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Kong Sez

They Don't Want Us Talking
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Disgusting As It Is

Cop Killing Will Increase !

Kong Sez:

    Dr. "B" recently said in various UpDates, Cop Killings will increase. As the madness spreads, they will be automatically targeted because, as people become more depressed, as more loss occurs in their lives, they will have Displaced Aggression.

    Violence, senseless violence, will increase among the people, and as the police attempt to quell this, mistakes will be made and they will receive the blame. "You are going to see in the future, Kong," Dr. "B" said to me in a phone call I made to him today about the 4 cops killed in Washington, " these automatic targets for this displaced aggression will take various forms of attack. A police officer must be in Condition Yellow to Orange all the time now. You are going to hear of police officers, or of a police officer, murdered in cold blood because he was just sitting at a stop light waiting for the light to change so he could move on in his vehicle. His police vehicle, his police uniform, spelled out "Target" and someone, or ones, vented their intense displaced aggression in the innocent's way."

    "Kong, I know you appreciate the seriousness of what I am saying. If the masses that are undergoing now displaced aggression, and it will increase, it will not only be applied to authority figures, such as cops, but also it will scale all the way down to ordinary citizens like you and me. This is part of The Killing Mechanism."

    "This horrific internal strife and depression and madness that people are now experiencing, and will experience more shortly after 2010 arrives, will be directed also against the wealthy—a specific target. The well–to–do will learn, or die, to dress poor, talk poor, act poor, live poor, and drive poor. This was told them recently when the bankers brought down the economy. They learned this the hard way. Their families were scared for their lives. Bus tours were taken to see where and how affluently they lived. We haven't seen anything yet. This will be transferred to ordinary citizens like you and me who aren't rich, but if we are perceived to be eating regularly, watch out!"

    The quote below expresses what Dr. "B" is saying above:

Suffice it for now...the violence and senseless killings will now be on the increase. There will be more cop violence against unarmed citizens. This will escalate into more crime against police officers such that some areas will be without policemen because of the uncontrolled violence against them. They will seek other employments. There will be some cities where, if they still have police, will not venture, even with their War Wagons, into the deep ghetto inner cities. These areas will eventually burn. A firestorm will be formed that will spread to the suburbs and outlying areas. The rich will be prime targets. Madness, sheer madness will soon be evident on Planet Earth! Be prepared. We will not be speaking any longer about how to be prepared; only...be prepared.

    "There is more to carrying a licensed gun, than one imagines," declares Dr. "B" "... and most still have not seen the light!"

When Violence Strikes, Women Are Always A Target

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Get Prepared!

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Use It Up !
Wear It Out ! Make It Do !
Do Without !


It's Still Coming!
Subduction: One Plate Goes Under Another As The Other Goes Over The Former.

Interestingly...Early Church Saints Said: "Mountains Will Roll Over Another." This Sounds Like They Saw Subduction.


The Second Ammendment!

Learn This...Memorize This...Let It Become a Part of You! Bring It Back When The Terrible Chaos Is Over...If There Is Something To Come Back To.

[Running For Your Life]

In The Meantime

Run For Your Life

From now on, Folks, it's gonna get pretty rough! In fact, downright cussed.
Mr. Ugly Is Showing Now!

But For Now...

[Running For Your Life]

Keep Running

Keep Your Purse and Scrip With You—Luke 22:36

And Now

Get Two Guns—Luke 22:36–38

Before The New Dude Won't Let You Have Them

Times in America will change rather abruptly.
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We Feel This Is Going To Be A Long, Hard Siege
Get Prepared...Time Is Short Now...
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