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Part II

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Do It Now! Or You May Not Only Be Unable To Afford It---

You May Not Be Able To Buy It

What Was Said In Part One :

    Whiskey and GunPowder writes, in the Tuesday, July 24, 2007, 1:35 PM:
"Analysts at Goldman and CIBC say $100 oil may be just months away."

    Money and Markets, Wednesday, July 25, 2007, 7:31 AM, 'Investing in Groceries,' by Sean Brodick, has this to say:
Food prices of all types are rising at a fast clip around the world. In fact, they're up an average of 23% in the past 18 months, according to data from the International Monetary will pinch your wallet.

  • In just the month of June, U.S. food prices were up 0.5%, after rising 0.3% in May.

  • Economists expected food prices to rise 4% this year, and we had already (WebMaster's italics) hit that by May

  • Prices of fresh fruits and vegetables have risen 6.7% so far this year.

  • In fact, the last time the price of groceries went up more than 4% was 1990, when they rose 6.5%.
However, things could get a lot worse. U.S. food prices jumped as much as 16.4% in 1973 and 14.9% in 1974. The driving factor in those years was higher gasoline prices ... much as we're seeing now!

    Mr. Brodrick continues:

Wheat: Farmers will harvest 1.562 million bushels of winter wheat this year, 3.3% less than estimated in May, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Prices for wheat have already surged 54% in the past 12 months as global demand outpaces supply for the seventh time in eight years.

Globally, the wheat crop is expected to fall 6.1%, making 2007 the smallest wheat crop since 1982. Australia's western wheat belt is suffering a terrible drought, and a heat wave is baking Canadian wheat. And in Europe, wheat farmers are being flooded out.

Pork and Beef: Pigs and cows eat corn and other grains. Because prices for feed are rising, so are beef and pork prices. used to be that live cattle prices would fall when grain prices went up. Reason: Ranchers wouldn't want to feed their cattle so they'd dump them on the market.

But that's no longer the case -- farmers are just taking the risk and passing the cost along to consumers. So far demand hasn't slacked off.

Milk: The drought in Australia is drying up dairy exportrs to the Pacific Rim. This is causing a chain reaction of dairy demand around the world. Add in higher fuel prices that dairy farmers in the U.S. are paying, and the price of milk moo-ooves to more than $4 per gallon. Heck, in some parts of the U.S., the per-gallon price of milk is up 55% in just the past year!

Ice Cream: Is nothing sacred? the price of milk goes higher, so does the price of ice cream. That's because the price of butterfat -- used in ice cream -- is soaring, too.

    And this demand for "... annual corn-based ethanol output in the U.S. is expected to double between 2006 and 2016. And over the same time period, China's ethanol output is expected to rise 111%."

    This means less foodstuffs and more high prices!

    And Dr. Mary G. Enig, world-class lipid chemist, says in Wise Traditions, Summer 2007, under 'Know Your Fats':

And a return to a sensible policy of using natural, traditional fats would bring down the huge and powerful seed oil industry, which is the lynch pin of the American commodity agriculture system.

    The point of this is there will be more and more of less and less foodstuffs coming to the market. And what does arrive on the market will be costly.

    Practically everything agriculturally is going for other things with diversion away from foodstuffs to be consumed by the American citizen. Manufacturers are making more money doing this.

    Eventually you will be fighting over food and water as happened in the '70s over gasoline at the pump lines. U.S. States will fight over water in the not-too-distant future. There will be water wars!

How To Figure Your Basic Needs of Grain

For a Family of Four

    Consider Wheat, Par-boiled white rice, oats, rye, barley, corn, flour, potatoes, and powdered milk (last two not a grain). These should be figured in for variety and nourishment.

    A basic fact to figure from is that 2,000 pounds of grains will feed a family of four for one year. This is 500 lbs./person/year just of grains. This is the minimal amount.

    Therefore, you want the following amount for one person for one year:

  • 500 lbs grains

  • 500 lbs flour/rice/beans/spaghetti mixture

  • 500 lbs milk/potatoes/oils/seasonings/sugar/salt (without salt, you may not make it),        etc. More of some; less of others, such as seasonings/sugar/salt

    1,500 lbs/year/individual
    For three (3) people: 4500 lbs per year, and for five (5) the storage of the above items would be 7,500 lbs per year.

