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Calculating Food Storage Amounts

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Calculating Food Storage:

"This calculator is designed" by The Mormon Church and will "help you determine your longer-term food storage needs."

"The suggested amounts are for an adult."


Number of people in the home:
Number of months of storage wanted:
Suggested amount
Calculated amount
25 lb.
Parboiled or precooked white rice, wheat, corn, and other grains
5 lb.
Legumes: beans, peas and lentils
Grains and Legumes combined at the same feeding, give complete protein.

Calculation Of Food Amounts


    The Church of The Latter Day Saints suggest:

"You may also want to add other items such as sugar, nonfat dry milk, salt, baking soda, and cooking oil. To meet nutritional needs, also store foods containing Vitamin C and other essential nutrients."

    Your WebMasters suggest not to store cooking oil—but...any port in a storm. Readers of Chembio Update know the reasons for this. We suggest to store refined and unrefined coconut oil. You are going to need a lot.

    We further suggest you store long–storage vitamins and minerals. Add to your storage needs, Whey Protein in the three pound containers. Get that which has no oils incorporated into it. Get it by the cases.

    This is going to be a long, hard siege, and it has been building for some time now. It will become very plain to everyone in the next few months. Time is almost up!

    James Howard Kunstler, the author who believes "Peak Oil" is the thing which will change America and destroy the American suburbs, says that, "All the systems of our daily life are going to have to be reformed, whether we like it or not . . . really. We're gonna have to grow more of our food closer to home. The age of the 3000-mile Cesar salad is over!" Kunstler quotes Kevin Kerr, a commodities expert and financial advisor, who states outright that we are facing a huge problem with food--already!

    Factory food production as we know it has probably peaked, but the world's population is burgeoning. We are only a couple of natural disasters and bad harvests away from a full-blown crisis, and that's not even taking into consideration the changes "peak oil" will make in our ability to grow food. As oil becomes more and more unaffordable, farm machines will lack fuel and fields will lack fertilizers, which are a product of the oil and natural gas industry.

    When foods start to degrade, they don't go bad suddenly. If they are in long–term storage, such as canned goods, freeze dried, dehydrated, and/or foods you put up in metalized bags with oxygen absorbers and dessicants, you have done a good job of food storage. We have taught local and nation–wide Mormons our method and many of them and their Churches are following this protocol. Our book, Surviving The Coming Chastisement (now out of print), illustrates this in detail. Check online used bookstores.

    Later we will republish updated versions of the some of the most pressing chapters to be used immediately. However, food does degrade. One of the first signs is "enzymatic or enzyme browning." You open the food stored, and it has a slight brownish or off–color to it. That is enzymatic browning occurring in the food. There may be a slight off–taste. However, that offends the organoleptic sense; but, the food is still palatable and will give nourishment.

    This is a big problem in the food industry, stopping the enzymatic browning of foodstuffs.

    Foods that store well that you put up yourself with oxygen absorbers, dessicants and in special metal bags, are the various spaghettis (noodles, shells, rigatoni, thin, and angle hair spaghettis; they are aready dry); precooked and parboiled white rice, legumes (beans, peas, and lentils).

    Rolled oats, potato buds/flakes/instant also store well. You should start here immediately while you can get supplies. Wheat also stores exceptionally well in wheat "berry" form. Be warned! Grinding and eating as gruel/mush will cause gastrointestinal problems, not to mention sore mouth, throat, esophagus, and anus. You do not want this during harsh times when there is no adjustment period to this latter food. Thus, get a fine mesh sieve and filter the coarse fiber out with several filterings and then you have real, organic brown flour. Do as needed. There will be a brackish taste to it until aclimatization occurs.

    The brown whole wheat flour purchased in large chain grocery stores has been treated. Get real organic flour and feel it in your hands. It has a tougher feeling. Then compare the store bought variety and you will notice the difference in feel. Then make bread with the former; then with the latter. The first is chewy; the latter is less so or not at all. Someone else (machine or chemical) has "prechewed" it for you.

    People, especially children and teens, do not...will foods they are unfamiliar with. Children will literally starve before your eyes when foods they are not accustomed to are presented to them at meals. "Kids will literally starve to death before your very eyes if they do not get variety! They will not eat a monotonous diet for long—they are not used to this in America. Train them up now to eat what you set before them"—Surviving The Coming Chastisement. This is called Discipline. Time is extremely short.

    "Therefore, get also jams, jellies, preserves (strawberry/apricot are good choices), fruit butter sauces, such as Apple–Butter Sauce, from your regular grocer as well as from" storage companies. Get also dried peanut–butter and cheeses. The preserves, jams, and jellies store well in a hot attic" —Ibid.

