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    Time is almost up for those who have not, and those who have prepared. Before long, food will not be as available as we know it. It is now drying up. Soon, certain items will not be available at any cost. Other things will disappear. If you go to various hardware stores throughout the country, you see the knowledgeable buying, especially in some rural areas, tools—tools with which to survive. They are buying nails, hammers, nail pullers, crow bars, and the like. Asked, "Why are you buying these things?" They respond: "We can afford them right now."

    The reason for this is that when people in the know see hyper–inflation coming, they start spending their money before it arrives on capital investments. Each month, when the "hyper" arrives in full, if you don't buy now, but later, you pay more for it, and then, no amount of money can buy it, as is the case now in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia). The inflation rate there is 100,000%.

    It takes several trillion dollars to purchase a loaf of bread in Zimbabwe.

    The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, Special Report, August, 2008, writes:

"Rodesia is a perfect present day study for America. Thirty years ago, Rodesia was the agricultural bread basket of the African continent, supplying food for much of Southern Africa. then, as the new black socialist government, led by Robert Mugabe, confiscated white farms and drove all the white and black farmers from the large productive farms, the new 'everyone is equal' regime divided all the productive farms into 'small plots' where all peasants could be equal...Equally Poor and Inefficient."

    When hyperinflation hits, McAlvany says:

"What rich and middle–class American people thought were life savings will disappear in a few days."

    They cannot depend on their retirement funds. Many are learning that now. They are having to go back to work as greeters at Walmart or elsewhere.

    McAlvaney continues:

"During the latter stages of the very rapid Weimar Republic hyperinflation, Friedric Keasler, a law professor at Harvard and University of California Berkley (who personally experienced the German hyperinflation) says:

'It was horrible, Horrible! Like a lightening strike, it struck. No one was prepared. You cannot imagine the rapidity with which the whole thing happened. The shelves in the grocery stores were empty. You could buy nothing with your paper money.'

"When Harry Figgie and Gerald Swanson did their in–depth study of hyperinflation in different South American nations in the 1970–80s, they found that an economy and society could move from 'business as usual' into frantic response to hyperinflation in as little as 5 to 10 days. Repeat: 5–10 days!"

    There are many Americans who have not allowed room for contingencies. Life, as we know it, is "...about to face down a contingency of monumental proportions." — Gary North's Reality Check, Friday, July 18, 2008, 8:00 AM

    Jim Powell reports in Global Changes & Opportunities Report, August 2008:

"So many Americans are becoming concerned about the stability of our country that many emergency supplies are disappearing fast.

"Some of the biggest organizations, in the U.S. are stocking up. The Epicenter (541–684–0717, www., a preparedness dealer with whom I trade, let me look at their recent sales records for MREs and other items. I could scarely believe my eyes.

"Customers include the CIA, the Department of Energy, the Department of Homeland Security, National Guard units, at least one U.S. Embassy, cities, universities, and several high tech firms, to name only a few. These organizations are packing their shelves at the same time several of them are issuing happy talk press releases saying everything is okay in the USA.

"The biggest shortage is for freeze dried food in restaurant–sized cans. Nearly every source is sold out. Mountain House, the leading supplier, just sent its dealers a letter telling them not to expect any new deliveries before late 2009. The company referred to its need to 'meet requirements in other markets.' Only a surge of large institutional orders could have emptied the company's warehouses.

"So far, it is still possible to get dehydrated (not freeze dried) bulk foods, such as grains, beans, rice, and vegetables, in long–term storage cans from Walton Feed (800–847–0465, www., but they are running behind. GloryBee Foods (800–456–7923, still has good supplies of bulk foods in 25# bags, but who knows how long that will last.

"My biggest worry is that bulk food suppliers may soon decide to eliminate large sales to individuals. If that sounds unlikely, I must remind you that it happened with rice a few months ago. The British are even starting to discuss food thrift and rationing for the first time since WW–II.

"...Supplies are lower than they have been since the 1940s. If you have not done so already, it's time to add emergency foods to that list."

    The August 8, issue of U.S. & World Early WarningReport, by Richard Maybury, writes regarding the coming hyperinflation, that there are three stages: The first stage is rising prices, as we have now been witnessing for some months. Stage two is when people are going to hardware stores and buy things, such as "...three brass pressure relief valves and five half–inch drill bits." When asked why? The response was: "True, I do need only one of each, but they eventually wear out, and prices are rising."

