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Total Chaos Is Almost Here

There Will Be BloodIn The Streets !

Kong Sez:

    The situation with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico just keeps on boiling, folks, and as it boils, things here in these United States get dicier and dicier.

    A contact of ours told us she witnessed young people begging for work in a grocery store, and when there was none, then going from person to person asking individual customers if they had any work that needed doing around their houses. This highly disturbed her. She wondered how long it would be before these young people, unable to find work, would be forced to resort to breaking, entering, and stealing in order to eat.

    The economy is worsening, now that government stimulus has been withdrawn, and the employment situation is not improving. So how long do we have before crime escalates, thanks to people who have no money, and a government that has no more "stimulus" to hand out?

    We think this Gulf situation is a sleeper, a real "black swan" event that is likely to morph into something we totally do not expect, and thus worsen everything. In fact, Dr. "B" believes we are likely to experience severe upheavals in this country by August. More on this later.

    Also, Dr. Gary North, on his members-only website, believes the Gulf situation is so bad, it is in the process of ensuring who the next president of the United States of America is likely to be. Read on for his thoughts on this subject.

And the Next President of the U.S. Is. . . .
Gary North
June 25, 2010

Bobby Jindal. Here's why.

His state is being hurt by Federal policies. The Federal government is looking like it's running Katrina 2. Louisiana was the big loser then, too.

Second, Jindal is speaking out against the Feds.

He is going to continue.

Third, Obama is on the defensive on this issue. He seems indecisive. Most bureaucracies are. There are too many bureaucracies involved in the clean-up effort.

Fourth, the worse it gets in the Gulf, the better Jindal will look.

Fifth, he is somewhat conservative. He is not well known outside his state. But the Gulf crisis is giving him national exposure. I can think of no other governor with equal exposure.

Sixth, of necessity, he is in a leadership position. He is also not going to get blamed if the Gulf situation gets progressively worse.

Eighth, there is an obvious lack of national leadership today. Romney is a pleasant fellow who signed a health insurance law too much like Obama's. He has no platform. He has no issue. He does not generate enthusiasm. Nobody hates him, but nobody is ready to go into the trenches for him.

Ninth, Sarah Palin is on the speakers' circuit. That makes a lot of money. It also lets her meet the troops. But she has no crisis to deal with. Jindal does. It's the best kind of crisis politically — one for which he cannot easily be blamed for failure.

Tenth, Ron Paul will be 77 in 2012. I think this is against him. Also, the Powers That Be have more to fear from him than any candidate in history. He would veto spending as no other President in history. They will not let him get the nomination.

Jindal will be an unknown, even more than Obama was. If we are having a fiscal crisis on a scale that Niall Ferguson foresees, there will be a call for leadership. Whether he responds will be a question. No one will know what to do. There will be conflicting advice.

This is when you will want to be in defensive mode locally. All around you will be confusion, noise, and nutty proposed solutions, all costing more tax money.

Urgency !

Kong Sez:

    Where have you heard this before, folks?

    Dr. "B" says, now is the time to review your manual of arms for all your weapons. If you had an instructor, now is the time to reconnect with him. If you don't have money to take refresher courses, then you would be wise to sell something and take those courses.

    Or, make a "deal-deal." Set aside a few weeks of food for that instructor, in case he or she needs it in the next few months. Or, ammunition, if you happen to have plenty stored. Or, ask that instructor if you could — in exchange for review classes — come to his or her aid as a covenant community member, if that instructor is under siege. Any good instructor will do likewise and reciprocate for you, if you are that sincere.

    Get with an instructor who knows the psychodynamics of a gunfight — of a combative encounter — of a close–quarter fight. Have that instructor, if he knows more than just standing up and shooting at a target on a range, come to your domicile and re-evaluate, if he or she has already been there, your weak spots where someone has already surveyed you and is going to come in on you. They are just waiting. Be especially mindful of this if you live alone and are a woman!

    Dr. "B" has reinitiated his specialized gun classes for his lady students, both by personal request, and by his own recognition of the Signs of the Times. He is teaching cognitive self-defense for the End of an Age. This involves knowing when "things" are messing with your mind and causing irrational, involuntary movements when you are in the throes of a battle, that are trying to get you killed — how to control this, and them. Remember! It will become very evident in the coming months that our battle is most definitely with spiritual things in high places.

    He is seeing an inordinate amount of people who are boastfully telling him, "I won't hesitate to put down an assailant or threat." He told me, almost in hushed tones, the only ones that will make it through this are probably his students, because he has foreseen this and told them, and worked them, and created situations in them and outside of them, for the threat coming to them from within, and from without, and how to control fear, and how to make sure they have a certain amount of controlled fear so they can respond the way our ancestors, of eons ago, did.

    He is now teaching his female students to have their minds and bodies function as one with their soul, and to be prepared for someone or something to mess with it.

    Dr. "B" feels you will probably need to present your weapon in an extreme measure of urgent self-defense within the next couple of months, and definitely during the time period of 2011 through 2013.

