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Kong Sez:

    "When you read 'The Day The World Stands Still,' December 1, 2008, at least twice, and watch the videos twice, you will be prepared to know and understand, and see when the following is occurring and more, as is given in the next ChembioUpdate Issue....

    The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, November 2008, writes:

What We Can Expect In Coming Months

    The trillions of dollars pumped into the markets may temporarily stabilized the markets — but only temporarily. A huge wave of inflation should hit America within six to twelve months. Developments which can occur over the next six to 12 months (or longer) , which we should be prepared for, include:

  • Bank Holidays— in the U.S. and other financially troubled countries, and very possibly globally. (A global bank holiday has been seriously discussed in high circles in recent weeks.)

  • U.S. Securities Exchanges Will Close (and perhaps all global exchanges) — for days or weeks at a time.

  • Many Retirement Programs Will Default On Payments To Retirees— Most retirement funds are broke, insolvent, or well on their way. Millions of retirees will see their monthly checks cut or completely eliminated.

  • More Failures Will Emerge In Money Market Funds — where more toxic derivatives will begin to surface. Many will default on payments.

  • An Avalanche Of Hedge Fund Failures Will Occur — They are loaded with imploding derivatives (think trillions in losses). Some very big investors will be badly hurt — or will go broke.

  • The Ripple Effect From Large Money Center Bank Troubles Will Take Down Many Local Banks — If a small local bank regularly borrows from JPMorgan Chase and the latter's $90 trillion derivatives position is unwinding, they will not be taking care of their smaller banks (or other financial entities) that borrow from them.

  • The Insolvency Of Medicare And Medicaid Will Be Fully Recognized — and sharp cuts in medical payments will occur.

  • Unified Central Bank Action Has A Short Life — We will see every central bank revert to the norm — i.e., that is to put their own country's interest first — "every man (or central bank) for themselves."

  • Most People Will Lose The Lion's Share of Their 401K Retirement Funds — unless self–directed. A growing number of retirees or future retirees have already lost 50–75% of their 401K retirement savings. Many will ultimately lose 80–90%. Many will be returning to work – if they can find a job.

  • Exchange Traded Funds Will Renege On Payments — to shareholders and will lose much of their credibility and popularity.

  • Credit Card Companies Will Have To Be Bailed Out — Millions of Americans living on credit cards will default on payments – sending default rates to 20–30% (or higher).

  • In Many Areas, Credit Cards Will No Longer Be Accepted — Many, then most businesses will refuse credit card payments (because of huge delays in the credit card companies' paying them) and accept cash only.

  • General Motors And Ford Will Need More Bailouts To Survive — They will blow through their recent $25 billion bailout like it was never there. (Their sales are plunging with the economy.) Their combined debt of $500 billion will sink both car companies – so, they will effectively be nationalized.

  • General Electric (Whose Subsidiary GE Capital Is a Huge derivatives Dealer) Is in Serious Trouble — and will have to be bailed out or nationalized.

  • The Financial Sector Meltdown Is Now Moving To Corporate America — where collapsing share prices, plunging sales and earnings, huge debt (and derivatives) exposure, and high costs will drive some of America's largest businesses to the wall. Tens of thousands of small–to–medium–sized businesses will also go down as the recession (depression) moves from its present early stages and really grows ugly.

    Editor's Comment:

        Next month, December 1, 2008, The Day The World Stands Still, explains in detail and gives figures you can match to the real GNP to ascertain how deep the Recession...deep Recession, then, those figures and other qualifying elements that tell you we are in a depression. Then, when and how to tell: A Great Depression is now occurring. Know well the U.S. Government is going to lie about the figures. If we are still up and running, this WebSite will give the truth from Dr. Gary North, the MIA, Whiskey & Gunpowder, The Daily Reckoning, The American Sentinel, and the many other contrarian newsletters that tell the truth...if they have not been shut down too!

  • Unemployment Is About To Explode — In this scenario (i.e., in the next 1–3 years) unemployment will rise from the present ("real world" – "not official") levels of 15%(±) to 25% (+). (The government's "official numbers will never admit to more than 10%.)

