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It's Happening---What He Said In 2000

    Monday, July 10, 2000, writing in The Houston Chronicle, H. J. Mulchandant, penned:

Language Unifies All 50 States

    "For over two centuries, people from many European countries have been immigrating to the United States (the melting pot of many nations) and have settled down to become Americans, adopting English as their language. During recent years, however (mostly due to politicians), the melting pot has started to leak out its contents.)

    "Recent utterances of George W. Bush about making the United States bilingual if he is elected president are part of a trend which [will] be apparent 50 to 100 years later. Our Southern states will become bilingual, while the North will remain predominately English speaking.

    "While the entire educated world is embracing English as the main language of communication, the United States is reversing the trend. The consequences will be disastrous (WebMaster's emphasis).

    "Since English is the language of science, technology and world commerce, this will be especially hard on the poor nations of the world, which will continue to lag further behind in the race for success.

    "We might learn a lesson from Canada, where there is a looming threat of Quebec becoming a breakaway province, based on language differences.

    "I am from India __ a land with 15 major languages and at least four different writing scripts. In the first year of freedom, India adopted English as one of the two official languages.

    "People from other countries should understand that learning English does not mean they would have to give up speaking their mother tongue. For centuries, German immigrants have kept their language and traditions alive.

    "English is just one link unifying the 50 states."

We Now Hear From The Second George ... But First...

    This months U. S. & World Early Warning Report®, writes, September 2007, the following:

The Two Laws

    "For their own safety, even those who do not believe in anything spiritual must demand a legal system in which their rights come from somewhere other than the crooks and liars in the capitol.

    "In my opinion, the most advanced application of Higher Law was the old British Common Law, which sired the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

    "Common Law got its name from the fact that it was based on the two laws taught by all religions __ the two laws common to all:

  • Do all you have agreed to do and,

  • Do not encroach on other persons or their property.
    "Each religion states these laws in different language, but all teach them.

    "The first is the basis of contract law, and the second, the basis of tort law and some criminal law.

    "The second was also the basis of the Bill of Rights, whose purpose was to severely limit the government's meddling (WebMaster's italics) in our lives.

    "And, the second law sired the foreign policy outlined in George Washington's farewell address:

Do business, visit and be friendly with people in the Old World, but no political connections and stay out of their wars.
    "Old George's advice was quickly violated, and has been hundreds times since. Political power corrupts the morals and the judgment."

    Subscription To U.S. & World Early Warning Report®: U.S. call 800 - 509 - 5400 ($300.00 per year). Outside U.S., $330.00.

Times in America will change rather abruptly.
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