, why are our top officials now pointing out this is a real possibility?  Others are saying this "will happen."

And if you think antibiotics are passť, then why are more than one media pointing out we are going to need this modality of treatment?  These are questions one must consider in making up his mind on what to do. We can't do it for you; we wouldn't try.  We can only bring you up to date on what our leading national community leaders are saying and what we suggest. The final choice is YOURS.

Harris, and now others; for instance, Frank Ciilluffo, anaylst for a think tank in Washington--The Center for Strategic and International Studies, says, "The issue in my eyes is not if, but where and when."  NSI Reporting Service quoted in Last Days Journal, ..."At a recent Global Science Congress, a biological/chemical warfare expert who worked for the CIA said the same thing..."

These biological warfare agents are colorless, odorless, and silent.   They strike without warning. "Days can elapse, as people slowly sicken, before anyone knows there even was an attack." Harris says tetracycline "should be taken immediately if there are massive power outages or you see sheep or small animals dying that would be coincident with such an attack." Also a personal decontamination program should be undertaken immediately.

Remember ! This can and will occur anywhere in North America, not just the U.S.

Who's Involved?

You, me, twenty-seven American cities, the Army, the Marines...and the whole United States of America. And, a new axis has been formed by Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Libya, and now China. Remember! They aren't our friends.

Also, the following:

What Cities Will Receive The Training?

Because your city may not be listed, it is the more imperative that you start your training now. We will tell you the books to get. It is not difficult and in a week you will be sufficiently knowledgeable to protect yourself and your family.

The First Nine Cities To Be Trained This Year Are: The following 18 are:

The Microbials Most Likely To Be Disseminated

In USA Today, August 6, 1997, Anita Manning had a feature story, "Expect Germ Terrorism, experts warn."

"There is good reason for Americans to be concerned about an attack by terrorists using biologicals, say scientists and policy makers writing in ... The Journal of the American Medical Association.

"'Small groups of people with modest finances and basic training in biology and engineering can develop an effective biological weapons capability,' says Richard Danzig and Pamela B. Berkowsky in an editorial...

"An attack on the USA by terrorists using biological agents could go unnoticed for days, until people started coming down with symptoms, say scientists from the U.S. Army Medical Resource Institute of Infectious Diseases...

"To help doctors quickly identify such an event, USAMRID summarized details on the agents most likely to be used in such an attack. These include:

Our sources say you can count on Anthrax, Plague, and Botulism too, the deadly toxin produced by the Botulinum bacteria, Clostridium and Para. The former two would probably be dispersed by airplane, the latter, in water supplies, food, etc.

Larry Wayne Harris spoke at the Global Science Congress and demonstrated all that one needed to kick off an Anthrax epidemic in America can be pur- chased here. He says you can grow your own and then distribute it widely at salad bars...a car driving through a city, from the top of an apartment com- plex with the wind blowing in the right direction to a metropolitan area. The ways of dispersal are numerous.

Here's the rub...the United States, Harris discussed, taught our enemies, Iraq, and others, how to develop and disperse (use) Anthrax.   He further pointed out all it takes is one major outbreak of Anthrax via terrorists in one American city, and our psychological mental set would be altered forever.

He further pointed out this would cause a Total Collapse of the Stock Market and a change in it forever. If you have been reading other items on this Web Page under menu, you know various financial experts predict a Total Collapse of the Stock Market soon, also. He as others have said, "The exodus from U. S. cities would begin immediately."

We have been advising our readers for sometime now to consider moving to a rural area at least 75 to 100 or more miles from a large metropolitan complex. Don't live near one with over 50- to 100 thousand people. The reasons are simple: distance between you and the riots, panic, and mayhem that will occur in the cities. The ability to grow or contract your food, fresh, from farmers or someone with a truck garden.

When the collapse comes, food supply chains will be disrupted and altered. This is why you want water and food storage now--better to have it in the country.

What You Need To Protect Yourself For What's Coming

Remember! The only way to survive what's coming is to learn what to do; how to do it; and then do it. The chances as you have seen are far remote that a decontamination team will reach you in time to save your life.

The United States Office of Technology Assessment says that a small private plane (Harris says the plane of choice will possibly be a light, non-descript one, such as a Cessna 150) would deliver the microbials. The U.S. Office of Technology Assessment further estimates that only 220 pounds of Anthrax spores, flying over Washington, at night with good weather, would leave an odorless, invisible mist that would kill some 1 million to 3 million people.

Other clues that may warn you, or cause you suspect to become alerted to a possible attack in progress:

  1. A light aircraft dropping,spraying, dispersing unidentified material. Harris in his book cautions to look closely "at the landing gear strut for presence of a vapor trail."
  2. A bomb that bursts with no destruction capabilities. Its main use is for dispersal of microbials.
  3. An unexplained increase of, or large numbers of animals becoming sick, or dying, or dead.
  4. Any type of weapon that is not designed for "immediate casualty effect."
  5. "Smokes of unknown source or nature."
  6. "Unusual or unexplained increases in the number of insects, such as mosquitoes, ticks, or fleas."