What's New :
It's Worse Than We Thought !

    Friends, recently one of your WebMasters was asked to give a private seminar on food storage in Colorado to 8 to 10 persons. The surroundings were confortable as it was held in the spacious home of host. All had food stores similar to that of the hostess. No one questioned whether they had enough food for even six months. They assumed they had plenty.

    To make the talk exciting and interesting, I had the stored provisions brought forth by the household head. Everyone, including the owner, thought they had at least enough stored for six months. Actually, people do not realize how much they now eat in America. They eat all the time. And if they have special food needs, those must be planned for. Their food stored would last, depending on how they ate — usually, more stress, more food consumption — for only 2, possibly 3 months, failing the last week or so of major protein items.

    These wonderful people had not even taken into consideration that if they become sick; or, an injury occurs, such as a broken arm or leg — even a gunshot wound, they need protein...lots of protein...high–quality complete protein, for healing properly without stressing the stored protein. The latter is muscle mass. You don't want to lose muscle mass and bone mass when convalescing. Recall, from previous UpDates, when push comes to shove, the stress quotient will go through the roof and the cortisol hormone will cause the body to devour itself, unless you have the protein and other foodstuffs to feed the roaming monster in your body when that happens.

Problem number One:

    They followed "bits & pieces" of my advice. They stored all Entrées, ordered from reputable companies that I had recommened. The problem occurs when they eat these types of foods for several days, the foods all taste the same. No subtle flavors...all blunt sensations that dull the organoleptic areas of the brain. These preparations have polyunsaturated fats that are transfatted. They also have too much salt and too much of the wrong kinds of fat. We suspect there is too much MSG hidden as flavorings.

Problem number Two:

    When looking at the number of total boxes, you can easily be deceived into thinking you have "plenty," especially when the boxes are stacked one on top of another. You can't tell by looking if they are going to last so many months.

Problem number Three:

    Several years ago, we advised people, according to the Signs of The Times to store between one and two years for any disaster as times are becoming more perilous. Then, we saw what was happening to crops and farm lands, we strongly suggested three years storage. Now, you must have no less than three to six years stored—and this is just food!

Problem number Four:

    Where do we place all this food? We took our hostess's meager preparations and showed them the, now vacant, grown children's bedrooms. All of their so–called "gigantic amount of supplies" were stored under just one of their children's beds that was high enough. Other places of storage are easily found. Mark them, label them and do not store all your precious supplies in one place. The reason(s) for this is/are obvious.

    "But what will people think with these boxes in the guest rooms, in the hall, under tables not used?" they ask. I reply: "Keep your mouth shut to any questions about your house! It ain't none of their business." Cover those boxes with a white sheet, table cloth, etc. and put a geegaw or two on the "coffee table," and you now have it covered, stored and no questions concerning printing on those boxes saying "peas," "chicken," "beef," and so–forth.

    Know well that Entrées can be a great aid to your provisions. For instance, Use some of the entrée mixed with regular spaghetti or rice and peas, makes the entrée go further and adds a different excitement to other foods. This is used only on occasion because of reasons given earlier.

    We furthermore do not suggest MREs (Meals Ready To Eat) for the same reasons as given for the entrées. Use MREs sparingly and portions combined periodically with chicken, rice or beans and the like for a different taste differential. Keep the MREs and "Pouch" entrées in case you have to run without your supplies. They are to be looked upon as emergency foods in a tight spot.

    We suggest storing Freeze–Dried Foods for convenience and in emergencies. They come in number 10 size cans with plastic lids for use when once opened. The following foods that aren't complete dinners: Freeze–Dried Meat and Shreadded Cheese. These foods can be combine with various grains for complete protein and thus you use less of the meat and cheese groups (six or more cans per person):

  • Roast Beef

  • Turkey

  • Chicken

  • Sharp Cheddar (Shredded)

  • Mozzarella (Shredded)

  • Colby (Shredded)

    We also suggest Freeze–Dried Vegetables/grains (six or more cans per person) as:
  • Premium Instant White Rice

  • White Flour

  • Corn

  • Spinach

  • Mushroom Slices

  • Tomato Chunks

  • Beans

  • Cauliflower

  • Broccoli Florets

  • Green Beans

  • Potato Dices

  • Spaghetti/Macaroni

  • Cottage Cheese

    We further suggest you store grains you put up yourself and other foodstuffs and things. See When The Hell Breaks for more knowledge and in depth instructions and where to get freeze dried foods. We list a number of tried and true places selling freeze–dried foods.

