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Folks! You ain't seen nothing yet!

Mr. "B" has been warning us about this for sometime now. And now...a financial writer is saying the same thing. Recall, regular readers of ChemBio Update, Mr. "B" has warned women to be aware of the Three F's coming. The rogues will be looking for Food, Fuel, and Females. It is almost, if not already, too late to get a good decent pistol. Nevertheless, start looking and put your name on the register for one from a gun shop.


If you haven't prepared folks, get prepared. The Guardian reports that children are eating rats in order to survive in Zimbabwe! Also, peruse The Gun Page (everything is there you need to know), after reading this Special Bulletin from Richard Maybury:

U.S. & World Early Warning Report®
By Richard Maybury
April 1, 2009

Subscriber Bulletin
'Prepare For The Coming Riots'

    Scores of times throughout history, we've seen today's type of economic calamity repeated on a national level, but never before has it happened globally. This is the first time the world reserve currency has been fiat paper that can be created infinitely, producing unlimited amounts of malinvestment. Until 1971, the global reserve currency had been gold for thousands of years. Now the fiat chickens are coming home to roost.

    As I said in the 9/08 EWR, the malinvestment caused by the fiat dollar is so pervasive that I doubt any business or individual in the US is where they should be, doing what they ought to, at the correct wage or price. We don't know what will happen, but the many national examples of fiat-caused malinvestment give us some clues. Looking at 2,500 years of economic history, I cannot see how this calamity won't lead to riots.

    I also expect an increase in violent crime, including more home invasion robberies and murders. Judging by what I overhear in grocery store lines and other public places, hatred of the rich is growing fast. If you are better off than someone who considers himself not wealthy, you are becoming his target.

    Long ago, Gary North coined the phrase "the politics of envy," and he was certainly right.

    Comrade Obama's hurt-the-rich campaign can only make things worse. Raising taxes - taking more money - from the people who create jobs will only produce more unemployment and anguish; and desperate people do desperate things.

    In terms of judgment, acquiring political power is equivalent to acquiring a lobotomy.

Your geographic location...

    ...determines your risk, and the precautions you need to take. If you live in Buzzardbreath, Wyoming, you probably don't need to take any precautions other than to accumulate a one-month supply of food, medical products, and other necessities, against a possible disruption of truck and rail shipments. Three months would be better.

I believe a 30-day stockpile of all of life's necessities is a must for everyone, always, not just in the current emergency. Life is full of nasty surprises: floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, famines, plagues, you name it. Even if your local area is unaffected, supplies that come from far away might be disrupted.     Good items to begin with are food, prescription drugs, toilet paper, soap, fresh water, matches, and a camping stove and fuel for cooking.

    Also cash - small bills and coins. Banks in your area might close for a while, and if you need to buy something, the seller may be unable to make change.

    The Lexus of the freeze-dried foods is Mountain House. You don't need to cook it, it's reasonably palatable, and the #10 cans have a shelf-life of 30 years if stored in a cool, dry place.

    Freeplay makes an outstanding emergency radio, the Max. AC power adapter, built-in flashlight, AM & FM, solar and hand crank power.

    If you live in the center of a big city, the risks are much greater, as you already know if you are old enough to have watched the Watts Riot in 1965 or the Los Angeles Riot in 1992. Both lasted a hair raising six days. In the Watts Riot, 34 were killed and more than 1,000 wounded. In the Los Angeles riot, 53 were killed and up to 2,000 wounded.

    I counted the riots in the US during the 20th century. There were at least 54 large ones.

    The January riot in Oakland was, I'm afraid, only the beginning of what's coming.

    In the following paragraphs I will write some things you may find disturbing, because civilized people don' t like to think in ways that are necessary to protect against violence. But that's the political reality we face. (It must be reality - if it were a hallucination it would be more rational.)

Three examples of what's probably coming...

  • During a riot in Newburgh, NY in 1972, a band of youths chased a man into a home. The crowd broke down the door and was about to enter when the homeowner dissuaded them with a shotgun.

  • Last year in Tennessee, a convicted rapist broke into a home and tried to rape two young sisters. One sister escaped and ran for help. A neighbor shot and killed the rapist.

  • In Ripley, MS in 2004, a man forced his way into the home of an 88-year old woman. He raped and robbed her, but before he could do worse, she got to her gun and shot him.1

There is a popular assumption...

    ...promoted by politicians, the mainstream press and Hollywood, that guns cause crime, and the general public should not be allowed to own them.

    Where is the evidence?

    Every day in the news I see reports of crimes committed at schools, stores, restaurants, hospitals, even churches.

    Not once in all my 62 years have I heard of a crime at a gun range.

    I've heard of accidents - twice, in 62 years - but never a crime.

