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[Day of The Dollar Is About Come!]

Things Are Worse Than We

Know !

Kong Sez:

    Lee Bellinger, publisher of Independent Living and The American Sentinel, has plenty to say in his Mid-Summer '09 Alert about "A Run On The Dollar." The scenario he paints is extremely dire, especially for the majority of clueless Americans who believe Barack Obama walks on water, and the United States Government is there to save them.

Even the Pentagon is Secretly Planning for Dollar-Collapse Scenarios that Dramatically Tilt the Geo-Political Balance

The looming dollar crisis is no idle theory. This threat is so real that top Pentagon experts are running live "planning scenarios" in which resource-rich nations like Russia and China exploit U.S. indebtedness to wreak sudden havoc in our financial system and basic economy.

In the March 24 Unrestricted Warfare Symposium at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, intelligence analyst James Richards unveiled a blueprint detailing how U.S. foes could drop the value of the dollar by a shocking 75%, crippling our economy overnight.

This report's conclusions are nothing short of chilling. So vulnerable is the U.S. to this scenario, Richards urges U.S. intel agencies to pay close attention to global gold supplies and financial maneuverings of rival powers (something I do myself for my valued subscribers).

Richards' prescient paper came out days before Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of China's central bank, challenged the U.S. to step aside to allow a new global currency to replace the dollar.

My friend, the handwriting is on the wall. In late April, the international news media reported a major development underscoring the coming doom of the dollar. The Financial Times of London, for one, noted on April 26:

"China has quietly almost doubled its gold reserve to become the fifth biggest holder of the precious metal."

Yet as usual, the celebrity-obsessed U.S. media totally glossed over another harbinger of what is to come.

Or as the always-reliable Casey Report added:

"On the bigger global screen, this revelation [about China's gold hoarding] stops the concept of gold as a 'barbarous relic' as bankers had hoped it would become in the past 50 years . . ."

Translation: The day of the paper-backed dollar is coming to an ugly end, and soon.

Kong Sez:

    Mr. Bellinger isn't the only one talking about a dollar collapse. Other folks like Dr. Paul Samuelson and Dr. Ron Paul have made statements warning people that if the money creation goes on as it is right now, "We will literally destroy the dollar," if it isn't already all but destroyed.

Mr. Bellinger continues:

Here's How a Worst-Case Scenario is Likely to Play Out: Are You Ready?

The key to understanding the dollar crisis is the global nature of currency markets.

Our government's standard operating procedure of manipulating, papering over, and otherwise tricking gullible U.S. voters about the greenback being "strong" is one thing.

Forever fooling sophisticated, objective foreign investors who are financing U.S. consumers and bureaucrats with debt they can't ultimately pay back is quite another.

What's vital to understand is that global, around-the-clock electronic financial markets make it possible for the dollar to be dumped by millions of people literally at the speed of light. It only takes a nanosecond for pre-programmed systems to make waves of devastating trades.

Worse, such panic runs on the dollar are most likely to originate abroad, largely beyond the manipulative fingers of the President's Working Group on Financial Markets (a.k.a. the Plunge Protection Team) who would be called upon to prop up the dollar's credibility when it is threatened, just as they have in times of stock market stress.

In 2005, a German video producer interviewed financial experts all over the globe on what could happen after the then housing bubble collapsed and U.S. consumers stopped buying foreign goods with debt (also provided by foreigners). The result is a 50-minute presentation titled Day of the Dollar, a realistically chilling video in which the dollar's dismal fundamentals catch up with and overtake all efforts by the U.S. political class to prop it up.

A Single Triggering Event Could Collapse the Dollar Overnight as the Over-Indebted U.S. Finds Itself Isolated In a World of Angry Creditors

The Day of the Dollar scenario begins with an unexplained drop in the value of the dollar in Singapore, triggering a greenback sell-off in Hong Kong. As traders in Amsterdam wake up, the dollar is off significantly against the yen and dropping fast. The crisis is worsened because big foreign institutional investors in U.S. government debt — who might otherwise come to the rescue — are already overloaded in dollars and more inclined to dump than accumulate more.

As the dollar continues to drop overseas (with Wall Street still closed), U.S. money wizards at the Fed and Treasury Department have no way to shut down markets for a "cooling off" period. As news spreads, lines form at European ATMs and foreign currency exchanges.

