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     Our Federal Government and some local jurisdictions feel off-duty policemen as well as retired peace officers should not be allowed to carry firearms.

    Some policemen have been murdered because of this. Those who had weapons were able to come to citizens' aid at critical moments, as well as their own. There has been vindictiveness from felons who have gotten out of prison and sought out the arresting officer(s) and their families to take out revenge. This is not a good law. Check to see if your state or local jurisdiction feels its off-duty officers should not be armed and start a petition to re-arm the off-duty officers. Also include the retired officers and yourself. Any jurisdiction that is disarming its off-duty policemen will have you disarmed first. Change all this.

    Another problem surfaces with this. When The Hell Breaks (see below), with departments nationwide short of officers, who is going to show up on your doorstep and ameliorate the crime occurring?

    Now is the time to decide you are going to be the police's "posse," when they need you.

    With police departments nationwide experiencing an officer shortage, when push comes to shove in the next few years, you may have to be your own policeman; your own posse; your own law and order keeper in your domicile. Things are not going to be pretty!

    In the Beaumont Enterprise of Wednesday, November 14, 2007, a front page story informed the citizens of Beaumont, Texas, that burglaries of homes and cars where the burglar was already gone from the scene, are no longer a priority for Beaumont police officers. They will not come out to view the damage to your house or your car. Instead, you are required to go online to a website and fill out a report, or do the same over the phone if you're not on the Internet. This actually benefits the citizens, they claim, because now you don't have to sit around waiting for an officer to come out. Since the Beaumont Police Department is some 15 officers short, this will supposedly free up officers to take care of the "real" crimes.

    Perhaps the citizens of Beaumont should consider banding together and establishing "street watches" along with "neighborhood watches," since the police can no longer do the job. We will not be surprised if the citizens become fed up and begin disposing of burglars caught in the act, thus saving the police officers from having to do more paperwork to jail all these small-time property-criminals. Your Webmasters feel this is coming soon . . . to all localities.

    Our government is hell-bent-for-leather on disarming its law-abiding citizens, and now, its police officers who are off-duty. What can they possibly be thinking?

     Most Americans are not even aware that this is going on.  They are in "Condition White." Get Prepared mentally, physically, and spiritually. What is coming is going to be very trying.

    The very fabric of our society is being torn apart from within and from without!

    American Cop Magazine, November/December, 2007, in the article 'More Police Officers Murdered Do You Even Care?' has the following to say:

"Not all Democrats are cop-hating liberals. But among the Democrat leadership there're many openly hostile to law enforcement. The media too often gives them a free pass and police unions find it hard to break out of their traditional alignment with Democrats to hold them accountable at election time.

  • "Remember how Teddy Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) worked to undermine the federal bill allowing off-duty and retired officers to carry a gun for self-defense?

  • "Do you remember how Hillary Clinton (D-NY), when she was running for the Senate, called NYPD officers murderers before they had their day in court (and when she did this she was a lawyer, the First Lady and a candidate for elective office.)

  • "Do you remember how the honorguard, made up of uniformed cops, carrying the American flag at the New York democratic convention were spat upon by attendees?

    "We couldn't even get Hillary to publicly condemn those who spat upon the flag and the officers, but she sure was willing to rush to the microphones and media to condemn the cops.

    "Still not convinced politics can kill? Take the issue of illegal immigration: there's wide division about what America should do, but let's make it simpler. Two parts seem pretty clear cut:

  • "Keeping criminals, especially violent ones, out of America and off our streets and
  • "Securing our borders.

    "If you follow the federal reports on officers killed and assaulted, you already know 2006 looks to be a terrible year for us. While the feds track all kinds of data: time of day, type of tool used, age of the officer killed, etc. one item is conspicuously missing: How many cops were killed by illegal aliens--illegal aliens already with a criminal history."

    The Law enforcement Alliance of America (LEAA) article by James J. Fotis continues by pointing out "criminal illegal aliens are also killing and injuring more civilians than cops. The author of this excellent article contends, and your WebMasters feel he is right that we should:

"Publicly express your outrage over the failed policies of those politicians who don't want to secure our borders and keep known criminals off our streets," because many of these illegals are known criminals in Mexico and in America. They have committed crimes, been sent back and come back over to repeat more heinous crimes.

Get Armed America, it's getting very, very late!

Editor's Comment:

Phrases and groupings were separated out and bullets used for clearer reading.

Times in America will change rather abruptly.
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