Polonium 210
An Alpha Emmiter

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    Polonium 210 is a metalloid (possesses metal and non-metal properties) that occurs in nature, as well as appearing as a man-made element in some nuclear reactors and laboratories.

    This metalloid is an alpha emitter. Being such, we will limit our discussion to alpha radiation in general, including in our thesis how it possibly gets into our water supply and food chain. But the thrust will be what to do about it. Some modalities on how to keep it from getting inside our persons; how to tame its activity once in our bodies; how to repair damage that has/is occurring.


    "Radiation is energy in motion." Some forms occur as moving particles while other forms are wavelike in nature. The former are minuscule pieces of matter such as electrons, neutrons, and protons. These combine, forming atoms of nature. These particles generate the most dangerous forms of matter from nuclear waste of power plants.

    The latter, the wavelike forms, are similar in form to heat, light, radio waves and X-rays, commonly known as electromagnetic radiation because they exhibit electric and magnetic fields that continually surround us.

    Thus, we have particular matter (particles) and wave matter (electromagnetic radiation) serving as forms of radiation; or, energy in motion. Yet, some forms can be harmful (ultraviolet as in sunburn) when in excess; others, deadly and disease promoting as in ionizing radiation.

    This form of radiation is most harmful. It moves about with great energy. Those waves/particles that have shorter wavelength have more energy and cause even more damage. Ultraviolet rays have enough energy to impart energy to electrons of atoms, known as exciting their electrons. But it does not have enough energy to knock them off, creating free radicals and free electrons, known as beta-rays.

    Some radiation, however, is so energized that it literally rips electrons from the atomic shell. When this happens, the remaining atom becomes positively charged. If the radiation causes atoms to hold an extra electron, the atoms are now with a negative charge. Whether positively or negatively charged, such resulting atoms are known as ions and the radiation that causes such an event is given the name ionizing radiation.

    This type of radiation is powerful enough to damage cells, even kill them in humans and other species such as plants, fish and other living organisms. Quite often, when cells are damaged in this manner, a repair system goes into effect, attempting to ameliorate the problem. Yet, the genetic code can have certain bases damaged, and other chemicals in the immediate milieu of the cell "solder" up the damage with a chemical Mother Nature never intended for the organism to use in that "spot" in the genetic code. This results in the code sputtering and limping along; dying, or forming a type of tissue not generally intended by Mother Nature.

    One type of such radiation discussed is alpha radiation, known as alpha rays (actually not a ray but a particle). An alpha ray has a positive charge to its electrical nature and loses energy quite readily. The helium atom has two electrons. An alpha particle is the helium atom with a deficit of two electrons. The alpha particle has a +2 charge; or, is "double-ionized."— Physics: Principles and Problems, Murphy and Smoot. A sheet of paper or two can stop alpha rays. Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson H. Kearny, 3rd. printing, 1990, writes:
"These particles have very little penetrating power: 1 to 3 inches of air will stop them. It is doubtful that alpha particles can get through unbroken skin; they cannot penetrate even a thin fabric.

"Alpha particles are hazardous only if materials that emit them (such as the radioactive element plutonium) enter the body and are retained in bone, lung tissue, or other parts of the body.

"Unless survivors eat or drink fallout-contaminated food or water in considerably larger quantities ...danger from alpha particles would be minor."

Note : Breathing in and/or swallowing the particles would be            hazardous to one's health. Getting the particulates in an open            wound would cause problems.

    Radiation: Waves and Particles/Benefits and Risk, by Laurence Pringle says on page 44, the following:
"In 1953, after several bomb tests, more than 4,000 sheep died in Utah and Nevada. Ranchers suspected that radiation caused the deaths, but lost a suit for damages brought against the government. In 1982, however, a judge ordered a new trial, because documents showed that the government had withheld evidence that radiation had harmed the sheep.

"Troops were placed within a few miles of the blasts. Shortly after some tests they marched to ground zero—the actual explosion site. Many of the troops wore special film badges that were supposed to record their exposure to radiation. The dust stirred up by the explosions undoubtedly was contaminated by alpha particles, and some of it was inhaled by those who witnessed the test.

"It appears that troops who were at the test suffered from a high rate of radiation-caused illness and death."

    Pringle further writes the full story may never be known because of "incomplete records" and even though the troops were given badges to detect harmful levels of radiation–there were two sets of reports on badge readings: one report purposely were given to indicate low readings of radiation; the other, high, was sequestered.