    It is strongly suggested one store two cases (4 cannisters of 2 to about 3 pounds per cannister) of protein powder. Order from your local health food store. Get the flavor you and your family eat. Plain can be mixed in with dishes for more protein power. Or just mix with a little water and down quickly and then eat either a serving of rice or potatoes, or other starch mixed with one of the vegetables stored. Learn now things are going to be that rough!

    Now, most people I have spoken with feel that if they get hungry enough, especially their kids, they'll eat what is set before them. Nonsensical Trep. It has been demonstrated under real life circumstances that people will literally starve before eating foods not familiar to them. This is especially so with children. You don't want to see your children or grandchildren literally starve to death in front of your eyes no matter what type of coaxing you endeavor. They will starve! Train them up now, and yourself, to eat foods not accustomed to. Better yet, store what you eat and eat what your store. This is why you are preparing in advance.

    We ran a field test on the hostess' stored foods: I (one of your WebMasters), being an award winning French Chef, cooked up a culinary dish from the stored entrées. It was truly delicious, but, we did not tell anyone that the dish was made from food in the storage. When served...voices started rising that... " smells so good...hmmm...what is it?" It was simply served on fine China and silver service. All had poked at it trying to figure it out. Then, started eating. Suddenly, one said, "Sorry, I don't eat anything with vegetables in it." Another said, "I can't eat this...I don't like potatoes." The hostess' husband said he can't tolerate "peas." There appears to have been not too much communication between host and hostess on matters of food storage! There were three or four people who would not eat it after stirring around in the food and tasting it. They sat there watching the others eat with gusto, saying all through the meal that was being devoured, "How can you eat that?"


    The host couple were asked, "Why didn't you store something 'good' that we would all eat." Wow. What a bunch of spoiled appetites out there. This brings up what I have said numerous times in the UpDates. Don't broadcast what you are doing and do not have guests in When The Hell Breaks. Once in, you won't get then out. And all you will receive for your own efforts are complaints and stress. If they wanted such a dish, then they should have stored it themselves, along with years of other foodstuffs they want to eat.

    I saw friends of years standing, develop, because of food, the beginnings of irritation and anger. Most do not realize that food can be used as a weapon: To incite, irritate, and strike blows...or to soothe and ameloriate. "Choose thou, Life or Death."

Freeze–Dried Fruits Recommended

Freeze–Dried Fruit



Apples, Diced

24 1/2–Cup


Banana Dices

24 1/2–Cup


Banna Slices

24 1/2–Cup


Berry Blend

24 1/2–Cup


Peaches, Diced

24 1/2–Cup


Pineapple, Diced (Chunks)

24 1/2–Cup


—Prices as of January, 2008. Emergency Essentials

    If the above is not enough to stimulate you to prepare adequately, listen to these words from January 2008, Global Changes & Opportunities Report, James B. Powell and Associates:
"The panic and long lines we saw during the 1973 energy crisis were nothing compared to what we will see the first time there is a shortage of any popular food in this's coming. There is only a 12 week supply of wheat and 8 weeks of corn left in storage (based on worldwide consumption levels) to feed the world in case of an emergency.

"Meanwhile, most people are unaware of how serious the world's food situation is becoming. The preparations I have been discussing regarding food and other necessities must be made before the public wakes up."

    He continues:

"I think many global and national problems have been building up for years will come to a head in 2008 and will end the Disneyland mindset most Americans have enjoyed for decades. As the illusion of safety and entitlement fades, the anger, discontent, and loss of confidence we already see in our country, is likely to become much worse. For many people, 2008 will not be a happy year (WebMaster's Emphasis).

    And Bill Bonner of The Daily Reckoning, from London England, Thursday, January 31, 2008, writes:

"Capitalism is supposed to separate fools from their money. It is now separating a whole nation of fools from the money they never actually had".

    Times in America will change rather abruptly.
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