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Kong Sez:

    Gary Gibson writing for Whiskey & Gunpowder, quotes Neil Lori of Maverick Freedom.

There's A Bad Moon On The Rise!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Some of you may be familiar with Neil Lori of Maverick Freedom. Neil sends these thoughts in his latest missive…

“On the domestic front I think Dmitry Orlov and Jim Kunstler are two of the clearest thinking [and] common sense writers of this time period. The Obama Nation is about to do what I detest which is build more Roads Roads Roads when in reality we need the 3 T’s (trains, tracks and trolleys) at breakneck speed.

“Kunstler is right on about food: we need it local and less mechanized (more hand labor). So let us put on our work jeans, tee shirts, belts hats and gloves to do some real work. Ditch the couch, tv and computer. Obama’s highway construction is money down the “rat hole” (drain).

“Geez I thought Obama had a high IQ, but his biggest failure is that he thinks inside the box and is a bit too much of a conformist who wants to keep the economy the way it has been most of his and our lives!!!!!!!!!”

He continues later…

“We need local farms, local factories and local economies. The global village is for idiots. No more globaloney. Buy Amercian. Grow American. Make it in America.”

I would venture to say that the things you eat and use will be fabricated or grown not just within the nation, but very, very near to where you live. No more trucking meat and vegetables from industrial mega-farms on the other side of the continent, and a lot fewer doodads from China.

Some of you Shooters may take issue with anyone trying to direct us toward this outcome, and I don’t blame you. I would take issue with any bureaucratic direction myself.

It’s the market, however, that will be directing these changes. Business as usual for the past couple hundred years has been a result of an energy boom and state meddling. Both are on the wane.

Gary Gibson
Managing Editor, Whiskey & Gunpowder
February 12, 2009

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