    By that measure, it seems to me that gun ranges are the safest places on the planet.

    Why do you suppose that is?

On February 20th...

    ...the State Department issued a travel alert for Americans going to Mexico. Drug cartels have, in effect, seceded from the union and "large firefights have taken place in many towns and cities across Mexico," says the alert.2 The US Defense Department estimates that two of the cartels together have about 100,000 troops, which rivals the Mexican government's army of 130,000.3 The greatest increases in violence are along the US border,4 which has begun to resemble Afghanistan.

    In fact, in recent months, the number of Mexicans killed in the violence has been running much higher than the number of Americans killed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan together.

    Add the economic crisis, and Mexico - Mexistan - could be on the brink of chaos. Millions of desperate refugees could start moving north, and within the crowds, there would be all sorts of hungry vermin, including gangs. These thugs will certainly be receptive to Obama's hurt-the-rich rhetoric, and compared to them, all readers of EWR are rich.

    In my Special Bulletin #1 on our web site, September 22nd, I suggested you...

...get a shotgun

    Today, gun shops are being cleaned out by worried customers. It's becoming difficult to acquire the types of guns and ammunition suitable for self defense.

    The good news is that you don't need an arsenal. You won't be facing trained troops who are pursuing a military objective.

    The bad news is that if you live in or near a big city, the most likely threat will be thugs searching for liquor and women.

    I hope you will do what you can to make sure the women in your life can defend themselves.

    The U.S. Department of Justice says there are more than two million criminals in prison or jail in the US.

    If two million have been caught, how many do you think are still roaming the streets?

    No one knows, but a five to one ratio would not surprise me.

    If that ratio is correct, it means, on average, one out of every 23 adults you see each day is a criminal on the loose.

    If you are a new subscriber, you may be wondering how I feel about...

...gun controls

I am absolutely, totally in favor of strict gun controls - I believe every woman should be legally required to carry a 12-gauge pump equalizer at all times.

In her closet I'd like to see her have an array of equalizers in various colors to match her shoes and purses. Remington makes the highly chic Model 870 in pink.

Loaded with #4 buckshot (not #4 shot, #4 buckshot, there's a big difference), one pull of the 870's trigger is the same as hitting the assailant with a .22 pistol, 27 times.

To me, gun controls are, more than anything else, a deceitful way to make women helpless, so that they feel weak unless they have a man to defend them. It keeps them psychologically subordinate, and desirous of a powerful Big Brother government for protection.

If a woman's liberation does not begin with her Second Amendment rights, then it cannot exist. There's nothing more basic than the right of self defense.

In short, what I'm talking about is personal independence. Reader D.S. understands. He writes that emergency preparedness, including the most important aspect, self defense, "is really about stopping a kind of sleepwalk through life and asserting an awareness of one's individuality. It's about being much more in charge of your whole life. I think anyone well-prepared for an emergency is living a much better life today, even if there is never an emergency."

The most important thing...

... is to be well trained. This doesn't necessarily mean marksmanship lessons - they can come later - it means a self-defense course in which you are taught how to use firearms safely, when you can and can't use them legally, and defensive tactics. Lots of helpful information at www.nra.org. Also check the Yellow Pages for gun dealers, gunsmiths, firearms training, gun ranges, and self-defense instruction. And try:



Two excellent firearms schools are

www.gunsite.com and www.frontsight.com

Be familiar with your local laws.

Gun shows can be good places to buy all sorts of emergency preparedness items, as well as guns.

And, practice, practice, practice, until operating your weapon is as much second nature as driving your car. In a life-or-death situation you need to think about the criminal not the gun.

Skeet and trap are excellent practice for improving skill with your shotgun. Sporting clays is even better. If you can consistently score 50% at sporting clays, then in a self defense situation, the assailant won't have a chance.

Sporting clays costs about the same as golf, and it's great fun, I love it. For pictures, see www.coyoteclays.com

Training has an added benefit

If you are like me these days, you are wired tight as a violin string, waiting for what's coming. You want to do something! to improve your situation. Making emergency preparations helps relieve the tension, and honing marksmanship goes a long way toward creating the feeling that, now I'm ready for anything.

Why not rely on the police to protect you? Because there are very few of them, and they are not likely to get to you in time. Police protection is mostly bluff. The NYPD web site reports that in New York City, the total uniformed strength is 37,838 - which includes those behind desks - in a population of 8.3 million.

The idea that if you are attacked the police will get there in time to save you is one of the most absurd lies Americans are taught. Hospital emergency rooms and cemeteries are littered with people who found out it wasn't so.

Ask any cop. Criminals are, for the most part, as stupid as they are vicious; but one lesson they learned early from schoolyard bullies is, they can get away with almost anything if they are quick.

