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    In the beginning, police officers had to find a pay phone, coffee shop, YMCA, hotel, etc. to use their phone to place a call to the police station or precinct to check in, when on duty. There were no walkie talkies, shoulder mounted radios, vehicle mounted videos for showing documentation of an investigation, hand–held radar to catch speeding motorists...and...ah yes, the ubiquitous cell phone—they flat had to stay sharp, be in condition "yellow" and escalate immediately to orange, red, and to black, as the situation called for it. If they needed help in an emergency, they were on their on. Then came the hand–held radios. From there, it wasn't long before all officers of law enforcement were carrying shoulder mounted two–way radios. Now police officers are literally surrounded by electronic equipment with its radiation. Practically every one, as his situation permits, also talks on his personal cell phone numerous times daily.

    The officers could summon help as need and allow the department to know when they were going into danger. Other officers in the area were alerted to what one of their comrades were investigating, because all automatically hear what is going on, and were ever ready to assist as their own situation permitted. Protocols were established such that police officers could be more protected because of the shoulder mounted radios.


Allow us to break off for the moment, and recall those early hand–radar units for speeding motorists—and they are still out there. Many of the troopers in the field would leave the units on while sitting in the police vehicles writing reports or waiting for more traffic to come their way. The units gave off radiation. Some forward thinking scientists warned about this, as it may cause cancer of the tissues they are near. The officers often placed the turned-on units in their laps. Years later, many of these same officers are not here, but should be.

Some developed testicular cancer and it metastasized to various organs of the body, such as lungs, liver, etc. Of course, the makers of the units said it was only radio frequency (RF) and this causes no harm. See Prudent Avoidance series (Parts: I, II, III, IV) on this site for more information about RFs. Incidently, many brains cancers are found in ham radio operators; eye cancer too.

    Many police officers, if not most, are extremely sleep deprived. Due to a shortage of personnel in most departments throughout the U.S., many officers are working their shift and staying over for another. With little rest, they may take off–duty jobs. Chembio Update wrote about this recently and this creates a bad situation for citizens. This can be remedied with more adequate pay, various officers have complained in police publications. With the ever growing shortage of Officers of the Law, the next investigation you get from such an officer, he may show hostility and anger toward your demeanor and verbal responses. This may get you arrested or tasered, whereas if that officer had more deep, biologically restorative sleep, he just might overlook your negativity to his perceived brusqueness, and feel you do not represent a real threat to him or citizens at large.

    As we wrote before, sleep deprivation is a contingency problem of monumental importance and will only get worse for teens. They are more often than not, sleep–deprived, and this is generating problems in these schools with teachers, students, principals, and community. They are surly, easily angered, ready to argue and become bellicose leading to violent physical confrontations against the school community and non–school community. If this is so for teens, then you can see the problem for police officers.

    There is now such overcrowding in our schools, congested traffic lanes, and cities, this deprivation of sleep will only escalate as more and more demands are made on cops to "police" the every expanding crowds of people.

    We are seeing a police state being formed in our very presence due to overpopulation. Social order, as we know it, may go down, generating the police state. Cops are not immune from the police state effects upon its citizens. They will suffer too! And, as such suffering intensifies, it most certainly will be passed on to you unintentionally.

    For now, it is important to know what you have been reading exists in the present. This demands, when an investigating officer questions you, your chances of surviving such intact with no angst or being tasered, roughly treated, cuffed and arrested and hauled to the "poker," is to say "Yes, sir," "No, ma'am," "Say again please," if you don't understand. Don't make any assumptions. Make sure you clearly understand the investigating officer, and ask him to please repeat his request. Do not make sudden moves, keep your hands in plain view, empty.

    Arrest–Proof Yourself, by Dale C. Carson and Wes Denham. He points out:
  • How Easy It is for Anyone to Get Arrested

  • How Even a Single Arrest Could Ruin Your Life

  • What to Do If the Police Get in Your Face.