    Maybury further writes:

"Early in stage two, these people probably won't see their stocking up, or 'hoarding,' as a flight from the dollar, but that's what it will be.

"When the government officials start complaining about hoarding, that's a sign the whole country is in stage two."
    The government is going to label the thrifty as "hoarders." They are going to raise sentiment against you by those who had plenty but played the foolish virgins and did not prepare. They are coming for you and what you have. That is the U.S. Government and the foolish virgins.

    The stage two will "transition from anger about prices to anger about the dollar, they are beginning to understand about the fiat money hoax. Fury toward the currency itself will mean we are in the second half of stage two, and moving fast toward the final blowoff, stage three, when the money will be rejected and become worthless."

    This is when the velocity of money moves like the speed of light: People are going out and getting rid of it as fast as they can and buying something solid, such as food, brass fittings, three and four jars of aspirin, and so–forth. The money has now become worthless and people are trying to get rid of it as fast as they can.

    Remember what McAlvany wrote above about the Weimar Republic and Figgie and Swanson in their study discovered: a society can move from "business as usual" to hyperinflation in 5 to 10 days. What this means to a middle class family's savings: "total destruction."

    And when you see the social fabric coming apart, as now, crime will escalate such that the law enforcement bodys will not be able to stop it and protect you. You know what you should do NOW!

    "In England, conditions are so bad in society that teachers, doctors, and nurses are wearing body armor to protect themselves from stabbing and shooting." — Last Trumpet Newsletter, August 2008.

    The newsletter writes additionally:

"These are amazing times of unprecedented events. For the first time in human history, we may have a situation of no ice at the North Pole, and it may happen this year. In California, wildfires have burned continually ever since the California Supreme Court ruled that 'gay marriage' is a right! Two days after that ruling, lighting began to strike; sometimes out of a blue cloudless skly. This has happened before, but it is very rare."

What You Need To Know

    It is getting very late to get what you want. Soon, you'll have to take what's out there. Orders from preparedness food companys are taking longer and longer to be filled and shipped. This is going to be a long hard seige. It can't be said enough, when your life is involved.

    Therefore, these WebMasters suggest one go to Home Depot, ACE hardware, etc. and do the following immediately:

  • Four 30–60 gallon metal garbage cans with lids.

    The rats are coming, four-legged kind too, and cannot eat through the metal cans. Store parboiled white rice in one; in another, Precooked white rice. We do not recommend storage of brown rice. Brown rice goes rancid fast in storage, especially when surrounded in an envelope of heat. The Earth is going to heat up, where we may have to go underground for a while. You do not want to eat rancid rice. This introduces rancidity (free radicals) into the body. "Rancidity is a form of spoilage characterized by the presence of organoleptically detectable amounts of products of lipid autoxidation and/or of the products of the microbial hydrolysis of lipids. (e. g., butter, cheese spoilage)."—Dictionary of Microbiology and Molecular Biology, Second Edition.

    Brown rice has fatty acids that become rancid. Eating rancid food, especially when under extreme duress, hastens cellular damage. You do not want cellular damage at this time.

    In another metal garbage can, store red lentils (they cook within 15 to 30 minutes depending on the amount to cook and need small amount of water; green lentils need a longer time to cook and hence, more water.) In another can, various spaghettis, noodles, etc. The last metal container should store packed beans. Remember, Navy beans take plenty of water and much fuel to cook; thus, store small white beans. Pinto beans take much heat and potable water too.

  • Parboiled white rice (the partial boiling of food in order to later finish cooking it). Uncle Ben's carries this. It comes in more manageable storage plastic bags. It does not take as much water to cook as regular white rice. It does take longer to cook and more water than the next item to store.

  • Precooked white rice. Minute Maid brand. This cooks the fastest; uses less water, but comes in boxes and takes more room to store.

  • Fill this can with lentils.

  • This one fill with dry beans.
    Store what you eat and eat what you store! Put the cans in the house. Get over yourself if you have thoughts about that. Time is almost up. Place them in the bedrooms, halls, dens, living room and throw sheets over them if you worry about anyone coming over and asking questions. Careful what you store in the garage. By now, you know the reason why.