    We have stored some for thirty years or so. Tested still tasty and good. There was no evidence of enzymatic browning. But, some of the water separated from the fruit. We simply stirred it back into the jelly sauce and mixed with reconstituted dehydrated peanut–butter and placed on wraps. We lived a week on this with no ill effects. The sugar content was high and kept microbial growth down. Citric acid preserved them further. We will speak more about foods later; but for now, keep in mind what is given is important for children. They like variety and foods they are accustomed to eating. Storing what you eat and eating what you store will get you through some very rough times.

    Powdered milk will store well (oxygen absorbers/dessicants/metallized bags) this way too.

    These specialized metalized bags are made such that when filled, you fold over the open lips and seal with your regular clothing iron. You can cut the bags in half or any size you want and seal one end; then, store items desired and seal the open end. These WebMasters have taught gun enthusiasts to store thousands of rounds of ammunition this way, place in plastic totes and bury them on their ranches and farms. These latter people know something horrible is about to break in full earnest upon the American scene.

    The rural community as a whole has not awakened to the fact that the Cities will be rushing to them to seek food. This will generate confusion, then chaos, then mayhem. Some have known something very negative was happening out there. And they are now, belatedly, preparing. They should survive, if they get their neighbors and farm and ranch hands to do similar and form a covenant community with one another.

    One of your WebMasters was recently asked by a leader in the covenant community if another good friend could come into the group.

"He has similar thinking."

"Oooh?" replied the WebMaster.

"He's a good family man, he doesn't fool around, and his family is aware of what's going on (the coming chaos)."

"However, he does not have, through no fault of his own, much food stored, but--"

"But what?"

"He's good in a fight!"

The WebMaster's reply was loud and clear....

"Bring 'em in!"

    The National Bankruptcy Survival Guide, presented by The American Sentinel, writes:

Expected Shelf Life of Common Food Products:

    Many types of food, properly stored, can last several years. The 'best by' labels printed on packaged foods can be misleading in that just because the date has passed doesn't mean the food needs to be thrown out. Eventually, it will start to degrade, but only very slowly. Most foods will last much longer than the date stamped on them, even if they become slightly less than 'best.'

    If you keep your food away from high temperatures and keep any food that is not enclosed in an air–tight seal away from moisture and humidity, you can maximize its shelf life. Below is a list of foods' potential shelf life if kept in a cool, dry place:

  • Baking soda: 25 years

  • Beans (dried): 7 years

  • Carrots (dried): 7 years

  • Cocoa: 20 years

  • Cornmeal: 5 years [Note: When the grain is broken, the oils present are exposed to air and humidity and go bad quickly, if not dehydrated, freeze dried, etc.]

  • Freeze–dried fruits and vegetables: 8 years

  • Fruit (dried): 5 years

  • Milk (dried): 20 years

  • Pasta: 7 years

  • Potatoes (instant): 20 years

  • Rice: 7 years

  • Rolled Oats: 25 years

  • Salt: 25 years [Note: Actually salt is one of the compounds billions of years old; it was created at/or about the time the Earth was formed. We do not worry about its age. There are, however, salt–loving bacteria. If in question, cook with it for 30 minutes to an hour or more when cooking beans, stews, soups, etc.]

  • Soup mix: 5 years [Note: Careful...may have polyunsaturated fats, which contain trans fats. Make up your own with dry ingredients and leave out the fat. Add when cooking. Use coconut oil or dehydrated/freeze dried butter]

  • Sugar: 7 years [Note: It can last much longer. It is used, as is salt, as a perservative.]

  • Wheat: 25 years

  • Most canned foods: 3 years [Note: This depends on storage conditions]

Editor's Note:

We have found freeze dried and dehydrated foods kept in cool to warm environment lasted for 20 to 30 years from our own experiments. Canned foods last for 18 months to 2 years. In cool ambient temperatures, they lasted for a few years more. Best to rotate the canned foods by eating and replace what you eat in the back of those storage items so as not to get them confused with later dated foods. Date canned goods when purchased.

How To Figure Your Basic Needs of Grain

For a Family of Four

(Allows For A Little More Food Than "The Calculator.")

    Consider Wheat, Par-boiled white rice, oats, rye, barley, corn, flour, potatoes, and powdered milk (last two not a grain). These should be figured in for variety and nourishment.

    A basic fact to figure from is that 2,000 pounds of grains will feed a family of four for one year. This is 500 lbs./person/year just of grains. This is the minimal amount.

