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The Three H's:
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  • Hunger

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    Kong Sez:

    What Fresh Hell Is This?

        Your WebMasters reminded me that they had written of this several times in the past to be alerted to for When The Hell Breaks...well folks, it's breaking now.

        In speaking with both WebMasters, I have been advised with being concerned with many Homless people, Helpless people, and Hungry people coming our way. They are going to be mad as hell because they are the newly dispossessed. They—and rightly so—will feel they have been betrayed by their government and now can't even get a job to just provide the bare necessities of life. Many of these people are going to be literally mad.

        You will have to be wary and careful when they come your way, wherever you may be approached by such a one. They have nothing to lose. Many will have been recently introduced to the streets as their home. Turning them down may send them into a literal rage.

        Therefore, the following facts must be kept in mind, Dr. Brocato warns.

        The National Institute for Mental Health says there are about 58 million Americans out there that have been diagnosed with one form or another of mental illness. The unravelling financial situation has made their lives not the better for it. This is about 20 percent of the population that has a form of mental illness. There could be even more mentally disturbed persons walking the street.

        Be wary...be cautious...be aware when out now. This will give you more practice for the next two to three months when you see these people more and more on the streets. Many will need medication. Many will be off their medication and can no longer get it or afford it. This could spell severe trouble for you, not knowing certain modalities to present with when on the street yourself for business, etc., and you meet up with one of these persons.

        One of your WebMasters in Colorado met just such a person out in a lightly falling snow. He was barely clad and sweating profusely in the zero degree weather. He was either having an autonomic burst and/or a respiratory burst as he presented with no feelings of hyperthermia.

        When such a person approaches you, either in your own fenced–in yard at three in the morning, and you called 911, but no one has shown for an hour or so—that's how bad it's going to get—and the intruder bangs on the door, he may just be mentally disturbed.

        If you ask what he wants, and he just keeps banging and uttering nonsensical statements, his hearing may be blocked. Ask quickly, "Do you hear other voices as well as mine?" If the interloper says yes, you know this individual could be dangerous. This person has a psychotic disorder. Then, tell him you want him to concentrate, as you speak loudly through the closed, locked door, on what you are saying to him and follow your commands.

        We suggest strongly: Do not attempt to force him off your property physically, as he may have herculean strength while the troll is upon him. During all this time, you should continually scan him and the shadows, the yard, and the fence line, as he may have "lay outs" with him if he and his companions are criminally bent. This person has a disorder of thinking and may be off his medications. Have someone watch him safely without being seen, and you put food carefully on the front walk. Return and direct him to leave and retrieve food at the front.

        A psychotic disorder can include schizophrenia and disorders of delusion. The first is a wiring problem in the person's brain such that it presents with disordered thinking and perception, often illustrated with hallucinations, paranoia, and delusions.

        Some years back, we were warned by a neighbor not to go outside to the car as we were opening the door. There was a subject standing there facing a blank wall, rocking back and forth from toes to heels. Your WebMasters followed the same procedure as given to you. We scanned his hands, his body for bulges possibly indicating hidden weapons, spread out diagonally and lateral to the subject, scanning the immediate area for some 30 to 50 feet in a 360-degree radius for accomplices.

        When asked, "What are you doing?" he responded quite quickly as he kept rocking back and forth, and a huge grin appeared on his face as he stared steadfastly forward. He said, "I'm watching that girl in there undress." I told him he was staring at a blank wall. "No, I am not," he responded quickly. "Come on over here and look at this. She's just about got all her clothes off." He began to make very high-pitched, gleeful-sounding noises.

    Note this:

        This could have been a setup for me to look at the wall to see what he was looking at. I got further away from him and told him to go on his knees, with his hands interlaced over the top of his head. His reply: "Well, I'm going to miss the most interesting part." Your WebMaster did not care to find out what it was. By this time, the other WebMaster had called the police, and when they got there, he went through the same scenario with the officers. They looked at me, unbelieving. The female officer exclaimed, "He's on something!" Actually, what the facts bore out later was that he was off something!

        When Dr. Brocato asked the subject, with the officers' permission, it was disclosed that he had been on Risperdal and several other drugs. This accounted for the hallucination of the "woman in the window."

        The other classification of mentally ill persons includes mood disorders. There are a large number of people suffering depression, and it is only going to get worse now. Their symptoms include hopelessness, disturbed sleep, no energy, intractable sadness, fatigue. There can be changes in weight. They can have problems in concentrating, and no more interest in their activities or sports that they once enjoyed.

        Another mood dysfunction is bipolar disorder, illustrated by moods that swing from very, very high, to very, very low. Their symptoms during a high mood are extremely inflated thoughts of self, increased energy and less need for sleep, as well as racing thoughts. Sometimes they are talking so fast, you cannot follow their thoughts. Under such conditions they have poor judgement. They have feelings of of invincibility. They have a greater sex drive, and they will try to argue you down, that there is nothing wrong with them. They will have a corresponding low period, wherein they may even consider suicide.

        If anyone, invited or noninvited, comes to stay with you during this crisis that may last for decades, before they get there, know what medications they are taking, and this will give you an insight into any mental problems they may have. Know well, there may be persons within your own household now that have mental problems but have not been diagnosed. There may be persons who have been diagnosed, who are on medications and are under good control. The problem that is going to present in the future is when you can no longer get those medications.

        As this financial crisis develops into its full rigor, within the next few months, and as more people become the "dispossessed," the stress from such an action will change neurotransmitter action in the brain and will also destroy certain cells, such as those involved in memory and recall in the hypothalamus and cortical areas of the brain. If you have not prepared now, and things look shaky out there to you, you can forestall and most likely prohibit this mental decline coming to America, because you prepared. You can sit back, eating your curds and whey, and not be stressed over how you are going to feed your family, and following the advice that this site has given, have a certain amount of available liquidity to pay utilities and start a garden, and make minor repairs where necessary.


    For Two Major Disorders

    Mood Disorder Medications:

    • Abilify
    • Anafranil
    • Celexa
    • Depakene
    • Depakote
    • Effexor
    • Elavil
    • Lamictal
    • Lexapro
    • Lithium Carbonate
    • Luvox
    • Nardil
    • Pamelor
    • Paxil
    • Prozac
    • Sinequan
    • Tegretol
    • Vivacti
    • Zoloft
    Anti–Psychotic Medications:

    • Risperda
    • Zyprexa
    • Geodon
    • Abilify
    • Seroquel
    • Clozaril

    Patsy Cline Sings About Mood!

    [Running For Your Life]

    In The Meantime

    Run For Your Life

    From now on, Folks, it's gonna get pretty rough! In fact, downright cussed.
    Mr. Ugly Will Show Before Long.

    But For Now...

    [Running For Your Life]

    Keep Running

    Keep Your Purse and Scrip With You—Luke 22:36

    And Now

    Get Two Guns—Luke 22:36–38

    Before The New Dude Won't Let You Have Them

    Times in America will change rather abruptly.
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    We Feel This Is Going To Be A Long, Hard Siege
    Get Prepared...Time Is Short Now...
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