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The American Sentinel

"Social Chaos"

July 2008

"A Hint of 9–11 Social Chaos To Come. The Wheels Come Off Government's Homeland Security Boondoggle. On Friday, June 13 [sic] the power went off in a significant part of Washington D.C. What happened next (or to be more accurate didn't happen next) is a warning of things to come. From this simple power shortage there was an immediate melt–down of public services."

"As an angry Washington Post editorial noted, police and emergency responders never so much as came out to direct traffic. So there was an instant and major gridlock until traffic lights came back on many hours later (no one ever figured out what happened to the local cops, much less the other emergency responders)."


Allow us to break off for the moment and recall that those who had prepared for Hurricane Rita, not only had food and water but weapons to defend themselves from the maurauders that every disaster spawns. The same happened in D.C., we are told, but the weapon holders are keeping quite. They had to defend themselves from those using the opportunity to further themselves at the expense of another — WebMasters.

Washington DC's "Katrina Lite" Moment Of Bureaucratic Incompetence

"I bring this up because noted civil libertarian and scholar JAMES BOVARD makes the point that America is but one pipe–bomb away from a police state. When domestic emergency planning fails — as it will — the only remaining competent branch of the U.S. government, our armed forces, will have to step in to establish order. (How 'fortunate' for us! The U. S. Army and Reserve units have gained a great deal of experience recently in crushing neighborhood 'disturbances' in Iraqi cities.)"

Don't Fire Incompetent Bureaucrats
Call In The Military !

"In the wake of the total collapse of order in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, it was most telling that President BUSH issued an executive order giving the executive brance authority to send in the military for future natural disasters or terror attacks. The point is, the president did not even try to fix the domestic emergency planning mess — he simply decreed the next major domestic disaster (man–made or natural) will be under military jurisdiction."

The American Sentinel has warned that domestic post – 9/11 emergency planning is an absolute joke. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been sunk into homeland security boondoggles that take away our freedoms and do little or nothing to make life more difficult for terrorists."

Don't Count On Government Ninnies
Strive To Be More

"The Friday the 13th D.C. meltdown comes as new evidence continues to mount the U.S. faces a major terror assult. GARY ANTHONY ACKERMAN, research director of the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, recently told a Congressional panel:

'The prospect of terrorists detonating a nuclear device on American soil within the next quarter century is real and growing.'

CHAM D. DALLAS, director of the Institute for Health Management and Mass Destruction Defense at the University of Georgia added:

'It's inevitable. I think it's wishful to think that it won't happen....'"


Last Trumpet Newsletter

"America — A Nation Of Empty Souls"

July 2008

"The sad fact is that 40% of all pharmaceuticals and 80% of the chemicals used in drugs are imported, mostly from Red China, India, and Mexico."


These document writers feel that when most cities go bankrupt, city services such as police, fire, trash and garbage pick–up will go too. Be prepared for this. Most communities do not allow burning of trash. This will come back with a bang. Get a burn–barrel. The Hell is now breaking upon our heads. Look for martial law in major cities. It will be a hell–hole, especially, the inner cities. Get out now if you can. It is going to take some doing to survive in such circumstances in such places.

What's coming for some is going to be Good, and for others, Bad, and for still others, Ugly!

And Concerning Food Storage...

    Know well...when food is plentiful, storing is not Hoarding as many who are playing the foolish virgins now are trying to claim. But, when there is no food out there to speak of, the media and others will label you a hoarder. However, you stored during times of plenty and thus, you actually helped the farmer and agri–business.

    Be prepared for neighbors, if you talked, to do a "number" on you. They will castigate you and your family. Develop an 'alligator hide' to all this. You can even expect various ones to organize against you and come and get—by force— the little you do have...because you talked. Now is the time to shut–up. These WebMasters will go underground When The Hell Breaks. Peruse the web site, because you may need some of the information. Download to your printer. We Will have to take down the WebSite and make it to safety.

    Many of our contrarian newsletters, those we have been quoting from with financial information and other information concerning food, water, health, and disease, have clearly said they will probably be shut down by the forces that be when the Hell Breaks in its fullest rigor. Many website masters have told us similar. Trustworthy information may be nowhere to be found, so print it out now.

    Times in America will change rather abruptly.
Your WebMasters suggest you check your
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We Feel This Is Going To Be A Long, Hard Siege
Get Prepared...Time Is Short Now...
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