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Kong Sez:

Richard J. Maybury, a financial newsletter writer whose specialty is geopolitics as it applies to your investments, has promised to notify his subscribers as to when he believes the economy has reached the bottom of the deflationary crisis and is about to enter the inflationary portion of the current economic crisis.

In a Special Bulletin to his subscribers, Maybury says, "As you know, US officials plan to force taxpayers who pay their debts to subsidize those who don't."

He further states that he believes "it is highly likely the world is entering the worst economic crisis since the fall of the Roman Empire. Never before in 2,500 years of economic history have people gone through this kind of situation with a world reserve currency that was fiat paper, not gold. We're trying to ride out an 8.0 earthquake in a house built on sand."

In his bulletin, Maybury says he is now "85% confident the turn in the deflationary stage of the Great Economic Crisis has happened." He says he cannot go above 85% becuase "there are too many things Obama and his advisors could to to accidentally or deliberately cause another drop in velocity, plunging us back into deflation."

Events in March that persuaded him to call the bottom are:

  • China, the largest holder of U.S. dollar assets, has attacked the dollar's credibility by calling for replacing the dollar as the world reserve currency and moving to a basket of currencies.

  • Increased fear of the dollar will contribute to a rise in velocity (the rate at which a dollars change hands), both inside and outside the country.

  • On March 20, at the Independent Community Bankers meeting, attendees handed out Bernanke squeeze dolls and poked fun at the Fed chief--another little event that undermines confidence in the dollar.

  • On "March 18, the Fed announced it will purchase mountains of long-term government bonds and mortgages. This will inflate the money supply and re-inflate the real estate bubble.

  • "Orders for big-ticket durable goods, new homes, and existing homes have risen recently. This shows that money is on the move and flowing back into the largest sectors of the economy."

Maybury believes that because of these factors, we may witness a further deflation of stocks, bonds, and commodities as money flows from them into a new real estate bubble.

He also believes that "the next incident in the coming inflationary crisis will be a global monetary disaster, with the dollar plunging in international currency markets."

Washington will comfort the markets by saying that "the dollar was unrealistically high and in need of correction," and that, "That will be one of the few times in your life when you will have heard federal officials telling the truth."

Maybury goes on to point out that the old saying, "No one's life, liberty, or property are safe while Congress is in session," because government now has so much power, it can destroy any citizen at any time.

Until we get back to the Constitution and the gold standard and America returns to its senses, he says, "Our best defense is an understanding of what is happening," but in the meantime, the government has the power to "demolish anyone's business, career, or investments."

Maybury further adds that if we don't return to the Constitution, maybe we could get along with a good dog-training book, and a new six-word Constitution" that reads: "Don't bite except in self-defense."

If dogs can learn this, why can't politicians? asks Maybury.

Kong Sez:

Fat chance! When has a politician ever learned anything unless it fattened up his pocketbook or got him re-elected? For this reason, get your garden planted, stock up NOW on all the items you use regularly, and tweak your food storage, because if Mr. Maybury is right, we are about to see prices of everything we use explode into the stratosphere!

Folks! A Killing Mechanism Is Now Beginning To Strike Our Shores...We'll See It In A Few Years Now!

The Killing Mechanism Is Now In Place and Running.

[Running For Your Life]

In The Meantime

Run For Your Life

From now on, Folks, it's gonna get pretty rough! In fact, downright cussed.
Mr. Ugly Will Show Before Long.

But For Now...

[Running For Your Life]

Keep Running

Keep Your Purse and Scrip With You—Luke 22:36

And Now

Get Two Guns—Luke 22:36–38

Times in America will change rather abruptly.
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