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    When the hell breaks, many policemen may be in the same state of mind as the one in this video. What you're seeing here is similar to a case of "sympathetic fire" or "reactionary fire." Once the hand goes on the Taser and the finger goes onto the trigger, the officer has entered into the firing sequence, whether he knows it or not, and the next thing he knows, the situation has escalated beyond his control. It is extremely difficult to extricate oneself from the sequence, once it has begun and one is well-trained in the psychodynamics of a gun-fight.

    Police officers are supposed to be taught the "force continuum," such that the officer uses greater force as the situation warrants. In other words, if the subject refuses to comply with an order, the officer ups the force he applies to the next level, until finally, as a last resort, he is forced to draw his pistol. In this case, the officer apparently skipped several levels of the force continuum and went straight to the Taser, then pulled the trigger without bothering to issue a command to the subject, even though the officer was not, it appears, in danger. But, he obviously felt he was.

     As the chaos begins, and is probably beginning now as the economy declines and crime rises, you will see more and more police officers in this state, not to mention, more and more law-abiding civilians behaving like this subject.

     The subject in this case appeared not to want to sign the ticket the police officer was attempting to issue. Signing a ticket is not an admission of guilt. It is simply an acknowledgement that an officer has issued the subject a ticket and the subject has received it. The subject was walking back and forth nervously, and the officer apparently felt the subject would benefit from a little Tasering. This action of the subject would easily make an officer nervous, especially if he ordered the man to stand still.

Authors Dale C. Carson and Wes Denham, have this to say in their book,
Arrest–Proof Yourself:

"Sign That Ticket Or You'll Regret It"

"Most people don't realize that what they're signing is merely a receipt that acknowledges that they have received the traffic citation. It is not an admission of guilt. It does not affect your right to appear in court to contest the ticket. In many states cops are supposed to tell you this, but they often forget or mumble. Not signing the ticket, however, is a criminal offense in many states.

It can get you arrested at once.

"Schools, parents, and especially, driving instructors are incredibly remiss when they do not explain this matter. An astounding number of people are arrested each year for failing to sign tickets. Every criminal attorney has several such cases. The resulting expenses and the lifetime arrest record are as absurd as they are avoidable. Sign the freaking thing!"
     We recommend that you acquire and read the book, How to Arrest-Proof Yourself. The book is intended for young men (and all persons) likely to be harrassed by the police or arrested, and is full of good advice about how to act when confronted by police officers. If you find yourself in an arrest situation, knowing how NOT to behave, especially when a video may be running, is invaluable.

    This happened to one of Dr. Brocato's students some years back. A state highway patrol officer pulled the student over for a license check. When the subject presented his driver's license, the officer saw a card in the man's wallet indicating that he was a disciple of karate, judo, and jui-jitsu (This was long before the martial arts became popular). Without any further ado, the officer immediately presented his pistol, put it against the man's head, and started screaming for him to get out of the car.

    As the door opened, the officer yanked the door open, dragged him to the ground, and proceeded to handcuff him. At the police station, when the subject's lawyer arrived and bail was set, the subject discovered the reason for the officer's irrational behavior.

     Not more than 3 nights previously, during a license check, this highway patrolman pulled over another subject, only this time, when the door opened, in a split second, according to the officer, the subject was on him, disarmed him, and beat him almost senseless. No matter what the police officer tried to do, his efforts were thwarted, because he was facing a black belt karate expert who had no respect for the law. Consequently, this officer, this particular night with Dr. Brocato's student, saw the card, and went into sympathetic fire mode, or immediate reactionary mode. That is why the student had a pistol thrust in his face and was arrested. The officer simply saw the card and assumed he was about to be beaten unmercifully.

     The man in this video should have complied immediately with the officer's wishes, because he doesn't know whether or not this police officer might have just gone through something like the state trooper mentioned above.

     You can watch the officer's level of tension mounting in this video, and the strain in his voice as he tries to deal with the young boy getting out of the car, then the young boy screamed. This added to the officer's tension. Then the woman got out of the car and screamed, increasing his tension level further.

    You can see how the officer's attention is divided between the subject and the occupants of the car, and how his stress level is escalating in megadoses. The only thing the officer felt secure with was an object in his hand like a gun, and under those circumstances of stress, as soon as the finger touches the trigger, you have entered into a firing sequence, and someone is going down.

