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"Get The Rich"
The Coming Riots

Kong Sez:

    Folks! I just had a long talk with Mr. "B." I told him I just finished reading U.S. & World Early Warning Report By Richard Maybury.

    "Excellent!" He replied.

    "Mr. Maybury, you know Kong," Mr. "B" said, is avant guard of all this we've been discussing for some time now."

    The reason I called him, folks, is because recently when I visited Mr. "B," I asked him if he thought there was anything else I needed to do? I explained that I moved from my high rise apartment building and my business from Manhattan, Island, N.Y., away from the concete jungle. Also, "You just might be right about the waters coming!" I told him.

    To my question about anything else I needed to do, he handed me a questionnaire. I filled it out and got a nice feeling seeing his approving nod. He then said, "Dress 'outdoorsy' tommorrow and I'll pick you up at 6 AM."

    We arrived at a practically deserted gun range, except for a hunter or two zeroing in his hunting rifle. I spent four hours with Mr. "B" getting all kinds of instruction on Cover, Movement, Concealment, and Distancing. He had me practice all those measures against single and multiple opponents. He taught me the "Psycho–Dynamics" of a gun fight and the killer mind!

    It was all quite illuminating. Time well–spent. Then, we policed all the ranges, gathering not only our spent shells, but those from other shooters who left them there. The pistol, shotgun, and rifle casings. He and I retrieved all the spent gun cases and shot shells we could find.

    As I went to empty them (three to four bags full of mixed spent casings and shot shells) into the trash bins..."No Kong!" he shouted. "This time it is for us."

    "Us?" I replied.

    Then he explained more of the Psycho–Dynamics of the mob rule.

    "You see Kong," he said, in his deep voice. "When the riots and burnings start, scatter a bag of these casings and shot shells...especially the shot shells along the side walk and driveway of your dwelling. Some also in the street in front of your house. Have your neighbors do likewise...Oh...I almost forgot...you moved to the mountains. Neverless, you get the point. A mob–ruled mind sees things that aren't there and also draws conclusion that are not valid."

    "I get it," I told Mr. "B." "They will read into the signs from the shells scattered that this neighborhood is Second Ammendment Ready, right?"

    Mr. "B" smiled approvingly. "You are very intuitive Kong," he said.

    We also spent most of the night in his personal "Shoot House," learning House Clearing Techniques. This is something he assured me that I was gonna need in the not too distant future.

    Flashlight techniques and low light shooting or ambient light shooting techniques were also taught. This is extremely important when the lights go out and you have to clear your dwelling. Mr. "B" cautions: House clearing is very dangerous. Do it with a well–trained partner. The police, if possible, send in the dog(s) first. "House clearing and cornering techniques are an art," he cautions, "not a science."

    The lights will or may go out; or, be intermittent in the future. See Below.

    Well, folks, living and working in and on the concrete jungle for a past number of years, one gets "street wise" and "savvy." You are careful, especially in this clime of business, on whom you turn your back.

    Things are going to get very, very bad in Concrete Jungles across the U.S. of A.

    Therefore, Dress Poor! Look Poor! Drive Poor! I learned this from Mr. "B."

    I'm writing this to you because others are thinking similarly. Read What Mr. Maybury writes in the May 2009 issue of his newletter:

U.S. & World Early Warning Report
By Richard Maybury

Published by Henry Madison Research, Inc.
P.O. Box 84908
Phoenix, AZ 85071
U.S., $300 per year.

Riot season is near, so be prepared. As Jim Powell says, preservation of capital is important, but it pales beside preservation of life.

The whole population has been taught that the way the rich get rich is by making the others poor. Now millions think they are seeing the proof of it. It seems no leftist article or TV show is complete without a mention of 'robber barons.'

Depicting the anger that has been formented by Obama and other leftist leaders around the world, the April 4th cover of The Economist shows a picture of an uprising. The leader of the rebels waves a sign, "Get the Rich!"

[Get The Rich!]
A few weeks ago, the lady who cuts my hair lunched into a tirade about the taxes she is forced to pay to subsidize persons who bought mansions.

