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This Policeman Was Carrying !
When Off Duty

Kong Speaks:

    There is a thing or idea going around that police officers should not be allowed to carry guns when off duty. In fact, some jurisdictions do not allow Carry for their officers when off duty. This is more than stupid. It is assinine! Many an off duty officer has saved a life because he was armed and out with his family; alone, or with friends and a crisis developed and was able to defuse the situation because he was armed.

    No so anymore, Obama wants more Gun Control including disarming police officers when off duty. A perfect set up for the criminal that officer may have sent to prison and now is out. Or, some other similar situation such that the felon wants revenge.

    AmericanCopMagazine.Com writes in its November/December issue of 2008, the following:

"Obama supports Trial Lawyers, including those who represent criminals who sue officers for merely doing their job. He believes in the concept of 'one–size–fits–all.'

"Obama wants to keep the Lautenberg Act in place — including provisions that hurt cops — and he wants to pass a stunningly broad array of more gun control under the lie gun control equals crime control. McCain knows more gun control isn't going to help fight crime.

"Obama's animosity to the Second Amendment and Self–Defense is pervasive, whereas McCain voted in favor of National Concealed Carry for Law Enforcement (LEOSA). And, McCain supports expanding its coverage and making it easier for offduty and retired officers to carry under its protection."

Kong Sez:

    If you need reliable information from sources you can trust, don't trust the media, trust American Cop and Law Enforcement Alliance of America.

Josh Billings, the American humorist, said:

"It ain't what a man knows to be so that is so that hurts him.
It's what a man knows to be so that ain't so
that hurts him."

    And here is what recently happened when an offduty cop was carrying. He not only stopped a robbery; but, possibly others from being killed, including himself.

Three armed felons tried to rob an El Paso , Texas Police Officer (he's in civilian clothes) in front of a bank.

The plan was to grasp his back pack and get away on a stolen motorcycle.

The well prepared Police Officer shot all of them, managing to kill 2 at the scene. The 3rd one was shot in both arms.

Gun used: a 40 cal automatic pistol. Nice grouping. One of the people that forwarded this wrote:

"Here's a good reason to carry off-duty." I agree.. Be safe!

Kong Warns:

    Pictures Are Graphic...

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