(Something To Consider)

The SetUp:

    You saw it coming...you did not want to be an FBI or police statistic. Home invasions are on the increase. You saw the real estate bubble crash coming and with it all of its consequences...you saw the seeds of World War III planted in the Middle East...Everywhere you look, you see disrespect for the hoary head...weather changes coupled with Earth changes...ice caps melting at an alarming rate...it's time to prepare!

    So you have been reading newsletters such as this one along with contrarian newsletters too. Nothing's looking good. You realize that you have got to prepare. You need food storage. You need to get some of the money of the Bible: Gold and Silver. But you also know that When The Hell Breaks, you will witness "confusion ... confusion ... everywhere confusion"....There will be hunger, strife, and then those who did not prepare, well, they will come for you and take what they can. Though you are not inclined to violence, you shrink from it, but the stark realization is that you will need to defend your family as well as yourself.

    Bible verses race through your head:
So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you, and help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.(Isaiah 41: 10)
But then you are reminded from within...

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4: 6.)

The prudent see danger and take refuge... the foolish keep going and suffer the consequences (Proverbs 27:12) and

Having Done All...Stand (Ephesians 6:13)
    And didn't even Jesus say, "Get Two Guns!" (Luke 22: 35-38). You need to get a gun or two.

    And that is what you did. You searched out the best firearms instructors in your area by checking the NRA website, first, for instruction near you from a certified NRA instructor. You got instruction. Then you went to Gunsite, following that with classes from Clint Smith's Thunder Ranch in Oregon. You even studied from the great Massad Ayoob at LFI and continued your training with the incredible John Farnam. And you are still studying tapes and videos from Wilson, Suarez, and others. You follow your state's rules by becoming a concealed carry law abiding citizen and learned the laws of your local and state's jurisdiction.

    You didn't just get state certified and stop there. No, you practice, and practice and run through all the practice scenarios in your head and on the range in case the inevitable arises. You hope to be prepared and do the right thing. You have a safe room in your home. You have instructed the family on what to do in the event there is a home invasion. Your wife is now also well-trained in any firearm in your home. Rules have been laid down regarding firearms in the home and about your person and they are followed. You hope to never to have to use deadly force. But, if you do,
You will not feel guilty for something you did not start, nor sought out.
    You have made your mind up, and your wife too--you are going to be a winner, not a loser...and not feel guilty about winning!

    You have been warned by Dr. Brocato, that When The Hell Goes Down, there will be those wanting help from you that were warned again and again. They were the "foolish Virgins." They did nothing, but scoffed at you for doing your meager preparations, but now they want you to share; they want you to defend them, when they could have prepared. They scoffed at you and reprimanded you for having a gun. You could help them, but at what price to your family?

What You Prepared For

    You go to bed tonight. Your wife has already turned-in. She has already gone through the regular ritual of status checking her Smith & Wesson, 'Lady Smith' five shot with two HKS Speedloaders, next to her firearm on her nightstand. You run through your status check of your semi-auto weapon. You draw the dead bolts into their slots, bolting your bedroom door. You feel safe and secure; kids are away at college. You long for refreshing sleep.

    In the middle of a dream, you are gently aroused from slumber, "Honey," your wife whispers, "there's someone in the house."

    "Huh?" you say. All senses tune to the door and hall leading to it...straining to hear a recognition of something wrong...suddenly, there it is, someone is trying your bedroom doorknob again. You have already instinctively reached for your firearm. The wife has hers; both pointed in a safe-direction.

    Your brain is moving in quantum leaps! "It's happening!" you think.

    "They don't care that we hear them," the wife whispers.

    "They are forcibly prying out the door jamb with some tool," You whisper to her. You have both taken pre-planned positions of strong-hold; she behind the bookcase, you in back of the bed. You know this is concealment, not cover. But you both won't end up shooting each other. You shout loudly: "Go away, I've got a gun; the police are on the way!" Your wife has used her cell to call 911 and give directions to the house; its address and color and where-a-abouts your bedroom is situated, and what is transpiring.

    Suddenly the door breaks open. "Oh my God," you think! The thoughts race. "It's not one but several you see from the ambient light from the hall and night light in the room.

    They look huge in that half-light. One has a crowbar; another some sort of weapon implement in his hand, and the other is holding a gun. No time for talk now! Talk is done with. You and your wife open fire, catching the would-be rapists, murderers, robbers in a searing cross-fire. Two go down instantly; the other races out the room and falls dead in the hall, knocking over a bronze statue sitting on a pedestal. Then...

Deafening Silence

    The entire gun fight took place in a matter of seconds; though, it seemed like hours. Your training kicked in; you knew this would happen--skewed perception of the space time continuum. Everything seemed in slow motion and very close up. Your wife and you rearmed your weapons instinctively and immediately when there was a lull in the battle: She shouted, "Rearming," and you waited for the signal it was done, as you covered her. You shout, "Rearming!" and she covers your actions.

    Your advanced training tells you there could be more in the house, don't do a House Clearing. You wait for the police. The police arrive, your wife throws down a bom-bom, brightly colored, attached with keys to the house, from the second story bedroom where your safe room is. The training has paid off!

    You know what to expect: You could be arrested, your gun taken, a scurry of activity. You have prepared for this and know to tell exactly what happened as the evidence will support your statements. Don't volunteer information. If arrested, Shut Up. Ask to make a call to your attorney.

So You Thought You Were Prepared

    You receive a "no-bill." Home invasion with intent to do deadly harm. You are relieved. But soon, you are to find you have not been prepared for what is about to take place.

    Six weeks have passed. The carpet has been changed the room painted and the linoleum in the hall cleaned, polished, and refreshed. You and your wife both work, and no one is home during the day.

    One night your wife wakes you..."Honey...you were having a nightmare. You were shouting in your sleep, something about 'Get out of here!'"

    "I started having nightmares about what has happened."

    "You too," she moans.

    It appears that both you and your wife have started suffering post-traumatic stress disorder, "a psychological reaction occurring after experiencing a highly stressing event (as wartime combat, physical violence, or a natural disaster) that is usually characterized by depression, anxiety, flashbacks, recurrent nightmares, and avoidance of reminders of the event abbreviation PTSD; called also post-traumatic stress syndrome"---Merrian-Webster's 11 Collegiate Dictionary.

    You think, right then and there with your wife, "We are not going to suffer this because we did the right thing. After all you read Colonel Jeff Cooper's books, and his statements about winning and read the book by Dr. Gregory Boyce Morrison, criminal justice professor, The Modern Technique of The Pistol from Gunsite wherein Cooper writes in 'The Combat Mind-Set,' the very first chapter of the book, that this is somewhat of a created thing by the "shrinks."

    Cooper points out "When David slew Goliath no one recorded that he went into shock," and had to see God for psychological counselling. "Nor did Theseus when he slew the Minotaur, nor did Andy Jackson when he killed Dr. Dickinson in a duel; nor did Teddy Roosevelt when he was set upon in a frontier bar; nor did Eduardo Grijalva when he shot down two assassins in front of his office in San Salvador."

