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What Fresh Hell Is This?

Dr. Gary North, Ph.D
Writes in
The Logic of a Storage Facility
On Member Site
December 24, 2008

If you pay $10 a year per square foot, but you stack stored food and supplies up to the ceiling, that's cheaper than paying for a basement.

Storing stuff is so common now that it draws no attention. I don't think the police will be going through every storage facility without warrants. It could happen, but it's not likely until a crisis is life-threatening. By then, you will have moved your supplies.

Where to? To a backward (sic; backyard) metal storage shed. You can cram a lot of goods into a 200 square foot metal storage shed. If it costs you $10 per square foot, once, so what?

Or just start with the storage shed. Don't rent the facility.

Basements that are mostly dirt can be used for storing stuff in sealed containers. So can attics. Spend money finishing the attic's floor and insulating it better. Put in a fan system with a thermostat.

You can store a lot of beans, rice, and similar inexpensive foodstuffs in containers. Be sure you add something that kills the bugs.


I like a finished basement. But most houses don't have them. Unfinished basements can cost $40,000 to finish. It's nice if you are buying living space. Storage space can be bought a lot cheaper. Better to buy the stuff to store than the space to store it.

To have $50,000 in a retirement account and not to have $5,000 in a back yard storage facility and goods seems foolish to me. First things first. Remember: rotate the canned goods and get a freezer. The bulk goods like beans and rice you should store in large containers for emergencies. Store the things you will retate (sic; rotate) in smaller containers. You don't want rice and beans every night for a month.

Be sensible. Spend $2,000 on those items you know you will use up. Buy on sale. Then buy another $2,000 of items that you will use less often, but which you would not like to be without. Do this systematrically. Don't panic. Shop. Look for recession-generated sales.

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    You Can Go Your Own Way, But...It'll Be A Lot Easier If You Have A Plan!

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