Excited Delirium

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    "This is the state of extreme psychological stress. This state is often called ‘excited or agitated delirium,'" writes Dr. Jeffrey Ho for Police: The Law Enforcement Magazine, July 2007, (www.policeMag.com) ‘How To Respond To Excited Delirium,'

    "Excited Delirium is generally considered to be a potentially life-threatening medical emergency because of the significant metabolic stress that it can place on the body and the fact that the subject experiencing it does not recognize the seriousness of his or her own condition."

    "Risk factors for developing this condition appear to include
  • Male Gender,
  • Illicit stimulant abuse,
  • A known underlying mental illness disorder (especially schizophrenia and paranoid conditions); or,
  • A history of taking mental illness medications."

Learn To Recognize The Condition

    The person may be delirious, agitated, and demonstrate unacceptable behavior. He may exhibit some or all of the following:

  • Running in traffic and dodging in and out of traffic.
  • Complete or partial public nakedness (nudity).
  • Acts of violence that are unprovoked:

    • Attacking Windows.
    • Attacking Automobiles, etc.
    • Attacking Homes.
    • Attacking Lights.
    This attack can and will be directed towards people as well as things if the assailant comes upon you in a parking lot, on the street, or breaks into your home. He will be extremely difficult to control if you engage him in an altercation (struggle, fight) for these people generate feats of great strength (WebMasters).

    He may laugh manically as he smashes up your house on his way to you.

    The only thing you should say, depending upon the situation, is:

I have a gun!
Let me see your hands.
The police are on the way.

    However, talking can be detrimental to your health. When the assailant comes crashing into your personal space, you are 0.25 second behind the action curve! If you engage him in dialogue, you are 0.75 seconds more behind the action curve. You are one minute and thirty seconds behind defending your person if talking and trying to reason with the perpetrator. Within that time, while you are talking, he can be on you in a flash, causing severe bodily injury or death.

    Persons with Excited Delirium demonstrate paranoia:
"Fundamental derangement of the mind (as in schizophrenia) characterized by defective or lost contact with reality especially as evidenced by delusions, hallucinations, and disorganized speech and behavior."—Merrian-Webster' 11th Collegiate Dictionary.

"Major elements of the disorder (schizophrenia) include hallucinations, delusions, apathy, inability to interact with others, blunted or inappropriate emotions, and distorted thinking. Schizophrenia typically emerges in young adults."—Science News, July 7, 2007, Vol. 172.


    Put the assailant down immediately!

    If you are successful (with several others assisting) in subduing the demoniac, medical attention should be sought immediately. When police are summoned, tell them the assailant is demonstrating "excited delirium," and as such needs medical attention quickly, as he may enter quickly into the exhaustion phase of a stress response and die suddenly. Do you really care?

The Stress-Response consists of three stages:

  • There is an ‘alarm' reaction (commonly known as ‘fight' or ‘flight'). This is followed by a...

  • Resistance Stage or the Resistance to a Stressor. Then,

  • Exhaustion. The process where a disease erupts due to chronic stress and/or death results. Death results because the body has exhausted the resistance stage. It can occur quickly, depending on the chronicity of the stressor.

    "Remember above all, that the thing that kills innocent people in gunfights is their own morally-inbred hesitation to kill fellow beings. It is not a consideration shared by the criminals the private citizen may someday face."—In The Gravest Extreme by Massad Ayoob, page 117.


    "Your risk of running into a subject suffering from Excited Delirium is increasing, probably due to the rise in illicit stimulant use and mental illness in our communities (WebMasters' emphasis)."—Dr. Jeffrey Ho, "... a board-certified emergency medicine physician and a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians. He regularly consults with law enforcement agencies on issues of in-custody death."

    Your WebMasters were personally told by mental health workers that more states cannot afford to keep all of these mentally disturbed people in half-way houses and many are therefore being turned loose on the streets. The first thing the schizophrenics and other mental cases do is stop taking their medicine and eventually relapse into a psychotic state!

    When the Total Collapse of the Dollar comes, and well-before it, as we are seeing now, denizens of the night will come dancing in the dark, creating horrendous problems.

    You have to protect yourself and family. You don't want to hurt another, but neither do you want to be hurt and have property destroyed. Things will get quite rough in America before long. Be Prepared!

"Felons seldom quit or back off. They push as much as possible. Don't be afraid. Refuse to be intimidated. Felons don't always know how to accept begin [sic] challenged. They may appear dazed during the interaction. The appearance of a weapon may deter some criminals, especially if they are motivated by profit. But such deterrence cannot be counted on.

"...even the best agencies are unable to protect their citizens. The court system is unable as well. There is no Constitutional requirement that the government provide you with protection–and even if there were such a requirement, it would be impossible to fulfill."—Sgt. Bob Campbell, American Survival Guide, March, 1999.