In most cases, the job of the police is to call an ambulance and fill out a report. Maybe they will catch the attacker someday, but that won't do you any good at the moment you are facing him helpless.

Let me remind you, during the 20th century in the US, there were more than 54 large riots.

Which guns?

This is the Early Warning Report, so here is your warning: you have a right to defend yourself, so get your weapons and ammunition now while you still can.

Which ones? It's a matter of ancient and widespread controversy. You should definitely read the book ARMED AND FEMALE by Paxton Quigley. Also read anything by Jeff Cooper.

Here are my opinions.

For a handgun, Jim Powell is fond of saying, "the small gun you always take with you is more effective than the big gun you leave at home."

Smith & Wesson makes a fine pocket gun, the five-shot concealed hammer .38 Special 342 PD revolver. It weighs only 12 oz.

However, no handgun you are likely to carry is powerful enough for my tastes. To me, the only purpose of a handgun is to keep you alive until you can get to your shotgun.

The Remington 870 12-gauge pump, mentioned earlier, is excellent. Get an 18" barrel, cylinder choke, 7 shot.

A pistol is so hard to aim it's good only for short ranges, out to, say, 20 feet.

The shotgun is a master blaster, devastating up to 30 yards, and nasty out to 50.

If you live in an open area where a rifle might be necessary, the semi-automatic Ruger mini-14 .223 caliber with 20-round magazines is equivalent to a military battle rifle. Yet, it has very little recoil, so even a small person can use it comfortably while being extremely effective out to 200 yards.

Your main objective is to knock the attacker down and put him out of the fight with the first shot. The attacker will be full of adrenalin, so it's not enough to punch a hole in him; you need to hit him hard.

A .38 special produces roughly 200 foot-pounds of force. My wife would tell you that she would not trust her life, or mine, to anything less.

The .223 rifle produces roughly 1,200 foot-pounds, and the 12-gauge shotgun, 2,000 or more.

At short range, the .38 will do the job, unless the thug is hopped up on drugs.

A shotgun blast can destroy anything that walks on land in North America.


...will last at least 50 years if stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

Get one supply for actual self-defense, and another for practice.

For self-defense, 100 rounds for each of the two or three weapons would probably be fine.

For practice, it's hard to imagine having too much, since supplies are limited and you may not be able to get any for a while.


... at least once per week until you are proficient, then at least every six months after that.

Don't be squeamish. Bull's-eye targets are fine for honing accuracy, but silhouette targets teach you where to hit a real assailant.


We cannot have an honest financial system and stable economy when the currency they depend on is corrupt.

There's a lot of evil loose in the land, and I think we will soon see much more. It's unlikely this economic calamity is the trumped up Chicken Little scaremongering you've heard from the mainstream news media in the past. This time it's real, and it's here now. The fiat paper money house of cards is finally collapsing.

Obama's bolstering of the left's hurt-the-rich campaign will lead not only to the destruction of jobs, but to violent attacks on anyone who appears more prosperous than the attackers. Envy rules.

As I said in February, I don't think the chaos will last more than three to five years, but at times and in some places, it's likely to be awful.

You have no obligation to be helpless. Your right to protect yourself and those you love is inalienable. Get the weapons and training you need to do it safely, and do it now while you still can.

Again, this economic crisis is shaping up to be the biggest ever, and 2,500 years of economic history tell us what to expect. In riots, the cutthroats search for liquor and women.

I want you and yours to come through it safely, so I hope you will do what you can to make sure all the women (and men) in your life can defend themselves.

Typically, as a person's marksmanship improves, the fear and feeling of helplessness evaporates. You will see a rise in personal confidence, and this will suffuse the person's entire life, leading to greater happiness and peace of mind.

By thinking things through ahead of time, and being prepared, you increase your chances to be just a spectator in this crisis - and hopefully a wealthier one - instead of a victim.

I apologize for dragging you into a description of unpleasant realities, but you don't subscribe to Early Warning Report to hear about sports and entertainment. As we saw in Hurricane Katrina, when people find out that the government isn't going to save them, they go nuts, and the chaos becomes a cover for barbarians to prey on the helpless. So, don't be helpless. I think about you and yours all the time, and plan to be here with you through it all. I'm confident the new world waiting for us on the other side of this crisis will be a much better place, and I want every one of my readers to be there to enjoy it.

I hope you will pass this bulletin along to everyone you care about.

Richard Maybury

1 All three examples are from the National Rifle Association web site, The Armed Citizen.
2 U.S. State Department website.
3 "100,000 foot soldiers...," WASH. TIMES website, 3 Mar 09.
4 U.S. State Department website.

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