    You both eagerly re-read Chapter 1 from Morrison's book. This PTSD was unheard of until recently, the Colonel wrote in 1981. If you win a lethal encounter that you did not start but had to use lethal force because someone was trying to kill you, and won, you are supposed to feel "dreadful?" Nonsense. Even the American General Patton said to be a "winner" and feel good about it. Then, your wife reads to the both of you something very significant:
"Policemen are now instructed by their supervisors that, should they become involved in a fight, their attitude upon its conclusion should be one of shock, dismay, horror and hysteria."
    "This to present a proper picture for the press. In actuality what they usually feel is pleased and proud."

    There are exceptions to this, Cooper points out. But for the most part, winning is good and losing is bad. Winning is not a cause for having Post Operational Trauma (POT) known then, and now as PSTD.

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

If You Truly Have It and What You Should Do

    First, you already are undergoing counselling. However, the definition itself hints at a solution: You are under tremendous stress. The stress hormone is Cortisol. Your Cortisol glucocorticoid has gone through the roof and is still maintained relatively high; or, is vacillating periodically.

    You can have an am Cortisol blood serum test performed prior to 8:00 am; or just assume it is fluctuating. High Cortisol levels play havoc with the brain and human body. We would suggest you ingest two natural capsules, twice daily to reduce the Cortisol, called Cortisol Control by Vitamin Research Products.

    Cortisol decreases growth hormone effects. Growth hormone builds strong bones, muscles, skin, and a number of other effects including fat loss by keeping in check Lipoprotein Lipase (LPL). The latter causes the body to store fat. Insulin increases LPL. This is why diabetics on insulin often gain excess weight as fat and find it hard to lose weight. And when they do, gain it back quickly.

    When growth hormone is decreased, Hormone Sensitive Lipase (HSL) is decreased. With HSL decreased, fat mobilization is decreased. This particular enzyme is the most powerful and final enzyme in the fat cell that tells it to release the fat. The fat released goes to tissues, especially muscle, and is burned to carbon dioxide, water, and energy. However, if you don't exercise, the lion's share of mobilized free fatty acids will circulate throughout the body and undergo enzymatic transformation back into stored triacylglycerides (triglycerides) in other adipose cells with little apparent weight loss.

    We also recommend for men to use 20% testosterone cream, as testosterone increases growth hormone secretion.

    Many who have suffered great trauma want someone else to "make them right again." But you have to really do the work. I have patients follow a good healthy diet centered around protein---more on this shortly---and avoiding all polyunsaturated fats made by man. Get them from Nature in good wholesome grains, seeds, nuts, and certain vegetables. Also include in your diet coconut oil and real butter.

    Further include in your diet plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables grown above the ground, especially the non-starchy ones. Eat modestly from starches.

    Take vitamins consisting of true vitamin A & D; also ingest 4 to 5 or more grams of vitamin C per day if this does not cause diarrhea or burning of the urine, known as galling of the urine. Very important to include 150 mg of B-Complex per day except those prohibited and given in mcgs.

    We further suggest a mineral by Nature's Plus, Mega Mins Hold The Iron if you are a man, or a woman without periods. If you have periods or a bleeding dysfunction, then take Ultra-Mins. Men past 21 don't have a real need for more iron as it is in everything, unless they have a dysfunction.

    Protein. "Eat Meat," God told Elijah in 1 Kings 17:6. He knew that Elijah was going to be facing top demons and hatred. The stress was going to go through the roof. God built him up first by commanding the Ravens to feed him bread and meat. Incidently, history has shown that vegetarian societies, as in Africa, have always been dominated by the "meat eaters." And what type of diet would our Government have us eat in America?....vegetarian style! Be warned for When The Hell Breaks!

    Stress is a horrendous drain on body storage of protein as in muscle mass. Under such stress (Cortisol response), the body can literally waste to loss of function due to muscle mass being converted into energy. Eat meat. You want complete protein and not just mutual supplementation of proteins from eating beans and rice; or grains and legumes.

    We suggest to such a person to eat meat, especially red meat with a little fat on it. Or if allergic to this fare, eat plenty of dark meat of chicken and other fowl.

    You are going to need from 150 to 300 gms of first class proteins a day because of the circumstances. To get all the required protein, we suggest you consume a protein product as found in powdered whey protein. We are partial to Life Extension's brand: Enhanced Life Extension Protein, a Whey Protein Isolate with added Lactoferrin. The latter is very important in fighting infections and diseases that chronic stress can bring on because it lowers your immune system's ability to fight back. Women do not get enough protein, recent literature confirmed. They get on the average less than 0.8 gm per kilogram body weight.

    We recommend a person get between 1.5 gms to 2.0 gms protein per kilogram of body weight per day, and more so if under horrendous stress. Most weight lifters and body builders generate tremendous stress during a workout and must continuously consume protein to build muscle. It is recommended they get between 1.5 to 2.0 gm/kg daily or more. Incidently, the old argument that it is going to cause you to develop weak bones is now considered bovine defecation; but we are now seeing this argument again.

    To figure your intake of protein daily, consider the following formula:
  • 1.5 x [Your Weight in pounds/2.205] = Amount of protein needed daily. Example: 1.5 x [200/2.205] = 136.05 grams protein daily.

  • 2.0 x [Your Weight in pounds/2.205] = Amount of protein needed daily. Example: 2.0 x [200/2.205] = 181.41 grams protein daily.
    Under tremendous stress, add 25 to 50 grams more of high quality complete protein daily. Divide your protein shakes between meals. You do not want to lose structural and functional muscle! Include fresh fruits and home toasted nuts. Combine with whole milk--certified raw if you can obtain it. It is further suggested you include digestive enzymes with everything you eat. You may just find the gastrointestinal problems disappear and you begin digesting your foodstuffs once more. You will then get the building components you need to rebuild your body to its former health. Also include Healthy Trinity, a probiotic.

    If you are on proton inhibitors (acid blockers), you are not digesting your food properly. Get the digestive enzymes that include bile.

    We further suggest not to purchase the cheap proteins with the filler Soy added or Soy protein in specific with added quality proteins. Avoid soy during this entire period. Soy also hinders thyroid activity and you need this function even more under the chronicity of stress.

    I Timothy 4:1-5 writes about those times we seem to be approaching in quantum leaps: "In those days, you will be told to abstain from meat and marriage." Yet, Peter in Acts 10:10-13, had a vision about eating meats--all were clean.

    Under any stressful condition, such as the ones we are talking about in this discussion, or if you are a woman or man with osteopenia (thinning bones), consume the above recommendations for protein and include true Vitamin A and D, using Carlson formulations in softgel capsule form, consisting of 25,000 IU A and 1,000 IU D; also include 5 to 10 grams of Vitamin C with bioflavonoids daily. Continue with Vitamin K1 and K2 by Life Extension. If there is any proscription against the protein, such as kidney dysfunction, then by all means do not consume such large amounts of protein. Follow your doctor's advice in regard to this and the nutrients discussed.

