Final Preparations For Nuclear War !

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Coming To Planet Earth [SunRise Over Planet Earth]

What Is It ?
What Causes It ?
Where Is It Coming From ?

    A Killing Mechanism, is coming to Planet Earth, your home and our home.

    It will come from Within and it will come from Without. There will be a melding of these forces to effect a massive wipeout. The without/within portion will come from Case A and Case B of The Killing Mechanism, Part I, respectively. See main menu for The Killing Mechanisms coming to Planet Earth!

    All will come from sheer terror, confusion, and chaos, not knowing what to do, melded with that coming from other countries. This will put extreme stress on the chemistry of the organism that has been under attack for some time now (endocrine disruptors, excess polyunsaturated fats, polluted water and air, over–medication, all generating reactive oxygen species in excess, etc.) and is prime for a breakdown, such that its normal biological defenses will be overwhelmed. The fittest biochemistries will survive.

The Killing Mechanism Is Now In Place and Running.

Actions The Public Can Take


    Many lives can be saved when the 'Flash' occurs! You have seconds to minutes to 'Turn, Duck, & Go For Cover!' Having understanding of what to do during such a time, will prevent panic!

    And panic will create such stress that unprepared people will come apart emotionally and cause their own demise, in addition to not knowing what to do.

    One thing Dr. "B" has reinforced on all our travels, if you are not at ground zero when the blast occurs, shelter in the inner positions where there are no windows in one's home or similar dwelling; if one has a basement; then, go there to an exterior wall.

    However, if a warning system is in effect that is run by your government—and remantled, since they were dismantled during the 80s to 90s, you may have hours to do the following:

  • Close doors and windows and go to an inner room or basement, if you have one. This action will reduce radiation particulate matter, fallout, from blowing in. The purpose is to decrease fallout agents. Turn off utilities at the meters! This will reduce fires and explosions. Seal cracks and openings with towels, rags, torn up sheets to facilitate keeping out any fallout matter.

  • Any radioactive contamination can be removed from your person with soap and water! Store at least one gallon per day per individual in your home or basement shelter, for as many days to weeks as you have room for; at least three weeks. You can survive on a quart of water per day; but, the gallon allows for more comfort.

  • Set up with a hepa filter, box fan, for creating a positive pressure. We have written about this many times and you now know how to do this. The Cognocenti did this; if you haven't, go here to Safe Room! and watch in detail; taking notes; stock up; then, click the back button to come back here. The positive pressure will facilitate blowing air out through any cracks, crevices, holes, etc., that are not well–sealed. It will aid in keeping out radiation particulate matter and any dirty bomb debris, if enemies of the state use this too. It will also work against bioterriorism or chemical warfare if chemical/biological agents are used.

    As shown in the video, Cut 'True Blue' Filter to the size of the Hepa Filter; tape to the outside portion of the Hepa Filter. This reduces Hepa Filter 'wear & tear'! Now, see the hepa video again. Remember, you will need a box fan; 12–volt car battery; one that fits your vehicle, and get the Inverter to convert DC To AC voltage. Make sure the battery is new and have a charger for it; do not use your vehicle battery for this.

    Making Your HEPA Filter!


  • When a nuclear blast goes off, regardless of its size, it takes 4 to 5 seconds for the blast wave to travel one mile. Therefore, If you are 4 miles from a refinery where they will strike, it will take the blast wave 16 to 25 seconds to reach you. Keep in mind, ground zero is considered to be within 0.6 mile to the blast, if the bomb is rated 20 KT. One megaton (1MT), the radius of total destruction is 2.0 miles; and, 5 miles for a 10 MT.

    Immediate Effects of A Nuclear Bomb Detonation

    Immediate Effects of A Nuclear Bomb Detonation!

    Public Protection from Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Terrorism, Brodsky, Allen, et. al., Health Physics Society 2004 Summer School

  • Have batteries of all sizes wrapped in heavy foil, shiny side out. Have a crank–up radio for emergency use only! Do not...Do not allow loud noises, such as boom boxes, TVs, etc., to play during this time. Save battery power for emergency broadcasts when they come back on, after an EMP attack. Loud noise will creat psychological problems under this type of severe stress!

