[How I Look When I've Been In A Fight]
Kong Sez

They Don't Want Us Talking
Any More

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Don't BurnYour
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Kong Sez:

    Do you recall Dr. "B" speaking of this in past ChemBioUpdates? He now tells me Famine is coming to the land. "Be prepared for six (6) years," he says.

    Are you studying the Hot Links we have been including in The Kong Reports? If you want to minimize your suffering, consider yourself back in school. Print out the hot links! Study them; make marginal notes; and place them in your run bag.

    Many are talking so much, they have Burnt Their Bridges! Behind them. As Thomas Wolfe, the famous author, gave for the title of his book: You Can't Go Home Again!

    Practically everyone is talking about what is now breaking over our heads— and it is a game for many to most. Why is this a game? Because they have not STFU!

    And they are losing friendships over not STFU, not to mention causing enmity! Consider the following from one of Dr. "B's" students he trained in advanced martial arts:
'Mr. "B",' he writes today, 'I have been a good student and took to heart not only what I was paying for, but also all the other things you teach in your classes, that you do not even charge for and we got it free! I now live near the U. S. and Canadian border.

'But now! I have to get the hell out of here. Why?...I can hear you asking...and I can also hear your wheels turning smoothly and giving the right answer: I have been betrayed!

"This is what has happened. I am a professional engineer, as you well–know; you also know I have a very popular private class I teach in Karate, Judo, Jiujitsu, and Intercollegiate and Professional Wrestling, and just plain self–defense. All of which you trained me dilligently and others in for years.

"I and my wife have been reading the ChembioUpdates since '98. You personally taught us how to prepare and store food, which no one was talking about at that time. This was over 13 years ago! You had been personally studying (at that time), researching, practicing, and doing so in your private laboratory, food preservation, for 20 years before that...remember?

'We have been holding similar classes, that is, how to prepare food storage, etc. We had a number of friends, close, we thought, that would follow the rules if we helped them. They were well–chosen. For the most, we gave of ourselves! We asked nothing in return. You did your job well! All we wanted, as The Kong Reports got more terse and warning, to do as I had been taught by you, 'To Save Souls and Save Lives.'

'Many of our people come from the Canadian side as well as the U. S. side. We have found that people are no different. Those we carefully screened and befriended...well, after we told them to stay quiet about this; they told us they would — instead, they went out and had been betraying us behind our backs! And they think they have not done anything wrong. As you had explained then: That is why you keep your mouth shut!

'Just as Monsieur Kong reported as had just been done to you. It is all right, if they want to put their lives on the line, but, the two emails you sent me, that were sent to you, illustrates the same thing that was done to me and my wife: They are talking behind our backs to others, giving enough information to another; or others, about us, such that we can be found. This is why we have to move! People do not realize how bad this thing is going to be. 'Nothing beats stealth! You can know self–defense, have guns and ammunition, guard dogs — remember what you taught us how to overcome such animals? I have personally done such when jogging and attacked by such. They got a new anus and testicles and went scurrying off!

'Well, the psychology most people are taught concerning strength in numbers is bovine defecation, just as you taught, unless, they are trained to act as one! One can have 6 or more people with guns. I am sure you recall the time in you studio, when we all had toy pistols with ampules of red water powered by air, we all played the scenario out with 6 of us scattered about the "home." Four (4) others burst in (did a dynamic entry) through the front and back and one came in through the window. We all had protective face masks and ear protection on. You played sound effect...the works. Shouting, screaming, gunfire, cursing, etc. We did prove to ourselves: Unless well–trained as a team in the dynamics of such an encounter, the psychology, too, of such, and being aware that under stress, the weakest muscles start trembling first.

'We had shot each other up! "Good guys shot good guys; the same happened to the bad guys, and all shot each other! I recall my left leg started trembling first, as I am right-side dominant. And, as you had taught, it worked its way up my left leg to my left hand destroying my accuracy. A good point to remember! How many people know this?...even Cops don't. They have to be trained in Power Control Centers, and Gross Dominant Actions, including gun grip. Thank you so much for all you gave us!

'I would love to have that sage advice from you and be close to garner your private thoughts about all what is happening and refresh, How To Stay Alive! You have an uncanny way of thinking and looking at things. It always, or nearly always, proves out correct.