    Not generally appreciated by many in the health-care profession and especially women with thinning bones, is that without true Vitamin A, your body uses very little protein effectively. And if you have only a small store of Vitamin A in your liver, once you start a high protein diet with/without added protein as a supplement, you can end up with Vitamin A depletion.

We are not talking about ß-Carotene (Beta-Carotene). Even under the best of conditions: Not being a diabetic, thyroid functioning normally, liver bile present, and fat in the diet (incidently: unsaturated fat works, but it destroys the fragile molecule of ß-Carotene, unless antioxidants are present to block the destruction. Saturated fat doesn't.), it is difficult--especially with today's endocrine disruptors abounding--to get true Vitamin A from ß-Carotene.

     We see plenty of women with osteopenia lifting weights, following their physicians' advice--and they think they are getting enough high-quality protein. They are not! These people continually go down hill in bone mass.

    Allow me to digress for the moment.
If you are one of those people I am describing and still losing or just holding bone mass but have not recovered appreciable bone structure, then see a knowledgeable nutritionist/physician/caregiver that knows the ins-and-outs of human growth hormone and natural thyroid administration. Without these two things properly administered, many never receive back what they lost in bone mass and muscle mass as they age and/or undergo severe stress. A little testosterone cream (5% for women; 20% for men) wouldn't hurt either for bone and muscle mass, including cognitive function enhancement, especially in men.

    Under any condition of stress effects that you are trying to overcome, exercise would be advisable. Sometimes, the debilitating stress is so severe, it is often misdiagnosed as depression, and consequently, the person remains on medicines they never needed for life. Since extreme chronic stress can be so debilitating, we suggest you consider doing resistance exercises with cardio input. For instance, you need to build back muscle and strength, and get a pump at the same time. The pump in resistance exercises creates a general sense of well-being and is infectious in that you are looking forward to your next training period. The muscles swell. Blood courses through them. Nutrients and wastes are being exchanged. You feel accomplished. Your mindset is improved. This, of course, is if you are training correctly and not under/over-doing the training routine.

    Bench presses, squats and deadlifts, have been shown to increase growth hormone secretion if the pump occurs. This means you work out to get that lactic-acid burn in the muscle groups you are training that day. Done correctly, the recovery period is just wonderful. You feel invigorated! The pump is truly phenomenal...Get the Pump. You want the 'Pump.'

    To facilitate the pump, many elite lifters use nitric oxide enhancers. Search out your local nutrition store for NO3 by Universal and Gakic by Muscletech. Muscletech says, "Immediate 10.5% increase in strength, Increase Fatigue Resistance By Up To 28%, Immediate Increase in Performance, Get More Powerful, Faster, And Stronger Now!" We have patients on these substances and they do facilitate the pump and more.

    But, be warned! If you are a heart patient on nitroglycerine for heart ischemia, this is a nitric oxide inducer and there have been and can be problems with too low a blood pressure if you take Viagra for sexual function. The same could occur with natural nitric oxide enhancers from a natural foods store. All the above could cause a "shock" condition to exist that results in syncope (loss of consciousness due to low blood pressure). If this circulatory shock persists, cells die and damaged organs result. Men, and now women, be warned about taking Viagra and other sexual function enhancing drugs without your physician's knowledge. That bit of "pleasure" may be the last you ever have, if you get that far.

    You should include some exercises for your arms, such as biceps curls, triceps press, and one-arm rowing from each side for a strong back. If you can't handle dumbbells, use the machines. For cardio input to your body, use the treadmill or the track for brisk walking. Some gyms have a track for such purposes.

    There are machines in gyms, such that you do not have to do the classic bench press, dead lift and squats. You can use the machines if your age or condition prohibits the use of "free weights."

    You and your wife intelligently discuss this for several days, review your lessons from the Colonel, and the PTSD stops! It was that simple for you because you were not pre-programmed to feel poorly for being a winner.

    One evening you both arrive home at/or about the same time. You both end up in the kitchen for hot coffee, but she goes upstairs to change. A screech emanates from the bedroom; you race up there with thoughts pounding your brain because of what you have just been through. You freeze at the door. Gazing around the room..."What the...?" you trail off as your eyes take it all in. There, your wife stands in the midst of drawers opened, pictures knocked off the vanity set, closet doors opened with clothes strewn everywhere. Even the frames on the wall are askew!

    You look at your wife quizzically. She asks, "What wrong?"

    "It's gone." You race back down the hall.

    "What's gone?" she shouts from the bedroom.

    "Oh my God!" you yell, staring down over the bannister from the upstairs to the ground floor. "It's been thrown down there!"

    Your wife races to the bannister and stares down in disbelief. There on the imported polished hardwood parquet floor is the bronze statue, dug in slightly. The pedestal is still in place upstairs.

    Your first thought is, "We've been burgled." A thorough search turns up nothing missing. A complete search of the house, similar. No busted windows for one to gain entry, no forced-open doors. Nothing downstairs amiss. The wife wants to call the police; you insist no. You win.

    Things seem to have settled down except for some minor noises at night that have gotten you up to investigate. A number of weeks have gone by and then one night after your wife showers, she comes into the bedroom where you are and says, "Honey, I felt as if someone or something was watching me."

    She further says, "I don't feel comfortable here anymore," and her voice rises with each word.

    You answer, not wanting to appear alarmed and disturbed, "Something is happening to us and I don't know what it is. I thought I saw a shadowy figure in the hall late when I came up to join you in bed the other night."

    "Our minds could be playing tricks on us," she theorizes. "Do you think we have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome?"

    "No way! Not when something slings a seventy-five pound statue down from the hall landing. That's not mind games," you reply. "It's not mind-games when our bedroom is trashed," you further comment.

    While the two of you are rehashing the recent events, you hear a loud groan and crash in another room. Rushing into the second bedroom, you look around for the cause of the crash. She screams, "There it is." You both stare in disbelief as your attention is riveted to a large crucifix that has suddenly and forcefully been ripped off the wall of this room and now lies in a shambles on the carpeted floor.The crucifix was a recent gift from a friend overseas. It was blessed and your pastor said it is okay to hang it in the bedroom for contemplation.


    Things have now heated up so much at your house, good rest is impossible. For instance, your wife was awakened one night and screamed because there was a smoky or shadowy figure bending over her. It was in no hurry to "begone" when she screamed, and consequently, you saw it too as it slowly backed away looking somewhat, as far as you could tell, puzzled.

    Consider just last night. You saw something in the area of the hall where the threat went down. And before that, the hot water was running in the bathroom when you came up for the night.