  • Keep this in mind: Cresson H. Kearny, author of Nuclear War Survival Skills, says in Civil Defense in the 21st Century: Protection from Nuclear, Chemical, Biological, and Mythological Risk; disk 3, part 2:

    The halving distance of 3 1/2–inches of earth reduces radiation into your shelter by 1/2. Most civil defense monitors do not know this! This means if you have 100 rads coming into your shelter and have 3 1/2–inches of earth surrounding it, you have reduced the incoming radiation to 50 rads; and, if you have 7 inches of earth, the radiation is reduced another half to 25 rads.
  • Or, shielding may be acquired from sandbags, large containers of water, blocks of solid concrete; or, books, papers, stuffed file cabinets, and the like to shield oneself. Dr. "B" pointed out several years ago how to do 'home canning' for the hard times ahead. One can use the rotational method of canning, use, then, when the season allows from your home garden; more canning, etc. "This," he says, "since it is loaded with water, can be placed in boxes, as it should have been at the time; then, stack the boxes of canned foods, with all that water in them, around a shelter within your shelter, creating a greater 'Protection Factor'!

    Water will reduce gamma radiation intensity to one–half for every 4 to 5 inches of water.

  • If you have a basement; or, using the middle area of your dwelling, then make a 'dog house' type of shelter within the sheltered room—known as a core shelter, for your family to get inside when the radiation is the highest—see previous issues in this radiation series on how this is done. Or, one can place the home canning; regular canned goods of fruit loaded with water, etc., immediately above the floor in your center room base floor shelter to help block radiation from coming into the bottom floor shelter immediately below the floor above it. If one has a basement, the floor immediately above it can have the same procedure for reducing the radiation as above, in addition to the large 'dog house' shelter in the basement.

    Store Canned Goods That Are Water Packed...Some With Salt...Some Without Salt!

    Store Canned Goods That Are Water Packed!

  • Your local police, fire, and civil authorities must be urged to prepare for the Invisible Forces coming, and, in the process, get the citizenry involved, as the police, fire, local authorities know nothing about nuclear war preparations. When it happens, it will be too sudden to do anything except die, run, or go totally mad with panic! Watch out for the poor advice to 'evacuate'! If you do so, by the time so–called experts give the evacuation signal to a township, city, country side, you will be more exposed outdoors to nuclear flash, blast, and radiation fallout, or, if in traffic; and, the resulting traffic jam, will result where harmful airborn agents, known as fallout, are dispersed in the air.

    Be mindful of wind direction advice! Most giving this will not know, and we are talking about meteorologists on one's radio and TV, etc., that clouds of radioactivity can unexpectedly change directions depositing fallout in various scattered locations. Also, as will be the case, many nuclear devices exploding on or over American soil, wind direction of one device carried away from you (upwind), and you may think you are safe; while the radioactive dust from another exploded device is coming toward you, downwind, from very high winds aloft. This demands you know something, as you have just seen. It is necessary to have in advance, a Radiological Instrument to ascertain whether or not, radiation is falling on you from the second device, as the other one is Upwind to you. This will tell you much. Hence, you know to always get below ground if possible and follow the proffered intelligence given herein and the last four installments of this radiation series.

      CDV–700, The Yellow Box!             Inspector EXP Radiological Instrument

  • Most people will not do the following, because of the 'Me' factor; that is, the selfishness that has been encouraged by the Federal & State & Local Governments 'Entitlements Mentality' and as such, you will not be able to talk to them, as they can not think anymore for themselves, except . . . 'Entitlement!'
    "If you are in a department store or place with many people and know that only radioactive material has been dispersed outside, go to the basement or ground level, and get everyone to form a group where individuals circulate in to the center and out. .... People are mostly made of water. Every 4 to 5 inches of water will reduce any gamma radiation another factor of one–half."—Ibid

    Also, take into your consideration your distance to radioactive contamination on the roof. As time and distance increase, radiation decreases. We recommend you have some food and water with you at all times in your vehicle that you can get to in a moment's notice. If you think you are contaminated, do not go to a hospital, simply shed your clothes; if not possible, brush the off from the head to the feet, then shed clothes, and wash. And, if possible, place fresh clothes on.