The cook at a local pizza parlor is furious that she doesn't have enough money to buy a house for herself but she is forced to pay taxes to help others buy theirs.

On April 5th, CBS Sunday Morning ran a story about the growing hatred of the rich.

Widely quoted by hate–the–rich pundits is the remark by democratic congressman Tim Ryan: "someone, quite frankly, has to take these people to the woodshed."

What's Rich?

When I was about 13, my family of six lived in a 1,000 square foot middle–class house with a 1–car garage and 1.5 bathrooms.

I once bumped into a group of kids my age from the other side of the tracks, and asked what they were doing in our (blue collar) neighborhood. I was stunned to learn they were exploring "to see how you rich people live." That was one of my earliest lessons in real economics.

Readers of EWR are A Special Breed

To read this publication, you need nerves of titanium. Some of your loved ones may be of the head–in–the–sand variety, so you might want to invite them to Google "Watts Riot Video" and Rodney King Riot Video."

I've been studying riots all my life, both in 2,500 years of economic history, and in the present. Here are some pointers I've picked up.

We can categorize riots into...

Two Types

Recreational and vengeance. A recreational riot is one that's for fun. A lot of these grow out of campus parties and spring–break orgies.

A vengeance riot is one in which the crowd is responding to a perceived injustice. The injustice may or may not be real. The January riot in Oakland was retaliation for police actions.

All riots are probably mixtures to some extent, because any given individual can be there for either purpose or both.

If you encounter a riot, immediately try to read the overall mood of the crowd to determine the general category as quickly as possible.

If the riot is recreational, you can just turn and walk briskly away.

If it's a vengeance riot, many participants will be looking for someone to hurt, and you should run for your life.

Read the placards. "Free beer at Joe's!" is one thing: "Smash the rich!" is another.

The Misery Index

...is the unemployment rate plus the rate of change in consumer prices. At the moment, unemployment is 8.5% and consumer prices are (reportedly) falling at –0.1%, so the index is 8.4.

The all time high since 1948 was 21.98 in 1980, and the low was 2.97 in 1953. See www.bis.gov.

I think hatred of the rich is growing fast enough now that we can assume, the higher the index, the greater likelihood of riots. People are already angry, and a person who faces joblessness plus rising prices quickly grows clinically depressed, and develops a nothing–left–to–lose mentality.

I'm not famous for my bravery, so I expect that when the index hits 15, I'll be sleeping with my arms wrapped around my shotgun.

Population Density Reveals Risk

We aren't likely to see many riots in Wyoming, but East Newark, NJ has 23,300 people per square mile.

The spot where you live may be uncrowded, but pay attention to the density of the places you visit or drive through.

When going into crowded areas, wear clothing cosmetics and jewelry that can, in a few seconds, be removed or modified to give you an ordinary work–a–day look.[Electricity Grid in U.S.Penetrated By Spies] During a vengeance riot, elegance is a sure ticket to a hospital ER.

If you drive an expensive car, don't go near it in a vengeance riot. In a recreational riot, it may be okay.

In any riot, do not talk. Noise may cause someone to misunderstand you:

"This mess is a monkey wrench in the works."

"Did you hear that?! He said we're monkeys and jerks!"

Commentary By WebMasters:

"In the 1970s government statisticians calculated that if all electricity were cut off, 30 % of the population would be dead within a month. Within a year, 80 % would be dead. And that was back in the 1970 ... now it's worse!"– The McAlvaney Intelligence Advisor, August 1999.

Weather Conditions Are Paramount

I've never heard of a riot during an ice storm, but hot summer afternoons are tinder boxes. When crowds are irritable and out in the streets to escape their stifling apartments, they can stampede at the drop of a hat. Air conditioning has reduced the hot weather effect, but not eliminated it. Power failures can be dangerous (See box.)

In 1966, a riot erupted in Chicago when police turned off a fire hydrant in 90–degree heat. Two persons were killed and 80 injured.

Another big factor is...