    Still another time, the lights come on and off in the hall and in the bedroom in pairs or separately. One night the phenomena are so bad that you call your pastor at 3 AM because you and your wife are about---you feel---to lose it. There have been strange odors of rotten flesh that greeted you two when you came home together.

    There are areas of cold in the hall and bedroom that move around as if locked within those sites. They come and go. It can be in one place in the bedroom, then no longer found there but discovered in the closet, as if hiding from you, only to surprise you.

    The phenomena is generating more and more force and calling-up, therefore, more occurrences. Whatever it is, it is increasing in strength.

    Because of all this you fear you may have to sell your house and get out of there.

    There is no logical explanation for any of these physical occurrences and now you and your spouse are actually seeing the threats you both put down. It is so bad, they have invaded not only your dreams, but your silence. "Help me!...Help me!" a pitiful male voice or voices call out in the middle of the night.

"That's it!" you say. "We're going to get somebody over here to get rid of this mess."

    Sometime at/or about 3:00 o'clock in the morning, you hear doors opening and closing, doors slamming shut. The occurrences have now gotten so bad and so arrogantly displayed, you hear voices cursing you and your wife unabashedly. They go from one extreme to the other--from supplication to damnation--and this is supposed to be Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome?

What Is
Going On

    After the legal put down against lethal force, the couple in the scenario could have made things a lot easier for themselves if they had known the following:
  • People killed violently, as in automobile wrecks, airplane crashes, war especially, gun fights, and the like, often do not know they are dead!

  • They did not have chance to prepare their supraconscious mind, their soul, their spirit, or whatever you may wish to call it. And, incidently, many of these people were saved. But, something was lacking.

  • We do not know the reasons why, but many hang around the area they were killed in for great lengths of time, as in centuries. We call these hauntings. Science has now entered into this with sophisticated electronic equipment and has registered vortexes of energy where certain endowed people known as 'saints,' 'psychics,' 'mystics,' and 'seers' have reported the same phenomena for centuries now.
    For instance, Civil War battle fields have demonstrated this; areas where Indian massacres have occurred, and in the Alcatraz prison are among just a few.

    One case that your WebMaster is well-aware of happened during the Korean War at the Yalu River. All hell broke loose and straggling Marines were everywhere---lost, cold, and hungry, with enemy everywhere. A small group of lost Marines were in hiding when they noticed an individual coming toward them. All rifles were pointed to blast the 'enemy' to the nether world. He shouted, "Hold your fire!"

    "It's the captain," one very young Marine whispered.

    "Everybody line up and follow me," the captain ordered. He was very stern and then he said, "Put your right hand on your buddy's right shoulder in front of you." The command was obeyed and no questions asked.

    The captain led the men down a rocky, icy slope; stopped, and said, "Now...no one look to either side and say nothing. Keep your hands on each other as ordered and you," he pointed to the soldier immediately behind him, keep your right hand on my right shoulder."

    "Yessir!" they shouted in unison.

    No one questioned him when it was discovered he was leading them down to an enemy encampment. They were overawed! They walked right through the camp of about 30 Chinese troops, heavily armed, and some North Korean soldiers. Several fires were burning. They could feel the fire's heat as they walked by and using peripheral vision, saw that not one even saw them walking right through their midst! As they moved out from the encampment, they could hear the small chatter and clanking of food tins as the troops ate.

    They were all lost and had no idea where they were. The Marines just shuffled along the frozen wasteland. The captain finally stopped. He pointed and said, "Keep going in that direction until you come to the Yalu River, there's a small bend just a little bit South of the river and there you can ford the river." Then he gave them the new password and the small band of Marines continued on. He disappeared into the blustery night wind in the direction of the encampment. They though he went for more Marines.

    The Marines were challenged as they got midway across and shouted the password to the other Marines holding the river bank. A lot of cussing was exchanged.

    Later, those Marines that crossed the Yalu River were called in one-by-one for debriefing, unusual for that particular time. A psychiatrist (Colonel) was present. Each was debriefed in his presence. Then, a few days later, all were gathered together again in the "big" tent. The commanding officer was sitting behind a crate for a desk, with the "shrink" present.

    "You all say," started the commanding officer, "that your captain led you back."

    "Yessir!," they answered in one accord.

    The commanding officer rose violently and shouted, "I don't know what the #$%&*!! you people are trying to pull." Pointing up to the hills, he said, "Those hills are crawling with gooks, and you are telling me the captain led you out?" Without waiting for an answer, he turned quickly and ripped open the tent flap and ordered the men outside.

    They were ushered into the bitter cold; the ground was frozen and the wind was whipping around at 10 to 20 mph. There, laid out on the frozen ground, were the frozen corpses of fallen Marines in gunny sacks. The commanding officer went to one and pointing down, he said,"This is your captain, he was killed three weeks ago!"

    The couple in the scenario were technically correct in what they did; but, they did not know that in violent confrontations, a living soul can become a living "entity." The entity is often confused, carries his hate with him and can make a living hell even for those who are saved or not. Quite often, he does not even know he's "dead." Truly, the entity's body is dead. He is trying to get your attention for help; or, is still carrying on the fight. This fight, or just plain 'hanging' around, can last for eons of time until it is explained to him his time is over on this side. This happens in many cases if one is not prepared and ready for death.

    The Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce, had his front door bell ring three times one night. His wife answered it twice and no one was there. When she returned upstairs, Cayce asked each time, "Who was it?"

    "No one was there," she responded. "It must be those kids down the street playing pranks."

    The third time it rang, Cayce himself went to the door. From upstairs his wife heard voices. When he returned, she asked, "What was that all about?"

    "It was old lady Sawyer from down the street," he said nonchalantly as he moved to his arm chair. "She just died and doesn't know where to go or what to do. Her family can't see her or help her, so she came here."

    "What did you tell her?"

    "I told her to go back and wait, someone will be there shortly to escort her to where she needs to go."

    Your WebMaster has even had Denver, Colorado state troopers and police officers not even involved in a fatal shoot-out, who for reasons not known, became the target of the fallen soul when they arrived at the scene, the entity proceeded to follow them home and make a living hell for them. I counselled them through this. They thought it was POT, now called PTSD. They were not getting any better and I explained to them what you are reading in these pages now.

    In my area now, I have seen some state troopers with similar problems. After listening to them, I explained what you will be reading shortly. Their problems did not disappear immediately, for the "entity" was too strong and well-entrenched now and liked his home. The entity did not know it was "dead."

    The longer you take in recognizing the cause of your problem, the longer the entity has a chance to gather his forces, and oftentimes, not just disincarnates come, but also "angels of light" come dancing in the dark, which facilitate the disincarnate entity's force and hatred for those who put him down. The longer they are allowed to stay, the stronger they get, and the worse the hell that you begin to experience. And remember, all along, they do not know that they are dead. They are still seeking answers, but they are growing stronger in their deceased state.

    They are learning and being taught they are now a world of mind...of thought, and as such---even though it is not explained to them they are what we call dead, they are very much alive. But, in order to effect movement, things, they must use their supra conscious. The "entity" effects what is called poltergeist activity and hauntings.