    Have the following available at all times now as a Worsening Crisis increases:

    • Mask, such as Respirators. Know How To Fit To Face!

    • Gas Mask, now known as a Protective Mask; outfitted, as shown several times previously, with oxygen, for when the volcanic eruptions come with poisonous gasses.

    • Impact Goggles With Elastic Band.

    • Large Round Hat.

    • Glad or Saran Wrap.

    • Long Oversized Raincoat With Hood, if possible!

    • Whisk Broom.

    • Boots.

    • Duct Tape.

    • Gloves, Cloth & Vinyl.

    • Vinyl Shower Cap for Hair With Large Round Hat Worn Over Head.

    • No Grease On Hair, Face, Or MakeUp! While Getting To Shelter, Radioactive Fallout Particulate Matter Will Stick To Grease, Makeup, etc., Making It Very Difficult To Remove.

    • Change of Outer Garments, If No Rain Coat Was Used, After Brushing Off In Sheltered Area!

      You Want To Be Able To Brush Fallout Off Quickly, As Soon As You Get To A Shelter Anteroom—Or, Out of A Fallout Zone, Removing Most of The Fallout, as Water May Be Not Working.

    • Canteen, Two–Quart With Potable Water, For Drinking Purposes.

    • Plastic, Disposable, Garbage Bags For Waste Removal; Shedding Outer Garments; or, Raincoat—Which Removes 90 % of Fallout From Body; Then, Place Removed Garments Into Disposable Bags Set Aside In An Anteoom for Decay; or, Removal to Outside for Burial Later!

    • Compact Foods, Such as Pop Top Lids For Breast of Chicken, Dole Pineapple Chunks Packed In Pineapple Juice & Dried Nuts & Raisins in Zip Lock Bags, Protein powder in Similar Bags.

    • Ultra One Vitamins & Mega Mins, Minerals. Keep In Convenient Places At All times In Case You Cannot Get To Your Home Shelter! Also, Be On Super Oxide Dismutase and Super Carnosine, During the Worsening Crisis!

    • Keep In Mind & Practice In Your Mind, Such That It Becomes Part of Your Mindset: Turn, Duck, & Dive For Cover!


What Does He Know We Don't?

He's Studying Everything Dealing With Hard Physical Changes...

Another Certificate Dr. B Just Acquired, Storm Surge & Datums!


This Sounds Like A Pole Shift Coming...



Dr. "B" More Than Once Said To Me:

"There's An Ungeheuer Out There–A Monster, & It Will Come In Before Too Long!"

Forcasters Overview of The Gulf of Mexico & The Caribbean Sea



And This One Is Definitely A Sign He Knows

Something's Coming:

Tropical Severe Local Storms

Is This What He's Preparing For?

For Those Regular Readers of ChemBioUpdate

It's Still Coming


Introduction To Tropical Cyclone Storm Surge!


The Following :

  • Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)
  • —Because oxygen is a free radical (Gilbert, 1981; Halliwell and Gutteridge, 2006), it has the tendency to form highly reactive oxygen species which can generate free radicals causing chain reactions and causing cellular component damage: Remember the following and how to guard against its crippling effects. We have spoken on this in a number of immediate past issues.

    Reactive Oxygen Species

    Superoxide Anion
    Produced by the electron transport chain and at other sites. Generates other reactive oxygen species but cannot diffuse far from the site of origin.
    Hydrogen Peroxide
    Not a free radical, but can generate free radicals by reaction with a transition metal (e.g., iron: Fe2+). Can diffuse into and through cell membranes.
    Hydroxyl Radical
    The most reactive species in attacking biological molecules. Produced by water in the presence of iron (Fe2+).
    Organic Radicals
    An organic free radical produced from RH (Polyunsaturated Lipid) by OH. attack. RH can be the carbon of a double bond in a fatty acid (resulting in -C.=C-) or RSH (organic thiol) (resulting in R-S.)
    Organic Peroxide         Radical
    An organic peroxide radical, such as occurs during lipid degradation.
    Hypochlorous Acid
    Produced in bacteria during the respiratory burst to destroy invading organisms.
    Singlet Oxygen
    Oxygen with antiparallel spins. Produced at high oxygen tensions from the absorption of energy. Decays with the release of light.