    Furthermore, he says when confronted by police:

  • Stand straight;
  • Make eye contact;
  • Ignore inciters, such as racial slurs.

    If the cop uses racist talk and foul language, he may get a reprimand; but if you do it, up in his face, and accidently touch him or her, a felony charge may be hurled against you. Therefore, regardless of the police officer's demeanor, you should:

  • Be Respectful;
  • Do not humiliate yourself or grovel;
  • Say, "Yes, Sir," or "Yes, Officer";
  • Do not raise your hands, touch police equipment, or pet their dogs;
  • Do not run from the police;
  • And obey the police person's orders.
    One must learn to adapt one's behavior to the times now here and the strident harsh times coming in force. We all must learn, no matter how egregious, to defuse the situation preferred against us by officers of the law.

    James Bovard, well–known civil libertarian and scholar, has pointed out recently that all it takes for America to become a police state is but one pipe–bomb. The American Sentinel, July 2008, writes, "When domestic emergency planning fails — as it will — the only remaining competent branch of the U.S. government, our armed forces, will have to step in to establish order. (How 'fortunate' for us! The U. S. Army and Reserve units have gained a great deal of experience recently in crushing neighborhood 'disturbances' in Iraqi cities.)"

More Attacks Upon "Brain" Tissue

    A new boy is making his appearance on the police block. His name is Axon, from Taser International. You can read in depth Here about this new device for police officers. One thing not mentioned of course is how much radiation, same as in cell phone usage, is irradiating their eyes, brain, and shoulder. This would be primarily dependent if the officer is left–or right–handed as to which eye and which hemisphere of the brain will be exposed to most of the radiation.

    The purpose and objective of this is to "give cops an an audio–video record of all incidents on the job, in or out of the car"— David Griffith, Editor, Police Law Enforcement Magazine. Axon consists of three parts: A push–to–talk cradle, a headpiece imager and mic, and a computer and recorder.

    The users of this device are already exposed at close quarters to a continuing array of electromagnetic fields. They use cell phones often. The squad car comes with computers now, and the cell phone radiates electromagnetic energy back and forth in the vehicle until dissipated. The brain cases of the men and women are being bombarded in a concentrated manner. One writer said by 2050, there will be an outburst of eye and brain cancers from cell phone use. We feel we do not have that much time before the outbreak. In many of these brains, already under assault from electromagnetic fields, the overload will now be ratcheted up to levels such that dysfunctions will arrive much sooner, with its attendant problems.

    A number of physicians and brain surgeons no longer use the cell phone except when necessary, until then, it is turned off. There is now surfacing a relationship with cell phone use and brain dysfunction which may generate cancer. This data too, has arrived much earlier than was expected by the experts. They felt a connection would come around's arriving now.

    After a while, biochemical dysfunction(s) are going to accumulate in a cop's brain. When approached by a cop under such Oxidative Stress, he just may be Mad!

Taser Axon

And Concerning Food Storage...

    Know well...when food is plentiful, storing is not Hoarding as many who are playing the foolish virgins now are trying to claim. But, when there is no food out there to speak of, the media and others will label you a hoarder. However, you stored during times of plenty and thus, you actually helped the farmer and agri–business.

    Be prepared for neighbors, if you talked, to do a "number" on you. They will castigate you and your family. Develop an 'alligator hide' to all this. You can even expect various ones to organize against you and come and get—by force— the little you do have...because you talked. Now is the time to shut–up. These WebMasters will go underground When The Hell Breaks. Peruse the web site, because you may need some of the information. Download to your printer. We Will have to take down the WebSite and make it to safety.

    Many of our contrarian newsletters, those we have been quoting from with financial information and other information concerning food, water, health, and disease, have clearly said they will probably be shut down by the forces that be when the Hell Breaks in its fullest rigor. Many website masters have told us similar. Trustworthy information may be nowhere to be found, so print it out now.

    Times in America will change rather abruptly.
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