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Killing America
Part One

Kong Sez:

    "Peak oil was reached, to the best of calculations and estimations, July 2006. See chart. Most do not know what this means. Human life style will change drastically. It is already happening.

    "This is what you can expect next since Peak Oil has seen its day:

'Starting with $8–12 for a gallon of gas... huge fuel lines... even "gas riots" worse than anything we've ever seen before... empty supermarket shelves... empty suburbs... and empty airports.'

Byron King
Editor, Outstanding Investments
October 2008

    "...and the Peak Oil chart looks like this from Byron King:"

[Peak Oil Reached July 2006]

[Whiskey & Gunpowder]

December 8, 2008
By Don Stott

There are a lot of ways to kill something, either slowly or quickly. As for a living thing, you can shoot it, run over it, or use some other instant way of getting rid of it. There are slow ways, such as poison administered gradually, or perhaps destroying its ability to care for itself. If you took a domesticated animal, and put it out in the wild, it would starve or be eaten because it wouldn’t know how to hunt or protect itself. In the animal kingdom, the weak are eliminated because of not being able to protect themselves from predators, illness, or some other form of weakness. This is the natural method which nature uses to keep the animals strong and healthy. The old and weak are at times eaten by the young and strong. Mutants are sterile, so their kind won’t reproduce and pollute the animal kingdom.

Enough about animals; let’s examine how America has, and is being killed. In the main by two methods: (1) Currency destruction, and (2) Weakening the populace. The currency destruction is inseparably linked to the second method. Before FDR, people used to plan for their retirement, save in sound dollars, own a home, or in a hundred ways, plan for old age. Americans were strong, intelligent, hard working, and knew that if they didn’t plan for retirement and old age, they might die early. Did it work? Of course! Naturally, the weak and stupid didn’t plan for their old age, and guess what? They died early, which is as it should have been. Just like stupid animals, they couldn’t survive if they didn’t act and plan properly. An animal has to find a place to live, build a nest, store food, and the like. People had to pay their debts, pay off their home, save money, and PLAN. If they did, all was OK. If they didn’t, they died early. The human strain was kept strong by this method, just like in the animal kingdom.

What stopped this necessity to plan and save? Social Security, for one. Government would take care of the oldsters, and remove their duty and necessity to care and plan for themselves. Government would force a deduction from their paychecks, put it away for them, and then when they retired, all would be well. This, of course, weakened the populace. They no longer had to plan, save, sacrifice, and work hard for their old age. The weak no longer failed and died. They lived, and continued to live, when they should have, by all logical means, been dead and buried. By staying alive, they became and become a burden on the rest of the populace and families.

Does this sound coarse, mean, crude, and ungodly? Maybe it does to you, but it is so logical. The Social Security scheme, like all other government “plans” and bureaucracies, have ruined the value of the dollar. Forced, compulsory, Social Security, like all other government entitlements, has become a disaster. There are far more retirees than workers, and the original 1% deduction, now is close to 20%, still not enough, thereby weakening all of us. As if that weren’t bad enough, government continues to lie about inflation, which it causes, so the welfare checks are far less than they should be; thereby screwing the supposedly well cared for recipients. No one can live on a Social Security check today, even though we have all been forced to pay through our noses to support it. The entire American citizenry has been made weaker, made unable to care for itself, and at the same time been stolen from in a wholesale manner. Government then, is killing its citizens and itself at the same time.

Originally, there were no public schools. Everyone taught their kids at home. Literally, or in a private or religious school. Caring, smart parents taught them well, and the kids succeeded.

America, a hundred years ago was far more educated and cultured than now. By knowledge and skills of reading, math and other subjects, the eighth grader of a hundred years ago compares equally with today’s college student or maybe even graduate. This was without any public schools. The stupid parents who didn’t teach or show caring, demonstrated it in their kids who failed in life, probably died early, and didn’t become a burden on the rest of society.

Next, there were thousands of one-room schoolhouses, paid for by the local populace, and these schools did very well, but it was the beginning of large public schools, which seem to be not much more than baby sitters. Home schooling has once again become the smart thing to do by caring parents, because they realize that government schools are a disaster, like every other government scheme and “program.” Public schools now consume three quarters of all property taxes, and do a lousy, expensive job. Catholic parents usually send their kids to parochial schools which are in no way “public” and not paid for by taxpayers. Wealthy parents may have sent, and still do, send their kids to private schools, not paid for by taxes, and they always did and still do a fine job.

Government schools had to fail, like all “programs” fail, because of inefficiency and cost. The failure and cost of public schools is partially responsible for populating the streets of America with thugs, criminals, druggies, shoplifters, burglars, rapists, and all sorts of riff-raff, which should be dead, and maybe not have been born in the first place, probably.

Trash, uneducated, uncaring people seem to multiply at enormous rates and cause a lot of crime, don’t they? Cruel, ungodly, and coarse? Maybe, but picture America if there had never been a public school, and every child had been home-schooled or sent to a private school, paid for by its parents, with little or no property taxes, and no terrible, microscopic educating in failing public schools. There would be thousands and thousands of private schools operating for profit, and competing with each other for achievement, being used by parents who chose not to home-school. No teachers unions and inept teachers. There couldn’t be because competition in the market wouldn’t allow for it. There would be schools specializing in cooking, engineering, language, math, or whatever the parents chose for their kids. There would be an abundance of religious schools, paid for by churches and parents of pupils, but no drain on taxpayers of any kind, and superb education.

Kong Here:

I like this man's thinking!

The public school systems, even in small towns like the one I live in, have proved to be expensive disasters. Homeowners are being taxed severely to pay for these incompetent, inefficient, poorly educating, sinkholes of fading dollars. So ingrained have public schools and Social Security become in the American mind, that most will disagree with my thesis.

They will moan and groan about how, “We have to care for old people and educate the children,” even though facts and logic prove that the opposite has happened, and cost a fortune in dollars and crime. America has inflicted wounds on itself over the last hundred years, because the general public opinion is that, “People need to be helped and taught,” regardless of the cost or lack of success at either.

Perhaps 1% of America will agree with me on this first part, because they are so mind-numbed by government propaganda, the media, and the garbage they themselves have learned in classrooms of public schools.

Kong Again:

I really like this human's thinking! He's good, folks. This human can think.
Government and “programs” always come out ahead, and are painted as glorious and wonderful by the media, schools, and bureaucrats. They are the opposite, and are partly responsible for the killing of America. Once something gets started, regardless of the total illogic of it, such as public schools and Social Security, there is a zero chance of obliterating it, because so many have become dependent, and thereby weak. How can a nation survive if it is weak?

Don Stott

Kong Sez:

"Folks...Crystal Gayle says it all...but, we're gonna have to wait for times to get better:"

[Crystal Gayle]

    "But first, it is gonna be literal hell for a while! The Whore of Babylon is almost here. There will be no peace of mind...but, my dear friends...just hang on...just hang on."

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Mr. Ugly Will Show Before Long.

But For Now...

[Running For Your Life]

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