    For Those Regular Readers of ChemBioUpdate

    It's Still Coming

        Gerald Karp, writing in Cell and Molecular Biology: Concepts and Experiments, Fourth Edition, says:

    "X-rays, gamma rays, and particles released by radioactive atoms are all described as ionizing radiation because they generate ions as they pass through matter. Millions of gamma rays pass through our bodies every minute. When these forms of radiation collide with a fragile DNA molecule, they often break both strands of the double helix. Double-strand breaks (DSBs) can also be caused by certain chemicals, including several (e.g. bleomycin) used in cancer chemotherapy, and free radicals produced by normal cellular metabolism (page 24).

    "DSBs are also introduced during replication of damaged DNA. A single double-strand break can cause serious chromosome abnormalities and, ultimately, prove lethal for a cell. DSBs can be repaired by several alternate pathways. ...Cells that lack one of the proteins required for NHEJ ( the process of repair that rejoins the broken DNA strands) are very sensitive to ionizing radiation."

        We have ionizing radiation coming from the Stars in the Arm of Orion as the Solar System is now moving through The Galactic Plane. What you have immediately been reading, shows the tremendous problems facing us.

        Hydrogen bonding being broken, along with the "pulling apart" of ionic bonds, hydrophilic or "water loving" forces, and hydrophobic (water fearing) interactions, and van der Waals Forces, all being disrupted, will/can cause the DNA to become unraveled and with the strong forces from the Stars—and it will be—persistent and strong enough, this will "prove lethal for a cell." Double–strand breaks, not repaired under the same conditions, will cause death. One will see humans, as this is occurring, moving about; then, suddenly drop dead or dying as the life forces of life itself goes down.

        There could be a cosmic–type energy shift that will have seemingly healthy people simply collapse dead in an instant from the energetic forces in the Arm of Orion we are now moving deeper into. This would be caused by what we have been discussing and what will be discussed.

        Be advised: PUFAs and Rays from outer Space do not mix.

    The Galactic Plane

    The Galactic Plane
    The Solar System's Path Through The Arm of Orion

    It Takes Approximately 26,000 Years To Go From Crest (Green Wavy Line) To The Center of The Galactic Plane (White Dotted Line).
    It's Like A Time Line, A New Age Starts Then.

    An Explanation of The Two Strands and What Is Attached to Them and What Holds Them Together: Hydrogen Bonds. QuickTime Is Necessary for This Video.

  • ROS In regard to Lipid Peroxidation:

    Reactive oxygen species generate cellular injury via the formation of lipid free radicals (L.) and lipid peroxides (LOOH), also known as lipid hydroperoxides. This is known as autoxidation by free radicals. The initiator is often the hydroxyl radical, but can be a another member of ROS. It may even be caused by microbials. The free radical auto–oxidation is not subject to spin restriction of kinetic (energy) barriers. A hydrogen atom(s) is extracted from a double bond compound, such as found in fatty acids, and auto–oxidation is initiated.

    Think about all those polyunsaturated fatty acids we're told to eat...doesn't sound like much good health advice, does it? Polyunsaturated fatty acids are the major fatty acids undergoing lipid peroxidation in cell membranes of the organism.

    The Ω–terminal carbons of Ω6 and Ω3 as they are degradated form the chemical, malondialdehyde (from the fatty acids with three or more double bonds). This chemical is found in the urine and blood and is used in medicine as an indicator for fatty acid damage.

  • Some Diseases Associated With Injury By Free Radicals

    Parkinson's Disease
    Duchenne–Type Muscular Dystrophy
    Alcoholic Liver Disease
    Cervical Cancer
    Hemodialysis Patients
    Acute Renal Failure
    Down Syndrome
    Retrolental Fibroplasia
    Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury
    Cerebrovascular disorders
    Alzheimer's Possibility From ROS of PUFAs

    We are seeing in our private practice something the neurologists call "spontaneous tears." This is the process whereby an artery literally shears, stretches, or tears at the endothelium, the inner layer of an artery. It repairs itself, leaving a clot that may even go to form a plaque. The clot may move distal to its place of formation, causing a stroke or death of tissues.

    Neurologists explain there is no explanation as to why "spontaneous tears" occur.