    Get these things immediately. Then start again and store flour in the additional similar cans. Learn to make wraps. This is flour tortillas. Know how to make biscuits, quick dumplings, and hoecakes. Know how to bake breads in an outdoor oven (open hearth). Get Lodge large, medium and small size camp stoves. Start using them now. You can cook anything in them: From stews, roasting, baking of pies, cakes, and breads of all types, including cheesecakes. One of the WebMasters is an award winning French Chef and has produced excellent award winning dishes in the Lodges over a fire or coals of wood.

    Keep the flour dry and this reduces mold growth. Remove enough for two or three weeks at a time when using the garbage-can flour source. Remove what you will use for several weeks and place in glass gallon jars or some dry kitchen storage container. Any "weevils" growing or dead, cook with the wraps, bread, etc. You get more protein. If this bothers your sense of balance too much, take a fine-mesh sieve and filter the flour through them and you have white flour again without "black pepper" spots.

    Store other dry foods similarly. Know well (see Cannibalism, on this Web Site), you are going to be on a high starch diet and high calorie density diet. You will need thiamine, the B vitamin. Store all the vitamins.

    Grains and legumes (beans, peas, lentils) and nuts, in sufficient amount, consumed with the starch (grains), will generate complete protein in your body. You will need to form coenzymes and cofactors by ingesting vitamins and minerals. See Cannibalism again for this information in toto.

    We still see people who think they have enough flour stored. They have two or three 20 or 30–pound sacks put up, until the French Chef has them perform the following test:

To make the monitoring of supplies clearer, buy a 5-lb sack of all purpose flour. Make a 2-cup flour recipe of biscuits every morning. Some flour is used for dusting purposes. There are about 18.75-cups to the sack. In less than 9.37 days, if you just make biscuits only---no pies, cakes, gravies, and so forth---that flour is called for in innumerable recipes, your 5-lb sack will be gone in less than a week. You won't be able to just simply go out and get more as it's needed. You need to monitor your supplies! Count the cost of not being prepared!

How To Figure Your Basic Needs of Grain

For a Family of Four

    Consider Wheat, Par-boiled white rice, oats, rye, barley, corn, flour, potatoes, and powdered milk (last two not a grain). These should be figured in for variety and nourishment.

    A basic fact to figure from is that 2,000 pounds of grains will feed a family of four for one year. This is 500 lbs./person/year just of grains. This is the minimal amount.

    Therefore, you want the following amount for one person for one year:

  • 500 lbs grains.

  • 500 lbs flour/rice/beans/spaghetti mixture.

  • 500 lbs milk/potatoes/oils/seasonings/sugar/salt (without salt, you may not make it), etc. More of some; less of others, such as seasonings/sugar/salt.

    1,500 lbs/year/individual
    For three (3) people: 4500 lbs per year, and for five (5) the storage of the above items would be 7,500 lbs per year.

    The following link is for those who do not wish to do the math: Calculate Water Needs/Water Storage Guidelines:

And Concerning Food Storage...

    Know well...when food is plentiful, storing is not Hoarding as many who are playing the foolish virgins now are trying to claim. But, when there is no food out there to speak of, the media and others will label you a hoarder. However, you stored during times of plenty and thus, you actually helped the farmer and agri–business.

    Be prepared for neighbors, if you talked, to do a "number" on you. They will castigate you and your family. Develop an 'alligator hide' to all this. You can even expect various ones to organize against you and come and get—by force— the little you do have...because you talked. Now is the time to shut–up. These WebMasters will go underground When The Hell Breaks. Peruse the web site, because you may need some of the information. Download to your printer. We Will have to take down the WebSite and make it to safety.

    Many of our contrarian newsletters, those we have been quoting from with financial information and other information concerning food, water, health, and disease, have clearly said they will probably be shut down by the forces that be when the Hell Breaks in its fullest rigor. Many website masters have told us similar. Trustworthy information may be nowhere to be found, so print it out now.

    Times in America will change rather abruptly.
Your WebMasters suggest you check your
Medicine Supply/List

We Feel This Is Going To Be A Long, Hard Siege
Get Prepared...Time Is Short Now...
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