    The citizens in a Utah town 145 miles from the test site of the 1953 explosion received a dose of six rems (a measure of radioactivity) in one day. Five (5) rems per year is considered a safe dose. In 1962, the Public Health Service did a study in Utah and found an increase in deaths from leukemia. In southern Utah, leukemia deaths were 2 1/2 times the regular rate among children.

    In 1956, the movie, The Conqueror starring John Wayne and Susan Hayward, made its appearance. It was considered safe to film in the Utah desert. Evidently low readings of radiation prompted the "go ahead" signal. However, during its filming, the wind changed and brought, from the atomic explosion area, a huge cloud of dust.

    Some twenty years later, John Wayne was dead from stomach cancer and Rita Hayward was also dead from cancer. It is believed they received lethal radiation (alpha) that caused their demise. Others of the crew did become sick eventually.

Treatment Modalities

    Avoidance is the big thing. However, if polonium 210 seeps into the water table, and plants take it up, and animals eat the plants, then they may have the radiation in their fluids. This would have to be the element polonium 210 emitting the alpha particle. And the polonium is dissolved in the ingested fluid. This, then, should be the requirement for the metalloid to be ingested with fluids.

EDTA (ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid) :

    Now, if one knows for certain that the water and/or milk is contaminated in a particular area with this metalloid, and they might be ingesting it, one should consider slowing down its absorption into the body. This possibly may be done by taking before hand, or with the water or milk, EDTA chelating capsules from your natural foods store, pharmacy, or physician.

    We would recommend 500 mg capsules by Arizona. Now be advised: Chelation this way only traps the mineral that is in the lumen of the gut tissue. It does not go after it in the bloodstream nor tissues of the body. Hence, the reason ingesting two capsules a few minutes prior to eating or drinking the contaminated foods or beverages. This is commonly misunderstood, and oral EDTA is often taken as systemic replacement of intravenous chelation therapy. Oral EDTA does not appreciably get into the bloodstream and hence, the tissues, to chelate out heavy metals.

    What you are trying to do is block it (the metalloid) and carry polonium 210 out of the body before it gets too systemic–in the bloodstream and then to the tissues of the organism.

    But be warned, you will also chelate out other minerals with your foodstuffs as digestion breaks them free. It may be advisible to take a trace mineral supplement such as Nature's Plus Trace-Mins® and Nature's Plus Ultra-Mins®, a mineral compound not in trace amounts.

Pectin :

    Russian researcher, Dr. A. A. Rubanovskaya, as reported in the Journal of American Medical Association, November 18, 1962, discovered that pectin can eliminate radiation from the body, especially strontium. She used sunflower seeds as her source of research on pectin. She found the pectin attracted and bound the radiation through the intestinal tract. We find you could use ordinary commercial pectin that is used to make jams and jellies.

    It does this by absorption, a quality of being assimilated; incorporation, within its matrix, and adsorption, the process whereby there is an adherence of atoms, ions, or molecules, or particles to the surface of another substance.

    Medical World News, July 3, 1964, described kelp being tested in Canada at McGill University. It too acted as a binding component for removing radioactivity, as pectin, from the intestinal tract.

Olestra :

    A compound that has been the bane of some scientists, Olestra, the fat–substitute, has been shown to tie up PCBs and dioxin, then is excreted in the feces of individuals eating potato chips made with the stuff.

    The individuals were given packages of chips that contained 30 grams of Olestra every day. Other researchers found that 90 grams removed and lowered blood levels of TCDD, the worst offender of dioxin.—Lancet 99; 354 (9186):1266–7.  Dioxin is a byproduct of chlorine many researchers believe facilitates breast and prostate cancer.

    Some brands of foods containing olestra are, Pringles Light and Frito-Lay Light, Doritos Light and Tostitos Light. They are made with the olean bran of olestra.

    Olestra causes in many, diarrhea, gastrointestinal disturbances, and removes fat–soluble vitamins as well as beta–carotene and other valuable antioxidants, some contend. If you use this, we suggest you hunker down in your private, well–stocked bomb shelter with plenty of toilet paper and munch away. Click Here for the flavor you want. To return, click the white X in the red box at the top right corner.

Bentonite Clay Powder (Fuller's Earth) :

    Yet, another substance that binds with and removes toxins from the intestinal tract is Bentonite Clay Powder (Fuller's Earth), you know, the stuff that was supposed to help weaponize anthrax by aerosolizing the spores during the anthrax scare of October 2001. You can also get it in a liquid form. Bentonite is a clay mineral.