    In several patients we've seen and are working with currently, they, too, are given no explanation as to why this "spontaneous tear" occurs. It is not known.

    In two patients, the tear happened at the carotid artery high in the brain. No surgery was performed, and the clot was dissolved by medication under emergency conditions. The patients still have numbness on the side of the scalp radiating to the ear and posteriorly. There is no cure for this, neurologists explain.

    When we explained what you have been reading immediately above about vitamin C, procollagen, hydroxylation, and collagen formation, and "scurvy," one bright physician lit up, shouting, "It just might work!" He just then realized that the patient(s) just may need more vitamin C for whatever reason. We made a number of other recommendations, such as avoidance of over–exposure from the electromagnetic spectrum. Primarily, for the patients we have seen, to a one, they all had part of their cell phones, such as Blue Tooth devices, sticking out of their ear. a person...that was the same side that they had the spontaneous tear! Coincidence? Perhaps, but we think not.

    These people are living in terror of another spontaneous tear that just might take their life or leave them with a stroke. Our feeling is that the vitamin C will help keep the glue from coming undone.

    However, there are many persons probably moving into this zone whereby their "glue" is getting more and more cocked and primed for coming undone, especially if the radial center turns out to be an enormous problem. We do not know. But, be prepared.

    Hence, we have taken these patients off polyunsaturated fats (unsaturated fats/PUFA), such as corn oil, canola oil, seseme seed oil, flax seed oil, and especially the fish oils, including fish liver oil, such as cod liver oil (COD).

    The Reason(s):

    • They are extremely toxic! The COD liver oil was shown in the late 1940s to cause cancer in dogs. Experimenters were using it as a main fat in the animal's diet...all died from cancer. The dogs that were maintained on a standard diet had only 5% death from cancer.

    • The fish oils have neurotoxic effects to warrant avoiding them. Additionally, there is now a culture out there advising one to ingest plenty of fish oil, especially that from fatty fish. There are enough studies now illustrating that cancer is increased by the fish oils.

    • The PUFAs (corn oil, seseme oil, canola oil and fish oils, etc.) all cause leaky capillaries, among other things. You don't want this when diagnosed with "Spontaneous Tear(s)". The capillaries are already leaking with this dangerous condition. Just think of this condition of one with scurvy.

    The patients were placed on coconut oil. We are continually asked: "How do I use this oil?" Simply, cook with it, use it on your food, or ingest throughout a day at least two tablespoons. Coconut oil helps tame the toxicity of PUFAs.

    We suggest one plant a garden now including miniature fruit trees, such as lemon and lime. People won't be stealing them as readily as pears, apples, and oranges. The former trees are not as attractive as the latter, and many do not know what to do with lemons and limes.

    Store a little vitamin C with bioflavonoids. And while you're at it, store salt. Without may not make it. Store Redmond RealSalt, Eden Sea Salt and Celtic Sea Salt. Table salt has only sodium and chloride and has been bleached white for eye appeal. You want and will need the full spectrum of minerals that Mother Nature had us evolve with. Table salt will be good for curing meats, etc.

    You May Literally Witness The Flesh Coming Off Another Being, Animal...Maybe Yourself.

    [Flesh Becoming Unglued!]

    Or, You May Witness The Following
    Or Be The Following:

    [The Peel Off]

    What Preachers Have Been /Are Saying

    Many preachers of the 60's and 70's, when the Cold War was raging, preached that in the last days, mankind would have a peculiar way of dying. Men would die standing up, with their flesh falling from their bones. The preachers did not know about The Galactic Plane, nor powerful EMFs, nor enormous electric currents in space, including Type I and Type II Supernovas, among other "denizens" in space, and had very limited understanding of the universe in general, even though much has been learned since then about the cosmos.

    Their sermons or homilies focused on this: "Saints (or congregation), this is nothing short of a nuclear blast from an atomic weapon." The point is, many references were made to the Holy Writ that in those days mankind will have a peculiar way of dying. "He will die standing up! And his flesh will catapult from his bones or melt from his skeleton."

    "Saints," they would say, "That is an atomic bomb blast."