  • New Deal (FDR–Style) Socialism (Times Ten) Will Be Imposed On America — The leftist Democrats and their socialist leaders are already talking about a "Super New Deal." In this scenario, the size of the government and its programs will explode (with the "free market," "business," and the Republicans used as scapegoats for the growing depression). Government controls over business and personal freedom will explode along with huge tax increases on the most productive class of Americans. It's called "massive wealth redistributions;" which is Marxism 101 — which Barack Hussein Obama knows only too well.) (Remember, FDR raised top income tax rates to 92% inb his New Deal program to "fight the Great Depression.")

        This "Super New Deal" socialism will extend the depression to 10–15 years and absorb much of the dwindling remnants of our freedoms.

  • Free Speech By Critics Of The Government, Wall Street, The Fed And America's Exploding Socialism Will Be Censored Or Completely Silenced — Antiestablishment websites, radio talk shows, newsletters (such as this one) are likely to be shut down, criminalized, or censored. A near total blackout of free speech and criticism of government policies, the political left, homosexuality, abortion, etc. should be a fait accompli within two to three years in America.

    Editor's Comment:

        This includes us...this newsletter/document you are now reading. This also includes Resurrection News - Fax Net & EDS Com-Center, its contacts, the above newsletters we mentioned; radio talk show host such as Bill Cunningham, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mike Reagan, and others. It is coming folks and almost here! Weiss was told at one time in his life to shut the $%@!!&* up or buy a casket. He moved six months of the year to a gated community in Brazil, we understand.

        If any of these people disappear suddenly...including your WebMasters and, oh yes...Kong, well...you know what happened.

    [McAlvany's Notes:]

        [Ed. Note: This writer wrote a book about 10 years ago entitled: Storm Warning: The Coming Persecution of Christians and Traditionalists in America. It was not a best seller — selling only about 40,000 copies.) Most Americans (including Christians) don't want to think about such negative things.

        But two chapters of Storm Warning dealt with the parallels between America and Nazi Germany in the 1930s and today. It explained the pattern of the rising persecution of the Jews in the early to mid–'30s, and similar patterns in America today — being directed by the political left against Christians, believers in the Constitution, and advocates of traditional American/Biblical values.

        This writer believes in his heart of hearts that America today is where Nazi Germany was in 1932 – 34 as they freely voted the National Socialists (with a very charismatic leader — Adolf Hitler) into power — in part to "solve the huge financial mess (i.e., the hypeinflationary depression) the 'Jewish bankers' had allegedly created, and to restore Germany's former greatness."

        Only a tiny remnant saw it coming then, while the great majority of Germans (including most Christians) cheered the Third Reich reforms and "changes." And only a tiny remnant see it today, as the great majority of Americans are eager for the reforms and "changes" the leader (called by some — "messianic" and "the anointed one") will bring.]

  •     Physical Gold Is The Only Remaining Port In This Gargantuan Financial Storm — Gold is the only honest money because there is no liability attached to it. Physical gold (in the form of gold coins) is low profile, easily hideable, very portable, and the most liquid asset in the world.

        Dictators hate gold because it represents financial freedom and people with their wealth "hidden" in gold are far more difficult to control. Refugees from Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Viet Nam, etc. used gold (in some cases) to facilitate their escape and in many cases to finance their new life when they reached freedom. In spite of its present fluctuations .... gold will rise to $1,600 – $2,000 over the next two to three years, and if the U.S. dollar hyperinflates, to $5,000 –$10,000 per ounce.

The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor
P.O. Box 84904
Phoenix, AZ 85071

Call Today To Start Your Swiss Account
David McAlvany

Kong Sez:

Your WebMasters Have Tried To Warn Their Friends For Years This Was Coming, and All They Did Was Burn Their Bridges After Them. And Soon, They Will Be Caught Up In "The Mother of All Whores"— A Real Bitch! That Whore of Babylon. Read About Her January 1, 2008, ChembioUpdate UpDate.

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