    But not every phenomena are hauntings. This happens much in wartime activity. A young soldier, in the prime of life, is struck down. He continues fighting to no effect. Finally, his thoughts of home and family send him there. He arrives smiling and greeting everyone, but no one sees him. His excitement of returning home suddenly soon turns to confusion and dread. No one can hear him nor see him. He feels lost, lonely, and does not know "what is going on."

    Then activity starts around his home because he is trying so hard, using tremendous mental energy to make contact. But, this is not mischievous activity, even though only it appears to be his pictures are knocked off their stand; his personal belongings are found disheveled; things relating primarily to him are disturbed.

    He is trying to get your attention he is alive and your depression and hurt has projected to him, causing him great consternation because he sees you so distressed over his 'death,' though he may still not know he is physically dead. Others from the "other" side may not be able to work, reason, talk, etc. with him because his mind is so focused on your distress. You are not helping him.

    In cases like this, I have helped those left behind by having them go into silent reflective prayer and meditate on peace, harmony, and balance. When a quiet comes over the meditator in meditative prayer, then they literally talk with the deceased loved one. They say something like this:
Honey, it's Momma. Your time on this planet is now over. You are no longer in the physical; but spiritual. It is time to move on. Your work here is over. Hold your spiritual arms up and ask for help from on High! Go for the light.
    And if they are Christian,"Call on the name above all names and ask for help. It will be forthcoming ...and quickly."

    The phenomena ceased, sometimes slowly as the new arrival to the spirit world had to make mental adjustments and outlooks.

    Know well, these are not the classical possessions; they are obsessions---an entity hanging around someone alive, obsessing you, not possessing you.

    Various lectures I have given on this nature, has more than once elicited responses from people who were in violent confrontations and have received counselling to no avail. Not every confrontation results in obsession. But know well, what is about to hit this planet will generate the stressful conditions such that there will be a literal outburst of obsessional problems and worse.
And there ain't gonna be any Counselling going on...you will have to be your own counselor.

    In one case, a pastor of some repute confronted me when his church member--to no avail--got worse from the counselling and his pastoral advice. He wanted to know what foolishness I had put into his congregant's head.

    "Don't you know," he said in harsh intonations, looking me directly in the eye, "that my congregant is saved and no demon, disincarnate--as you say, nor any evil spirit or spirits can be around him and cause this kind of trouble?"

    "Sir...," I began....

    "And furthermore," he interrupted in his loudest preaching voice, as if he were preaching to one of his patrons, "God and Satan can't occupy the temple at the same time, especially if one is saved."

    I could tell his blood pressure was rising, because he seemed to swell out of his already too tight shirt at the neck. He reminded me of a person who had been drinking too much with his reddening, spider-webbed face about to explode. He seemed to enjoy telling me off and showing his knowledge of the Bible. Next, I expected him to try and save me.

    "Have you ever read...?" I was cut-off quickly.

    He went on ranting about this verse and that verse and how he could kick the devil's bottom. This writer simply folded his arms and let him continue until the pastor began to wind down like a toy soldier running out of spring or battery energy.

    I thought, as he prattled and pranced up and down in my office, a lot of his preaching is theatrical.

    Silence! Except for his heavy breathing as he was trying to recoup his strength and energy.

    I motioned him to a chair. He simply collapsed in it. We studied each other for a while, then...

    I said, in a hushed voice, "Pastor, have you ever read Ezekial 8?" He nodded in the affirmative, still too winded to speak.

    "There," I said, "was a great temple," still keeping my voice low. "For over a hundred years, God resided in His temple but got very disgusted about what was going on there."

    With that, he paused in a gasp, and shook his head in the affirmative. "As you well know," I continued, "an angel took Ezekial, in spirit, by a lock of his hair, back to Jerusalem, where other Jews had not been carted off into slavery."

    His interest was so piqued by what I was saying that he adjusted his posture in the chair by sitting up straight. The normal color in his face started to return and his breathing was more rhythmical. He was nodding anxiously toward me.

    "Ezekiel," I continued, was set down first near the inner gate. There, he saw an "idol of jealousy or Tammuz." The reverend looked squarely at me and slowly moved his head up, then down several times to show his agreement. "Then, the prophet looked to the way of the north and saw more abominations. God even told him 'I should depart far off from my sanctuary?' This indicates that evil was present in His temple while He was there at the same time."

    "But," he interjected. This time I cut him off.

    "Then," I said loudly, drowning out his words, "Ezekiel was brought to the door of the court; he saw a hole in the wall, digging through it, he saw a door and when he opened it, wow! he saw written on one of the walls incantations, curses, magic, demon gods painted thereupon and all manner and form of creeping things and living creatures."

    "What now?" I asked the preacher.

    Indeed, he knew his Bible quite well for he was now fully recovered, and said immediately, "There were seventy ministers of the Lord there, and they were in secret worshiping the images represented by the pictures there and each had a censer in his hand with smoke rising up."

    "The third thing Ezekiel saw," he said, "were women worshiping and crying over Tammuz."

    "True, but what abomination is this?" I asked.

    Before he could answer, I pointed out what he was surprised to learn. "Nimrod was married to Semi-Ramus, he was about to die and said to his pregnant wife, 'You will be unseated, you will not be able to rule in my absence. Thus, say this when the child is born: When I give birth, the child will be Nimrod again.' Thus was born the reincarnation concept."

    We discussed a few more things. I pointed out that the prophet saw, that after a hundred years of this, the 'Glory of God raised up and left the temple and rested above a nearby mountain.'

    The pastor rose slowly and said thoughtfully, "Good and Evil resided in the Lord's house for over 100 years."

    Without saying a word, he shook my hand and left politely.

    Yes, good and evil can and do reside in the same place. This is a Cross we often have to bear. In the case of disincarnate entities or demonic forces, they can and do bother saved people, often with terrifying poltergeist activity. They can even invade your dreams at night, to give you the worst of all nightmares, known as night terrors. This is the process by which you know you've had a nightmare, but you don't know what it was about, except that something terrible occurred while you slept. If one doesn't know these things while getting counselling, and I do recommend counseling where needed, it may be all for naught.

    This is what happened to me a number of years back. I am not a seer, psychic, nor a medium. Both of your WebMasters went to Galveston, Texas to visit the ancient homes there that were now serving as palatial museums, representing the Victorian period. One edifice over 100 years old on a warm, balmy Sunday afternoon had a number of visitors waiting in line. When we entered the structure, we witnessed the marble floors, oak wood stairs and bannisters, our tour guide reached a room with ancient carpets and old oak flooring on the second floor.

    Hardly a moment passed after I entered that room, that I suddenly felt extremely nauseous. Something was grasping at my very breath. "I've got to get out of here!" I gasped. I retraced my path down to the first floor, holding onto the bannister because my legs were so weak and shaky, and went outside for fresh air.