    Your WebMasters say that will come. World War III is inevitable, or some terrorist cell will get ahold of a nuclear device and detonate it first. The two may occur simultaneously; however, the WebMasters feel the War first, and as terror comes from the heavens, armies will be called home and the nukes will stop falling due to the unbelievable devastation coming at/or about the same time from the Stars.

    Recall from above, the flash, parallel spin, antiparallel spin, paired and unpaired electrons and what happens if something changes one spin to the other or the other spin to the one, and the spin restriction is overcome, Spontaneous Combustion with a Flash will occur.

    Last Trumpet Newsletter, by David J. Myer, pastor, writes in the February 2009, issue:

    "In Zechariah 14:12, we read as follows:

    'And this shall be the plague wherewith the Lord will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.'

    He continues, as many of his predecessors....

    "This is a clear description of thermonuclear weapons melting flesh, and this prophecy was given nearly 2,500 years ago! God help us all!"

    But...there's more. Enter Singlet Oxygen....

    From the chart on ROS, you read:

    Reactive Oxygen Species

    Singlet Oxygen
    Oxygen with antiparallel spins. Produced at high oxygen tensions from the absorption of energy. Decays with the release of light.

    As the tremendous energies coming from the Stars are absorbed, Singlet Oxygen will be formed as is in normal metabolism, but more so, such that when the electrons that have absorbed that energy, when this energy decays, releases photons of light. The enormity of such an "Event" may cause one to disappear in a Flash of Light, due to the thermodynamic effect of such heat energy absorbed and then lost.

    In normal metabolic metabolism, an input of energy rearranges the electrons of molecular oxygen and the spin restriction is removed forming singlet oxygen. The oxidizing ability of oxygen is greatly enhanced; therefore, singlet oxygen can move on DNA, lipids, and proteins and directly oxidize them.

    Barry Halliwell writing in Reactive Species and Antioxidants. Redox Biology Is a Fundamental Theme of Aerobic Life, says:

    "Animals are not exempt from singlet 02 formation; it occurs in the skin and eye (Halliwell and Gutteridge, 2006). Photosensitizers of singlet oxygen2 can be consumed in dietary plants (e.g. hypericin in St. John's Wort [Hypericum perforatum] and psoralens in celery [Apium graveolens]) or taken as drugs (e.g. the fluoroquinolone antibiotics), and subsequent sunbathing can cause skin damage (Morison, 2004; Halliwell and Gutteridge, 2006)."

    We live in a sea of microwave energy, this too causes singlet oxygen to form in our bodies. Gradually, the body grinds to a halt. Quicker if the input energy is of higher and more intense frequency — Free Radicals In Biology, Volume II, p. 89. Also, keep in mind, "leakage." There is no evidence on the adequacy of protective enzymatic systems over the lifetime of a cell to keep leakage from occurring and not produce damage at a much less protected site(s) — Free Radicals In Biology, Volume I, p.12.

    Furthermore, "...unpaired electrons aligned by an external magnetic field in the higher energy or antiparallel spin state can "flip" to the more stable parallel state... — Ibid, p. 96.

    From this we see that highly energized magnetic fields can cause "flip." If this occurs, we will see Spontaneous Combustion occurring on Planet Earth.

  • Protein Carbonyls:

    Everyone has heard of this chemical group, carbonyl; they just don't know it. To most, it is known as carbon monoxide. Its chemical structure is CO, or C=O. It is found in aldehydes, ketones, and carboxyl groups. A protein carbonyl is the CO group combined in a protein. The side chains of protein residues, proline, arginine, threonine, and lysine leads to the formation of protein carbonyl derivatives. They are formed a number of other ways, including direction oxidation of the protein.

    The polyunsaturated fatty acids oxidation products (recall from above lipid peroxidation and the products formed) react with proteins' functional groups generating the introduction of CO (carbonyl) groups into the protein. This is a mediated ROS oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids that causes this.

    Protein carbonyl derivatives are generated in organisms when the protein interacts with reducing sugars. Reducing sugars can donate electrons to other molecules and can therefore act as a reducing agent. The sugar is oxidized; those receiving electrons are reduced. If a protein reacts with carbohydrate (sugar) oxidation products, the whole process is referred to as glycation. This is a tremendously big cause of problems in diabetics—long before a person becomes a diabetic and is experiencing symptoms of insulin inefficiency, or insulin resistance. You who are not diabetics still have this occurring; you can't avoid it. It gradually gets us all. This is one form of aging. The high so–called "complex carbohydrate" diet is one culprit.