In order to protect yourself, you need to know certain things. Sabotage, free balloons, generators, airplane spray, and vectors (carriers) of the deadly microbials are all suspect. You will be attacked through your nose, eyes, mouth, and skin.  We have listed at the end two publications you should get immediately for reference and study to help you with what we are giving now. We have also listed situations that should elicit an informed, prepared response.

There are things you need to protect these portals of entry... and if entry is made, then there are substances you need additionally to decontaminate interiorly as well as exteriorly. We are just giving this lightly and not in depth. Nor is this to be taken in lieu of sound medical advice or seeing a knowledgeable physican in these matters.

But remember, your first line of defense is knowledge and preparedness. You only have one (1) hour to react, as well as local authorithies. But, we have been told by the top authorithies (Frank Cilluffo, for instance--see above) it will take at least 10 hours before a decontamination team arrives--and that is after local/Federal authorities have identified the microbials, which can take from 45 minutes to 3 weeks.  Personal preparedness is your answer.

First On The List is:
  1. Protective Mask. Used to be known as a Gas Mask. Now you must protect against Biological, Chemical, and Nuclear. For a good mask, we recommend the Israeli Simplex NBC Gas Mask. They come in adult and children's sizes. Cost about $15.95. Get at least 1 replacement filter for each member of your family.

    These masks, in the event of war, are issued to the Israeli citizens.  They were used during the Persian Gulf War in 1991. Without a protective mask, you will inhale dangerous microbials with the resulting infection that causes morbidity, sickness, and even possibly death....the mask is your first line of defense.  GET THE MASK!

    Order From:
    • NITRO-PAK: 1-800-866-4876 (see our Survival page for more)

  2. Calf Electrolyte.  You can get this from your Farm & Feed Store. This is a MUST for the treatment of Cholera! Cholera dehydrates the body. This oral rehydration formula may well save your life. Anti- biotics don't do it in this case.

  3. Get Lye Soap and Green Soap.  Needed to wash with to disinfect yourself if you come into contact with deadly microbials. Get Green Soap at your pharmacy.

  4. Get two bottles of hydrogen peroxide.  For disinfecting and gargling with if around aerosolized micro-organisms. Other disinfectant uses too.

  5. You will need Chlorine Bleach and Lysol (concentrate) for disinfecting body abrasions and if anyone infected uses your toilet, etc.

  6. If you have pets, get two flea collars per pet and put them on the animal if an attack has been indicated.

  7. You will need the flexible, surgical type mask worn by physicians, if you choose to attend public gatherings after an attack has been indicated. Do not get the "Monkey" rigid type face mask. Air gets through the sides and you don't want exhaled or coughed droplets of mucus that has been aerosolized to be inhaled by you or your family.

  8. Get Tetracycline or Terramycin. If you can't get it from your doctor; get it from your feed store. It is the same thing!

Latest Updates on Biological WarFare

In a recent publication of The Journal of the American Medical Association Jeffrey D. Simon, a world expert on biological weapons and agents, says:

"The nation must prepare for a new age of terrorism involving cheap and hard-to-detect biological weapons.  And the first step? Accept the reality that we will not be able to prevent every act of biological warfare."


The FBI believes:

  • That two Russian "suit case" nuclear devices are now in the U.S. and are being hidden.

The FBI was noti- fied:

  • Nuclear/Biological/Chemical threats (6, possibly more) were made in 1997. Obviously the calls were false alarms, but the next time...

Police are preparing practice scenarios:

  • Terrorists release odorless aerosols in a major international air terminal -- say, Bostons's Logan Airport.  No one realizes that the attack has occurred, until several days later.  That's when passengers all over the world, who passed through Logan, begin dying of anthrax, a deadly bacterial infection..

    Source: Blue Duck P.O. Box 554; Edison, NJ 08818 - 9747. (For subscription)

Germ Warfare Experts Set Up By FBI

The Washington Times Story:

    "Two men were charged [Feb.20] with possessing the deadly germ anthrax for use as a weapon.  The FBI said one bragged in Las Vegas he had enough to 'wipe out the city' and last year described a way to unleash bubuonic plague on New York City subways.

    "... An informant said one suspect claimed to have 'military-grade anthrax' in flight bags in the car's trunk, and [sic] FBI affidavit said.  The informant said he saw several bags marked 'biological' in the trunk.

    "Larry Wayne Harris, 46, of Lancaster, Ohio, and William Leavitt, 47, of Las Vegas and Logandale, Nev., appeared before a federal magisttrate, handcuffed to each other and shackled at the ankles.  The two-count complaint accuses them of conspiracy to psssess and possession of the biological agent." [Washington Times, Feb.20].


  • Within days of printing this story, the Associated Press and numerous other news agencies were forced to write a retraction, as both Harris and Leavitt were cleared of all charges.  It seems the alleged anthrax was nothing more than a vaccine to innoculate against anthrax.