    One point he gave me about the psychodynamics of a gunfight that often costs people their lives, or injuries, is that they will use their weapon in anger, and this immediately blocks and shuts down a well-trained, habituated person in self-defense with arms. He further pointed out to me that there are going to be a lot of people in the immediate future who will be overcome in their own house or yard with their own gun, and the threat, or threats, will make the women of their household their "whores" and "mamas." You will have to cook for the threats. You will have to serve the threats. You will have to clean up after the threats. You will have to clean house and the messy toilet for the threats. And you will be on call night or day to serve sexually any number of threats that have overcome you. The men in your life will be dead.

    As we wrote a year ago, Dr. "B" pointed out the new modus operandi of the current threat situation. They do a ballistic entry into the house, after having cased it and knowing when you are sleeping or eating, or are in your bath, and immediately kill two or three of the male proponents, if possible. This way, they get your attention, they instill fear, they tie you up because they have made you obedient to them, with fear and noise, and then they do what they want. This was reported in one of the police magazines. The noise creates, in your mind, how powerful they are. Loudness conveys power, and if someone knows this, they won't let their loud boom place them into submission. They will fight back.

    It is now time to talk to your family, talk to your children. What do you say, incidentally, to your young children? "If I say, 'Go hide right away,' don't question your father, your mother. Follow the command immediately." But with all the lack of discipline in households these days, your children will be used as pawns to make you surrender. If your child says, "But I want to see. I want to look out there; I want to know what's going on...I want to see too...," discipline him immediately. But if you have trained him in advance when you are at home, if you are in a parking lot, and you see a stranger walking toward you, pantomime. Tell them to "Get back to the mall with your mother, fast." At the lake, on a vacation, in school, if some neurotic or psycho starts knifing students, or there are gunshots down at the end of the hall or in the classroom, get to the opposite end of that hall, or out of that building, because you just very well may be next.

    Women! Get very used to the fact of a slap, backhand, very strong in the face. This is to weaken you and make you give in immediately and make your husband succumb. You may cry out, but stay strong. At this time, you should have your weapon on your person and have practice by a proper instructor, and get 9 feet or more away from him (he should never have gotten that close to you in the first place!), use side to side movements, up and down movements that are necessary to take the assailant out without having your projectiles go through the assailant and hit your child. This is what home self-defense with a weapon teaches you. If your child is directly behind an assailant, and you are at the proper distance from the assailant, you present your gun as you step to the left or right, creating a side shot to the assailant and not going directly through him and killing your child.

    Folks, this is not pretty, what we are talking about, but some of you will take this to heart and be alive in the future, relatively unscathed, because of this newsletter.

    Remember, folks, if you are going to gush all over the threat, or threats, and ask why are they here and what do they want, and not create an immediate zone of 3 to 9 feet between you and that threat, by talking to him, by standing there, you are not only 0.25 of a second behind the action curve, but also, you add another 0.75 of a second, creating one full second behind the action curve where he can walk up to you, take your gun away from you, and break your jaw. There is a time delay for the neurons and the nervous system to respond to an initial action that is seen. That is 0.25 of a second behind that initial action.

    If you are gushing all over him, screaming your head off, or begging for your life, you have now taken it into the 0.75 of a second more, so that the time adds up to one full second behind the action curve. What you have now done psychodynamically also, besides mechanically and physiologically and anatomically, is to allow the threats to feast on your gushing, your fear, your anxiety. Psychology has proven that this type of mindset of a threat enjoys the psychological punishment as much as they enjoy the physical punishment of your person to follow.

    Dr. "B" further adds: "You women who live alone, take heed of all that has been given. You women who have a female roommate, discuss these things with her so she doesn't cause a problem, because if she succumbs, you have got to be strong enough to stay on target and not give in to the demands of the threats."

    Dr. "B" has actually seen where a person presented a weapon, and the do-gooder standing by them grabbed the weapon from the person's hand in an stupid attempt to prevent violence, thus giving the threat a chance to overcome them both.

    Dr. "B" has told the one in his life to shoot through him in order to kill the assailant, if need by. A lot of accomplished criminals know what I am about to tell you.

    In any combat situation, especially close quarters, the situation changes from microsecond to microsecond, such that the assailant may be in a command situation and suddenly, he is not. Within any encounter, who's in control changes from moment to moment, and most people are unaware of it and consequently, they fail to seize the moment when it opens for them. Many criminals know that the situation changes from one side (the threat) in favor of the threatened, and back again, and back over again, etc. This is why some criminals immediately, besides using the fear pattern of busting in and killing several members of a group, immediately to get their attention and to place them in submission emotionally, do just that. They do not dare go in, grab somebody, hold them with a knife or a gun to their head, because they know the situation changes from second to second. That is why they go in and kill immediately.

Kong Sez:

    When this is over, many Churches will have let their people down. Why? Because they have not prepared them for this. Home churches, as in the early church, are even now on the way back in.

    Dr. "B" told me just tonight, that his ladies claim after several instruction sessions in Cognitive Self–Defense, their AR–15 spoke to them and beckoned them to come and practice more.

    When this goes down, there are not enough police, or National Guard, or military to keep law and order. Your military, because of the fools in Congress, have been strung out all over the world. You will have to be your own protection.

When Violence Strikes, Women Are Always A Target

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