    Once the protein is tied up, its structure is lost; its function is lost. You have to let it go and rebuild more...ahead of the "hound," that eventually gets us all. We can slow it down, but not stop it. This is one way a physician can tell if you have been cheating on your diet for more than three months. Much of your serum proteins are glycated. The test for this is hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c), or glycosylation hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein.

    When the glycation occurs, a Schiff base is formed that may undergo Amadori rearrangements. These products are highly sensitive and can form cross–linked adducts. These Amadori products can form several dehydration and oxidative fragmentation yielding in the final form cross–linked derivatives or structures that are ill–defined. None of this is good.

    All of these products and reactions, and more than just the few mentioned immediately above are known as Maillard products or Advanced Glycosylation End Products or AGEs. Readers of ChembioUpdate have read more of AGEs and the problems they cause.

    However, Dr. Ray Peat, writing in Unsaturated Fatty Acids: Nutritionally essential, or toxic, says:

    "The fragments of deteriorating PUFA combine with proteins and other cell materials, producing immunogenic substances. The so-called 'advanced glycation end products,' that have been blamed on glucose excess, are mostly derived from the peroxidation of the 'essential fatty acids.' The name, 'glycation,' indicates the addition of sugar groups to proteins, such as occurs in diabetes and old age, but when tested in a controlled experiment, lipid peroxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids produces the protein damage about 23 times faster than the simple sugars do (Fu, et al., 1996)."

    However, the AGEs accumulate as one ages, cause eye problems, are involved in the development of diabetes, heart disease, gradual impairment of kidney health, wrinkling, and other health problems as well. And people are eating more "essential" oils than ever.

    The Maillard Reaction is also known as the "Browning" reaction spoken of above, as when one browns a roast, cake, bread, etc. Carnosine, purchased at natural food stores, appears to sacrifice itself to spare the target on proteins. Carnosine, it is felt, has sites similar to the target sites on protein. Another product is pyridoxamine, a unique form of vitamin B6. All these substances do is slow down glycation. It cannot be reversed once it has occurred.

    When "push comes to shove," many who have stored food staples, such as carbohydrates, and will be eating high carbohydrate meals two or more times daily will need to have stored antiglycation products.

    When the mega stress hits, protein carbonyls are going to go way up.

    Hold the following thoughts in mind:

    • Diabetes, namely, type–II, non–insulin dependent, is on the increase; especially in young children, when they should not get this disease until in their forties or later, if programmed for it by bad diet or genetic chemistry. Watching dietaries and taking nutraceuticals can often derail the programming, such that the individual may never get this dysfunction.

    • Metabolic syndrome (Syndrome X), a newly described dysfunction, is a combination of medical conditions illustrated by:

      • Elevated insulin levels, especially fasting.
      • HbA1c (hemoglobin glycated with glucose) level abnormal.
      • Glucose not metabolized correctly.
      • Abnormal lipid profile.
      • High blood pressure.
      • Excess weight.
      • Abdominal fat distribution large.

    • People are eating more starches in the form of immediate sugars from foods and drinks. They also are eating so–called "complex carbohydrates" thinking they are getting little or no sugar from the latter.
    • There are an increasing number of people seeing their health practitioners and nutritionists for "no energy."

    In their private practice, the WebMasters of this document are constantly asked: "What do you have for energy?" Oftentimes patients come into the consultation with a supersized cola or some other sugary fruit drink from a fast–food outlet.

    When people have no energy, they opt for more "quick" energy in the form of candies, drinks, and fast–food carbohydrates. This adds to their dilemma. Now, let's bring the immediate thoughts you are holding in mind and combine them with the AGEs spoken of above.

    Why will people go down from this? Glucose is tying up protein, especially HbA1c. Until one builds more hemoglobin, that which is tied up is practically or is useless. It takes time to build more hemoglobin to carry oxygen to be reduced one electron step at a time to form water, carbon dioxide, and ATP, the energy currency of the body. In the meantime, without the necessary oxygen to be used in the cellular respiratory system, also known as the electron transport system, energy is not produced.

