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Red Meat
"The" Truth

Kong Sez:

Looks Like We're In For 'Nasty' Weather!

All Through 2010 Through 2016...Maybe Longer...

    Folks! There's A Bad Moon Rising! They are telling you that red meat is bad for you again, if eaten more than a few times a week. Well...that is bovine defecation.

    Dr. Gary North, Ph.D., at his member website only, writes:

Red Meat, Heart Disease, and Cancer: Read the Fine Print.

Gary North
April 30, 2009

The New York Times has reported on the results of a study of the eating habits of Americans. Researchers have made a correlation between the rising consumption of red meat in the United States and the increase of heart disease. You can read all about it here. The headline revealed the correlation: Paying a Price for Loving Red Meat.

The story was all over the Web.

The article began with a statement that red meat used to be a luxury. Not today. The consumption of red meat has doubled.

But there has been a study that makes a correlation between red meat consumption and poor health. It was a study of 500,000 Americans.

The study found that, other things being equal, the men and women who consumed the most red and processed meat were likely to die sooner, especially from one of our two leading killers, heart disease and cancer, than people who consumed much smaller amounts of these foods.

My first resection was this: Who put up the tens of millions of dollars necessary to study 500,000 people? Taxpayers, of course: the National Institutes of Health. It got the cooperation of the AARP, who put the NIH in touch with its members.

Buried deep in the story was this tidbit:

The increase in mortality risk tied to the higher levels of meat consumption was described as "modest," ranging from about 20 percent to nearly 40 percent.

Modest. There is nothing modest about the headline. Dr. Barry Popkin wrote an editorial about this, we are told. He was also interviewed. He said that we should eat a hamburger once or twice a week, not one every day.

I see. Americans eat a hamburger a day. Which Americans?

We should eat a small steak one a week, instead of every other day.

I see. Americans eat a steak every other day. How many Americans/ Whole families, I guess. No more Rice-a-Roni!

We should eat a hot dog a month, not once a week.

We should eat poultry and fish.

But what about those studies on mercury-contaminated fish? Dr. Popkin did not mention them.

In the study, the largest consumers of "white" meat from poultry and fish had a slight survival advantage. The operative word is "slight."

Anyone who worries about global well-being has yet another reason to consume less red meat. Dr. Popkin, an epidemiologist at the University of North Carolina, said that a reduced dependence on livestock for food could help to save the planet from the ravaging effects of environmental pollution, global warming and the depletion of potable water.

So, we Americans are ruining the planet. We eat meat; therefore, the planet is ravaged.

"In the United States," Dr. Popkin wrote, "livestock production accounts for 55 percent of the erosion process, 37 percent of pesticides applied, 50 percent of antibiotics consumed, and a third of total discharge of nitrogen and phosphorus to surface water." We are now deep into the article.

The study data have not yet been analyzed to determine what, if any, life-saving benefits might come from eating more protein from vegetable sources like beans or a completely vegetarian diet.

I see. The data have not been analyzed.

But, we are assured, this study confirms other unnamed studies that show a correlation between saturated fats in red meats and high cholesterol, and from there to heart disease. But that's not all. Red meat has been linked to cancer.

Along with everything else.

Twenty-five years ago, Edith Efron's remarkable book on cancer research was published: Apocalyptics: Cancer and the Big Lie: How Environmental Politics Controls What We Know About Cancer. She read 15,000 studies on cancer. She concluded that the evidence of the correlations was generally poor and often misused and misinterpreted by some segments of the environmental movement. That book remains the most compressive study of the studies. The book was ignored then and is unknown today.

The Times article cites the supposed results of a handful of studies on red meat and cancer, but it does not identify them.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Personal Testimony

In 1948, I was a sick boy. I had chronic bronchitis, and I was underweight. My mother took me to a physician named Francis Pottenger. He was one of the early physicians who specialized in nutritional medicine. He put me on a special diet. I had to have red meat every day for at least one meal. I had a lot of steamed vegetables, and I had a bowl of whole grain cereal, cooked overnight. I had virtually no sugar. I was allowed only one scoop of ice cream per week.

He told my mother to buy a copy of Adelle Davis's brand-new book, Let's Cook It Right. She did. She used it for over 50 years.

Within 18 months, I was completely restored to health. Since that time, I have only on the rarest occasions been sick with anything more than a cold or the flu. I am an almost flawless health. I have stuck to the diet ever since. I eat ground beef almost every day. Both my parents adopted a variation of that diet, and my mother is still alive at age 91. My father died last December at age 91.

You can worry about red meat and heart disease if you want to. You can worry about cancer and red meat. You can worry about a whole lot of things. What I worry about is spending taxpayers' money on studies of people's diets.

"Folks...A Bad Moon Rising...Is Clear Evidence Times is Gonna Be Rough"

But, in the meantime eat red meat! And avoid them polyunsaturated oils (unsaturated fats).

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