    After I regrouped myself, and covered myself with "The bright light of Jesus Christ," I went back in. Upon reaching the second floor room, where the experience had occurred just minutes before, I felt a chill or vortex of cold energy in a certain corner. The editor of this newsletter asked, if I was better now. She had come with me outside and I explained something awful had happened in that room.

    Most of the tourists had left. The guide remained talking to those asking questions about the relatively bare room, except for the rug and finish trim work.

    Looking in my direction, she came toward me, as I had raised my eyebrows and arm as if to ask a question. "Yes sir, you have a question?" the aging woman responded.

    "Did anyone ever die in this room?"

    She looked very strangely at me. Still with a quizzical expression on her face, she asked, "Why?"

    I asked intently, "Did he die violently in this room?"


    "And did he die right here?" I asked, pointing to a corner near a closet.

    "And was the body stuffed in that closet?" I further asked, pointing in its direction.

    Her answer was as puzzling to me as the question was to her. "Over a hundred years ago, we are told that a murder took place where you pointed and was seen from the street below. When the authorities got here, the murderer tried to hide the body in the closet and drug it there, leaving a pool of blood."

    Then a flurry of questions followed: "Sir, are you a historian? Are you a distant relative of the deceased?" Before I had a chance to answer, a new barrage of interrogations erupted from her small mouth. "Do you have information we can have...any documents...know of someone who might...?"

    I interrupted here.

    "He's still here!" I said.

    Her eyes widened, "What do you mean!" she almost whispered.

    "It was a he...that was killed?"

    "How do you know all this? she asked impatiently.

    Then I proceeded to tell her what you are reading in these pages.

    She said, "We have help that won't come into this room. They say they have seen him staring angrily at them."

    Driving back from Galveston, I felt a presence of energy riding with us. It had toured the rest of Galveston and even was present when we ate dinner at Gaido's Restaurant, before crossing the bay on the ferry. Whatever it was, I did not want it obsessing me or my wife, family, friends, home or business. Before I even had a chance to send the entity on its way, as we turned from the beach onto the thoroughfare, it suddenly left. Why? I do not know. It just was getting too far from its energy encampment and probably thought better of leaving it.

    I had a student, let's call him Mr. Barnsworth. He came to my business one afternoon. There were big glass plate windows there and one could stand inside the premises and look at the parking lot that embraced the front sidewalk in front of the windows.

    Mr. Barnsworth and I were talking about philosophy and certain aspects of karate, judo, jiujitsu, and self-defense and wrestling that day. He was a nice sort. My student drove a bulldozer, dozer for short, he called it. At one time, prior to his training, he said he fought all the time---got beat up mostly; but it was the drugs he used to use that caused the trouble. He had plenty of "things" hanging around him.

    He never knew it, but the drugs opened the door for the "things" to come and obsess him. He never saw anything or heard anything, but he was always having some problem with self and life. Mr. Barnsworth had told me plenty and I could see it was due to "portals" he had opened with the drugs that kept him from the kind of life he had dreamed of. But God never forgot this soul.

    He related to me and other students in his classes, that he felt his best when he drove up and entered the classroom. I could tell the things stayed outside and rejoined him when class was over.

    This particular day was bright, sunny, and pleasant out-of-doors. I began to feel an energy pull as I would walk past this certain automobile, separated from me only by plate glass and 15 to 18 feet of pavement.

    As we were talking, I blurted out: "That sure is a pretty car; but death rides in that vehicle."

    My student said in a quiet tone, "Why do you say that Mr. Brocato?"

    "I don't know, but if that were my automobile, I'd get rid of it today!" I added, "Someone has almost had a near brush with death in it recently."

    He looked ashen. He said, "Mr. Brocato, that is MY car. We just got it about a month ago. It's used. The owner bought it new and just got rid of it. "

    "Your car!" I repeated, almost as surprised as he was.

    Then, he got this far-away look in his eyes. "You know," he said, "My wife was almost killed in it three weeks ago. Then, she nearly backed over our baby girl."

    "Do you know the history of it?" I asked.

    "The former owner and his wife got into a big fight over it. They were getting a divorce, and neither wanted the other to have it. The wife was almost murdered in it by her husband." All this Mr. Barnsworth informed me of.

    "We really like the car; I don't want to get rid of it."

    "Then," I said, "You have to remove the negative energy fields surrounding it, because you and or your wife will come to no good end from that vehicle."

    "How do I do it?" the student inquired.

    I explained what he needed to do. He did it, and the phenomena ceased.

    Here was a case where an automobile was obsessed by the energy field of hatred magnified by both husband's and wife's animosity toward one another. The energy field broke away from them and was hurled into a solid object, only to radiate outward when proper time, temperature, and electromagnetic frequencies of outside sources presented themselves and when melded with the obsessed frequency of negativity, it became strong enough that it could influence one's behavior at the time of driving the vehicle.

    Look at it from the standpoint of radio wave frequency generation. If you increase the frequency or energy to a certain power; then suddenly shut its source of power off or suddenly drop down the power, a wave frequency is generated outward from the source and propagates itself until it meets with a proper receiver and possibly a conductor as well.

    The original owners' dislike for each other over the automobile made it ideal to receive that energy field when raised to such emotional peaks wherein one was willing to commit murder to satisfy his desires, and one was willing to thwart him to maintain her desire--the car.

    In a similar manner, Elaine N. Marieb, writing in Human Anatomy & Physiology, Sixth Edition, points out the fact that under great emotional stress, memory is strongly enhanced via epinephrine hormone under the influence of powerful emotions. In other words, everything is energy, in one form or another.

Think of the energy fields generated in a life-death struggle, such as a gun fight that takes place in an eternity of four seconds or less.

    This is what you will be dealing with if you have to put down someone to save your life or that of a third-party innocent. The energy goes through the roof; or, should I say, stuck in those things around you. Or follows you home!

Cemetery Experience

    Consider my experience at the cemetery. I was visiting the grave of a deceased relative. It was a nice sunny day with a gentle breeze blowing in the warm weather. The visit was a pleasant one shortly after lunch time. I was in the military section and walked only a few paces and was in the civilian section. I was wondering about how long some of the graves existed in that particular section. It wasn't too old or too new.

    After ten or 15 minutes of this, I needed to get back to work. All this time I had been walking over various graves and not always looking down as my eyes would become focused on various stones as I traversed the site.

    While standing at one site, looking toward my vehicle, getting my bearings on how best to drive out, I had stopped walking. Suddenly, as if something caused the hair on my arms and neck to bristle, a vortex of anxiety encompassed my body. I didn't like the feeling at all! Looking down at where I was, I was horrified to see the grave of a very, very evil person who delved into all sorts of machinations and black arts. The frightening thing is that she had been deceased for at least 25 or more years. I was well-aware of who she was and had thought she had been buried in another cemetery.

