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Kong Sez

They Want To Disarm Policemen !
When Off Duty

Kong Speaks:

    There is a thing or idea going around that police officers should not be allowed to carry guns when off duty. In fact, some jurisdictions do not allow Carry for their officers when off duty. This is more than stupid. It is assinine! Many an off duty officer has saved a life because he was armed and out with his family; alone, or with friends and a crisis developed and was able to defuse the situation because he was armed.

    No so anymore, Obama wants more Gun Control including disarming police officers when off duty. A perfect set up for the criminal that officer may have sent to prison and now is out. Or, some other similar situation such that the felon wants revenge.

    AmericanCopMagazine.Com writes in its November/December issue of 2008, the following comparison between Obama and McCain:

"Obama supports Trial Lawyers, including those who represent criminals who sue officers for merely doing their job. He believes in the concept of 'one–size–fits–all.'

"McCain supported legislation to stop trial lawyers from suing the manufacturers of the guns you carry for protection. Obama took the trial lawyers' side. McCain signed onto a precedent setting Amicus Brief submitted in support of the second Amendment/self–defense to the Supreme Court — Barack refused to publicly support either right.

"McCain supports judges, like those who ruled correctly on the Heller case. I believe Obama will appoint judges in the mold of those who voted agxainst our freedoms in this case and for the kind that voted against the Death Penalty.

"McCain believes in a limited role for Federal Government in how it relates to local law enforcement. Barack wants more Federal Government intrusion/control into how you do your job even going so far as to cosponsor federal legislation to empower Washington DC to collect evidence providing 'racial profiling' by police occurs and to bring more cases to 'discipline' officers who participate in this alleged conduct.

"Obama wants to keep the Lautenberg Act in place — including provisions that hurt cops — and he wants to pass a stunningly broad array of more gun control under the lie gun control equals crime control. McCain knows more gun control isn't going to help fight crime.

"Obama's animosity to the Second Amendment and Self–Defense is pervasive, whereas McCain voted in favor of National Concealed Carry for Law Enforcement (LEOSA). And, McCain supports expanding its coverage and making it easier for offduty and retired officers to carry under its protection."

Kong Sez:

    If you need reliable information from sources you can trust, don't trust the media, trust American Cop and Law Enforcement Alliance of America.

    They are gonna get the guns come hell or high water. The Shadow Government(s) of the world will, as we see now, create a world–wide financial crisis such that total control can be exacted sooner or later. And in this created crisis, gun confiscation is a certainty.

    Just get a load of this that your WebMasters sent me. It is an excerpt from the IMF (International Monetary Fund). As all bureaucracies do, they use guarded language; but, in this case, they did not. This is what they said:

"It is now all too clear that we are seeing the deepest shock to the global financial system since the Great Depression, at least for the United States. Are we then doomed to a slump in output as occurred in the 1930s? As Chapter 4 shows, the historical record is mixed. Periods of financial stress have not always been followed by recessions or even by economic slowdowns. However, the analysis also shows that when the financial stress does major damage to the banking system -- as in the current episode -- the likelihood increases of a severe and protracted downturn in activity (p. xiii)."

    And Dr. Gary North's Keynesianism's Last Stand, he writes:

"We have been set up. The execution of a new world order in finance is now in force."

    We now have reached our last warnings, the WebMasters warned to get armed because violent crime will become the norm in the not–too–distant future. They recommend a number of modalities. But, it would be extremely expedient for a woman to own a 0.22 rifle shooting Long Rifle high velocity (not super high) rounds. It should be zeroed to her eyes at 65 feet. This means the projectile goes that distance to the X–ring or bull's eye.

    Remember! More people are killed with .22 bullets than any other round. This is by accident, playing with guns, and just firing the .22 rounds unenclosed by a gun's housing off a fence post. People do stupid things.

    A 0.22 rifle has little recoil and little sound. Psychodynamically, many people react to the perceived recoil because of the sound. Loud sound, great recoil when not justified. Little sound, less perceived recoil and hence less recoil. A lot of people react to their own reactions. They think it is so, and thus, they make it so.

    Josh Billings, the American humorist, said:

"It ain't what a man knows to be so that is so that hurts him. It's what a man knows to be so that ain't so that hurts him."

    For distances of three feet to 20 feet, one should practice point shooting. Many police department defensive training (DT) instructors are now teaching point shooting so one does not waste time in aiming for close quarter combat conditions when the officer's life is in danger.

    Kong also Sez: Practice...practice...practice....and many of you are going to be very, very hungry and you know why.

Global Economics In A Nutshell From A Wise Man

    "Nouriel Roubini, chairman of RGE (Roubini Global Economics) Monitor and professor of economics at the NYU Stern School of Business, sets out his latest views on the global economic and financial crisis and the urgent actions that need to be undertaken. In short, he believes the world is at risk of a global systemic financial meltdown and a severe global depression unless certain steps are taken straightaway" — Investment Postcards from Captown.

    He further believes:

"The US and advanced economies’ financial systems are now headed towards a near-term systemic financial meltdown as day after day stock markets are in free fall, money markets have shut down while their spreads are skyrocketing, and credit spreads are surging through the roof. There is now the beginning of a generalized run on the banking system of these economies; a collapse of the shadow banking system, i.e. those non-banks (broker dealers, non-bank mortgage lenders, SIV and conduits, hedge funds, money market funds, private equity firms) that, like banks, borrow short and liquid, are highly leveraged and lend and invest long and illiquid, and are thus at risk of a run on their short-term liabilities; and now a roll-off of the short term liabilities of the corporate sectors that may lead to widespread bankruptcies of solvent but illiquid financial and non-financial firms" — Investment Postcards from Captown.

    And from Dr. Gary North's Member Only Website, October 10, 2008:

"To put Bush in front of the nation to assure us to remain calm is incredibly risky. No one outside of Congress believes him about anything. The constituents knew better than to believe the $700 billion bailout for the banks was good economics. It was terrorized Congressmen who believed it. They were told that if they did not vote for the bailout, the economy would collapse and Bush would declare martial law. The Senate larded the bill with pork, and still the terrorized House voted for it."

Or Watch What Representative Brad Sherman Said
Concerning Martial Law:

It Ain't Gonna Work!

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But For Now...

[Running For Your Life]

Keep Running

Keep Your Purse and Scrip With You—Luke 22:36

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It Is Only Gonna Get Worse From Now On

Times in America will change rather abruptly.
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