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Kong Sez:

    Folks! The U.S. Constitution is under subtle attack(s). You are about to lose another major freedom. You'll soon lose them all if the political class has anything to say about it.

[Casey's Daily Dispatch www.CaseyResearch.com]

For quite some time now, I have been a big fan of Lord Monckton, a leading debunker of the whole anthropogenic global warming scam. Among his actions in this regard, he successfully sued to prevent the showing of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth as part of the scientific curriculum of British schools, due to its clear flaws and exaggerations. A British court agreed with him, citing nine specific instances where the information presented as hard science was clearly wrong. He also has a long-standing challenge for Mr. Gore to meet him in an open debate on the topic of global warming, a challenge that has so far been ignored.

Recently Monckton gave a speech in Minnesota that was captured on video. In his 95-minute speech, he goes into detail on the climate change fraud and closes by warning listeners that the agreement that has been drawn up for signature by President Obama and other leaders following the Copenhagen conference this December will essentially cede U.S. sovereignty to the UN. His words have clearly struck a chord with our readers, because I have received no less than five emails this morning with links to Monckton's comments about U.S. sovereignty.

While I haven't had time to look into his claims, I plan on doing so, but in the meantime you can watch the video clip yourself by following the link just below. In the text of the post, you also find a link to the full speech — if you have the time to spare, you'll find it’s time well spent.

Here’s the link:


This is a very important topic — because governments the world over are using it as cover for a huge new body of taxes, regulations, and bureaucracies. While those are bad ideas in the best of times, they'll prove positively poisonous in today's tenuous business climate.

Speak out before it's too late.

And that is that for today. As I sign off for the day, I see that the U.S. stock market is shrugging off reality and bouncing higher yet again… with the DJIA up over 100 points on the day. Meanwhile, as the dollar continues its fall, oil and gold are both moving higher.

On the topic of reality, the following story on Bloomberg caught my eye this morning, especially viewed in context of JPMorgan’s recent announcement of its highly profitable third quarter, and in the context of the notion that the crisis is over. There is another subplot – people getting fed up with being pushed around, and with governments bailing out banks and trying to burden taxpayers with the tab. I quote from the article…

People want to kill somebody, but they don’t know who to shoot at,” says Russell Cunningham, past president of the Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce.

You can read the story here…


Kong Sez:

    Isn't this always the end result when a politician starts trying to pass himself off as an expert on scientific matters? People need to remember that a politician is interested only in things which increase his power and his electability. Al Gore, and his ridiculous Nobel Peace Prize for perpetrating such a gigantic fraud on the public, is the perfect example.

    Like Bloomberg says, People want to shoot someone, and the choices are so numerous, people go into meltdown rather than taking potshots!

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