Dont trust feel–good statements by community leaders or the mainstream press. If you live in a large city, do your own intelligence. Listen to conversations in grocery store lines and other public place. The more you hear resentment toward the rich, the closer you are to a riot.

Phones & Stores

I Googled " I hate the rich," and got 106,000 hits, one of which is a song of that name by a group called The Dils. A truly chilling sentence I came across occasionally while researching this article was "kill the rich and eat their children." (See Cannibalism Is Coming To America).

For the next several years, no one in your household should ever leave home without money and a cell phone. The phone enables one to call for help from a friend (the police will probably be too busy), or arrange meeting places for family members if transportation routes are blocked and you or they are cut off from home.

Know several locations near and far where there are grocery stores that have restrooms and areas sheltered against rain and sun, so someone can sit and wait comfortably for others to arrive.

Always keep your gas tank at least half full. In your trunk, have a "bug out kit" of clothing, money, food, toiletries and whatever else you'll need if you are cut off from home until transportation routes are re–opened. The Watts riot and Rodney King Riot both lasted six days.

Watch For This Canary In The Coal Mine

An old cartoon shows a mob with clubs, pitchforks and axes marching down a street. A character in the front rank says to his buddy, "This guy we're going after, what did he do?"

There are numerous exceptions, but generally, all over the world, a group of five or more young males is a mob looking for a victim.

A male by himself is a different thing altogether. One of the best indicators of danger is the absence of individual young males. Because of schoolyard experiences, young males are keenly attuned to the behavior of mobs. Loners are canaries inthe coal mine. If you see a crowd, and there are no lone males around, you should ask yourself, why have they departed the scene?

Be Ready to Break Traffic Laws

In the Rodney King riot, when drivers were rushed by mobs, some waited for the red lights to change, and died where they sat.

Be willing to drive across lawns, crash through fences, whatever it takes.


If you haven't read my April 1st website article "Prepare for the Coming Riots," which says a lot about firearms, I suggest you do so.

If you know someone who is anti-gun, meaning anti-self-defense, you might do him or her the favor of printing a small sign they can put on their front door: This is a Gun–Free Home. If they don't post it, ask them why.

When practicing with your shotgun, save the empty shells. In case of "civil unrest," scatter the shells around your property where they will be noticed by intruders from hurt–the–rich gangs.

Maybe you can persuade neighbors to do the same. It doesn't cost anything, and imagine the psychological effect on a mob moving down the street when they come upon thousands of shotgun shells on the pavement. If you are lucky, scattering those shells might be the only thing you'll need to do.

A Few Words About Shooting

The government and mainstream press paint firearms enthusiasts as Bubbas who have single–digit IQs and wave guns around with no regard for safety procedures.

Granted, we may have a few like that; there are lunatics in any sport. But the kind of people I've met at gun ranges have been the same sort I've met in the cockpits of airplanes—intelligent, friendly, honest and helpful. They're definitely a cut above the rest of the population.

Perhaps this is the only kind of person who is drawn to activities in which the rewards for the wise are great, and punishments for the stupid are swift.

Marksmanship isn't easy, which you know if you've ever tried to hit a bull's–eye at 50 feet with a revolver. It takes brains, training, practice, and self–control—lots of self–control.

I wonder if so many politicians and journalists scorn shooting because they've tried it and found they can't do it.

How Many Preparations Should You Make?

Whatever it takes to give you peace of mind.

Everyone is different. At one extreme are those who are so brave they can be Pollyannas, sitting blissfully on the railroad tracks until the train runs them over.

At the other is me. I'm so afraid of crowds that if I lived in the center of a big city, my house would look like Fort Ticonderoga.

You are probably somewhere in between.

This I can say with confidence: to get safely and calmly through the riot season, complete your preparations before the arrival of hot weather.

I hope the politicians who foment this hate–the–rich hysteria are the first to feel the mobs' wrath. Truly, political power corrupts the morals and the judgement. Whenever I think of politicians, I'm reminded of Katherine Hepburn's description of John Wayne in the movie Rooster Cogburn: low down and high smellin'!

