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The Daily Reckoning
Rome, Italy
Monday, April 28, 2008, Writes :

    "Today, the New York Times talks of a "recession," in which shoppers try to switch to cheaper foods. And there is talk of a drought this year, further reducing the supply of available grains.

    Kevin Kerr, Resource Trader Alert's, writing for The Daily Reckoning, says, "We've reached the peak for grain production."

    He continues with:

"World farmland planted with grain has declined since 1980, mostly due to environmental factors such as soil erosion, waterlogging and salting of irrigated land, air pollution and water shortages.

"We are also running out of crop varieties and have ridden fertilizer as far as it will take us. Thus, world grain output has been holding flat at around 1.6 billion tons and may begin to fall."

Peak Oil? That's Nothing Compared To Peak Grain !

    Times in America will change rather abruptly.
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