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Kong Sez:

    We got to wondering, after Gary North posted an article entitled, "Is Congress Crazier Than The Public? Are Investors Crazier than Congress?", who really is crazier?

    We know Congress, excepting Ron Paul and maybe one or two others, is nuts. We also know investors are nuts.

    Who's nuttier? Good question. We think we might go nuts trying to find the answer, so we have decided to leave it to you, our loyal readers.

    Vote "one nut" for Congress and "two nuts" for investors. And if you think, as we do, that much of the public is even nuttier, vote "nut basket."

Is Congress Crazier Than the Public?
Are Investors Crazier Than Congress?
Gary North
Dec. 11, 2009

The public cares about jobs. Investors in stocks don't. Initial jobless claims rose by 17,000 to over 470,000 last week. The Dow rose by 100 points as soon as the news was released. It closed up 68.

The public is more concerned about unemployment than the deficit, a recent Bloomberg poll reveals. Both concerns are high.

The public wants huge public works projects to get workers off the unemployment rolls. It also wants a lower deficit. To get this, the rich should pay.

This is standard fare. The public wants a free lunch. It believes the government can extract this from the rich. This has been true all of my adult life. This was also true of my parents' generation. "Soak the rich" is always popular.

The public is not going to see much relief in the job market. The public will also not see any relief for the deficit. The voters may grouse, but their desire to tax the rich goes back to to World War I and the income tax. This has not changed.

The public never gets what it wants, when it even knows what it wants.

The public is ignorant. This makes people vulnerable. How ignorant? Very. Here is a video of a man who persuades people to sign a petition calling for inflation of 100% per year. You only need to watch 2 minutes. The full 9 minutes are painful.

There is no turning back from the path the government has chosen for us. There is no deliverance politically. There is no way to overcome Congress's decision to spend without taxing, borrow without any hope of re-paying, keep interest rates low without inflating, and be re-elected next time.

Investors believe it all, as surely as the people who signed that petition believe that the goal of the petition was a good one.

We sit back in horror and wonder: "What can bring Congress to its senses?" We know the answer: nothing. Surely not public opinion. Why would Congress pay attention to public opinion on economics?

Kong Sez:

    Well, folks, there you have it. The "nut baskets and all the other nuts" win.

    But we do think that, ignorant or not, the public does know when things are better or things are worse. If things continue in the "worse" category, we think the revolution is all too likely to begin.

    However, Dr. "B" has pointed out that whenever a government in charge wants to control the masses; it must reduce its population to servile mentality. They must be dumbed down so they will not think, but only do, as they are told to do. This is Total Control. And that is coming, Folks! We're almost there.

Viva La Revolución !!!

    "Is it a rebellion?" asked Louis XVI of the count who informed him of the fall of the Bastille.

    "No, sire," came the reply. "It is a revolution."

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