    To my chagrin, she was right here, literally not more than 30 to 45 feet from my relative's place of rest. Her grave was hot! Meaning she has not grown or moved into the light in all this time. She was still right there. This may be her purgatory until the final judgement. She is now one of what the great American psychic, Edgar Cayce, calls "a member of the borderland experience."

    Immediately, I moved very quickly to the holy physical resting place of the relative's plot of land out there. In some strange mystical manner, my senses detected a cry for help. It was made apparent to my senses, "Don't leave...come back...I'm very lonely here!" Certain prayers were invoked for the dead and protection was sent up and out around me. I left quickly!

    While out there, I noticed that most graves were what I call Cold. The souls were long gone from there, hopefully to a state of absolute bliss and true rest. However, it was surprising how many graves were Hot! They had not moved one iota. They were meeting self. They had just only begun to "reap what they had sown."

    One case I know of involved a shooting, resulting in the death of one of the involved parties. He was simply dropped down into an abandoned well and it covered up. For years, this soul plagued the immediate area there. It was discovered through holy intervention that the soul was not resting because it had not had the blessings of the Church and a Christian burial. When the remains were exhumed by holy guidance, poltergeist activity stopped.

    The Holy Writ says "Your treasure is where your heart is." It undoubtedly meant much to this soul in the above narration to have a proper burial. He could not go to his rest until such things were done.

    Here was the case of a just person being dropped by a felon, and yet, because of his strong energy field of where his heart was, he could not rest and tried in vain for years to get the attention of those still on this "side" for help. He was still right here and there. I do not propose to understand all this, but in my years of instructing, lecturing, and study, I have read, seen, and witnessed many things considered paranormal.

The Blue-Ray Machine

    The Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce, gave a number of readings concerning how to make a violet ray device used in some of his readings for certain types of healing. In one particular case, an ailing person would improve his condition if he used this device according to the reading's directions.

    The device was made elsewhere and shipped to the designated person. After a number of sessions with the instrument, the person got worse. His symptoms increased!

    A check reading gave some surprise results! The narrative went something as follows:
The technician whose job it was to build that device for the ailing person had a violent fight with his wife before coming to work that day. When he got to work, he was still focusing on his wife's diatribe against him and was constantly cursing her as he assembled the machine. He was using such invectives mentally with an occasional vociferation that other employers avoided him for most of the morning. Throughout that period of his intense anger and emotional stress, frequencies carrying the anger, hate and distress, went into the machine. Thus, when the gentleman used the machine, he was receiving the negative emotions the worker was sending to his wife in thought. Thoughts are things which stand for something and the mind is the builder.
    This poor innocent soul who only wanted to have relief from his symptoms and sickness, only got worse. He was instructed through the check reading:
Take a magnet, such as one you see children playing with, and wave this over the device several times to remove and level out those forces (frequencies) of thought which are serving as carriers of impedance to your receiving the violet ray frequencies.
    Immediately, the man felt improvement and gradually got better.

    What happened to this man is that he had an "Achan in the camp." When it was removed, he got better. The New Smith's Bible Dictionary by William Smith says:
Achan: An Israelite of Judah who secreted a portion of the spoil from the destruction of the city of Jerico and hid it in his tent, causing the defect of Israel in the subsequent battle of AI (Josh.7). Achan was identified by lot and both he and his family were stoned. From similarity in names the valley where his death occurred received the name Achor "trouble" (Josh. 7: 25 - 26).

    Since people no longer appear to be aware of "Achans in the camp," they allow their children to bring home all sorts of things without even knowing it or instructing them about Achans. We all do this when we shop. This has been seen on several occasions in regard to antiques when all that is needed is a little prayer properly delivered and directed to send negative vibrations that may have been ported into the articles away.

    Internet, television, foul books and the like open "Achans in the camp" and parents, children and people do not know why they are suffering mental and/or physical problems in many instances. This is not given to assume all such things are negatively endowed...but Saint Paul said two-thousand years ago---which is no longer salient to many (paraphrasing)---"pray incessantly least something overcome you."

    In Minneapolis, Minnesota, where I did a lecture a few years back, a young beautiful, but very concerned, girl approached me during a break and said she had various problems with self. She punctuated them with the fact that her pastor at her church said she had "Generational Curses." Wow! I could see she really was convinced of this and her church did not offer any practical solutions. The pastor was a certified counsellor and even referred her to other Christian counsellors. This woman was obviously concerned and kept wringing her hands. One pastor told her she had spirits hanging around her and were sucking her energy dry.

    I told her the buck stops now! A "Generational Curse" is a frequency carried forward--energy, negative in this case. She had spent enough money on counselling and tithing more than the ten percent required by the Lord. I motioned to the itinerary planner. He came over and I asked him if he knew where we could find a Bible. The young woman immediately produced one. I said you are going to be free of the curses now because they never existed before in your life nor your parents or grandparents and further on down.

    Her eyes lit up; a glow came into her expectant face.

    She then closed her eyes, leaned slightly backwards, raised her arms, expecting me to "lay on hands."

    I told her, "No, nothing like that."

    "You do not have Generational Curses because they were stopped during Jeremiah and Ezekiel's time."

    "Really?" she beamed.

    "Where...where...," she fumbled the pages of her Bible, looking for Jeremiah or Ezekiel, whichever she found first.

    Jeremiah 31: 29 clearly says that now everyone shall account for their own sins---breaking "Generational Curses." And Ezekiel 18: 2 - 3, points out similar.

    She was now free and started leaping and dancing and praising God loudly, such that other attendees came and inquired what had occurred. She explained it all and many of them went into ecstacy because they later related they were told the same thing in their church. I commented that, "This appears to be wide spread!"

    So-called generational curses are similar in their effects on people to "Achans" and to disincarnate spirits that hang around. All cause disquiet, sleepless nights and in some cases, actual physical phenomena to take place. Curses are invectives that are energy-generated and hurled at people, like casting spells, either consciously or unconsciously, as you saw above in the case of the violet ray machine.

    There are a lot of things that go bump in the night, that can only be removed by prayer, penance and fasting, as He gave. One way or the other, it's energy that must be dealt with. And my, my, more is on the way than ever before. And when the earth changes make their appearances stronger than ever before in modern man's existence, starting, I feel at the latter part of 2008, the vibrations will be of such a nature and frequency that we all will experience something of the nature of this article. That's why you need to know what I am about to tell you, plus what you have just been learning. Because the thin veil will be removed in many instances.

    At that time, our Sun and its solar system, located on and constantly moving about one of the spiral arms of our galaxy, will be entering into the densest portions of the spiral arm of The Milky Way (our galaxy). Vibrations and frequencies will start increasing in force. You have already noticed this in terms of terrifying windstorms, weather patterns that are not normal, droughts, heavier-than-ever snowfalls, tsunamis, and so forth. These will all be increasing in frequency and intensity!