Another Problem

[The Stalker]

    It's happening now. It's just that it is often the celebrities who get the media's attention. But, you can rest assured that someone is watching you. You will pop into their mind when the Chaos erupts on the scene in America. The crime we're talking about is Stalking. This was not a crime until sometime in the ‘90s. California was the first state to pass a stalking law in 1990. The crime has gotten so prevalent now that all states have stalking laws.

    However, most people do not even know if a crime has been committed when they have been stalked. Many, at least half, do not report it to the police because they are not even sure if the police can do something about it, let alone if they have been stalked. Many do not report the crime because they fear retaliation by the perpetrator. The victim may think it is a harmless sequence of events that are harmless. They aren't. Many don't even know they are being stalked!

    You have been; or, are being stalked if, there are "repeated conduct directed at a specific person that would put a reasonable person in fear." If there are two or more occurrences, you have reason to believe you are being stalked. They may be graffiti on your house, auto, or some other personal/non personal item of yours, or where you are meant to see it. There may be vandalism or late night ringing of your phone or doorbell and no one at the door. The latter is a form of terrorizing you.

    The actor (stalker) often has personal information that could be embarrassing to the victimized. The actor may have your cell and land phone numbers including the numbers where you work and the extensions. The stalker quite often knows your modus operandi. Your WebMasters have personally seen where the actor not only stalked the victim, but made victims of close friends and family to the original victimized person.

    Not knowing when the next attack will come and from where, the victim becomes stressed, with the stress-response eventually taking a toll on his mind and body. Victims often feel anxious and always in condition orange or yellow. Their professional lives can suffer. They never know when the next attack will come, or where or how it will come. Their life can become a mess.

    The stalker often gets bolder and starts becoming more violent if not stopped early. Seventy-five percent of females who have had intimate relations in the past with the actor, were stalked a year before they were murdered.

    Certain actions by the perpetrator were shrugged off as bothersome, but not cause for alarm, or evoking of the fear that they were going to be murdered by the actor. For instance, sending or leaving stuffed animals to their home or office, or, along their route of travel destined for the victim to not miss the signs or signal. He may have flowers sent to you regularly, and love notes with or without the flowers. This should alert you that you are being stalked. He may go violent at any time, when you least expect it.

    Forty-five percent of stalking victims are men. They may be stalked by other men or women. It may be a Fatal Attraction. This can happen by, or from, either sex to/or by either sex.

    Notify the police immediately, then get a concealed carry permit and practice ... practice ... practice using Cover, Movement, Concealment, and Distancing. Learn about a safe-room at night to be in when sleeping.

    You need to be taught about Target Indicators and how to do House Clearing, even though the police often send in the "dogs" to scent out an intruder prior to entry. This is a skill you want to learn and practice in your own home for when "there are no police about." You need to get savvy in this area of self-protection. Also, take the NRA's Basic Personal Protection In The Home Course. You don't have to be a victim. ...And...don't feel guilty for being a winner, either.

    You don't want to walk into your apartment or domicile with stalking occurring in your life and not be aware of target indicators that something is amiss and someone else is in your place of security before you got there. A quick perusal, well-done, can save you much misery later in the evening, especially when showering or bathing–your most vulnerable position, unless you have prepared. One thing many a person does is have music playing and this leads the intruder directly to you, as well as rendering you not able to hear things amiss.

    Many a stalker just kicks in the door after you are in your home. Be prepared for all occurrences. Getting into the proper mindset does much for one when they have taken certain steps as given in this document. They have made the decision that they are not going to be a victim and not feel guilty for what they have to do to save their own life. The victim takes the stalking seriously enough to do more than what the police can do for them until a crime has been committed. The Police Have No Duty To Protect, they are not proactive, but it goes a long way in your favor if you have worked with them to have a file and records on the actor when Mr. Ugly goes nasty and you have to put him down!

    The stalker's mind may turn down at any moment and especially so when chaos is looming on the horizon, certaintly so When The Hell Breaks. Do not take stalking lightly! It is serious and will escalate to violent levels when the police can't protect you in the not-to-distant future.

    Keep a documentation list of the events and keep giving them to the police to add to your file. Don't expect them to add the event to what you have given them. Present them with a total list each time, incorporating the new addendum.

    If you have stalking occurring in your life right now, do the above and go to a support network for help. Counselors will help you keep your documentation list (log of events), work out strategies (blueprint, design, game plan, project, scheme) and work with a support network in your local area or even nationally. See The National Center for Victims of Crime's Stalking Resource Center. Women/Men: This is a must see! Use it...know of it...learn of it. Most Helpful. Teach your family members about this web site and tell them to spend some time there. If you teach school or know teachers, e-mail this UpDate to them. They will be stalked in the not too distant future. As the Chaos develops, anyone who has made somebody "mad," may be stalked.