    Therefore, you want the following amount for one person for one year:

  • 500 lbs grains.

  • 500 lbs flour/rice/legumes (beans, peas, lentils)/spaghetti mixture.

  • 500 lbs milk/potatoes/oils/seasonings/sugar/salt (without salt, you may not make it), etc. More of some; less of others, such as seasonings/sugar/salt.


    The U. S. Government Now only has stored for its citizens three days' food. This is course food. Unprocessed mainly. This amount for U.S. Citizens is considerably reduced by the immense illegal population now allowed and present within our borders. Therefore, this demands that some to many, if not most, areas will get nothing.

    This what you can expect from this irrational government: Total Chaos as the laws of the land break down. It will be, for a while, every man for himself. You must become The Eye of The Tiger. Read the lyrics that follow. You must become that against the predators coming to your doorstep. You must be the "predator" against the real predators.

Reasons For Food Crises

Spiegel Online
March 14, 2008, at 12:00 AM
Global Food Crisis
Writes In The Article
The Fury of the Poor:

  • The world population is growning constantly, while the amount of arable land is declining.

  • Climate change is causing a loss of agricultural land, irreversible in some cases, as a result of droughts, floods, storms, and erosion.

  • Because of changing eating habits, more and more arable land and virgin forests are being turned into pasture for livestock. The yield per acre in calories of land given over to pasture is substantially lower than that of arable land.

  • Speculators are driving up the prices of raw materials. The resulting high oil price leads to 'energy crops' being cultivated instead of grain for food or animal feed.

  • The World Bank wants developing countries to introduce market reforms, including the abolition of protective tariffs, a move that often causes massive damage to local agriculture.

  • Millions of people displaced by civil wars need food, and yet they themselves are no longer capable of producing food.

    The commodity markets have acute shortages, and this will cause the basic food prices to continually rise. History will not be kind to us: "Can you believe it! They actually grew food that was desperately needed for human and animal consumption, to make fuel."

    When this is all over, let us, who do survive, never forget the foolishness and stupidity of our times.

The Cereal Grains

Be Prepared For This:

    The background facts: The body converts cereal grains, such as wheat, oats, rice, barley, corn, etc., and protein (meats), in its final stage of burning to get foods nutrients out of them, down to ashes and acid residues. This latter is important because you who have prepared; or, are preparing, as most people will be eating a grain diet to survive When The Hell Breaks in its full rigor....probably for years, if you don't starve or get eaten (see Cannibalism; this site at Menu) in the interim.

    This diet of grains and legumes (beans, peas, lentils) ashes an acid residue. What's wrong with that? Plenty! Let us make this somewhat schematic:
  • Protein and Cereal Grains generate to...,

  • Acid Residues in their final burning in the body.

  • In order to neutralize these final products, one major basic substance is ammonia, NH3. Ammonia is necessary in an organism to maintain a normal balance of acid to base. Science News Online, March 29, 2008, points out:

    "The body converts protein and cereal grains, major parts of the U.S. diet, to acid residues. Excess acid triggers breakdown of muscle into components that ultimately make ammonia, which removes the acids. Potassium–heavy diets, being alkaline, can buffer those acids without sacrificing muscle."
  • Ammonia is produced in burning of protein tissue.

  • And this ammonia neutralizes the acid residues of protein and cereal grains.

  • But, in the process, muscle tissue is broken down to supply the ammonia to do so; thus,

  • You lose valuable muscle tissue for locomotion, strength, balance, and the numerous other things that this tissue is necessary for. You will need strength, and agility, and power during The Long Emergency. You do not want to lose muscle mass.

  • Therefore, store plenty of Salt Substitute, potassium chloride. This buffers the diet product from acid residues that grains and legumes generate and the potassium from the potassium chloride preserves muscle mass! Thus, eating high amounts of these foods (grains, legumes) then, as now, cause muscle mass loss unless buffered by an alternate pathway, the potassium mode.

    We teach a "stable" of body builders. We have them eat an alkaline diet with their high protein consumption to get the protassium found in various fruits, vegetables, and salads to keep them from losing hard earned muscle. Many made more gains in muscle mass when they started eating more alkaline foods. Those who did not like those foods (the meat and potato type) used salt substitute or "lite" salt which is a combination of salt substitute and real sodium chloride (table salt) on their meat and potatoes. Eating salads and finding these foods during The Long Emergency will be next to impossible.


    We have had cancer patients losing muscle mass in sheets. When we gave them niacin, nicinamide and potassium, we rescued many back from the clutches of death.