    One thing which is located in the densest portions of galaxies are giant, massive stars. Those stars that do not have a binary or multiple star system tend to go nova as a Type II Supernova. If one does this, we will first have a Radiation flash that would burn everything on the side of the earth facing it. Second, we would receive a shock wave that would swing mountain ranges into other mountains, and third, the shock wave would generate a debris wave, as was experienced 13,000 to 11,000 years ago that destroyed the American camel, the wooly mammoths, and rhinoceroses, the saber-toothed tiger, countless species of fishes, birds and the Paleo-Indians of North America.

    We are also moving into The Dark Rift. More on all these in the next issue. Suffice it to say, vibrations and frequencies will interrupt ours for better and for worse. Nights will be long and days shortened. Strange things will be seen and heard and experienced! You can count on it.

How To Deal With
The Entity

The Conclusion:

    The couple who just put down three intruders, staying safe and waiting for the police to arrive could have said, from their secure positions, noticing two of the assailants were apparently incapacitated:
You are dead! You can neither stay, hurt, injure, obsess, or possess, me, my wife, or anyone or thing associated with us, including our family, pets, and friends. Go for the Light. You are now in God's hands. Leave now, you are not welcome here! Go for the Light!

    Later, go to every lintel in the house, especially the front and back doors and bless the house with holy oil. Make the Sign of The Cross using the oil on the lintels. You can use olive oil, or even axle grease if that is all you have. Do something like this.
We, John Doe and Jane Doe, bless this room with this oil as was done and given to us from The Holy Bible for anointing. Or, We anoint these rooms with this oil as given in The Holy Writ for peace, harmony, health, balance, and prosperity for those entering and leaving these rooms. And any not of peace, harmony, health, balance, and prosperty must leave and never to return to cause problems for John and Jane Doe.

And Specifically for Christians:
By the power and authority of Jesus Christ, we bind you in His name. You are not welcome here. Go!

    This is extremely important because the Bible gives specific ways to control entities from the netherland. It says to Test The Spirits.
  • 1 John 2:22 says to test the spirits by asking if they believe "Jesus is the Christ."

    Then, you must then follow with:

  • 1 John 4:1-4 in which you further test the spirits with "Jesus Christ is Come in the Flesh."

    It is done this way:
Do you believe "Jesus is the Christ"?

Then, Do you believe "Jesus Christ is come in the flesh?"

"If not, begone!"
    They have to answer in the affirmative or begone!

    But be warned! They are often, the longer they have been in spirit, or if evil forces from the beginning, have become; or, are very clever. They may try to engage you. For instance, in one instance, they actually said, "Yes! And you are also a Christ too." Get it? They just weaseled out of the question. Be alert. Hold them to 1 John 2:22 and 1 John 4:1-4.

    Remember the Seven Sons of Sceva from Acts 19:14-16. They were into exorcisms using magic, chants, incantations, and when they saw Paul use the name of Jesus Christ, they thought to enhance their fortunes with this challenge to possessing entities for gain. It backfired on two of them.

    The Douay-Rheims New Testament writes,
Among the Jews were some, who by calling upon the name of the true God, sometimes cast out evil spirits. But these sons of Sceva seeing Saint Paul cast out devils, by calling upon the name of Jesus thought fit to do the same, though they did not believe in Jesus Christ. And God punished them...
    "And the man, in whom the evil spirit was, leaping upon them, and mastering them both, prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded."

    Josephus, an ancient Jewish historian, mentions, according to The Douay-Rheims:
Josephus mentions remarkable instances of their power in exorcisms performed in his own presence and in that of the emperor Vespasian, and his whole army.
    Another writer, DeBello says,
Extraordinary things might possibly be performed by magic and collusion between these impostors and the demons.
    "The exorcisms, says S. Cyprian, are the spiritual torments and scourges of the demons." The Douay-Rheims Bible continues with:
It was for this reason the Jews, on this occasion, used the name of Jesus; a name terrible to the infernal spirits, to add power to their imprecations.

    Warren Smth, in his tape, A Dangerous Course!, speaks of A Course In Miracles. This swept the U.S. in the 70s and 80s. Helen Schucman, was told by an audible voice:
"This is a Course In Miracles, please take notes." She is a well-credentialed psychologist at Columbia University's Presbyterian Hospital in New York City.

    For seven years she took notes and it finally became a book and best seller. A Course In Miracles was taught practically everywhere, even in churches. The author was supposed to be Jesus Christ himself dictating, it was always assumed.

    Smith was in new-age seeking answers to life and death. He began to teach the course. Over time, things were not right. He noticed subtle and often times glaring deviations from the Holy Writ. He never saw real changes in people as occurs when they get saved. He was studying his Bible simultaneously and one day when one anointed by the course he taught, came forward, Smith tested the spirits. The force within this person actually spoke through him and said:
"We've been found out!"

    We suggest you protect yourself first before doing any of the above suggestions (you can say something like this):
  • Christian:
    I surround myself with the bright light of Jesus Christ such that no evil can obsess nor possess me, my family, or anything connected to me.
  • Non-Christian:

    I surround myself with the bright light of God and no evil can come nigh unto me.

    If they do answer in the affirmative, then allow them to speak this time only. It can go something like this:
"You may speak your message and then begone, only to return if God allows it so."

    Know well, in a number of instances, no poltergeist activity occurred or occult phenomena resulted. But, a healthy patient went further into the doldrums and counselling did not alleviate his condition. When I entered into the case, I felt a distant obsession. That is, wherever or whatever was causing his troubles, physical and mental, was not here but was sending thought patterns from its abode that, because this creature was defenseless, was feeling those ethereal electro-magnetic vibrations. They were definitely negative.

    And being as such, he was losing weight, sleep, and had gastrointestinal disturbances. His dreams were highly disturbed with visions of an abode where only...as he put it, "The damned must be." This poor man was referred from one counsellor/psychiatrist to another and when it was suggested he take (which is rarely given now) shock treatments with insulin injections, his wife thought the better of it.

    All of his symptoms were characteristic of Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome. The poor "devil" was in hell and did not go to church except as a token to society. In order to reach him, I placed the patient on an exceptionally high quality protein diet. Had blood tests performed. His wife assured me she would see to it that he "browned-bagged" it to his CEO job--which was causing him much consternation because they noticed the change in his demeanor and physiological changes. He was instructed to take certain nutraceuticals--"a foodstuff (as a fortified food or dietary supplement) that provides health benefits in addition to its basic nutritional value."--Merriam-Webster's 11 Collegiate Dictionary.

     His improvement was not dramatic until he was placed on a small amount of testosterone cream and human growth hormone. The man's wife and his employees were the first to notice the change in his physiology.

    He was still having trouble with his body and dream state. After getting him built up somewhat, then I spoke to him what your are reading about in these pages.

    Today, the CEO is fully restored and functional. Oh, by the way, he is no longer a "Son of Sceva," but is a reconfirmed member of the Christian community and a pillar of his church. He often tells his story to congregations.

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