    You may be stalked when those who have not earned what they are getting from the "government dole," suddenly and without notice, have it taken away from them because the government is broke. The erstwhile dole receivers will then have displaced aggression—see previous ChembioUpdates. The illegal alien problem will not help this either. They will become a violent group, en masse, ready to take what you've got. They will look around for who's stalkable first, then follow through.

    None of this we are writing about is pretty nor pleasant to contemplate, but facts from history demonstrate the above again and again. You must be prepared mentally, physically, and spiritually. The stress is going to be horrendous! There's no way getting around it. Get in shape! A good physically trained body will help with the stress-response. When times get hard, very soon now, start today to live with less, eat less, pray more, train your mind and body more, because less is coming into our future. Form a covenant relationship with at least 5 other people of similar spirit whom you can trust and count on.

    This is not to be taken haphazardly. Start thinking on this now and react on it shortly. As was given in a previous Update, Mormons are a good bunch. However, whomever you choose, be specific that they have and are doing what you have and are doing, and are willing to do. No half-way measures!

    For Victim Assistance, click this hot link, and once there, you answer some questions and will be directed to assistance. Whatever you do, don't do nothing! This is not just for adults. Teens are victims of stalking and brutalization. Apprise your teens there is help for stalking. They should know this in advance for if such an event occurs in their lives. Or you may call 1-800-FYI-CALL, M-F 8:30 AM - 8:30 PM EST, or e-mail.

    The Center has several videos for purchase ($25/video). Peruse them and if they fit your needs, order. You may form a group using the video(s) with printed discussion guide for holding discussion groups.

        But remember, this is a strategy. You also need tactics: What you do! The Police Have No Duty To Protect. They respond. They are not pro-active. Get a gun. You are going to need it, especially when the chaos erupts into violence and the police, if any are around, will have their hands full with more pressing matters and not "trying to run-down some stalker."

    These WebMasters were told personally by numerous police officers, "If things get as bad as you say they will be, I'm gonna be home protecting my family." Another said, "That's when I hang up my badge and start policing my family's safety."

    The only reason why law and order works is because the masses are law abiding citizens and want it to work, and hence follow the prescribed order. But when the citizens go berserk, as one police official said when it occurred, "We can't protect you, nor stop you if you do this. You are too many. Go back to your homes and stop burning down the city. The law can only work when you–the masses–follow it, otherwise we can't stop you because we are only so many, even when armed." This occurred a few years back in a Northern State.

    Get prepared, friends. Our officers of law can only serve and protect so many, but when the mass of people no longer want the law, the police can only do so much–and we don't blame them. They are not going to be able to provide you with food, water, and shelter. The National Guard will be off in another part of the world fighting and policing another war. You can possibly expect a division or so of foreign national troops, Mexicans, Chinese, or possibly Russians, on our city streets trying to keep law and order as they know it in their country. It ain't the same!

    And once they come in on American soil, do you think they will leave willingly? This will be the beginning of the "invasion" so many have seen. They will not succeed, but it will be a terrible price for all to pay. We will push them back. Mainly, they will be called home to try and quell the chaos there as "the rocks fall." They will have their problems in triplicate.

    Study and learn all you can about what these WebMasters have been advising. Time will suddenly end as we know it and then there will be no time for preparing your mind and body for the sights and sounds of such an event. Nor for Long-Term Survival In The Coming Dark Age or The Long Emergency.

The Great Depression!

    They had everything but money. The government had food to hand out weekly for years. The U.S. Government only has food for a few days per person now. Then....

    And from When The Hell Breaks:

"There is currently only a few pounds of food stored for every man, woman and child in America; enough for 3 days."

What The Government Will Feed You:

(What We Wrote In A Recent UpDate)

"Of the 15.7 pounds of food stored per person in the United States (this isn't counting all the illegal Mexicans in the U.S.--somebody's going to be getting your food!), 11 pounds of unprocessed wheat will be doled out to you in times of emergency; it has questionable value. The rest of the foodstuffs will be cheese, corn, lentils, peanuts and non-fat, dry milk. If you don't like the sound of this, get prepared. I can't say it any clearer.

    "Things now get really nasty. Mr. Ugly comes out. People will become rogues and scoundrels, especially men. They will be looking for food, fuel, and FEMALES — The Three Fs. Why Females? For pleasure, under harsh conditions."

    During the Great Depression, "A North Carolina reader," quoted in Reminisce, September 2007, "remembers how, in 1932, her mother stood in line every week for what the government called a ‘Depression Food Box.' It contained six cans of condensed milk, 2 pounds of sugar, 3 pounds of flour, a box of soda crackers and a box of unflavored Knox gelatin."

    We asked numerous people how they felt about "this food box" if they only had this for a week. They asked:

"What Do You Do With That Crap?" Or, "Where's the Beef?"