  • Harris, for the past two years or more, has conducted a nationwide campaign warning of the threat of biological warfare waged against America by Islamic terrorist groups.  He advises Americans to obtain tetracycline from pharmacies, veterinarians, or from farm supply stores in the event of an outbreak of anthrax in the U.S. (tetracycline can innoculate against anthrax).

  • Curiously, the A.P. and other newspapers that reported the event never made reference to tetracycline and made vague reference only to a "vaccine" in his possession.

  • Clearly, the establishment press has no intention of Americans learning ways to protect against this deadly disease, an outbreak of which is a distinct possibility in the near future.

    Source: Last Days Journal; March 1998. 816 Easely St., #411, Silver Spring, MD 20910 (For subscription).

What You Don't Know

  1. "... Few realized that many of the Middle East countries are heavily armed and poised for war. Syria and Iran are two good examples. And Kazakhstan [see also Richard Maybury's U.S. & World Early Warning Report 1-800-509-5400], located north of Iran, is not only a regional power, but as a former member of the USSR has nuclear weapons as well.
  2. "Some may argue that Iraq has committe human rights violations against its own people. This is a true and tragic fact. But so have China, North Korea, Sudan, Turkey, and a host of other countries. The point is, we do not have the same moral initiative we did last time.

  3. "In the first Gulf War, the American led United Nations coalition had very strong backing from the surrounding Middle East countries. At that time, almost everyone was against Iraq. Now, the Mid-East Arab/Muslim nations are not lending their support. If we do not have the necessary of regional nations, we will not have the military infrastructure to successfully wage a sustained attack.
  4. "Last time we had access to bases, housing, transport facilities, and other important infrastructure needed to equip and support our troops. This time the local support which is so important to a campaign's success is not available.

  5. "Related to the second point:  What would be the response of the most powerful countries in the world to our potential Mid-East actions? Russia, who during the first Gulf War was in turmoil, has threatened retaliation if we invade Iraq. Since the first Gulf War, Russia has strengthened its military forces while we have scaled back our own.
  6. "Russia has also shown recent support for Iraq by placing key people in Bagdad, threatening to use them as human shields. If the U.S. attacks Iraq, it could rouse an angry giant. In addition and unknown to most, Russia and China signed a declaration nearly a year ago, supporting each other as lead nations in the new global system. China is backing Russia, and has made it know that it will stand with its counterpart if Iraq is invaded."

    Note: This is serious folks!

    "Therefore, if America moves against Iraq, it could suddenly find itself in an escalating conflict with two of the worlds most formidable military powers.

    "Arab nations are also siding with Iraq; and some European countries, such as France, view this crisis differently from the first Gulf War. If a similar attack were launched against Iraq today, a number of strong nations would likely oppose us.

    "This opposition could even ignite a third world war -- a firestorm unlike anything we've experienced.  Russian President Boris Yeltsin has repeatedly warned about such a possibility in recent weeks."

    Source: Hope For The World Update. P. O. Box 899, Noblesville, Indiana 46061-0899, U.S. A . For Subscrition: Fax: 317-576-1053. Credit Card Orders: 317-290-4673. Cost: $35/year. Annual supporters giving $100 or more receive the newsltr. FREE.

To help you prepare, we have included order forms for our books:

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We have made this book as simple as it can get.  Your authors have researched this matter and much of what is out there is often convoluted, confusing, and difficult to follow.

It is, much of the time, technical, and solutions in the same material for the same agent differ in another section of the same book.  What is written here is as simple as it gets. Admittedly, it may be difficult at first to grasp what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.  That is why you need to read and reread this book to be prepared.  The most important thing about decontamination is that which concerns YOU !

We have given common household chemicals that you can use in the event of a chemical warfare attack, and much of the same everyday household items can also be used in germ warfare decontamination.

This book tells you how you can make your own passable protective chemical and biological warfare suit; also where to get protective masks and the antibiotics you can secure without prescription.  We also instruct the readers where professional protective suits and chemicals (used by U.S Government Military) for decontamination can be found, if so desired.

It is no longer a matter of if, but when America will be attacked with chemical/biological weapons of mass destruction.

The authors even show you how to make your own soap that will serve you well in everyday use as well as in decontaminating your person.  They go a step further and give you the recipe for a bath and beauty bar that can double as a decontaminating soap.

We suggest you not lend this book out you won't get it back; especially when you need it most. Have your friends buy a copy. They are inexpensively priced, and the information is invaluable

The methods in this book are one the housewife, the student, the businessman even a child can follow, and save his own life.  You should read this book and think, "I can do this!"

Every effort was made to insure the accuracy of the information presented in this book.  All instructions, processes and recommendations are given without guarantee by the authors and Universal Laws Publishing Co., who hereby disclaim any liability for accidents, injuries, losses or damages resulting from the use of this book.


Self medication where a physician's care is available is not advisable and can be dangerous.  This book serves only as a guide to those situations that are coming.

The authors and the publisher of this book do not recommend or endorse self medication or the practice of medicine without a license.  The responsibility for any such activity is borne entirely by the reader.  Seek professional medical help if possible.


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