'I now understrand why you have recently emptied the remaining of your supplies several hundred miles away to another area. You and I have been ratted out by so–called friends we thought we could trust and help!

'Dr. "B," remember Joe in class, from Vietnam? He discovered, too, that people get people killed, as well as themselves, because they can't shut up! But get this, I have discovered, and I can hear you all over this, and that is where it is coming from, people don't know how to STFU. They think they are not talking. They are talking on the phone. They are emailing. They are talking in person, and they don't know that they are giving out information. I saw that in one of your write-ups. And the people they are talking to . . . they are doing the same!

'Do you remember when you taught dream interpretation classes? You had everybody sign a paper who wanted to come into that class, that they would not tell what they were doing, other than studying self-defense and nutrition. Then, you would not have to worry about people banging on your studio door with their dreams in their hand on paper, people you do not know, wanting an interpretation.

'Well, after only two weeks of class, you asked the twenty of us if anyone talked. No one said a word. You went on lecturing. After ten minutes, you asked again, and one meek little hand went up from a thin, young woman who said, "I only told one person."

"The doctor from the University, who was in the class, started laughing loudly, from the far end of the room. He said, "That's all it takes!"

'While you commenced to talk on that, and the problems involved, surely you remember someone banging, not knocking, on the locked door, and when you opened it, they said, "I have these recurrent dreams I've been having," written on Big Chief Indian Pad paper, wanting you to interpret it for him. The entire class roared with laughter. That young woman, twenty-five years old, suddenly matured, and said later to all of us, extremely apologetic for having the class interrupted, extremely embarrassed, "I did not know such a thing was possible." She did not know the person knocking at the door, either!

'As the doctor from the University pointed out, that's what gets people killed. Somebody talked.

'Now, I still remember what you taught us thirteen years ago, that is they find out you've got something, they will come in a group, bold-faced, stare you down and say, right up in your face, trying to intimidate you: You've got food! Are You Going To Share? That is the time to take them out! Or they will be back with more. During this time, it will be a lawless society! This thing is about to bust wide open.

'Now, Dr. "B," do you also remember telling us that during the Nazi takeover in Germany, and elsewhere during the World War II:

The SS did a house–to–house search asking the people to declare any valuables. If they declared their valuables, it was well–known that the Nazis took the valuables, and, supposedly, left the Jews alone at that time.

At one house they came to, after banging on the door, the Storm Troopers entered. They looked everywhere after asking if the people had anything to declare, and were told no. They were looking for gold, silver and any weapons and ammunition. The patriarch of the house said no. He was asked again, "Are you sure you have no gold?" He said, "No gold."

The Nazi officer pulled his bayonet out of his scabbard and shook it at the Jewish patriarch. He walked around tapping here and there and yonder on the walls and brick mortar. Suddenly, he walked across the room straight to the side of the fireplace mantle, stuck his knife gently behind the third stone from the wall, and eased it out, thrusting his hand deep within, and pulled out a cache of gold. The Jewish owner was totally perplexed as to how the SS officer knew where to go. The officer gave orders, "Arrest the entire family." When they were being carted out the door by the troops, he said, "Your neighbor told us where it was, so he could live and keep his." The officer pulled out another sack of gold and said, "This is your neighbor's." One can only imagine they became at enmity then, and the problems this generated in the Concentration Camps!

This is called B–E–T–R–A–Y–A–L ! It is everywhere!

Do Not Lose Proven Friends & Life Over This!

Burning Bridges_Mike Curb Congregation

Burning Bridges_Mike Curb Congregation

The Second Ammendment!

Learn This...Memorize This...Let It Become a Part of You! Bring It Back When The Terrible Chaos Is Over...If There Is Something To Come Back To.

[Running For Your Life]

In The Meantime

Run For Your Life

By Keeping Your Mouth SHUT!

From now on, Folks, it's gonna get pretty rough! In fact, downright cussed.

Mr. Ugly Is Here & Ratting You Out — If You Talked.

But For Now...

[Running For Your Life]

Keep Running

Keep Your Purse and Scrip With You—Luke 22:36

And Now

Get Two Guns—Luke 22:36–38

And Get Superb Training! Know What To Do...And Do It When The Time Presents!

Times in America will change rather abruptly.
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