    It may also work well for radioactive substances that are ingested in food, water, or just swallowed dust. It comes in dry powder or liquid form. Try your natural foods store or pharmacy; they will have to probably order it for you. Oh, too much of this can cause the opposite of Olestra.

Thyroid Hormone :

    In the 1940s, it was estimated that 40% of the American population suffered from thyroid deficiency, now, it is somewhere at 50 to 60 percent, probably due to all the endocrine disruptors in our food and water supply.

    One thing not generally appreciated by the medical and lay community is that thyroid hormone helps protect against radiation damage. This is not a paper on thyroid, but if you have your thyroid checked; or, are on thyroid medication and still present with clinical symptoms, your deiodinase enzymes may not be getting cocked and primed by enough magnesium, selinium, manganese, and zinc metals to form properly, and in sufficient amounts, to strip off an iodine from T4 to form T3, and another to form T2.

    We would recommend Armour Thyroid®. It comes in T4, T3, and T2. The second is the active metabolite, T3. Physicians like Synthroid® because it is well-behaved and doesn't get them awakened in the middle of the night by upset patients.

Other Measures :

    To assist with radiation damage repair, consider a thiol group. For instance, L–cysteine, alpha lipoic acid, or N–acetyl cysteine. These substances should be available at any health food store. Start now. They also help protect against damage to healthy cells from X–rays and medical scans.

Comment :

    Taking L-cysteine should be taken with gelatin, such as Knox Gelatin®. This     keeps certain toxicities from forming.

    Packer and others write in Biothiols in Health and Disease, p. 504:

"A recent study examined the effects of 28 days of antioxidant treatment on a variety of blood and urinary parameters in children living in areas affected by the Chernobyl nuclear accident who are continuously exposed to low–level radiation (140).

"Treatment with alpha–lipoic acid alone lowered blood peroxidation ["reactions that involve the addition of two atoms of oxygen to a carbon–hydrogen bond," as in lipid peroxidation or free radical formation—Dictionary of Toxicology, 2nd ed., p. 364] values to the same level seen in non–radiation–exposed children; alpha–lipoic acid + vitamin E treatment further lowered blood peroxidation to below–normal values; vitamin E alone was without effect.

"Urinary excretion of radioactive metabolites was also lowered by alpha–lipoic acid but not by vitamin E, presumably due to chelation by alpha–lipoic acid. Liver and kidney functions were also normalized by alpha–lipoic acid treatment."

    Your WebMasters suggest if you take more than 100 mg of alpha–lipoic acid, ingest simultaneously the B-vitamin Biotin. Alpha–lipoic acid uses biotin in its metabolism and if it is not replaced in sufficient amount, draws from the body and depletes it. We recommend Super Alpha-Lipoic Acid with Biotin by Life Extension.

    Another substance to protect against, or minimize the damage, of ionizing radiation is melatonin. Radiation induces damage by ionizing the water portion of cells, producing the hydroxyl radical (OH.), the most damaging free radical produced in cellular systems.

    The molecule most often damaged by free radicals is the DNA of the nucleic acid material. The "." in 'OH.' indicates a free radical.

    Super Carnosine, by Life Extension Foundation, protects by scavenging the hydroxyl free radical and sequestering it. We suggest 500 mg several times a day.

    It would be advisible to start on these things now unless contraindicated. Thyroid hormone requires a physican's prescription. You want to get checked prior to this. Have your physican order a thyroid profile/panel consisting of TSH, T4, and T3 and any other he deems necessary.

    British anti-Lewisite also known as BAL; dimercaprol; 2,3-dimercaptopropanol, has been used for more than 60 years by the medical community. It is a chelator for the treatment of mercury, lead, gold, and arsenic poisoning. BAL was used during World War II (WWII) to treat Lewisite (2-chlorovinyldichloroarsine). This chemical has been used in laboratory rats exposed to alpha radiation with success. It takes a physician or medical team with knowledge of its administration to used. It can be toxic to the organism.

    These above measures may help in some small or large way. Now is the time to arm yourself with knowledge, get prepared with food and water, and pray like hell! It's still coming....

    From our extensive network, it is now shaping up for next year to become a "sea-change" for most Americans. It is not going to be pretty!

Times in America will change rather abruptly.
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