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    For those of you who are new to ChemBioUpdate, a quick review of stress: Stress consists of two components, Neural and Hormonal. When the body interprets (actually the brain) a stress, a response to that stressor(s) is generated, called, appropriately enough, the stress-response.

    The stress-response consists of three phases, steps or actions:
  • The "Alarm" Reaction, also called the "fight or flight" response. It occurs within seconds of a stressor you perceive as dangerous, immediately threatening to your safety, physical and/or psychological.
  • A slower response, but persisting longer after the alarm reaction decreases, known as the Resistance Reaction. This action resists a stressor. And finally...
  • Exhaustion. This is where disease entities make manifest. It can end in death.

Outlets For Stress-Response

    There are 8 major recognized outlets for frustration from a stress-response. Here we will list them, but not go any further. For that, see Mechanism/Mechanics of Depopulation, I - IV:
  • Social Support.
  • Predictability.
  • Control.
  • Exercise.
  • Perception that things are improving.
  • The Meaning you attach to # 5.
  • Too much predictability (example: boredom on a job).

    When aggression is not contained within, which can cause biochemical dysfunctions, it is moved onto an object of reference. However, if not used intelligently, as in the above 7 examples, it may be displaced effectively as long as it distracts from the stressor. Stress-induced displacement of frustration, turned into aggression, can minimize the stress-response of the stressor(s), if performed according to the above.

    For instance, in the lower primate world of the baboon, he gets into a fight with an alpha male. He loses. What does he do? He spins around biting the hell out of the next baboon, effectively controlling and releasing his aggressive frustration. And so on it goes until the last beast displays shit-eating obsequiousness to all the higher-ranking baboons, according to Robert M. Sapolsky in his books, Why zebras Don't Get Ulcers and The Trouble With Testosterone.

    The crux of the matter is that an outlet is effective it it removes attention from the stressor. But, it may cause more trouble in the long run if not done appropriately.

    If stress is not effectively displaced, as in the Mexican/illegal alien problem (called "undocumented immigrants" by the shit-eating American media), the American population is constantly building to a crescendo with devastating results coming.

    The stress is continually mounting as more aliens seem to be getting away with murder in states that sanction their actions, such as rape of children, teens, and recently when a young woman struggled with her attackers, they put their foot down on her throat and crushed her to death.

    Go to a hospital emergency room and you can't get service because it is filled with illegals receiving--free!--services orginally intended for American citizens! The sentiment in America is now changing. People are fed up with the alien problem, and the lawmakers in Washington, from the President on down, can't figure this out. The American people want this problem handled by removing it back to Mexico where it belongs, but Washington thinks illegals are a good source of cheap labor and votes. In short, they don't get it.

    Frustration is reaching the breaking point and soon will be displaced toward the Mexicans first, and then against our politicians in office, with devasting results. And others who hire, cater to, and sympathize with the illegals.

    Salpolsky writes in the Zebra book:

"...we continue to be stressed by the maddening vagueness of predictive information in our post-9/11 world, when we are given warnings that read like horoscopes from hell: 'Orange Alert: We don't know what the threat is, but be extra alert about everything for the next few days.'

    He reinforces this from the reference he gives:

"The satirical newspaper The Onion mocked the imprecision of this information with a facetious article in which Tom Ridge, secretary of Homeland Security, supposedly announces new levels of alert.

'The newly added levels are Orange-Red Alert, Red-Orange Alert, Maroon Alert, Burnt Sienna Alert, and Ochre Alert,' Ridge said.

"They indicate, in ascending order of fear: concern, deep dread, severe apprehension, near-crippling fright, and pants-shitting terror. Please make a note of this. (The Onion 39, no. 7, 26 February 2003)"

What Does This All Mean?

    We envisage that the uncontrolled, displaced aggression from the stress-response, when jobs, food, and other resources are scarce, you will see people taking liberties and shooting Mexicans on the street as in drive-by shootings, dynamic entries into domiciles, and similar.

    It will be a time of terror for a while. The writers of this alert do not approve of such an action. But we see where, for a while, stock brokers, financial advisors, government officials, and anyone who just looks Mexican, will be refugees.

But, we caution:

"Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!"--Matthew 18:7 (KJV)

Displaced Aggression: Part II

Be Prepared To 'Run For Your Life'...
If You Did Not Prepare For The Onslaught of What's Coming...

[Run For Your Life...If You Have Not Prepared!]


    Reconcile this from above about the Rat or Baboon, who has no outlets for his horrendous stress! What does he do? He turns around and bites the hell out of his neighbor; but, if he is given a stick to bite, his neighbor does not get bitten.

    To this from Mike Adams about the Ferguson riots spreading to Chicago, Kansas City, Los Angeles, which he refers to as 'Spillover Zones": 

Today, unemployment among black men and women is far higher than six years ago, and the democratic party has largely ignored the real needs of the black communityy while rolling out the red carpet for Latinos, border crossers and the upcoming amnesty plan. It is precisely this wave of illegal immigrants to be granted amnesty which will displace millions of African-American workers who are already struggling in a depressed economy that offers few legitimate work opportunities for inner city residents.


    Times in America will change rather abruptly.
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