    They don't know what to do with any of those items. They don't cook...they heat. "How do you make a meal out of that crap?" and "What in the hell do you do with gelatin?" they asked.

    Well, if you haven't prepared, don't fret, because you will get only so much for three days only and before long, you won't have any more questions.

Commentary on Schizophrenia:

    If a member of your family has schizophrenia, and medicines become in short shrift, there may be some modalities you can try, provided you have stored them.

    But first, the facts:

  • Nicotine mimics a brain chemical, acetylcholine. This substance is produced by the nervous system and is natural to the body. Its function is that of a chemical messenger. This is undoubtly why many I have counseled have stated, "A cigarette in the morning wakes me up!"

  • It has been demonstrated in research, that without nicotine, in many of the subjects, rat and human, the neurons fire only 35% of the time when stimulated with a weak signal. But, when axons (nerve cells) were exposed to nicotine and received the same signal, they fired "twice as often." This demonstrated that nicotine was lowering the firing point or threshold, and the nerves fire sooner and stronger, which extrapolates to one's sense of well-being and function as more normal, since they were so low.

    Marina Picciotto, Yale University psychiatrist and nicotine expert says that approximately 90% of schizophrenics smoke. "It may be that they're doing it to self-medicate."

The following are substances that are helpful for most to all persons, unless contraindicated by your medical caregiver.
  • Galantamine is an extract of the plant Galanthus nivalis, known as Common Snowdrop. It functions as a cholinergic and nicotinic receptor agonist. This means it amplifies acetylcholine's effect that stimulates and enhances recall (memory), cognitive performance, learning, and concentration.

  • We would also suggest Huperzine A (Hup A) for stimulating acetylcholine to help in memory and recall and cognitive function.

        If your area is hit with a chemical/biological weapon, such that the chemical portion excessively stimulates acetylcholine, being on Hup A would offer some protection, as it does the same thing as specific chemicals in a chemical warfare, in that it blocks the enzyme from breaking down acetylcholine too fast. The difference in the Hup A and the chemical warfare entity is that Hup A does not block the receptor site so strongly, thereby causing acetylcholine overstimulation. Hup A turns loose of the receptor site and allows acetylcholine degradation by its enzyme, acetylcholinesterase. If Hup A is at the receptor site first, the chemical agent can't occupy it and is degradated, and the health of the patient survives.

  • Other agents to help with neural health and recall are Ginko Biloba and Inosine. They actually cause the body to regrow neural cells. The problem: Most don't believe it and thus don't bother with it; or, stay with the treatment long enough.

  • DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol). You have heard that fish is good for the brain. The substance that is found in fish, primarily sardines, and other foods, is DMAE. This naturally occuring chemical has been found to relieve depression and fatigue. DMAE stimulates the brain by increasing levels of acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter we have been discussing above. This chemical helps in mood, memory, learning and even increases IQ (intelligence) and energy levels when taken with pantothenate, vitamin B5. We suggest the biologically active form of panthothenic acid, Pantethine. DMAE has susuccessfully been used in children and adults with attention deficit-disorder (ADD).

    ...And Now, The Other Facts about Nicotine...

    • "A person whose body has become accustomed to high levels of nicotine due to smoking experiences symptoms of withdrawal when they stop smoking because the postsynaptic neurons that possess nAChRs (acetylcholine receptors)."— Gerald Karp, Cell And Molecular Biology: Concepts And Experiments, 1st. & 4th editions. Wiley.

    • "...nicotine...might promote tumors, age skin, and stall wound healing." Nicotine probably does not cause cancer, but keeps nascent (emerging) and other damaged cells alive by preventing apoptosis, a form of cell suicide — Science News, March 22, 2003, Vol. 163, #12.

    • "Nicotine is a drug — not a poison or carcinogen— but a drug."—Ibid.

    • "Nicotine can help alleviate the mind-numbing symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's patients lack the normal number of one type of receptor that binds acetlycholine in the brain, making them less responsive to that nerve signal. The deficit leads to learning and memory problems... A similar shortfall plagues people with schizophrenia and epilepsy, among other disorders...."—Ibid.

    • "In such cases, intermittent nicotine boosts to the brain can help...Nicotine patches may also fight depression." (SN: 5/11/02, p. 302)Ibid.

    • "Although regular nicotine use can delay wound healing, a new study finds that the stimulant speeds healing in mice with diabetes — a disease that normally impairs wound healing." — Ibid.

    • "Like any drug, the dose is important. At low doses, nicotine can favor faster wound healing, while in larger doses it has the opposite effect." —Ibid.

    • A metabolite of nicotine, nornicotine, "might also interact with the blood to literally fry proteins." — Ibid.

  • Times in America will change rather abruptly.
    Your WebMasters suggest you check your
    Medicine Supply/List

    We Feel This Is Going To Be A Long, Hard Siege
    Get Prepared...Time Is Short Now...
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