Even before Wall Street can open, the European Union suspends the acceptance of dollars for Euros, triggering an even bigger dumping of the dollar abroad. The U.S. retaliates by freezing all foreign transactions. By the time Wall Street rings the opening bell, trillions of collars being hoarded by institutions and individuals are flooding onto the market, knocking the purchasing power of the greenback even lower.

Adding to the misery, OPEC no longer accepts the dollar as a unit of trade. Oil producers will now accept payment only in gold, silver, or other hard assets of equivalent value. U.S. oil companies wanting to buy crude must now pony up the funds in the form of a hard currency.

Americans have to start paying for cab service and food with cigarettes, liquor, and other tangible goods. Those stuck without barterable assets or real money (which is now understood to mean only gold and silver coins) are completely destitute.

Kong Sez:

    Judge for yourselves, folks. Here's the video. How likely do you think this scenario is? If you think it's even a little likely, you should now be finishing up your food storage program and stocking up on tangible items like toilet paper and tools, items you know you will need, but that you will not be able to buy once the dollar collapses.

Another Matter
Be Advised!

Kong Sez:

    Dr. "B" has been writing about the coming Pandemic for sometime. Last year he informed the public not to worry about the H1N1 flu being a Pandemic then; but, he did say, in 2010, we would most likely see the "Swine" flu become a Pandemic.

    He feels that first it will hit many — enough to scare us all. Then, it will recede; but, make a reemergence, possibly as a Killer Flu.

    If this happens, The Division of Labor will be broken! Martial Law will most likely be declared. Physicians will be forced to go to hard hit areas and administer medicines that will be kept under lock and key.

    Travel for ordinary citizens will be limited. You will be checked regularly along the way to and from your work or place(s) of destination.

    "If this gets really bad, internment camps may be instituted," Dr. "B" says. "Furthermore, if the Pandemic is a Killer, enforced vaccinations will be mandatory."

    This may not be a good idea with us entering deep into The Galactic Plane and all the endocrine disrupters in our food and water supply. You may have to plead religious reasons for not taking the vaccine. Nevertheless, enforcement will proceed, with internment camps for the recalcitrant.

    Dr. "B" suggests, for the coming Pandemic, 25,000 units of vitamin A daily and 4,000 to 5,000 units of vitamin D daily for adults. Infants — a teaspoon of codliver oil (COD) daily or every other day. Children, two teaspoons of COD daily. He has written about this and the reasons in previous UpDates. For now, this is all he gives.

    If things get quite rigorous and the pestilences follow, there will be no doctors. Most will be dead or not practicing, or will be forced to practice where they don't want to by the government.

    "Doctors," he advises, "store medicines now." This will be primarily for your own family. When you need to treat your own family, there may be nothing available to treat them. Those in power will have complete control of all medicines, and the medicines will be for them. You'll find out what this means in the not–too–distant future. Your family may not be on the "preferred" list.

    The Microbiology of Foods will be very evident on the minds of the knowledgeable when the Pestilences arrive in their full rigor. We are now seeing more emerging bacterial and viral diseases. The latest textbooks are writing about this. Food and Water Borne Diseases will take a toll on the very young and the elderly. However, Dr. "B" points out, "With all the endocrine disruptors out there in the food and water, and the exhaustive toxic fats having being ingested for years now, those in their prime will also add to the dead!"

    He suggests for Physicians to store food, water, guns & ammo (doctors will be prime targets for those in search of money and drugs), and especially tetracycline (a broad based antibiotic excellent for Gram–negative and Gram–positive bacteria, Chlamydia, Rickettsiae, etc.), streptomycin, erythomycin (for Campylobacter jejuni—milk borne, food, water disease), and for typhoid (have the antibiotic ceftriaxone), ampicillin (for Listeriosis) for many of the increasing and emerging gastroenteritises they will be personally facing in their immediate families.

    Store that which you feel will be necessitated by harsh conditions coming. Medicines will be scarce. Also, go to Save Sweat and save to the printer Easy Oral Rehydration Formula. The profuse diarrheas associated with gastroenteritis deems one know and have Oral Rehydration Formula makings at the ready.

When Violence Strikes, Women Are Always A Target

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