    Dr. "B" says a Great Depression is knocking at our doors. Also, food may get scarce to none. Our climate is changing. Droughts are cropping up all over the world...America too.

    With these thoughts in mind, consider the fact that riots will come to America. The changing weather may generate more than an agriculture crisis. Food may develop disease in a harvest of plenty. Consider this among the failing economic system in America as they desperately try to save it. People will get very...very mad! And, if they are hungry and the food eaten generates dysfunction in their bodies and nervous systems, they may sharpen their pitch forks, rakes, hoes, scythes, if they do not possess firearms....Let us read what happened ....

"In the early summer of 1789, a great wave of panic spread over France. Rumors circulated that brigands were everywhere, and many townfolk fled to the woods to hide. Peasants stockpiled weapons, and soon turned their hostility on landowners, burning homes and destroying records of their debts.

"The incident came to be called the Great Fear (la Grand Peur). After it subsided, the rich remained apprehensive. They gradually realized that the peasants had enough power to seize property and commit acts of violence. The momentum for reform soon built to a fever pitch, and on the night of August 4, 1789, the French Assembly met and voted to abolish many ancient rights of the nobility. The French Revolution was under way.

"Historians have often wondered what roused the peasants and precipitated the events of 1789. Essentially the fears were groundless: no more brigands than usual were about; and no evidence of a conspiracy existed among the peasants because the panic broke out in widely scattered communities, some separated by mountains. The episode seemed to be one of sheer wildness and not necessarily a manifestation of resentment.

"Nor did the timing seem to fit any political, economic, or sociological pattern.

"In 1984, Mary Kilbourne Matossian, from the University of Maryland, proposed a solution to the mystery of the Great Fear. She blamed the episode on ergot rye disease. Her studies of provincial records revealed a deterioration in public health in sections of France during mid–1789, and instances of nervous attacks and manic behavior. 'Bad flour' was thought to be the cause, a factor that would tie in with the ergot rye theory.

"Another important clue had surfaced in 1974, when a historian reported that the rye crop of the late 1700s was 'prodigiously' affected by ergot. He reported evidence of Claviceps purpurea in one–twelfth of all the rye. (By contrast, today if one three–hundredth of the rye is infected, it cannot be sold.)

"But why would so many peasants eat bad bread in 1789? Apparently, it was a bad year for rye, and the cold winter and wet spring contributed to widespread ergot disease. Coincidentally, the Great Fear broke out just after the rye harvest. Thus, the timing of the panic and behavior of the peasants appear to go hand–in–hand.

"In retrospect, it is clear that the peasants resembled victims of ergot poisoning. Hallucinations are common and delirium often sets in. There are seizures, jaundice, numbness, and a belief that ants are crawling under the skin. Tremors, loss of speech, and a sense of suffocation occur. During the Middle Ages, the disease was called the 'holy fire.'

"It would be simplistic to suggest that a fungus precipitated the French Revolution. Nevertheless, the evidence is substantial that ergot disease was a contributing cause. Certainly, the wild displays of the peasants must have been a terrifying sight to landowners. No doubt the fever pitch of the panic and the far–reaching consequences are better explained by the political and cultural climate of the times. Still, if the ergot disease had not happened...." — 'A Fungus And The French Revolution,' Fundamentals of Microbiology, I. Edward Alcamo, Sixth Edition, page 466.

The Second Ammendment!

Learn This...Memorize This...Let It Become a Part of You! Bring It Back When The Terrible Chaos Is Over...If There Is Something To Come Back To.

[Running For Your Life]

In The Meantime

Run For Your Life

From now on, Folks, it's gonna get pretty rough! In fact, downright cussed.
Mr. Ugly Will Show Before Long.

But For Now...

[Running For Your Life]

Keep Running

Keep Your Purse and Scrip With You—Luke 22:36

And Now

Get Two Guns—Luke 22:36–38

Before The New Dude Won't Let You Have Them

Times in America will change rather abruptly.
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