    But, as more people indulge themselves in excess carbohydrates, especially disaccharides, such as table sugar, maltose, and lactose, as well as dextrins and maltodextrins, protein is glycosylated, or tied–up with glucose in the end. And protein carbonyls are formed and generated into Maillard products forming AGEs. Once here, it is "katy bar the door." It can't be undone. And one suffers from energy deprivation.

    With this occurring, coupled with an inordinate amount of stress from the coming turmoil of chaos that is now beginning to present itself on American streets, people will need more energy and the hypothalamus will send out electrical and chemical signals to the adrenal glands to increase blood sugar (glucose) for the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). The chemical signals will dump more glucocorticoids, especially cortisol, into the blood stream to convert proteins and fats from muscle mass and adipose tissue into glucose for energy. The brain will not be denied.

    But, here's the difficulty: More glucose gets tied–up and forms AGEs, unless one is not already on such a high "sugar" diet. Therefore, less oxygen is available, which means less ATP formation. The electrical impulse to the medulla portion of the adrenal causes Catecholamines (epinephrine and norepinephrine) to be released. This causes the liver to convert glycogen (stored sugar) to glucose and release it to the bloodstream. More gasoline...err...glucose is added to the fire.

    Our society, the American people, and we suspect other industrialized nations too, are running out of personal energy. As their stress goes higher and higher, especially that coming from The Killing Mechanism, Part One, A & B, and from The Killing Mechanism, Part Two, A & B, we will see more and more humans not able to get their breath. They will falter...they will fall...they will go down and succumb. They can't get the energy they need to keep their metabolisms functioning normally.

    We hear regularly from people that they are having difficulty breathing. And with this they can't function adequately. If they have to produce, such as having to defend themselves, their families, or move out of harm's way suddenly, they will not be able to. Their hemoglobin that carries the oxygen is tied up and they are not efficiently getting the oxygen they need. Other problems exist too with AGEs.

    Our patients are recommended to have their HbA1c tested. This should be less than 4.5 % for the optimal range. A fasting insulin should be preformed. It should be less than 5 MCIU/ml. The optimum range for glucose should be between 70 – 85 mg/dl. Most current laboratory reference ranges, we have found from our studies and research, to be too high. That's why so many people have this problem, and their doctors can't diagnose them adequately! Life Extension Foundation, with all of their research, agrees.

    Glycosylation of proteins occurs. There is no way to stop it totally from happening. You can slow it down; but you cannot reverse it. It will generate much morbidity in the near future, more so than is occurring now.

    Possible Indicators :
    The World Has Run Out Of Time

    • Organic Matter—sticks, plants, organic matter, for instance, bursts into flames—spontaneous combustion.

    • A slowing down of time as a large body passes nearby Planet Earth:

      • Time runs faster farther from gravity because of the relationship between the energy of light and frequency.

      • Time runs slower near a massive body, like the Earth, or a passing huge object such as a Star or another planet, etc., because it is closer to gravity.

      These predictions were tested and proven in 1962, "using a pair of very accurate clocks mounted at the top and bottom of a water tower. The clock at the base of the tower, nearer to the earth, is found to run slower than the one at the top"A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking, Updated & Expanded Edition, p. 43.

      How would one know such a thing? When the Sun is straight up in the sky, his watch would only read, depending upon which part of the planet he is at during such an Event, 6 am, or 9 am in the morning and yet, he can tell by looking at the Sun, it is noon time.

      • Interference with wireless cellphones, internet, radio, TV, vagal nerve stimulator, etc. Also included in this are pacemakers and insulin pumps. Anything depending on electricity and electronics.

      • EMF's interacting with hi–tension wires may generate auras.

      • Aurora Borealis at the North Pole may come down further South than ever before. It may be seen in South America. And the Aurora Australis at the South Pole may be seen as far North as Canada.

      • An abnormal number of deaths occurring throughout the world, such that world governments issue "Statements of Alarm."

      If Things Around You Start Changing—Sticks Burst Into Flames, Butterflies Disintegrate, And So–Forth...

      Get UnderGround!

      The World Has Run Out Of Time!


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