  • Taking niacin slows cancer mortality. This buys you time! A cure may be found; or, the body, with more time and nutraceuticals and medicine just may bring on a cure — Ray Peat's Newsletter, March 2008..

  • Niacinamide facilitates and stabilizes repair systems. It increases energy production and decreases excitotoxicity (excitation of nerves) — Ibid.

    We suggest one consider niacin, nicinamide, and potasium now and place some in your "run bag" for later. Niacin does flush. We prefer the flushing kind; however, if this is not tolerable by one, they may take an extended release.    


        If you have congestive heart failure or any other heart condition contraindicative to potassium, do not ingest potassium other than what you are accustom to in your diet. High potassium levels in the blood can cause the heart to weaken and can lead to the generation of irregular heart beat that can be dangerous if prolonged.

    Remember, if you have someone(s) stay with you during the Chaos and during "The Long Emergency," when there is no food out there, and they did not prepare, they have lost the right to say: "Don't put that in my food...I don't eat onions; or garlic; or vegetables, and so forth. Or, couldn't you have done better than this?" as they contemptuously observe and comment on what is placed before them.

    You will have nothing but trouble and stress at a time you do not want nor need any stress. Lay down the rules now and stick to them, if you decide to allow someone in. Once in, you won't get them out, without a fight, that you may lose, if you allowed too many of similar mind and ilk to come under your provisional care. See Cannibalism, this WebSite under Menu.

.... Be Ready To Stare That Tiger Right In The Eye! ... and OverCome Him.

You Become That Eye Of The Tiger ...

Survivor Lyrics

This Is The Look of Stress That Is Chronic and Unremitting, Which Leads to Distress Generating Disease See:

What You Are Witnessing Is The Thousand Yard Stare. What is coming will be intolerable and take a terrible psychic toll. If you have not prepared physically, mentally and spiritually, you will become "The Thousand Yard Stare." Your mind will be without emotion of any kind. Your mind will crumble in what you are now entering into. Your jaw hangs, and your eyes will be like two black holes.

But, If You Prepared, You Are Now Ready To Stare Into The Eye of The Tiger and Become The Eye of That Tiger.

Study The Lyrics...And You Will Understand...

The Thousand Yard Stare

Vitamin C Tremendously Helps The Exhausted Adrenal Glands Which Generate This Condition. When They Can No Longer Make What They Need To Make, This Condition Can Come On You More Readily

    Your WebMasters have said in several several past issues of ChembioUpdate that if you find this material useful, download it to your printer and save in your "run bag." We will eventually, or sooner, take down the web site and go underground.

    Other WebMasters and Newsletter writers of a contrarian nature have told us likewise. If one thinks trivial of this; then read what The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast writes in its August 1, 2008, issue:

"Articles in Georgia recently have reminded citizens that speaking improperly of trouble at a bank is illegal. New York banks considered suing over negative comments. 'These are volatile times,' says a leading Wall Street strategist. 'There's a lot of moving parts here, and nobody can quite figure out how they all mesh.'"

    And John Mauldin writes August 23, 2008, 10:17 P.M., in John Mauldin's Weekly E-Letter:

$500 Billion and Counting

"We have seen some $505 billion in bank write-offs so far in this credit crisis. It is serious naiveté to assume that this will be the extent of it. Most of the write-offs have been mortgage-related. We have not yet seen the write-offs that will come as consumers start defaulting on credit cards, auto loans, and other consumer debt. Neither have we seen the losses that will come from commercial real estate or corporate loan as the recession progresses. You can't write off something until it goes bad, although you can increase your loan loss provisions. This of course hits earnings and your stock price and thus your ability to raise new equity. It presents a very difficult dilemma for bank managers and investors deciding whether to invest or go away.

"Sober-minded analysis from the IMF suggests that the total write-offs by all banks may be $1 trillion. Dr. Nouriel Roubini is much more alarmed and puts the potential losses at closer to $2 trillion. That means that banks over time are going to have to increase their loan loss provisions, hitting both earnings and capital. And that means they will have to raise more investment capital and equity at a time when their stock prices are low."

    This means these writers, and anyone else advising you to get out of bank stocks because you are going to lose heavily soon, will be sued by the banks when they find you out.

...And So ... Remember...


Unless You're Planning To Go UnderGround

... And Keep Yourself In Shape So You Can Stay In The Fight To Neutralize The Threat.

Times in America will change rather abruptly.
Your WebMasters suggest you check your
Medicine Supply/List

We Feel This Is Going To Be A Long, Hard Siege
Get Prepared...Time Is Short Now...
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