    Dr. Brocato's observations are, the officer was young, not well-seasoned in training, and understandably feared an attack from the car as well as from the person close to him. Probably, had the woman jumped out of the car with a coke bottle in her hand, or even a sandwitch, he would have presented his lethal force weapon and already being in the firing sequence, he would have put two projectiles in her chest. This has happened under similar circumstances. They had expected to see a pistol and that is what their mind told them the sandwitch was. Under stress, the mind can project strange things into cognitive awareness.

     One can immediately see the dilemma a police officer is in when people start pouring out of a car and begin flanking him. His brain is going to be flooded with fight or flight, and since he has not been physically threatened with lethal force, flight may not occur, but fight will, oftentimes quite erroneously. He does not know if someone is in the back seat of that car who may pop up and shoot him.

     Both protagonists in this drama need self-awareness training and psychodynamic training of what to do and how to do it under stress. Had this police officer killed this man with a gun, then we can see why American Cop Magazine, November/December, 2007, in the article 'More Police Officers Murdered — Do You Even Care?' had the following to say:

"Do you remember how Hillary Clinton (D-NY), when she was running for the Senate, called NYPD officers murderers before they had their day in court (and when she did this she was a lawyer, the First Lady and a candidate for elective office.)"

    This would add fuel to the fire for someone of that ilk. And they're not.
  • They're simply trying to do their job and,
  • Survive in good health,
  • To live and reach and enjoy their retirement in a mega-stress environment.

     Be warned. Things such as you have just read and will see are going to increase, and there will be more senseless mayhem and killings which do not need to take place if we condition ourselves now for stressful situations. Don't over-react!


    In a way, the manufacturers of Tasers are like the pharmaceutical companies.

They don't present the major negative findings in the use of their product.

     Hold that thought.

     The body is an electrical machine. Each cell generates an electric current. The heart has a rhythmicity that is generated by specialized cells in the heart known as the sinoatrial node. If these electrical impulses generated by these cells are interrupted, ahrrythmia can develop. It can be life-threatening. Hence, one of the reasons for beta–blockers. Hold that thought.

     There are many people who have heart attacks and have recovered or died, and medical science cannot find anything wrong with their hearts, or with their coronary arteries. Blood lipids are very normal. Recently, it was shown that a small percentage of these people, reason not known yet, who have had a heart attack and died, were found to have no heart disease, normal blood lipids, coronary arteries patent (open). It has now been discovered--which Dr. Brocato predicted in 1994 – 1995, if these arteries spasm and/or arrhythmia sets in from the spasm, heart tissue can die, and depending upon how long this spasm lasts, the patient can die.

    Dr. Brocato proposes, as more police departments are opting for the use of Tasers--and a lot of them have come under fire for this--we will find out the Taser is not as harmless as we once thought.

     Now let's bring all these thoughts together. We have yet to see any research whereby the elderly, the demented, or coronary-artery disease patients, or patients with known periodic coronary spasms, have served as subjects to test the Taser on. We have not seen a Taser shot directly to a person's coronary artery chest area.

    Do that, and we're going to learn something. Most subjects, from what we can see, have been the manufacturer's "pick-and-choose" subjects, and the police department's subjects, all of which are healthy, viable police officers or other young, strong subjects. We would like to see if any police department has used any known cardiac cripples in their Taser experiments to illustrate to the police officers that it's totally harmless.

     If a person has some coronary artery spasm dysfunction, not known to him, and you slam his body with electrical current, creating an extreme stress of neural and hormonal release (See Mechanisms of Depopulation) all three of these ideas come into play under such psychodynamic conditions in a second or two while one is being Tasered.

    It can set off the spasm. It can interrupt pulses, possibly of the sinoatrial node in the heart, depending on where the person is Tasered. It may even cause a healthy person who does not know he has coronary artery disease to suffer the clamping down of those circular muscular tissue of the coronaries, just as a normal person experiences when shocked by an electric current and experiences muscle cramping and shut-down. He may not recover as quickly as the man in the film.

     One way to look at this: The Taser is an EMP pulse of larger-than-body voltage come down to earth and causes a surge of an electromotive force in the body that may possibly burn out or hinder the delicate body "electronic circuits."


Just Out

    On Saturday night, November 24, on the 11:00 P.M. ABC radio news, it was reported that a man just died who had been tasered and beaten by police in Canada. This makes the third death linked to tasers in Canada this past year, according to the radio announcer.

Now for the video:Taser Incident.

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